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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Things are out of control in Missouri 8-18-14

Aug 18, 2014|

All the day's stories brought to you by Kirk Minihane. Today's headlines include the situation in Missouri and a tragic accident on Nantucket.

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Yeah headlines is not thrilled to be pushed back by Tom Brady but they're brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network incorporated caller earlier. I think what this does is it is one high. Segment after another after another and isolated here well. This is the highest rated segment I understand Boston sports greatest -- make you feel better I think if I say we've saved the best for last. There's something else Brady and minimum common person doesn't like either of the Nazi. -- -- -- Dateline Ferguson Missouri -- always wrong Ferguson. Is no mystery there -- bass and closing out a target ultimately ordered the National Guard. The sentencing was somebody could bring an altogether -- is Ferguson rioters -- America has argued that -- -- should do they went and -- is not -- the program sections at the I was in Abdul Burlington over the market baskets that he is creepy areas as -- now -- down a apocalyptic opted -- you'd think it would end its. I've really debris that some family situation going on that they've reported that that was my only prayer on the airplane flight back was pleased to god that -- I didn't hear anything. When a lot of out of state about market -- market right there Twitter or god let it be over I get back it's not want it to our balls on the. Case we should be fired he'll fixed -- Our governor Jay Nixon said the national Garber helping restore peace order Ferguson were protests of the killing. But eighteen year old Michael Brown by white police officer entered their second week we -- an active response to gunfire looting. Vandalism and protesters. Her openings at a police -- so this is apps of them beat. Insane situation going rate here in now Ferguson Missouri. Have to admit it looks can fund a throw like a Molotov cocktail if he he did nothing live for you that no job or anything. We even care what the cause was when you sail through one of those. It's for the it's like. Last off the flight out of jail I don't hidden -- -- right on the idea is Landon I don't tell me you never try to -- a Molotov cocktail a cocktail of as drank what a I think that a drink yeah yeah yeah that you're curious as a kid and some movies like. You know red Dragonball and a fire zone where. Not a -- noble ones that have never it was not -- I was always waited block them handers and how I was taught that 200 no. When they liked the rag but it won't outscored up I'm told that Michael Jackson. Like myself fired to acquire a lighted match extra debris at yeah Richard -- free basing cocaine that's. Different lighted match and throw it in the gas tank car and don't think doesn't -- prior -- got a shot to execute and classic work expert from the shelves. The latest provocations came on the -- attorney general or cold or federal medical. Exempt form another autopsy brown and -- their private autopsy report about -- York Times on the brown was shot in the six times. Including twice in. On the witness -- more times in the arm. Right now it's on the witness slows down -- -- -- but it's he continues the story right now country. Ferguson Boozer had never heard that you know -- is it near suspect -- chesterfield and instead. -- I don't think it's next -- I think it's right outside Saint Louis -- -- -- awareness. Relations should suburb. That's going on there and oral. Year old -- and I died Sunday morning while Scott's guided skydiving received -- -- is dedicated to the sport hundreds of jobs. Over the years transit authorities sent over the weekend the annual salary and by the plucked from a from blunt trauma from the accident which occurred just after 11 AM yesterday. -- unclear whether equipment malfunction led to his death. It was said so -- skydiving. I don't vaguely familiar to me. Why don't people listen to me it is he would you know rights. Who was going there to the parachute to -- you along with the -- and my it was. Long time when he years. And the still open because they make you sign like -- these are ripe IC yeah it's it's just -- was the dumbest thing I haven't got there and you could tell it was. Not the most professional operation to go tape on the wing of the plane should have been first group in my -- credentials for the we went. And which is what happened I -- chute didn't open. And they have it it it you have helmet within your earpiece and they can park in their -- and Bobby Davis Bobbie you know thickened Obama screwed. Now -- -- -- and full speed and I figure out that -- got the names wrong I'm not asking to I don't know I mean. Pak issue properly and get to name right -- seems reasonable a one or the other I -- the price up one of the other I'd be okay don't let -- -- -- it is scary and you know I wanna have the climax of