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Butch and Buck discuss their overall expectations for the Patriots this season -- Is this the best Pats team in a over a decade?

Aug 17, 2014|

After preseason game # 2 Friday night, Butch and Buck get into the Patriots and what they think of the team heading into the 2014 season.

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6177797937. As the number repeat data -- out -- driving around on a Sunday in the middle of August. Transitioning from baseball -- football season Bruins and Celtics sort of an after thought these days. 6177797937. We'll get to the AT&T text line. 37937. -- which on the spot at the top of the -- to do it again. Whose season. Was better Roger Clemens 1986. Where he went twenty foreign war. Within 857 winning percentage and 2.4 ERA and I mention all these numbers because these numbers. Where he led the league is 24 wins his winning percentages ERA. Led the league he won it. The Cy Young -- most valuable player award in 1986 or. Was it Pedro Martinez 1999. Where he went 23 and four -- -- 832 winning percentage again led the league with 23 wins. In thirty to 313. Strikeouts. First pitcher a long time to win that Triple Crown. Of pitching strike -- ERA in wins. But. Lost the MVP and did win the Cy Young whose season was more impressive Clemens and 86 or -- 99 NY TU. Well I guess I gotta say -- nitpick I can't yeah yeah I mean it's it's a fun argument. Go Pedro -- it's so much better than league it was summit currently at a 2.0 seven Jerry. In Euro and everyone was -- sixty home runs. He uses overpowering. Juiced up hitters. And that's the way -- look at climate by the way. In comparison Clement I -- did did I thought this because overpowering juiced up hitters. Pedro struck out an ungodly 313 guys that your Clemens in 86 for what it's worth. Struck out 238 did not lead the league have to look up where that ranked about it was stopped and maybe even top five and you mentioned 313. Strikeouts for. And you mentioned Pedro not getting the MVP Andy's. Famously. Left off the ballot by two guys we'll Bill -- From Minneapolis and George -- which king and -- in the old tripped over semantics got caught up in the hole. -- a pitcher be and so forth. The thing with George king is always -- he wrote a column defending his decision he this is he voted Pettit. For MVP in his doubt the before. And yet comes back or the year before year after. And again obviously -- before that because who's defending it and he claimed in two in 1999. I can't vote for pitcher for MVP and he had done so a year before. In his defense -- can a person change his mind that's like saying if you in this is rickets -- silly. He said that's like saying if you voted for Nixon. Our the president 1960 could both from 1968. That's got nothing to do with this at two different campaigns -- different sets of issues. Two different candidates. And so forth and then. Also. In 1999. He was the only writer in all of baseball to pick Jeter. As is number one choice. Jeter had a -- and that's -- terrorism at its worst and in no way with CM VP candidate was a candidate -- number one. He gives -- one vote and I believe it was the only number one vote that year. Here. So that was just. That was stupid is what I have to kick 86 as a personal favorite of mine just because you always were right now. Now just because. As phenomenal as Pedro wasn't that it was magical the all star game here striking amount and all this and that. Yes we had seen it I hadn't seen before as a Red Sox camp when Clemens didn't need six. I mean he that was uncharted territory. A Boston Red Sox pitcher. Being not only the best pitcher in baseball the best player in the game that year. And awarded as such by winning the MVP but maybe was sportsman of the year he wasn't sportsman of the year that it was that I don't know is that. Going back nine real quick then. Pudge Rodriguez won the MVP. With 252 votes 71 place votes Pedro at eight birth place votes. But again ended up not winning because he was not named. Now on the -- my first place votes two guys laughed them off -- -- so it it was pudge Rodriguez with seven Pedro with eight. -- Obama for. Mean merits and Cleveland for. -- the Camaro for. Derek Jeter finished sixth in the NB MVP balloting at you with one. Birth please post on the industry. Pedro Martinez. Finished second departure because he got more first place votes and yeah. Well isn't funny story about that is it John Blake was in the PR director ranges. Who came to the Red Sox for years now back in Texas. He tells the story about having to frantically running around try to find -- To prop them up the phone thing. Because they weren't playing that. They weren't anticipating pudge being MVP. Likely he's -- oh -- All it was it was like that. They were anticipating. As we