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The Fantasy Football Hour with Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson - Segment #1 8-17-14

Aug 17, 2014|

Jim and Pete kick off the second week of the Fantasy Football hour looking at what the Patriots did on offense against Philadelphia on Friday night. The Pats have some interesting possibilities for impact players in fantasy football this season.

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All right everybody welcome to the fantasy football hour on Jim Hackett and I'm joined by our fantasy football expert. Pete Davidson the chief Tennessee football writer for -- bond -- on our broadcast and is brought to you by our friends at draft -- they're the leading provider. A daily Tennessee sports a draft can knock on. And by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the the when nobody beats Clark -- -- Now nobody nobody does. All right I want a job I wanna dive right right candidates in terms of what we saw on Friday night's action with the patriots Eagles. There's a lot to clean it felt like I was watching the NBA all star game it was the Muslim -- defense being hidden team and that game it's hard play defense and every time you try to play defense that Troy yellow thing yeah I mean lot of flags on word. And not just in the and the patriots game but yeah I mean. Hopefully that is not something seen earlier on the regular season. Yeah -- it it was reminiscent of being on top of the Empire State Building and looking down the sea of yellow that was all over the field. It was like looking at taxi -- from however many floors you are up there but it was seven -- shall take a it's true well it was tough to watch but that the -- personally when I go on without -- -- -- -- don't know -- At -- people -- yeah but but the saving grace I think was the offense right on both -- 42 to 35 there was a lot to see -- to analyze for -- -- purposes which is good for -- -- no -- -- Now this week as opposed to crop -- the story I guess all three quarterbacks story right. Yeah they all agree that you looked yeah look like Brady and that pick -- it was his fault. -- I'm not sure we're gonna see. That young fellow who is the offensive lineman playing tight end and I think breaking left when he should've broken right -- out and how much more of a future we're gonna have -- them. And Brady's Richard conceded run at the guy -- -- -- yet you know I think I think the whole thing was was was fine at Berea was good overall. He did -- in -- looks game one ready for sure there or not a lot of patriots on offense -- who. Didn't look good. You know some guys were up and down voice obviously at his good moments. I thought he looked good on that reverse play an actual -- -- -- grab on the next play and of course some penalty -- -- loses they lose a touchdown which they did get back I believe but yet to drop as well so. Voice a little up and down. But you know I thought for the patriot offense that you saw a lot of what you wanted to see it. How good is Julio not to pat yourself on the back or myself right. He has and he just he's so strong looking for a for a small guy he just looks. Like he's in charge you know of what he wants to do using control eking kind of dictate what he wants to do and that's not always easy when you're an undersized. Player in that league -- but he just seems in such control I'm doing this he's got phenomenal change of direction ability which I can't get enough credit for you -- out of that punt return just a little played against goofy as a football player through and through as we said two years ago missed it stays healthy he can do great things Adam you know this year as opposed to being a guy who. Catch a ton of balls but the -- 67 -- to the defense is keying on them via you know weekend you know. Dobson healthiest if gronkowski can stay healthy all the -- elements going to be making big place yes and as you can be getting single coverage is not going to be getting the best of federal right and and things can change a lot and I think people. A lot of people I think wrongfully -- element as I just sort chips away -- the defense that was his role in last year's patriot office correct and I think you deserve all the credit in the world for. You know being that guy. You know we've never done before with defense keynote so I personally look for -- to be a more of the big play threat this year. Because he's not going to be the folks. -- into an impact -- planner I think. Yet especially if you are formats can point for every perception. Absolutely he's getting a lot of -- The other story you know there are multiple on on both sides of the ball but down. The other story I just did that really popped two mile watching the game was the running back rotation with the patriots in. You know ice. I said before the pot on the podcast and I think we may have set for show and Patriot -- field obviously we'd like to feature -- -- Africa obvious that the death yet there's a ton of them end. Happened is a lot of ways that they can go in a lot of directions that they can take in its gonna make a direct impact on the field. Into your -- opportunities that will not happen throughout the year. But what's interesting you have guys on this team Jim whose value goes up by being cut. Right now the yeah or they go well a guy like Boldin comes to mind you know he's not an easy guy absolutely he's a roster. Patriot he's made an impact. I think the only reason he's kind of you know stop where he is is is really injury but he's up. He's a guy who gets the ball is a good burst your reminds me of Chris Ivory a little bit in the way and that kind of almost stand up Mike quick burst. Flash that you see with him but yeah I mean I don't think he's got ivories agility but yeah I I know what you mean for his size and -- got he he he he's got a really nicely cut. Which he he cuts in its. Our guys and it's effective. He he's -- -- east will look at and its you know the draft reverse article that I wrote yes we'll get into that later and you know he's done. He's one of our guys that he's featured young -- and and by the way of sort of off the problem. You know I think I'm from upstate that we mentioned in the article. You know he may have more value to get cut like like I said he could end up with the giants something like that. And that need it back if that's -- now principled for the giants everybody else in the giants' backfield that worry yeah -- -- -- video. Yes and so it's it's interesting at looking at it right now I sent a tweet out during the game passages you know like I'm seeing from the patriots not only in the run pass mix. Play action which you saw a drop below do very effectively sold it well and then Nam my -- -- Finale ML good you know -- eat it as good as I think he can look in my opinion he looked the bested that I've seen him look as patriots so far yes. So that that's ten that's good news if your a patriot banner -- who