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John Dennis has returned 08-18-14

Aug 18, 2014|

Dino is back from vacation and he catches up on all the stories he missed while he was away.

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I never a math major or even. Moderately good at math but I think this is correct. Given vacations. And time off. And holidays. With engines it's been about 23 days. Since the three of us. Have all been together in the same studio double check my math but I think that's about right. 23 days. So correct me if I'm wrong I'm trying to compile a list of what has happened since -- hand Callahan and Dennis have been in the same studio at the same time. Jerry had a breezy little bike ride indicate. Tony -- kill the guys on the show on the track and -- in a backwards world the patriots off to the -- And beat the Eagles. Pop Warner was the first runner up in the Baseball Commissioner contest the good news -- did win mr. congeniality. Last week it. From. Tiger withdrew from consideration of the Ryder Cup and Rory just rubbed his nose and the dog do do once again I. Did too by the I pulled the pulled out -- -- you OK I don't know I -- -- -- Watson mideast forum he did pick up and left a message via a -- captain. It's MA is Jerry shortlist yeah Saddam I'm out the right to bill I wanna take the pressure off -- -- -- you can pick -- if you one yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- The Sox have more wins than the eighty's since the trading deadline. David Ortiz has hit home runs number 40401. Time. The ice bucket challenges explode like nothing I've ever seen my only hope the way this could get better. This officially wipes out working. From social media -- guys bucket challenge -- don't work the ball got -- and that's a good idea I did my ice bucket challenge today. But I -- I'm too stupid did. Tweeted I don't know how to -- video. You wanna see it makes you pretty stupid now you know now. If you -- on your first now have a great idea ultimately -- off the year and then it will present. Excellent idea we were here the other day in Manhattan and we mentioned we have the do -- so some brilliant to intern. Brought us to -- it's -- vice in the studio and just left and right there it's a bucket of -- Simpson okay. Now. That this picture that gave us the story about my -- and public -- -- I'll give the kid credit he was thinking yeah you don't have to battle brought -- the right of the place to do it how we connection do I got a big advocate find water the other six interns to spank him maps in that room the wanted to producers slightly longer to produces. And we set -- and we tried to figure awaited -- -- is -- We look -- kiddie -- how do we do it in the studio without open. Two buckets full water in the middle Stewart should stay right here on this old equipment and that's not the yeah yeah yeah forces -- -- markets are still always thank -- if they brought against this this window. That's coming down soon and you know and decided politic for Gloria is gonna -- Moscow -- the -- -- the evidence that we are all done witness that you -- laugh yeah stupid poster. And they can -- almost did because it's a great view I can't wait I don't look at that view every -- the -- that big yeah construction explodes even further and we get a look at the John -- Carl Crawford Jon Lester pitching -- -- home. It's. That Longoria who is that. Boards that are pressed -- -- Iverson -- because of them right the Sox inducted four guys into the Red Sox hall of fame. Not sure all four deserve to be there. And all baloney I guess I'd heard I didn't hear it I'm old. Lost his mind last week happened where are you friendly unprovoked attack on Manhattan real IC yeah well. It's like shoot fish in a barrel hitting it doesn't do back I don't know what you what Lou Anna. But it is -- -- -- got his boxers and a bunch -- together and I was there and I believe me I would welcome to fight deserved it. You speak for yourself but. And you missed the -- -- out of state out of the country where you. You whether I was I was the guy who adore him and Anderson is I can't do. The ice -- challenge it's hot in Florida in August I've heard all -- lot strange you do a lot of long distance running biking. That's awesome people running it was like 98 in the heat of the day -- to you moron that is -- -- heart attack. -- last day of the week was 95. So he just jumped arguable the most he said we were unfairly attacking him and he called this out. For going too easy on -- and if there's one payment and has done well years go easy on Jerry Remy it's arteries were not well it's not important it into arteries remain. Television destination. Right ultra portable. Well I'll