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Danny and Chris talk about Pat's Pre Season Game 25

Aug 16, 2014|

Pat's Ore Season Game 2

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Yeah. There's been times and trying to talk about three -- Look at all. I got myself a little crazy because it is -- and we noticed how good. Patriots team is going to be in the regular season so what is the pre season. Really mean it sometimes too much pre season football talk drives me crazy and I just wanted to get right to regular season football but I realize today. It doesn't drive me as crazy. As the talk about speeding up Major League Baseball games -- But apparently a fight as some people up Kabul taking more calls on that and get back -- patriots as well on the shell -- -- about 630. Leading into official Red Sox pre game to join me right now AT&T hotline. I bring in Chris price patriots inside a full WEEI. Dot com Christopher what's going on. Number extremely important to remember when you're talking about preaching football yeah every goodies you -- -- it -- but it. It is it's always in the middle I think people try to attend. Certainly too much of the quick start much of that stuff it's just. You know -- it. He didn't eat somewhere in the middle with this kind of stuff it's it's you're prepared to completion because the first -- -- we've seen in months. -- over blow everything and and and look at the Gartner certainly there ultimately -- end their current dial it back a little bit just understand you know it's all part of the -- Specifically with this New England Patriots team under Belichick Brady. And you know another year with an elite cornerback and all -- possibly the most elite and the best in the league. And Revis -- typically would this patriots team Chris it's like art. We know how good they're going to be. As long Brady stays LP of Belichick still the coach and they have. That dominant guy and the secondary right we know how good this team is going to be if those guys are all around. Yeah the if you're looking at a roster. They're really point to look like it or fourteen. You don't want to. -- the -- if you consider the rest it -- in orchard yet we're. Probably 90% of these guys I think the biggest question right now when you're talking about the veterans -- -- you want no part Gradkowski -- -- glitzy event actually it would seem to get knocked around the world but Europe because of -- Yorkers are accurate. We want to seek will give bail. In those guys get back into it broke out and took the but really what -- talking about patriots the creek is it. She used to evaluate the doctors young guys rookies but you're. Able. In -- rookie -- in our community. I so what did you think of what what did you think last night I mean -- major impressions coming away from that is this something that you. Walked away from this game last night looking out and said you don't while all this is great all while this is terrible. You know and I know we we talk too much of the Gooden and heavy at times too much of the bad and and. Blown all out of proportion but wouldn't what was the biggest thing you took away from that last night. I thought they were able to get a good push up front on both sides of the ball I think that was a really. Really positive and take out of -- game maker hatred and report what the Baltimore two yards and that's important. A couple of reasons not the least to which speaks. A lot of different options upfront which nobody else in the line me at. And -- in moving around the board here and moving around they had European only right window that they're moving back in -- over the right card provision. And we all those combinations were still able to move the ball accurately interpreted to be able to put up good numbers. All the -- -- Not just the starters you know but -- -- that the -- you guys that struggle -- it didn't do this for -- -- upper it. The vote yet but we're talking about a veteran. And here. No we are awful you agree to that point the priest in between the injury in this one. He met with completely healthy and it got a lot of veterans a lot of steps to edit it to about where a lot of the younger guys I think ultimately that's -- -- What does that tell you the shuffle and on the offensive line now I mean should people look at that and -- How how should we react to that what what does that tell you when you see all that -- on the -- line. Well I think there ought to do a couple things first of all I think that they wanna get a look at markets and -- you could be that backups swing tackle or right tackle -- -- No I think it's important also remember that didn't get some of that moving in Belichick are a little bit. On a conference call this afternoon. Because they didn't have more than one tight it is yet -- -- yeah I Neitzel who participated extremes and who worked out as if the tackle eligible gun salute seasons he beat news. Kick that into account our. Apple and a couple of occasions the border with well over couple accusing -- -- -- -- -- -- their respect and they wanna find a couple of combination. I'll -- it sure your good work for them out the most intriguing position. Really -- in -- talk about Yeltsin appointed senator. Right window. That. Took most of it up to that position last couple years. It seems right now but it probably getting a lot of work in the pre eaten at the center of the -- right -- plastered and trying to die either right or commonplace center. The importance of guys around into something a longer period to meet -- think. It