heard you the first call on it how do you feel about stealing him he can you compare -- American -- Go to -- it would I think there was a lot of outrage in in in not just in Boston but Boston. Go to Jim in -- -- on sports on a -- It should but I am I into the pitchers Eric -- Roger activity. And I'm a patriots. Musicians a problem Revis and will Smith and -- got -- back injury Celtic rock. In real optimistic saying we will rule whether. Are you saying that are asking there. I'm I'm saying is that you guys are okay well let me ask you question of return what's that patriots biggest weakness in other words if they don't get to the Super Bowl. Where are we gonna say they didn't get there. -- -- -- like -- pest pressure I think that. That's right should the chosen Anchorage and those guys got to step -- -- Well the thing I worry about the most Spock looking the other night is if you look at the patriots right now -- -- if you go by the theory that you're only as. Good as your weakest link. In other words good friend Lisa -- -- from a company called future of this quarter -- my wall work. She said if you don't attack your own weaknesses somebody else will and I think that's true -- sports -- and anything hers is about life management. But if you don't attack your weakness is somebody else will if I look at the -- is biggest weaknesses. Icy. Calm a couple of things one assuming help assuming Brady's here in the North Dakota backup quarterback. I see on tight end. That of Crocs not healthy. I don't see any answer tight end. And that changes the whole dynamic of the office and that which a domino effect on the defense Jim brought up the pass rush. -- read this. Is going to be a Richard Seymour type of guy we're gonna see no numbers on his stat sheet. But the effect on him does Calgary you know as good story in the barrel today -- she often -- talking -- yes very much talking about actually yet her. Talking about. Growing. Friendship and camaraderie between. Rob Ninkovich and Chandler Jones and what they're doing with the patriots and down all right a three but that I think those two guys. Are going to have to my -- camera two different stories Jeff Powell wrote that story. But arm round looking up. They're they've had it twenty sacks nineteen and half sacks between the two of them actually they could have thirty sacks this year with the effective Darrelle Revis if by the way the refs let them. Keep the flag so if you go by my theory but that the patriots are -- good as the biggest weakness for all the talk about the defense and all the excitement we're worried about. With the patriots why are they gonna beat the Broncos -- I mean this week to why why will they end up in the AFC championship and not just not have enough well to get it done. I hate to stupid cliche here but I I go back to what I've been saying all along targets for Brady. That that is a concern -- might be -- -- without prompt where it was -- I I thought I wish they had Randy Moss Welker. Obviously it's two different kind of -- -- -- dislike I want to deep threat but I I I wish they had that go to guy. And wrong is that go to guy but he's tight end but I wish they wish they had that got and I've said this at the zillion times. But you go back to the AFC title game they lost in 06. And they'd lose that team because they -- targets but. That was a -- are in the season you can make the argument that they had better receive -- that of that record. It at a home game -- -- -- of one app that season's over. That again this is just babble but the season is over. What do they do they loaded up on wide outs and threats and deep threats of -- -- they went on got welcome on that rainy months it would on that that they stalwart they went out and got. And Kyle Brady that tight end they would not got guys in taxable. And I I kind of thought coming off of last season. Looking at the kind of game they play against him verbally Manning was you know those 9101112. Play drives coming down the field. Chewing up seven habits of clock I thought they would do that this time around now. Hired must Johnson yesterday discussing the possibility. That this might be in this little scary. The distributed best patriots teams and so sent. But again if you go to the weakness point -- -- stay on your point and lack of targets for Brady right. So it really points to Jimmy drop below and being a second round pick. Because they deemed by their actions that more valuable than taking the best available -- benefit for -- which I think was his name went next. At the top of the next round. So -- in what they did after that was filled the roster with free agents and other guys a lot of them that are already gone Aso Watson. And Watson Brothers argument cut Julius Jones Justin Jones. The kid who you know the latest guy who you you look at him -- -- calm