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The Fantasy Football Hour with Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson - Segment #2 8-17-14

Aug 17, 2014|

Jim and Pete discuss more about the important fantasy players on the Patriots including Thompkins and Tyms. They also discuss their defense including Revis. Jim and Pete get into how much emphasis we can put on preseason play and if Johnny Manziel will be a solid player. They also get into Pete's article on reverse drafting.

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Welcome back to Tennessee football our Jim Hackett Pete Davidson chief writer of brutal -- dot com. Talking fantasy football team in the first segment we broke down. Now what we saw from the patriot side of the ball. Offensively specifically with the running backs a little bit more to do there I think in terms of what we saw but also we need to get to the Eagles 'cause. There's a place up player that I know -- -- one really likes and Jordan Matthews that we need to talk about because I saw some flashes last night for share. Yeah I mean he's he's a player obviously he's getting a little bit more love with the Riley -- -- out yeah Mac and -- men practice the other day. You gotta love Twitter right I mean I've set their for a twenty minutes. Readings tweets about -- Mac and is just hosting Revis all over the field platoon and that two seconds later -- out for the day yes. You know I don't -- -- and people are gonna look easy all this guy's got to move but what my board. And -- people like this guy just stay healthy you know just you know well that you got you got all of Twitter. The thing with Twitter is it's like who's gonna who wants to win the day that's kind of the feeling right it's like who wants to be first and most unique in most who's going to be. You know tweet whatever is people gonna talk about it's not like real. And reflect like high school. It reflects the silliness of pre season in general yeah practice reports where you know I'd like there could be writers okay Chris price. Great -- right arts it's great yeah he's on it but I'm sorry. I don't trust every beat writer would be writer tells me that a guy I know is securities and getting it out of practice. I look at -- little skepticism overreaction. -- mean. Giving stats from Cleveland seven on seven drills you know it's tough follow them and sell. Purses Hoyer thing to really care what their completion was seven on seven drills now. Good lord -- New England -- only look at stopgap. Continuing with -- only need to look as far as Jimmie drop below who was dreadful in the seven on sevens and we could go against the Redskins and you look great and in the game against those same redskins' -- is clearly not dreadful. On and I can play it can we get one more hatred in your place for a jump jump -- -- Japan have attempts. Yeah he's -- he's an interesting guy does that mean that it is if he gets the patriots but there's a lot of receivers there but it's not -- a dominant. Part of their of their depth chart now here's a guy that might -- you're concerned you were looking for a little more the town I want sighs yeah he's got but yeah any galloping to football and he's got that as they've mentioned he's got that basketball mentality which you know is a good thing yeah. So yeah I mean look look after last week or. Thank you and I are both well analysts see it again and you know you find out about the suspension that's going to be happening and that obviously takes a little. Little bit of the momentum away from him right but now he's done two weeks in a row I mean I got a thing. He's at least in the Max he's in the mix and a patriot this year yet he's in the mix and I think come into Cabral Tompkins is is -- fighting. I think he's -- he's -- rosters roster spot but I think he's in a fight for significance in the office and at the items is complicating things for him live that's that's well said and I think. It's apartments in the past the only thing to me that's gonna stop -- Tompkins and yeah as long as he catches the ball is going to be all right. And that was a nice little play it last night that's not rated yet there's a nice play hitter Reinemund had -- it was and it was. Brady threw it right were needed to throw it up and -- detected -- work to come back to a little bit but that was by design that's not yet it's funny they let the receiver swim off the DB. Likely it was no problem for him to put his hands on the DB there and it just himself around. They don't look at TV do that to others you've written or apparently right but bank you know what that's something to watch this year in the NFL looks like they're gonna what these receivers. For a couple more -- I gotta say I think it's a good thing. And the rule is you got five yards of -- the guy -- and that's what's the receiver breaks five yards I think you know. You can you gotta protect and you gotta run so I think it's good I don't like the way they let. Defensive backs push receivers when he urged outfield so if they're clean that up I think ticket yet hit him hard early if you can look at gonna have to adjust and is what's hard is. You've been coached a certain way. All this time and now you have yet to make an adjustment at the highest and fastest level absolutely having their coach to get away with whatever they can get away with -- what. I mean he's my favorite player of the last twenty years Darrelle Revis -- But this is something that's in his kitchen. So it's going to be interesting to see how Revis adjust to these new rules. And outside right now he's going to be one of the guys there will be flags and Darrell Revis or indices that right now I'm sure comic yeah we'll see flags on the road Revis in the first couple weeks. Because he is gonna find out where the lines because he needs to know because he's a very physical quarterback down the field. He's very good at that subtle Tug on