Ryan Lindell. -- -- -- locked who leaked it and restarting certain due to a couple other different things but usually you're you're looking at a position that might do that whoever it. A bright stork a guy who I think. And it can be a real impact beaten to help you know that of that up until like that because it was written to award winner as the best. Center in college football last year. Part of a national championship in -- it I think considering the Olympics as well so etc. position and at right guard position. Well at that back up swing tackle I didn't vote for re most intriguing spot you wanna get a good look at what you guys that are both for the -- regular -- Don't what kind of rotation. Speaking with Chris price patriots inside of the WEEI. Dot com he joins me right now. On the AT&T hotline and Chris you know the guy behind that offensive line was shuffled last night -- cornerback. You know not so much let's not talk about Brady because we know what Brady is all lies at the cornerback spot. Are on the back ups -- ask you this you covered training camp down there every day did you expect a drop below going to -- Did you expect a drop below to get the call before now. Yet they do it for a couple of reasons. Not the least of which -- let -- used to practice over the course the week and pretty much par for the course when you're talking about the priest -- Well look a lot of -- if you're gonna get a lot of snaps during practice -- -- -- as a matter of course. Of course the week you're gonna get bored because it's more time to figure out which more time in the game you're gonna -- Darker earlier time -- result reflected in the global playing look Eric rubble started looking to drop off with a -- and I I think that they want -- to see them succeed but it it -- situational football last rock won't talk about specifically. Of -- in the first the other two minute situation awarding of what you're going. I'll buy you all and all I I think that we -- McGraw well orbit that he built up. I think we're not adequately to record a lot of respectful to a -- you're able to get. A quick resemble running -- -- and there were quite good complementary football the -- -- -- should count. Between two run in the Paris because they were able to -- off the ground consistently -- in the overall offensive numbers. You've also reflected that so. Both back or Mexico. Or the thought that particular tactic to -- a what you're talking about -- well. You know he was pulling against second second and third in the post a third important week that being set. He took advantage of the operative who wrote that in. Were present to him I think he did well though. Chris do you think though I am I guess a disaster for your opinion on this do you think the patriots. Do you think they know -- What they're gonna do with the backup quarterback I mean just to me it seems like. Regardless of what drop -- did -- the -- get rid of meanest looking in the second round so to me it's inevitable that mallet. It's gonna get moved -- must grapple gets -- I mean how do you feel about where the deft shot is gonna go by the Tommy gets a regular season do you believe that mallet. Gets moved to forty and right now we're just sort of looking at his trade value and that's battle. How do you feel like that back -- position will play out for the regular season again. Being here I think it's it's right now they're gonna carry three backs are three. Quarterbacks in the regular season record right now it's going to be the number two quarterback I think rob -- Orwell over the course first two games but I think the same time you remains. Really a work in progress and I think -- -- -- early early early stages of that pro football career and it being. It might be expecting a little bit too much attempt to bring to that number two job -- -- That's not. To see that he might not -- over eventually but I think that it's it's right now. They're comparable with Ryan mallet a certain number two guy at this point and I honestly believe that. They're gonna go to the regular season with three quarterbacks. It in and you know it's going to be could be breeding -- -- that order. What we now know Iran again. Amount. Do do you expect of the -- pre season game do you think there's got to be one of those deals he just thrown out there we want. -- -- request it into Watergate commitment now is possible recourse to -- in what can you do ordered Depp can't I think before. The regular season. Want him to Gatwick because before get knocked around a little bit producer of a few Eric. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't next week is that the best opportunity for the I wouldn't go back here in you have to understand that they're different on different recount in different situations but Welker in 2000 and coming back to that your theory. You -- appropriate people -- extra steps in the second preceding you. Ripped it up a little bit more mature -- you report for keeping your ball and then. Could what went wire to wire in the regular poker that your cell. Don't eat a lot of basically what I'm saying but you you interacting with the working at all to the idea that couldn't remember social or both -- Gradkowski talked about. The fact there. You know they get to work a -- or better to a -- on one basis over the course of practice a week each other account you -- roots in rivas to offer resistance. But I didn't think you need to get back on active and need to get knocked around the -- just -- -- get a -- dispute in the system that -- possible look you know you don't -- At all whole Lotta confidence in the wanna be able to -- him. On the field -- talked about a number of occasions that you're just care about around the track and it beautiful portrait you need to get out there you'd be able the kind of pile -- -- and get used to the process. It was so talking about stick or receive his Christian no camera Tompkins. Now with the wants three receptions. 