WEEI>On Demand>>Daniel Nava with Dave O'Brien and Lou Merloni after the win against the Astros

Daniel Nava with Dave O'Brien and Lou Merloni after the win against the Astros

Aug 16, 2014|

The Sox outfielder joined Dave and Lou after the comeback win, in which he had three hits and knocked in the tying run.

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Thank you very much well congratulations Daniel big big night three for four in. Two RBIs and it felt like once the offense got rolling everybody got into it in and you were right there at the forefront tonight. Yeah I think. You know anytime you -- -- and two homers like he does it energize lineup and in big spots you know if -- were down we were down both times and it got within striking distance and it's a good feeling to have. That's in the lineup swinging like he is because I think it's going. -- were talking voting got down early it's a different feel maybe early on the year in the best of struggle a little bit but it felt like you guys are. Capable of coming back the way it's been going lately is -- different feel in that -- dugout offensively. You know obviously when you see the results you probably say yes but I think. You talk to any guy and you know when you're playing. Left upper level intense doesn't change it's just sometimes things. Your way sometimes they don't but I think there's are a really good feel though like guys that pull for each other and top to bottom there's good energy. The -- you've been a nice run for awhile now and in the lasted that you batting right handed. Thank god help us out and relatives -- I mean it that that's the Daniel level we know him and obviously you felt pretty good from both sides of the plate to level where you -- -- your offense right now with how things are looking would you swing. While com China and you're the adult time but I'm really trying to keep it simple. I think. The game's tough enough as it is in the more complicated you make it the more challenging it becomes under is trying to simplify things and see the ball hit ball and you know time it at least for me that's trying to do too much and so. That's sort of focusing on the man and most of all is about I got that stuff is so hopefully doesn't go they are and split recently had a -- over the when guys are so that's not canonize him. You know I was I was shocked you know beginning of the year for you nothing started off and I'm sure. You're even more surprised that I was but is there I think you pinpoint that is different because this is the guy that we know. And I wish I knew exactly what it was I would never do that again right after that. He has been in the game lineup there's a lot of things that go into that and whether it be pressing -- and and then balls not falling and things compounding -- other. You know we were playing well everything just it was the perfect recipe for things not to go alone and that's what happened but. In regular men in I think you realize it's a long season I'm realizing it's it's a long season that. The more you can get back that simple approach for me. It's in the best position to allow myself to help the team. Did congrats great to see you swing the bat like that do it again tomorrow another ten would be just great yeah -- that's that's -- kind of thanks very much I had to guess.

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