the senators he pitchers on the front side. He's outstanding. At Sloane guy down in fairy subtle ways and it's going to be anxious to see how they. You know. You know how they call on a guy like -- this has always been given a little bit extra by officials there and see how this plays with and you know obviously bring it up -- -- -- Austin. You know I think Revis is going to be phenomenal but it is definitely one thing to look at if the defense is a factor in Tennessee football -- was -- -- -- -- more now that's absolutely and Revis definitely takes the the patriot defense up a notch and fantasy because now those guys who are almost at the quarterback might begin to. No doubt it would -- Let's look at the other side of the football and -- -- look at on the other games in the Friday night action but to me a little bit about Jordan Matthews he's got that done we've mentioned -- indeed you scouted. Amongst all your -- -- -- in depth scouting at the receiver position all the offensive positions in the off season. But he showed last night pretty well the you know he's a guy who had a lot of detractors for the draft that we we jumped in with both feet -- real big believer in Jordan Matthews. You know -- cousin Jerry writes he's got some blunt like on lines -- -- six foot 3212. Pounds she's got upper body strength that people to realize he had. People question to speak for the draft we Weaver. You know we we we met Matthews at Columbine and you know he told us. Like around fast and he didn't he didn't flinch he looked straight -- you know like I sort looked at coaching -- -- like. I think -- fast and sure enough you know four point 46. So pretty good. Yeah offer for a 63 guy to a twelve pounds he's got a lot of natural athletic ability you'll run that fast yet you've got yourself a potential star. And another guy that I know you scouted and he said some devastating injuries but I I was when I was like looking for Chris Paul to carry the ball. -- was young Henry Jozy. You know and New Jersey guy that we coach and I both -- like a lot. He's -- he's had -- back and you know the story with him and I think personally that he's got a really good shot to make Eagles who I know that's probably the most popular opinion I just I don't think it's coincidence coincidence the Chip Kelly likes this guy's good fundamental football players. And he's got some real issues. And he's not a guy four point 43 combined that's coming off of the injury you alluded to and we're talking about and that and you and I know knee injuries Seattle had serious knee -- we've both been through rehab. You know we're both X. Mediocre athletes. You can come sub mediocre. For the attack. A -- copycat stuff yet it up our. You know EC OM CEO patella and honestly that is Palestinian. And you know to run for 43. And it just right there at the and he wasn't drafted we thought he would get drafted that is that we -- -- but you know you feel good when the guy picks them up is chipped in so. Henry -- is definitely -- back to watch and for fantasy footballers if if there are injuries Eagles back out Chris Polk shoulder doesn't come around. Well it obviously I think Henry -- becomes the games ago and. Darren Sproles moves are Oracle's well yes we've got time here but I wanna -- that. For the next segment which is a guy like got Chris Paul we just mentioned. People -- an article this week it's it's an annual article called drafting in reverse and basically teaches you to look at the draft from the bottom up -- seek the highest value targets there. Chris Paul is one of those in the first segment called the undrafted and getting the -- images to deceive Jozy. Might push him around a little bit. Yeah I mean if Paul doesn't get healthy quickly chose to become a factor mean you know -- all the backs that actually could become bigger factors -- isn't it that. His act together and and yet and drafting reverses an article we've been doing I did it before wrote about it a different via old -- fantasy -- on site heroes. Ready for wrote Obama. And you know it's would we wanna do is you know it's like the dead poet's society to like get up on the desk first sitting down the floor we -- look at the draft from different -- and we got to get Robert -- shallow gas and that's the idea -- to really see the draft report from multiple angles. And and and and it and so far freer it's worked you know I mean look we've got certain things locked in his movement as we move into pre season right yeah I mean we know who we like we know why we like them. But their two primary things that happened in August. That we need to adaptive. And I want delivered to the details from pre season and camps changes on the ground if you will. You know which backs are winning in depth at depth chart battles training camp battles. You know what injuries popped. We -- what was Charles Simms a rookie like we'll get -- cents after the break. But to the other thing apart from just the stuff that's happening pre season that we need to monitor and make justice -- trap -- real drafting data is now coming available. So we actually have retail prices on its players we can make adjustments and strategic goal. Decisions and created draft plan can help people maximize value throughout the course of the draft and that's the point of the art. Yeah I think it's it's it's brilliant and in its it's a four segment article Pete if -- really democratically the first time we've ever call me grow into that. You deserve it in the foot off the fifth in the Apollo the world for sure you know by very very small there. You are -- vote but it's important because you know as we see a lot. Your draft in the season is -- the second week of the pre season it's gonna change just a couple of days in and talk to you about that. We're gonna talk about that article little bit more drafting reverse coming up after the break stay --

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