32. Yards a touchdown if you just watch the games so -- like myself. Tompkins has had a good roll -- like what I see I -- but your training camp every day. I always -- training camp than an -- last season Tompkins. You look back at what was it in a wall of -- of the big catch I don't get a very good start last year than wasn't around late in the season. -- do you expect and pumpkins did to have a major role it with the patriots team mr. at least more than it was at the end of last year. Yeah you know it was weird the way to connect dropped off the reader yet. In the bigger electorate at regular during practice with after Halloween. It. You wouldn't -- -- on factored into it into the future where water is gonna drop off some. Forgot about it for you -- beat him I think because of that because. The fact that the one topic outlook fell in New York that will be the gonna have doubts coming back to Google coming back -- -- to be there. I really thought it saw the he was on the roster when you talk about how many wide receivers speaker we beacon that these. I thought look at each year -- -- a lot and your Lester guy who presents absolutely both special value I wouldn't find a spot on the war. But you don't you don't over the course spring in the summer and the two preceding game. Is that close -- or Austria Lockett back and think I did you play Bert -- well you -- -- -- -- for you noted in the what you talked to the quarter. If the quarterbacks those constant in the quarter actual beat and you back go to an awful long way -- Brady talked on several keys and left an epileptic gave -- -- but most conscience you are both levels police -- had brought on presenting indicators that quote a lot to lock you. Which I think it really unique because again offered -- legal special interest you in in my experience when you're talking about that. You recently bought an elite level all the talent or you're out extraordinary relationship with a quarterback to be able to. It brings some people up as a player and not contribute in that specialty but keep it may be able to bet. In the summer they get a result. I think again that -- a lot to lock as you have out on that in the part that. Those -- a strong words they're coming for Chris price WEEI dot com joins me in the AT&T hotline. You know yeah I can confidential the quarterback and the receiver I think that plays into a lot of reasons why settlement had such a big yet. Well last year because like you know -- when I was covered training camp lashing you really could see Brady. Sue dominion that was just the -- -- Brady felt comfortable prone to me it really jumped off the pop off the screen. At you and I think in the pre season here at least Latin we saw Brady last night finally public you know of the reaction that Brady had. It towards pumpkins any -- don't you know pre season game I mean that just shows directly into the -- you know. Really I mean he clearly out of section Foreman -- keep. People say -- people though no one would expect -- to say -- my experiences -- -- you could speak at duke. -- you have -- specific question about specific player. If you like you'll talk about that player if he doesn't like it -- turn the focus to the team. They're very you know in the spotlight on but we ought to -- a little bit better. He speaks about Tom tune in he clearly has the level of -- -- without wide receiver and it's clearly pulling -- clearly thinks it is the kind of guy who can expect 6070 -- year net profit. Clearly like him again -- the content the quarterback and a global war waited out. Hi Chris. Before what you goal it just got to ask you on on the panel before I can't what you're going on a penalty flag. Reaction because that was at times on watchable last night with what was going on but my take on it exists I don't think that -- I don't think they'll be doing that the regular season pre season is -- time to experiment. Did you experiment right now right we shouldn't be concerned that that's that's -- into regular season. The acting -- being need to find -- happy medium between the two I think -- You're being appointed and that -- around the league I think that they are going to crack down a little bit more than Sudanese have been your. But -- your cap accounting I think. Sort of game. Will resonate and results next arguable resonate on perk up when you're talking about the league office. Talk about it in the lobby called network are expected complete deepen the editorial barking. In the crease he certainly was what. How that -- afloat disrupted with nobody penalties that people during total penalties that think what you 120 to work accepted. You know in gold nearly 3045. Minutes the preachy I don't think that we want that it will be want to crack still. On the illegal contact on the sort of holding. But again I think that there's a happy medium that they need to -- between now start the regular season to a world order form. Our Chris thanks a lot a great job -- -- -- Very -- Chris price WEEI dot com -- America there it's a great patriots inside as we look back at last night pre season game.

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