the story. So like my first chute doesn't open popped the remembers or shoot it's all twisted up I'm in line was that the come out of it spinning spinning spinning -- say -- and I. Probably the chute opened 200 feet from the ground I bounced. About a mile from the drops on where exposed -- -- that in men to reflect the sport right about that broken ankle in the know elect the next day because -- I. -- Go on. Bob -- sports final and I got a cast them and I'm talking about a net hello bill they sue me. Four. Canceling the check is it that are paid by check and I canceled right they sued me. Because I wouldn't pay. Them or rubble killing -- was killing me. And -- say when they came and got. -- the with the -- where they know now know was -- believe it will -- on our heritage you're lucky. Know that we took you know we we gave proper instruction and and you survive. It was. Incredible and they go through this all the time sure this is different -- I can not much different image it to -- deaths due yeah. You -- look -- what they do I don't know the number but wicked looking up it's not like it's. And once in the light of something I never had to to -- to the dumbest thing I have I should have pulled out and I marks -- a little while the other side. The upside is stated it's exciting mobile Andy say did with the Dow -- one. You -- die yes that's that's come down not good -- skills are just trying to get sick and offended it's so stupid itself Amin was on the you wanted to do before real and wanna body -- you you're you're we don't get indicated to get at Bobby had a few. And I was in the morning. That it Bobby had a few yeah it was just too. Yep but I mean now as a whole group idol dancing machine you bring friends to go gosh I only friend looked just like it was a lot like 180 bucks back. There was a lot active and I didn't think I should pay for now. I ended up -- Likening it because I did was selected small claims about and I won. 160 dollars a year ago but and then as soon as I walked out the lawyers to become a cent -- -- -- case. He said. So I had to file a petition to have the the -- the verdict when a medical decision vacated so like it's suing big boy court. And they Stetson you won -- take you sixty dollars and about it if I had not count soon after meant big -- court it's a real. Yeah walk through the -- We got some nice land -- -- and ask some addict history month mutt like lives -- he -- people line and it was live in Rome and true Liverpool people at splash diamond ring it was a real eye could see a river and a -- trees and I thought it was excrement -- now. Forward thinking would you like past -- or else. No my final thought was an idiot that was my final thought what a full. And I I think display this goes nicely transitions nicely into the of the story of because I'm not gonna condemn this or -- on Nantucket who -- a 100000 dollars bail us. And I know it sounds like one of those. Darwin. Yet sensible story that moved a move what he used you know he use a fun loving guy. Whose heart was in the right place he was there a reason money and hell lot of money rail as he was deeply affected by Euphrates. And -- what he was probably if they can jump in the water will have a blast and it just didn't work out it's and as -- You guys can condemn him criticize and it's hard not. It means it's an aunt Edna a man a man died and -- it diving accident hours after 800000 dollars for. AO last stand -- we said the core Griffin 27. A -- dove into the water. From the juice guys building around 2 AM on Saturday enough Steve lifeguard was nearby recover -- from the harbor. Bottom officers perform CPR transporting Griffin the Nantucket cottage hospital where he was announced. Did have we seen or do we know how far the jump was like from the I think it was loose I -- I've seen the pictures of the twenty feet of the bar yeah it's not you know. Whatever I've done much dumber things -- act and any sounds like awesome guy and it's so. And so -- -- as an aside I have a much different from BC whom. Entries for the I've never seen anything like a 100% of anybody that news you know -- -- -- or Greek everything. -- friends of phrase that says you know. -- diagnosed -- 2012 state and Griffin. And fundraising and Nantucket yet raised over a 100000 dollar while what's the dumbest thing you've given them -- And -- wasn't drunk on sky dived. Told the dumbest thing I've ever done that is by far the dumbest thing I've ever done that's dog I would never do that this outcome sort of cautious like that. I wish. I have been more careful. -- Putting things on my body sometimes in the past those drunken night interacted with. Women. In these on your body that he didn't do it in put on my body may have led to yeah -- I didn't have footwear. Allegedly. He alluded to about I just survive I think it has survived again -- you know lingering ankle pain the but I think I every time that my ankle -- -- -- -- lock. It focused most guys end up like that organized. They say in -- it's one thing I'm always wanted to jump out of a plane President Bush