mind we have to draft this guy have to bring they brought him and he's gone. Couldn't catch these -- Steve -- -- and -- stock from reading from Jeff -- five takeaways. And the stuff they haven't parents Miller they released cart stock in Miller. -- they're healthy tight end types. Include converted tackle according to Jeff commentary. James Devlin a fullback and linebacker parliament color. They do have DJ Williams and hey man I'm waiting to come back from injury but if Rob Gronkowski goes down. Brady has is to pygmies Brady's words to throw to in Dini Amendola. And and -- Julian Edelman mccreery last year got his money. And the emerging Kimbrel Tompkins become a big key for Tom Brady but yet without gronkowski takes on a whole different meaning I would agree with you -- that's a concern. Of mind because they have to play different defense if they're not putting up the points that they did just like they did last year even though they won twelve games. I don't think peak usage should sit up. Losing sleep at night saying that you posed that question what concerns the way have in the spirit of answering the question it would be that. But again I would call a weakness it's if you have to point and direction did wanna point out you mentioned as Jeff ouster in papers were ahead in the moment. Maybe a moment about 7:30. -- morning at 730 we might kicked up. So it's I have a copy of the Boston -- print -- That would seem like nice and football story on the on the athletes who are not professional athletes which I think it went to agree to get fired I wish your profile fun. A fun summer read. On John -- of principle belly dancer at the Boston LA. Michael boring as construction worker with -- liberty construction. And Vince in court act with the park ranger National Park Service was lined them up in my 101000 times but that's wipe the print edition. So I walked into the copy shop at seven there it's going with the print edition under my arm set up my. And went on line reports dot com -- The first story I see it again haven't had a copy just put in the contact lenses in new date on. Text messages to mule where are you you know I hear you if you like 5 am. In the -- and in the first story -- applause you know dot com is. It's -- -- what it says -- would Jones -- Rob Ninkovich constantly refined. And I open it up and I am like put them spread on the bag and looking at one night I thought it's that she and the Jones they -- are retiring. And I just want to thank god I -- my gut that this is. Much we'd better show this is all gonna talk about it and see this coming in -- so -- is constantly fine. 06177797937. We're talking to patriots. Talking Red Sox 135. Start today we joked Kelly on the mound. We're live at Fenway Park Steve Buckley the Boston -- I'm which stands -- the pulse network and WEEI. Stick around be apart of it. Number I have -- Us. Want them off on some balls Poland does that do the same page that -- good things are trying to work to correct them. On the touchdown more positive side it's. Been a great catch and so I got so much confidence in him. Do and continue to -- for us today so. We'll -- built up or else. Tom Brady talking about the two significant scoring plays but that he was involved with the other night that touched on the back shoulder -- Tompkins we. And also the Kerry -- in his return. For a touchdown downplaying that it's got some techsters. The these get me riled up and that is at the intention of them so here's a couple text worth reading about. Cut Ryan -- now it's clear that grapple always better and the patriots never keep three quarterbacks on the roster OK so that's a legitimate question but here's two others. What you love these. Brady get happy feet now in the pocket which doesn't mesh with speedster is running routes that take long to develop. Next taxis from different people they're different numbers anyway Jimmy the drop below. Is Tom Brady's replacement this is huge he is better looking than Brady he is more mobile than Brady he's already stirring controversy. I know it's the Michael bishop thing -- -- You always go and rightfully -- sales prices that are looking like killing -- doing commercials that are at. Gillette razor blades. To get made the appointment of Mike -- as you know listen all these different things and somebody made the point that they are going to carry three quarterbacks. Simply because. When you expand your second round pick. Quarterback who clearly isn't ready to play in the NFL. It guarantees you can carry three quarterbacks you've got to have now who has more experience. You have you have one guy who's clearly the backup who's gonna step -- that council like if Brady gets hurt. In the -- your project. And that date they would do the creative bookkeeping required. In order to carry three quarterbacks. All I'd sign off