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Troy Brown, NFL Analyst and former Pats WR, Joins Butch and Buck to Discuss the upcoming NFL season for the Patriots

Aug 17, 2014|

Troy calls into Sports Sunday to discuss an event he, Tedy Bruschi and BIll Belichick are running Wednesday night in Boston for the Bill Belichick Foundation Scholarship Program. The guys ask him his opinions on what the Pats will look like this season, their improved defense and rule changes in the NFL. He also reminisces and tells some stories about Belichick's personality behind the scenes.

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Welcome back to sports Sunday here on August 17. -- a week from Monday as your old time baseball gaming portal from baseball not a work. Dot com excuse me to find that baseball dot com got the media date tomorrow dates you know what it's like planning events will -- and pitching event going on this Wednesday. This Wednesday August 20 at the Boston Harbor hotel. It is a benefit for the Bill Belichick foundation his foundation that our coach Belichick has started most recently. A you can go to Bill Belichick fundraisers -- Bill Belichick foundation dot org to find out more about it. The event on Wednesday. Will raise money for bill Belichick's foundation and the foundation. Is in memory of his dad Steve it's dedicated to quite honestly promoting. From football. And and lacrosse. And -- donating money. For coaching and in the memory of Steve's dad for all things to go around those two sports and keeping going on the event. It's called the hall of fame -- to start with a 530. Reception. Orders and cocktail 638. On stage will be -- dollar check. Will be Tedy Bruschi and will be our next guest on the line right here on the -- Troy Brown at the hall of fame -- hello Troy how real. What I meant I know right. They'll do a pretty good man. So talk about this event on Wednesday let's start there with you and you guys talk and some football you. The grill the coach he can get some stuff out of we can ever get. I don't know what do the grill and I maybe you know a pillar of few things -- in this but he he's moderately and the thing you know got elected. -- -- and everything but -- you know I'm I'm I'm I'm on that deal would even consider me could be. You know one of his first panel. For the -- -- forest foundation that would mean comfortable that he thought in the community as mean would be. He -- -- look -- -- -- at all so qualitatively. This Wednesday coming up. Thomas' Serbia pretty bitty -- it'd be somewhat similar to what I understand -- -- similar to. The way has done at the that is in it's -- at TD garden -- Room. So is it that the that the minute that the historic -- has been. Big -- but they'd get myself and the -- -- and and I think going to be would you participate -- that they commercial but of course it is but I think -- on the money most of the things to. But this could be. That's amnesty -- opened up to the little bit. -- -- I think I know why -- -- panelist on this thing because EU Mori a reliable dependable players bill would attest. During your playing days and I think he sees you as a reliable dependable panelist who won't embarrass him. Or make him look bad blues and know that little casino -- But I challenge you to run against the grain of that and ask him some questions that really get him open up I think Europe board. You know that you haven't Obama epidemic. You know you can probably do that Google on on that ticketed. You know call -- the -- decision you know what we've been. We'll speak speak speak of that and also -- series destroy Tulsa Belichick's story that may be we don't know whether people would be surprised that -- -- -- Vrabel I think telling the story about for the Carolina Super Bowl right before that team him telling everybody in the locker room enough is enough right. And saying that you know -- they've been trash talking all week we've had enough. Yeah I mean that at all week you know one of those things where you know I -- get to -- -- -- -- -- that -- come -- You know an image you know and think that the you know long story short -- -- -- maybe he was kind of there was a lot of -- spoken. Coming out of the locker room and and those types of things it is just to -- the button but that's the hooded field. And with a let that afoot to go there permanently. If you don't. Troy got choice. One of the moment like when you bear it just feel it. OT. But what they'll support that have been the common thing who. Joked about. People who know bill always say as follows when you get him away from football is a fine guy. I've never gotten away from football I don't go to in Nantucket Sound good it is will cook -- and hang out with bill in the crowd. But you do is he funny away from football. Eight brought a different Obama repayment an atmosphere where a lot of people don't get the -- he's funny in his -- they don't -- that. The government somatic birdied really make make so clearly you have the believe it guys you know -- good. Especially the what do you do what you think you got hooked on them a little bit you know and but Italy's best thing that he's going to me you know -- reason why he never went to