say -- meters for policy that we talked about it more than any other show we were more and more balanced and show them on we were afraid to discuss unlike some shows that didn't touch it yeah. So I'll I'll defend us you on that count and we get back -- credit for their in his view Roger Clemens says that's a tough spot that you played against a message. The Red Sox made it. Virtually impossible even Chauncey doesn't really kind of judge -- as I -- shots tougher hit than like an FBI don't blame him if beat them much there in the room. They did with the had to write to us they at least our hall of fame they asked about the steroids sore which you vast amount right off the bat of the best of it asked during the interview he would left the room. -- bright -- and I was goes on video project -- leaves the room it would like here. Doctors say that I don't go in knowing that not only did they put it trickled stretcher they don't trust that it did they just they've -- the end of it fine if they did and he talked about it it was usual rambling nonsense. India asking what mr. its -- -- yes yes that's what we said but apparently lose like. Iconic a couple of Major League players to skip a player's wife you know only hear what they wanted to and tell the player Omar's wife is quick -- I don't -- things like mania and so I came out of the blow and in the. Did you see it you know you know fight with your wife or whatever it's not really about switcher fighting about. All the buildup let you do it that Remy was a check mark -- building things up you did you notice that wasn't really. You know he was angry about but he won the throw in the others write yes and he's more upset that we. He's on the hall of fame parade right he was upset that we were little rough on his pals. Roger I know for old you know white guys again in a room together picked people be put EMC club who thought you know. Don't you dare yeah -- Ernie and I don't all the fun -- before we were disrespectful bright and that's true he's right about that. We're disrespectful -- thought it was joke. About the whole thing was. An evening in the land we don't think Pedro should be on the capsule Oliphant and future okay. All the -- -- -- oh yeah we'll get to that yeah absolutely Pedro should be issued yet had a night to himself about Nomar. No -- yes yes I don't suspicions but yes but I mean there is no suspicion about Roger -- and Victor is about are either well -- that's Sports Illustrated cover for you again you have to admit that is much much much more evidence against Roger. Would -- you know you can say you think Nomar. It's or it's nobody thinks Roger it's there was everyone knows is true and yet real pretended electro acoustic pretenders. That Roger was on the level Larry Lucchino pretends. The Rogers on the level retire his number. This disgraced. Major leaguer. Who is the face the poster boy for that steroid here that's scandalous here. And the Red Sox just gonna pretend. That he was on the level that he was clean and everyone played along including Lou including caustic Leona we just played along it was one of the biggest. And you know elephants are true -- nobody's talked about one of the big picture raids have ever seen a whole evening it wasn't fair to -- a group called Roger out once upon a time. He couldn't do that anymore the Red -- made it impossible for him to be honest in this on this occasion. It is awkward I prefer to think of the celebration. And really drug market -- a lot of famous people there I don't like famous people off that's true yeah ever art and and we want the -- it is like Roger didn't just make a mistake. But it was ten years. A break in the rules of shoot not. Ten years. Of -- enhancing his career -- and win upon win Cy Young up on Cy Young tens of millions upon tens of millions and I heard a caller -- Larry Craig the other day. Send that he was defending Lou and attacking us in our little fight because he said -- has empathy we don't have an empathy. So when we say we are generally short and show empathy for Roger Clemens thought a -- -- in general. He was talking about about Roger story when you -- -- any empathy for -- Roger Clemens like Roger is somehow a victim that's become a go one way -- the other if you don't care -- did steroids like who says he does does not that's fine. Okay they all get in no problem or if you're against that thing you're against the -- -- that becomes. -- I mean I tough being famous in which you know tell me you might catch somebody at just one moment on the wrong day -- might be in a bad mood. Could -- had a fight with their wife -- could be in a hurry to get some work sick child hospital correct won't sign an autograph or you think he's an idol. That