on that point except. If Rob Gronkowski goes down that argument comes as part of the discussion because you used a second round pick to take a guy. Instead of where you could've taken a tight end who could have been the same guy like Jimmy -- you were grooming. To be part of the middle I appreciate -- talking about the fallout if going -- -- which I agree with. I'm talking about the plan that's currently in place and I'm saying they both kind together while I agree -- I'm saying you're wrong. While I agree with you I have no problem with them keeping three quarterbacks -- you -- 53 no I don't have a problem of rockets are. With how they looked at the tide in position in this building still made pupils. These two guys walked by with a big bag of fuels being in this wind it was dangerous for doing a radio show -- They say that they still made -- you mean like the -- murals that question as I did I don't -- to many more on on a mission. That is mission on freer when all -- even better do my cross your logic is back now you as being that like safety at stone used to it. Speaking of that you -- subject they had in my mind Tom Brady called the Danny Amendola. Tom Brady's words called Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman pygmies. You know we can move maybe move past that but go ahead. It's offensive. Or tried and -- for an event and so I started thinking buck as I often do as some want to do it's always scary of my favorite patriot pygmies of all time. And this is the list I came up with and think about it comfortable with the term diminutive players have been fun to watch good performers whatever here's my list. -- -- Stanley Morgan. -- the top. Troy Brown is going to be ominous at 11 o'clock I got a fourth on the list hard for me to put him at a mini Mac Aaron. Randy the time mini Mac running back kick boxing and our hope in 1974. To four games in my dad took us fourteen Mac. Now let the league and all purpose yards which it. Wes Welker. Tim fox who was my -- It gets knocked contrast sixty I'm gonna come back against the rams in and I mean 86 guests of Riddick game 768. The patriots. Comeback against the rams and intense talks. On. It Deion Branch not -- look it up and Terry Glenn for a short period of time at the diminutive. Patriots come whose -- it was 86 as he made the catch right near where Anderson hit a home run a cut. That's why it's that's why these sexiest. Come by December of 86 Terry Glenn was a guy for short period of time there was a diminutive guy impact on Bill Parcells called -- His rookie year at that might get some my text and thoughts about. Patriots pygmies Tom bradys were Texas -- -- the patriots will not carry three quarterbacks if they can deal mallet what gifts from -- To really think to get a second or third round pick. For Ryan -- Billy O'Brien. C.'s morning he was here when they drafted him and maybe does -- welcome generosity if they trade Ryan now they have to sign a quarterback. Not if they believe drop below can be your backup and stay -- and. You comfortable going into the 2013. Of course you could also you're you're ready plight should be if -- was -- -- systemic except that they -- -- you know eight. And then eleven and five in at the pact is the jets game it turned out differently at 4 o'clock that afternoon they would have made the playoffs. Advocates worked -- now that was the -- what had to happen. Which you're talking. In ninety something had to happen maybe it was the Miami game something. And gone a win win there 111 and five with yet they lost DDD -- it's -- last week with a chance not to get in the playoffs because of what happened I think it was Pittsburg. Summer months but yes number I just revenue as the jets had jets Packers game. Maybe that was maybe it was a 202 text in the stimulus -- would head and Dave make me go to eight days ago. At little. -- -- -- -- -- Six on 7779797. Holes is it for you. To -- and this is someone usually means you wrote a column about -- two weeks earlier he might be the last. Last best baseball fan on the place in Europe that's the way I -- column but. True baseball fan and he said it and endearing way. But how hard is it for you should be experiencing a lost baseball season or is it and transferring to football. Now as a new England sports as hard now you know. It would have been it would have been harder. When I was kid because as a kid it was all the Red Sox but as -- -- now first of all amid generalists like a minute jump right -- the patriotism is over. So it's it's like I am sitting at home knitting. And the other thing is this is gonna sound wildly arrogant. But more fans of the game. The name of the rats I can watch it giants game at midnight ESPN. In enjoyed watching the giants San Francisco or New York that I was Michael Webster and all but I mean how can you not you're