born with guns because nobody arrest in the -- to meet those guys at the door and what -- -- -- years. From the -- to probably part of and he did it -- -- -- as livelihood as they've been out for hidden at his favorite candies and delegates. Smartly dressed up -- It as -- as a head coach if you can't really. You know that I have to get too close to a lot of people make it to present a lot of people because -- that you -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- He dressed up -- destroy. -- -- -- of the -- a but that's over the guy. -- you know. If that would but it could happen in the toilets. But particularly. The ability unavailable so you can planets. In the gulf is that you know anybody like -- have on and then you know they just. One of them right away from football easily -- In we did some. As I recuperate demand that it buy your ticket to get -- over the that would -- for the people. True it's talk about this year's team so far and the expectations your quoted today congaree being told you. And the story she writes about how their team bonding and she bases it on that -- challenge they stepped up -- but they dated as a team. Clearly any of us that the patriots fans remember. When you sort of led the charge out at the of one Super Bowl and despite the chagrin of the networks were introduced as a team. Packing in 2000 and who Super Bowl 2001 season you're quoted in the story talk about how much that stuff means do we underage. How much stuff like that means for team building. Yeah you do when you look at the other thing that's so maybe a little quirky you know little awkward and you know it really of them though that a good thing but. Dispute that the -- I think you know you got one guy up and get together years old pima. You know some might say well well we all just do it and get updated go to step up there they do you won't give them -- do it and there's like. -- You know that this is this. What we need to do and I just continues from there with you can't really underestimate our world we don't know what -- -- as -- own demise of the critical things of the body itself. In and and that went for a on the field and off the field. You know -- so a lot of support you know for a did that did he make it the likening it in the home to get a little bit about the plight Attica in those and you start to support those things you can get support it and we want -- when they write whatever it is. -- you can't really have been less you have no moment like bit of fun team Billiton project like that. The bank that they may be doing an edit together and you can see you know they'll. You know ability. Because you can look at the most executing the -- as wolf but I view them and they really need that kind of their daily field hanging together and and and you know doorstep again. And now you get a little more -- atmosphere just being there on the you know for the for the hall of -- night. You can see. Almost those guys they like each other how much they they've they've they wanna -- -- -- practice or they wanna. That it -- talent to be they from the get better but they seemed like they all like each -- -- a different atmosphere of what impact on all the things we -- -- and it. The conservative and admitted I mean that everybody everybody on the same page. And then the -- the opposite things go at them about it out of that do an audit team build but it really -- now. And that's one of the C Lenovo. Tried did find the Bill Belichick hired picture as you said -- go -- it popped right up. It was last year was -- so might my excuse for not knowing this is it was during the Red Sox play out front month October. So I was probably and he traders someplace. He looks like the Pittsburgh Pirates logo. At the black cat the iPad -- and everything that its report logo. -- into the priority though. If they get the -- subway. -- -- military get a choice. What it for all the hype about the pats defense you know it's could -- ask you as former player and a former member of this team. What are the biggest weaknesses what are you wary about what this team heading into the season they don't have -- -- browns. -- that could be one of the data the data most open and of the nickel defenses for the you know at stake one of the is there one area. You look at the spectrum that defense -- -- -- -- and they've gotten much much. -- and then revisit those -- and -- you don't have as -- and to them up and and better if you had been doing everything everything palladium. Guess and they effective get. You know the bad thing communicative and have been in an -- -- play the technical -- we need to get some depth that we people you know. -- to get -- the big is that for the experience of toilet that. Can't place movement that got up the next thing you know near. The only guy that did it Caylee today if you go Connecticut the Connecticut played presidency and things. Him and right now the that the biggest question market that the middle part of it before OK and -- I'm backers. You know in that live in -- team what everybody thought -- -- going to be you know you know mailed one tackle football -- -- a lot of tackles. You know can. Cannot doubt now that opened the demand you know