happens -- Yeah -- -- -- question were too tough on famous people but. I had just for the whole thing was awkward and uncomfortable and it was all the fault of the Red Sox they said it up so was impossible for. For Pedro to be -- it was impossible for. And that BE two B. Too tough to be aware of what they want rail Roger Clemens on the other hand it was it was a brilliant. And once they decided to allow Roger and correct at Roger had his own night. And he was separate from Nomar and separate certainly even more so. From Pedro. It would have been much easier to attack and divide and conquer the you know about the the one lone antelope with the hurt I guess it's public and the safety of the herd of three other guys -- always. What -- would want these people want us -- -- for four hours to celebrate yes yes -- just in commercial rate slowly through the bad. -- just avert your eyes from the you know the swollen hand and that in all the evidence that we went over the other day -- just ignore that. And pretend that he was on the level markedly -- a twenty this is -- awesome that was to what's pathetic group. -- -- and -- felt like he just screwed up one time and it's not like he's been honest we went to list all the guys who come clean you know and including Indy pet. Who told the truth Giambi about himself yes and about Roger. And we're supposed to protect and Andy's Pettitte told the truth about himself. Lied about rod -- a made it Giambi. McGwire even a -- one point and in most of them have come around and Marion Jones L Lance Armstrong. The these two -- the big holdouts -- bonds and Clemens. And that's fine if you. If Roger wants to keep continue to lie to us that's fine -- comfortable leave them Roger think. The ending of this is going to be that if he screams loud enough that he's innocent but he's clean. But at some point a nation come around his -- of -- yes yes we know it's too but you know he is. I mean he's the most stubborn ego. Bull headed item there it is here he thinks he's really really Smart and he thinks because Brian McNamee was disgraced. In court that he won and he won that we're gonna ignore all that evidence those months I mean the guys were actually convicted. And in the court of law -- -- -- -- bonds not not edit no not right not require it how many guys tested positive. -- not many not bombs on not Maguire right now that Clemens era. And A-Rod did one point correctly. Mom not the scandal not the Biogen disguised as a positive now I'm so so it is easy to beat the test and Roger did it. And bonds did it at the end tail -- the career in the in the prime of their career there was no testing these -- worry about. Beating a test and I and I doubt that -- if they think they -- but they knew that'd have talent. Apologize though I do them good apologize. -- apologize -- Red Sox Nation for Thursday and Friday show was not right. Kerry was wrong I was wrong is wrong it was a day of respect that -- they have two days should have been celebration. -- with the good old days forgetting anything bad. It is focusing on the fun and we we slipped out right will do better next year or -- believe event. Yeah should be that was it was a make but I mean look at these guys are in EMC club I mean and I sat in a room and picked their friends. Pro hall of fame weep couldn't we did not give that the weight. It's a richly deserve a proper respect that's proper respect that they do it because they want to sell tickets on Thursday night against yes so not now -- now about honoring the legacy of these great true true right -- army guys would have starting questioned. Right now we know mark. About when Pedro showed -- was android rage I mean I had no idea. I guess I suppose I'd never. Said it would ask the hard hitting question I said it would allow from Roger explained his longevity and you may forget this team about Roger was a viable starting pitcher at the age of 44. Yeah when Pedro was done Roger was just getting warmed up and Pedro was done at 34 Roger was just hit his stride. That's what he did created this whole -- Only in. Legend. I just said it would laugh when he explained. But by -- and his body reacted well to ice that's when he told those guys that. Can you play that. So yeah technology -- does not body still responds he's very well. -- That is new technology right Roh's body just did not want to ice all the stock of Roy Halladay right now. Johan Santana respond -- boys she's it's hunt. Ice at Texas thing Jerry yeah Texas and just never thought to try. That's the thing to ice yeah that's not revolutionary world is round I would run that was never tried it now he was the pioneer yet the pioneer in that. -- acknowledging that call yet I believe there thank goodness