works in the patriots. Front office because I mean. His value had to go a little bit off last night yeah you with a guy that's an extra. He can throw he's he's that he's -- a high level NFL throw our view is that -- definitely getting all the other stuff that's the trick. Have a good what what what really stuck to the verses the the mix of run and pass. In the play action in the improved play of crop of mallet. And the sustain. The sustain -- drop what was the personnel mix I mean the patriots are really. You know mixing people in and out and it made -- think. And getting ready for the show about the patriots running back depth and in if you if if you don't mind I'd kind of like to give. My opinion of what I see so far and where they rank in how can shake out we can sort through that the first -- here much pent up America's. So I look at it Odyssey really is at the top of the -- again. Not doing himself any favors putting the ball on the ground again last night so everything is and that's -- wanna talk about this has everything is fluent in -- is a high eight. Value target. When he's on the field but he keeps putting himself in a position where he isn't self. Instead it's weird I mean you know if you can talk about whether that. Fumble was technically a fumble and it was not. But the ball still came out right you know for -- the ball coming out at all -- standardized. Yet and I feel bad -- -- -- -- it. -- an -- it's somewhere in the brackets are talking about over at these really working hard this year. Maybe it's me -- he's never struck me as a player network partner he is a hard I don't know a hard worker rights to me that's that that's the -- Projected he's the place right now that if he's walking around the locker room and there's a napkin on the floor near him someone's gonna think he dropped it. Well look I mean that I think we spoke about this of one of one of our recent podcasts. You know how -- got the reputation so yeah you know even a place where maybe guys would normally be going for the ball. They're going to be go for the ball so yes that he has to be better hanging onto the football back because he's targets right into it and again we've talked about this and in our podcasts about labels in the NFL this is what you lock India you might not be you what you more than like Houdini would head is a third down back wheel turns out -- -- a 106 carries last year you know. Honor and a lot of receptions yeah so so so getting back to the patriots running back fields so really again he's at the top of the -- keeps shooting itself in the foot. The second guys almost in his own category two before you get the next day to its doing will release at the top of the change. That's great question I don't even though the changes we have H it's an assumption by bright and right yeah I mean my top of the -- Farina. Who went by no means would I bet my mortgage on the you know it's it's -- that ought they to have great job of a subterfuge up there yeah to some extent they deserve credit for but it's tough trying to figure out exactly what the patriots back it's going to be week one week to week basis I guess that's why you're going to last -- it's funny and made the voice excuse -- that's okay. It's all the more on the radio Nevada had. Well placed FF I I have I have the -- -- and I have. You Vereen and a sub bullet because he's really his own -- look at like the -- players. You talk about it a lot in terms of you know the tears -- draft people -- really is kind of on his own island. But so like I put him kind of separately. As a as an impact player across the field. Yet in the -- interest -- it in behind in the depth chart I've got. Up a camp battle with with James White the young rookie and Brandon Bolden -- and that's rice the maybe one roster spot coming maybe Belichick's up to something maybe keeps both I don't know France and then I see Roy finch who I think. Might find -- home because he's showing some value in special teams Jonas gray. Gonna put Tyler Gaffney aside is on IRL and let's not forget you know. The though James Devlin is really an H back and he's playing tight end as well he's a running back is a fullbacks so that's a roster spot that. And that's why I think maybe it could be a mix between James White embolden I don't know -- gonna go. Yeah I mean look there's no -- these guys make the team calm and guys like I mean that. Just pulling back and looking at it I think great intention of the guys don't get in right. But they can both play achievements -- -- back. So you know kudos to the patients are having all these count the guys all around the same time their teams out there and get a vote on -- running backs in the -- -- picking these guys up for free. Somebody's not doing their job. Yeah not and and that person does or canoeing. Hit the DVD seemed to get these guys and it's funny in New England the fan base. Oftentimes you know during this fourteen year wonderful run the patriots have made. It's an annual joke around April -- may that they -- not drafting -- from the doing something right in terms of player personnel. Because they're not big freeagent spenders I mean you know put put may be. Revis decide in and a couple others but. You know they get these guys who can all contribute they'll kind of fit the suit -- we like this -- Can we do it's -- and it -- -- eleven plus games like every year. How bad can be -- you do it's obviously doing almost everything right right so yes -- you know. What the patriots had a couple shaky traps and that's -- But you know what most organizations don't have a great trapped every year that's football job. Yeah I've always felt that. Ripping of the patriot straps a little bit a little bit strong new identity. Yes and you know the one thing nobody ever would give the pictures credit for you know they take a swipe at the one -- but they would never give credit for the fact that they lead the draft with draft picks. Look at those draft picks that you acquired during a traffic you now have for the next year. That's part of your hall and equity and you write and the people who would be that I've heard in the past ripping patriot track performance very rarely. Remembered for a capital -- it just so you know they what -- oil. Yeah it is it they're always paid for paying it forward and that's why they were able to move up for some defensive guys a couple of years ago. Because they have assets to do it that's how they roll and it's. You know -- in the jets had just started doing that same kind of thing and I I couldn't be happier that the follow the patriot model is at some completion before Somalia should -- -- -- 49ers Seattle you know they're good teams it's not a coincidence let's stay within a wanna come into. After the break on talk a little bit more about this game and what we saw what we saw on the other side of the football the Eagles some interesting stuff Sports Radio W yeah.

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