Kenny being the -- -- in the -- you know and I think. Would have no groups that right now is that one group that it has could be. The group. They wanna put of course tomorrow be it equipment -- defense. Yeah you know I think it's adjusting you say that -- I couldn't agree with you more. They've set up the defense where they're strong in the back improbably strong in the front which says this is gonna allow. Mayo a group led by mail to be playmakers here and it's time for them to make some plays right. Yet that you know you can't really quick -- are a lot of things in the army right. Albeit they cannot get benefit covenant with the probable spikes you know you had him in the game and that you put tobacco in the company couldn't write -- you know those type of thing that's so you know everybody was saying. No way that therapy that is he's not that just -- definitely need to be in the you know he's not playing up to the particularly good at that would be the first it. You know and and now the time that you go you gotta they got a silver now you can't blame it on the gathered for the you know keeping keeping the -- block of over against them and got -- noted though. Truly asking it. -- rescues as someone who's been out there again we all know the importance of grant has a target as a weapon for Brady but. What's it like if you're out their line and up and you notice if you're gaining -- dollar your. -- entitlement or Kimbrel Tompkins without wrong. On the field how different is it for Tom Brady in this offense. Is it that much easy what effect does that have for you for the receiver out there if -- is -- -- on the field. Well when -- -- -- and use the second third -- people -- -- government policy committee -- doubles. You know about it that you think that we have clearly -- who is a bit -- on the field and in public down favorite target. Now they're gonna look and see where. That mixed doubles on the go to with the -- -- make it much more difficult for. That makes receiver to get open if they did that play that way where they add and edit but -- ousting the -- built up to -- to defend is somewhere else. You know make it harder for -- to get over because now you have the double what anybody because they don't really respect -- Fanatic he put gathered in different places that that gives you a chance at the -- to see if they wanna play that way. If they don't they don't wanna double -- -- -- make them pay for you know make them. And and that the that the is that it -- but. But it could make things more difficult for you could not ready for the challenge. You're not ready to be to gather. That they get open they have problems preview and everything without me just back. Then. It's going to be Tokyo not evidently are like mark Phelan. -- the -- a lot different than what they do. But what they do what he's up. One last question about the receivers. Clearly Brady's got a lot more trust in this group -- seems so. To start this year you know. Settlement filled in for Welker very nicely got a career year got his contract. Tompkins and keeps to impress everybody. Amendola. Talk about this receiving group and who looks who. According expect to have a surprising season or better season than the others and why that group and I didn't dobbs and we haven't seen yet because of the injury. Did. You know what Mike gotta go back in the last Vietnamese new element in the end. In -- and the ability he could actually play the game he just couldn't stay healthy you know that's. One of the biggest thing it did because they that you he replica uniforms this year. But my god -- back in the list view and -- -- the guy in Connecticut. Or at work ethic and the weight of the global. What can broad topic you know even though lapping stopped and started -- a lot of but before we interview them and he started making the big places the quality that he got -- footing as fittingly bag but it. Pullback in the last you make -- throw -- was my guy and in a couple up there with the injury himself -- In other way to go to political boldly attacked the ball in the air and -- finishes with the ball in his hands I mean he uses the data can be released most of out that was the reporter's notebook in the to make big plays well. Quick question about all the the rules changes that they help or hurt the patriots this season the way they officiate games. Men are quick even though those it is just too many. Because I want ordered and we we we we we we truly do. You know and obviously it helped you know an amendment he can't what you can have handled them at all -- -- You know what and it three yards out that was in the I have no idea because I don't know I think on defense of the play defense when it. They don't want to -- damn anymore -- once it hit him anymore you can't tackle them anymore and you know it is that you just got a lot to game -- see what they call and they got that. The only also comedians -- -- a candidate was a good thing political. Let look at that -- is this and a lot of that they can do but in a lot of it is because these puppets who put points and his. It's been a bit the opposite way way way way way too much and if you give and because the player recorder that I can. I can be successful in -- upper atmosphere that you need down the long term contract went away. And patriots hall of Famer Troy Brown you can find them on Comcast on Wednesdays and Garrett and way this year. Covering the patriots is always over Comcast -- you can find him on Wednesday night. 