watching Kershaw pitched for the Dodgers. Just that little funky yes -- -- emotion that he has. How can you not enjoy -- Lincecum with that and turn opinion not enjoy. All kinds of stuff well -- If that's the case then buck have you been noticing as a text -- points out. And said in in the text line anybody noticing the biggest story in baseball right now that if the playoffs began today in the American League Detroit and Oakland. Picked up David Price and Jon Lester would have a one game playoff right now yeah. Here's your playoff standings right now the Los Angeles. Angels of Anaheim by the -- come to Fenway this week. Have the best record in baseball 23 games over 572. And 49 -- them a couple weeks on the stereo I did not this I said I didn't like their playoff rotation yet they do have the best lineup in based -- little -- comment on. Trailing. Angels -- winners percentage points. With the Oakland a's to a 73 and fifty but -- -- that he's gets a margin Jon Lester. All we have done is kept winning. And tied with the percentage points ahead of the Oakland -- Kansas City leads the tigers by a half game Cleveland's only five back in that division. The portals have a six and a half game lead in the division right now so the play up -- start today. It would be the tigers. And eighty's at one game playoff. The angels the Orioles in Kansas City. Would be your division winners and the American. So I was a fan of the game of baseball what do you think. About batters middle ground which I thought I had known how about that album. How about bag. Now what's the American League playoff picture we like at this point the angels got that I I still like Oakland in the tigers because things are starting pitching. And and because of that. Obviously there's a one game playoff under the scenario that you're painting one of them goes home at the one game. I I feel really bad for Billy -- because he's been putting quality teams together now for years. And they've yet to get to -- yet to get a team the World Series for -- movies are made about this guy gets it Brad -- the plane for crying out loud. And it just seems preposterous that he would put eighteen together. In this bashing book and get the best post season performer on the planet as we speak that being Jon Lester of course -- -- they would -- at one game playoff. By the way looking at the wildcard standings for what it's worth the angels in -- wondered dead tied to throw Detroit in the wild card standings too because Kansas City. Lead to divisions all three are dead -- just separated by percentage points. Seattle is a half game back of the wild card Toronto was three and now back the Yankees. -- four games back. Your prediction -- the final weekend at Fenway here when Derek -- here. -- the Yankees playing for something that final weekend. I think they'll still be in it yeah because they they they are getting starting pitching back there playing they're resilient. And I think. Joseph is a manager of the year candidate. With what he's done with that team this season. And you know we've talked about this. When the Red Sox in 1960 intent at that final run. People forget that they had a weekend. Season closing series in New York in which totally did not play old thing about it was his final at bat. I don't know that as he stepped up to the plate and that it the re creation of the current got a call. But they did have games remaining in New York Entegris -- just a home run last at bat an -- play anymore it's cool while the bank of and it it is occurred to me that that could happen when Derek Jeter -- rare a couple of years ago. At its final appearance Yankee Stadium did not pitch any season closing series in Houston. So if the Yankees were not in it which I think they will be which will make this whole discussion -- But. Suppose the Yankees are out of it and playing a season ending series and part. There has just been an enormous celebration of the life of their -- Yankee Stadium to be -- -- ticket must ten years or Agassi's game. That you play finally does well for. I talk to body mind and now Long Island this week and he told me there's two controversial things going on around Jeter one is that. How -- Major League Baseball not allow the Yankees to play their final series. Knowing this is -- last year at Yankee Stadium. So so that might be real -- they're not playing Jeter might decide for the sake of history like Williams in my wouldn't do you know -- the other controversy is. You know -- Derek Jeter date has been scheduled -- -- I do not but I have a -- you do Sunday September 7. -- opening of the NFL season is Derek Jeter. I you know the media people pissed with -- fan. Almost and that he deserves its own mental. I mean really. I have to agree -- Major League Baseball shouldn't be making its schedule with football mind -- -- out