doesn't but he doesn't tandem jump yet as different. That's with a professional pro this was sick get out on the -- and jump what happens if I don't jump in you literally think and if I just say no I don't want to do it again not doing. Yeah there yes I'm sure that happens well when you look at that it and it's not exactly the Navy SEALs in the sand. Up 53003. That she's supposed to open at 2000 -- an -- like. Hundred DP 150. -- public paratrooper. Last week isn't time that the hotels as the dumbest thing I've -- that so -- keep it got a pair. So the guys in the military -- in the paratroop. To. -- up -- the first jump the match. In August of this static line gets to the door to freezes. Aren't. -- and sort. That is that he joked it's the what do you think the dumbest thing you know ridiculous. A location and the time. Again Kent State University. The nineteenth seven that means is now confirming a chance he's not true I know you swam make it up some rock and I'll Amir -- public Jameer. I I -- intentionally drove through replete last window in the dormitory. Why she which saw it would open -- -- got a movie. Is that looks cool people jump to windows it's easy and it's not -- What to -- with the second. I don't know commute time is not an even close to that. Greater than that I don't think like this poor guy jump out the incidentally. I've done like a dole agrees to -- -- who go to Oxford I swear I'm fifty feet up -- -- it seems that way in my memories it's ten. It was probably thirties so that we did real you know jump from way up high in -- And I hear people die and do that all the time cars in the air and rocks. A war or ride in the bumper on a car in the winter I heard. In an effort to that it -- everybody that you don't know what it's never just hung on -- juvenile delinquent is very dangers out it is going to elect it's like water -- you can actually stop light and -- are why did back futurist report. And I did not -- -- never it's never on your -- holding -- is it boots. On the snow -- on if -- icy and snowy was driving. Why why why why did you do it's fun was -- survived was a flight tests was -- the idea that more fun in the actual. No it was fun wasn't that far. -- -- -- -- -- Did it for you survive. You and I both that's right he'd bail what's the dollars in actual salt. It's the dumbest thing you would it's us it's. Oh I did that yeah used to put the gas the light of food animal no I never did we never did that. You never put like a food animal from blue funk. Asked this question my that's my idol. Single I don't know everybody's done -- done that right to put the light of -- -- to blow is on your side it's like -- used to be able to do really cool I definitely I used to be at the last two. It's SARS seems to collect old and -- advocates like this and news while explaining so much impressed chicks. Anyway good lighter fluid which has an Atlanta fluid thing -- -- when I had hair cut my hair on fire -- -- -- myself. And of people with a laugh and that's what happened around this report lately. Horsemen and etc. -- sausage. Worse than what -- -- sausage grow grow grow yeah. Son allegedly is so popular sausage. That's creative life filled with gas -- -- there's no there's no it was food. It got to marshmallow would -- an English is trying to beat them. But again hand them the Portland including anabolic. What's the upside it's cool tips had done anything. -- -- Oddly like it like yourself on fire that's the guy he might singed hair. And us. Don't think in -- I was born kid to -- that's your free base. Iran and -- -- salute you Richard Pryor. It's the point redeem its assessment decide -- should tell those stories and not not not that. Enough that all the active and he has not the -- a single story to -- about this I have a question short extra few minutes ago said while Jerry. And -- were away. Recently met -- hand was running his model. Find what that's all I'll buy books which were a lot of headlines Coca I listened every day but -- -- and get up and time yeah must be tough yeah yeah well I'm a liberal candidate would you guys think. Always great always audit -- so what's to stop the Olympic we're gonna ask. Chris as scurrilous what's craziest thing you've been at the dumbest thing you've added. Welcome back would you do did you ever lecture about the building or anything earns. I was just brainstorming and I'm such a boring person I have nothing -- -- -- was what did you don't put that want to jump as good as I used to want to do that sky dive this. All I'm not too and any subsequent -- a lot safer. It is down hill you we've seen the video met with the video that. Guys that snapped you know or the one too long to get the water. That hurts just shouldn't like a job one -- to measure the bungee. I would do it like Bruce Willis and and -- public fire hose just yet. That's that's cool that's mentally took her running his mouth we -- away and John to -- is taking a victory lap in the Boston Herald this morning. About one David Ortiz will be.

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