530 the reception starts at the Boston Harbor hotel called the hall of fame hoddle. He can go to Bill Belichick foundation dot org Troy Tedy Bruschi and Bill Belichick it's God's elect monitoring will be on stage. Answered questions having a conversation. And Troy I think in your retirement in the handful of events I've done you really. You really enjoy meeting with the fans now but that you didn't before but you really embrace it now don't you. I always did enjoy at the -- -- -- now. That the thing. Do it and enjoy interacting with this thing in the biggest support apria. It. Played outfield for years so you know. We believe it was important that biggest of them you know you'll lose lose something you know aren't that existed you know that you see -- And -- Williams who. We've been at the pump could be a little open. So it is that it's between the record it was a bit you know that could be expected. But the most sport. It was on the back of the -- put on the field. When it comes and he says. You're acutely aware that you -- them away from -- of the game. -- -- Well said Bill Belichick foundation dot org the reception starts at 530 -- I'm panel on stage with -- Detroit Tedy Bruschi and Bill Belichick starts at 630. At the Boston Harbor hotel for great cars to support the Bill Belichick foundation. Tried before we let you go you boys sur Mon and Sanjay -- to pronounce their names right right. Month on the inevitably -- between you know. Yes Elliot and oh boy. Howell and my goodness how old's -- Sixteen -- be fourteen next Friday. And whoever won in 111819. Whether it -- like. What the movie they've -- the development -- But I backcourt that nobody will be -- -- -- to -- -- before. Now some multi is he still and I'm serious about this I've watched him years ago I think we all in the media. Run around patriots practice -- my dominate a SEC good football players too busy -- That -- wasn't one -- -- around every day and that could not buckle when I'm on the field. It doesn't know what he did throw ground someplace -- are you OK are you OK with that it. OK will it mean it is like good that's good answer experience. I don't know if you know we know the true browns and patriots hall -- did you know the as a street named after him in his home and no I did not know that. Well you know visit -- Brown I mean way avenue it is West Virginia route ten. Designated Troy Brown way -- several years ago they go right -- Yeah just like in football you can take a right -- Troy Brown. -- they think you're right they do that it is glad that I can I ask who. Aboard the and -- -- always great. Always great catching up with the -- speak from personal experience for people that haven't met you go Wednesday night saying hello Troy it'll be worth your while have a great time Wednesday Troy. Everything was beautiful human. Are they got. Troy Brown patriots hall of Famer one of the best I got a mom -- list of patriots pygmies. I think you have to put him out there. -- in one of the diminutive guys and certainly a loquacious bill he always has been you know. He read the history guys and you think you know people but I saw that little tidbit in the street named after. But also his couple extra tidbits I think we all knows he's trapped in the eighth round draft no longer has rounds he by the way it was a 198 player taken in the draft Brady was a 199. Two of the greatest players ever were after -- in the draft. In patriots history which exact science in exacts indicates it's unbelievable and and the other thing which. If you believe this we all have high school heroes and you know you bust my chops about anybody on the South Shore and this and that but Troy Brown -- -- state. -- it's just to be clear in this but it's not about it but I also revered that you not to indict your roots. A week goes by and run some. Some old -- from Braintree it tells me about your -- back and day. Equated Jacques. Now now I am not an idea hall of fame and I don't just utter regularly I hope they know him the upset now. I would be honored if I emceed the event. Kind of interesting my least somebody's in the brink of goodness Jim Calhoun. -- -- -- I'm talking about my guys -- That upset about that I should be in over at I'm not to do Kevin -- -- it really Peter -- -- was the first Olympic an American Jim has to win a medal would -- -- -- years. -- I think you line I think is a guy in the Braintree I'll pain. I don't I Fredericks legendary baseball coach. And I should be -- over him my -- I realized that spot. Yes believe it Sudbury right but what of what I'm saying use these is the guy contemporary. Birdies. -- it's temporary no block. Now. It's in the great -- and get immediate goal and an eagle and you look in the mirror and you say at least twice the player -- I'll tell you that we can be that sports a -- continues to get out there is an excellent idea apparently.

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