of football yankees. To a Thursday night for crying out -- on the date the NFL season all its jets or giants -- him. -- proper care announcement saying they shouldn't make a schedule if you don't mind. I remember it is the Orioles wouldn't move a game was that last year the yes because of the raven opens yeah if the ravens open in all of football raised. I think. We have aim and I was two -- mark but the NFL. Like I think Joba -- those -- they were all like whining -- a while -- -- -- The biggest market. A great football more popular the Major League Baseball should read right it's old schedule comedy in a screw -- NFL. It's gross screw him critique what does that mean -- NFL. -- just so quickly in this Appel is the game right now with more popular higher ratings in the united hockey yet in this is it might -- the baseball guy. -- -- -- It's -- saying Major League Baseball is its own business they shouldn't write the year's schedule in accordance with the wishes NFL. Nor should yet now this thing. The bill doesn't do it at -- youth baseball and stood everyone in the should I applaud that. Sports on it would -- butch you've been talking about a myriad of subjects starting to show with the best the greatest Red Sox pitcher of all time -- and I both agree that it's Roger. Very slightly over Pedro Martinez keep inveterate as a different take its upkeep. All. I'm not sure -- -- actually take rocker have a longevity but I call -- they use data you're going through the candidate. I I didn't ears while still would. And a hundred years ago that passed up postseason pitcher in baseball was a guy named Abe grew. He's that was or consecutive scoreless. Streak in the World Series. Of it wasn't -- it -- or that it. And 88 what I would I would say sir what I would say -- is that. That it it it is really -- fool's errand to try to take Cy Young Babe Ruth and smoky Joseph wood and other Red Sox pitchers in the past and bring them into this discussion so to make it one -- package. We're calling it the greatest pitchers in modern reflect history. All right I did -- OK I just wanted to throw that out. -- I don't mind you thrown -- because some surprising numbers at least to me buck maybe not to you because you were there. But Babe Ruth. Well as a Red Sox catcher but -- if you driving tickets you're a numbers guy so hurt I don't think element embarrassing you by asking this question take a stab how many starts to Babe -- make Red Sox. -- Don't planes you don't notice I'm. 3547. Thank you very much you can just his record to register any props I'm not finished calamity come not to finish okay outweigh his record as the starter and Red Sox uniform Babe -- Ten years. 86 and 46 and like that I'm sorry started a 143 games record was 89 and 46. Would you say X 86 points to cheaper but. He is the most if you pick up the did you go to the hall fame induction ceremony this year. Now obviously. As we do the show -- if you go to the hall induction ceremony is a big commemorative magazine itself yeah. If you go to hoping induction -- pick up that magazine. -- these really cool. Stories. In one of those stories is -- -- pitcher. Written by me so -- so that's why have all this information in my head here's what I find one of the most interesting stats about what you do outside activities. Okay and urged him like your column today you know what you like to -- dislike him that Michael has always injuries former herald -- a lasting and I hit himself in the head with a sledgehammer I want to read more about that. Maybe -- did you know. That as a pitcher. Babe -- started only three post season games. Furthermore did you know that they were all World Series starts all for the Red Sox post season is -- was Wales yes. All for the Red Sox in these three you know in these three post season starts all World Series starts off -- -- Red Sox. -- route its three you know. 31 innings pitched in those three starts. With. And a whip of all point 935. And -- of -- point 873 you know in the world -- so Asia. It totally -- surgical literally the human mind you mentioned that we'd seen in Jon Lester. They have one game play that I mentioned money ball. And now Brad Pitt played Billy -- yet another movie is so yes I did. We are now. He's managing opening BR how did it tall only (%expletive) guy well bill the 11 in to push ups and everything. And -- -- being gets Brad Pitt play him. And poor Kyle gets built Seymour Hoffman beat Charlie pace at Valley -- -- -- that it did them. -- and I -- god rest them one of the great actors of recent vintage. But as are -- no. Admits. It's. We can tell -- it's Capote when we come back. Among other thinks he Bachmann would tell us who should play him in Steve Buckley movie Troy Brown comes up at 11 o'clock or break back -- sports on it.

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