my body still responds nice very well. I can say to -- literally that it just laugh Adam that's laughable. Eight -- makes a good point actually asks a good question if the fans voted would Roger mated in -- fans at the ballpark. I mean in red -- what's the idea -- what's -- may I say no let the ball or the number I say no -- 75%. Oh what do you need 75 no no doesn't get in and it's not been to one that's aides say get the majority but not so it's you know it's a Yankee thing to mean when another. Little moment make believe was this notion. That he didn't choose to go to New York he chose he forced a deal to New York yes he wanted to go to New York. He wanted to get his revenge he wanted to clear up but Dan Duquette who we all of whom we all owe an apology. Everyone in and Red Sox nations should apologize to him because he took a beating. When he said Clemens was in the twilight of his career he's been considered effective hook up Brian McNamee and discovered the joys of wind strong. -- beat anybody when Dan Duquette said that. Is in the twilight of his career raise their hand and say I disagree with you Dan you were dead wrong about that no evidence does not suggest. He's in the twilight of his career the answer is. Unanimity 100%. Of the people who heard that quote who watched Roger Clemens be nothing but mediocre for the last several years researchers to not 4141 right on balance beam over -- -- -- 41 -- -- more -- 39 -- last four -- -- one person -- -- and you are full of -- he's -- the -- These are about to explode and of the best seasons it was like Toronto. Paid I mean he and a make a lot of happy and got bored in Toronto it's -- was close to his home text Estrada was not go team. But not contending team we wanted to win right and so we forced a deal. Number it was a boomer wells -- little upset about it he went the other way right and that the homer bush in right David Wells and all those guys and in Oakland just wanted to get to New York he wanted to beat Boston. I think that would be a factor if you put the vote to Red Sox Nation yes the fact that he's just. I mean no one lies as easily as Roger. You know my friend Andy -- missed remembered. Really are -- a told the truth about himself. I took steroids and so Roger pulled the truth about himself. Lied about broad idea. How much pain his suffering he would suffer at the hands of -- big guy correct -- and -- Canseco the most honest manner based oh yeah. He told the truth about Roger but he that was the one moment -- Canseco decided alive. When he says that Roger did of course it. And maybe Brian McNamee in you know rejects Debbie Clemens with -- -- -- how straight upstairs in the bedroom -- Clinton her bare ass and it was where I think he missed remembers. Now I would say this if you want to make an argument that Roger deserves to be in the Red Sox all of you could make the argument that most of his stats here if at all. Were done clean now I -- toward the end he got bigger and stronger and and whatever. But would you not agree that most of what he accomplished in the Red Sox uniform may have been cleaned out we -- then I think I think the case right so. I think it was last year here. As when he started -- yet he threw 240 innings -- -- great second half that's when he got strong that -- fall will fall -- plan if I were trying to depend Roger being in the Red Sox all my defense. MB in the MLB all of -- -- the defense I believe it sucks all famous meaningless I mean just let me it's just it's it's just relief thing -- doesn't baseball where yes wait we asked meat dress let ourselves you know our. Larry Lucchino but retired numbers and they will -- -- twenty when they have been given anyone they give 26. -- number via fox who was a great Red Sox player -- who is a hall of fame in Cooperstown. Because of what he did here in Boston and he says that you know -- these things and other places. -- Roger did Roger did much more. On other teams that rival teams by the way Toronto and New York than than. What Wade Boggs did in other blogs went five batting titles correct yeah all of -- here all year. Ron Clements won seven cy young's only three here and only three in my mind which it the other four elect Barry Bonds' MVPs that -- All right 61777979370. Gang is back together Tom Brady you'll join us this is a patriot Monday at 730 Tim Hasselbeck 8052. Things before we go to break number one. A prominent member. Of the Red Sox organization. Took about ten steps up on my admiration. Latter recently and I'll tell you who that person is. And when I was away. Out of state. On vacation this past week I've made some life changing decisions. Will share those with -- -- --

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