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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson: Patriots edge Eagles, 8-16-14

Aug 16, 2014|

A combined 6 different QB's threw TD passes in last night's 2nd pre-season game. The offenses looked sharp and the Pats controlled the ball for 66% of the game. Craig and Larry get into some of the revelations of last night's game.

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Mustard and Johnson is Sports Radio WEEI. If it's Saturday -- must be mustard and Johnson Friday night. You could watch the Red Sox but oh so nice to have football even if it's meaningless and of the pre season variety Tom Brady put -- helmet. Strap it on for the first time thrown a touchdown pass to throw a pick six but will forget about that chip maker -- below. Couple more touchdown passes he gets is. Second quarter action for the first time and Ryan mallet looking good playing in the third string quarterback role in the second half all of all Larry. I would say that any concerns about the patriots. Based on last week's loss to Washington. -- race pretty quickly. In the win over Philadelphia last night -- One of rob Manfred. The new commissioner -- of the NFL. -- -- baseball one of his first concern should be wearing future in the team room last night rents cars games that's at seven. When you turn the page it gave -- the red marks the start play. X rating I want to handled right I know rapt by it believe me it would evened out or leave the show that you're formula that cut down on excessive game time is -- and I think I do have reform I do have an idea -- -- which there was here with you later can't wait that's -- -- that we always do an absolutely. Drive me insane. Is why we always have to like one player against another in this one against that one call -- as far as I'm concerned but as far as I'm concerned last night's game was a win win. But a quarterback position of the New England Patriots Brady was like a surgeon -- that I can make I men that -- it was a win win win the quarterback. Position on the page yeah he said we'd win it was a win well and win win for the quarterback position and they won the game. But at the at the point is is Brady look absolutely like a surge if they keep him operate this year human Peyton Manning pitches. Brilliant there aren't just the ending of the opera ball he get that down. -- has just come up with a revelation Peyton Manning and Tom Brady your brilliant I know what you're. I am a -- opinion without your arrogant stuff he -- hot tea I raping our dialogue your game today maybe your future on the rate. You want once in a YL. And start running around doing Choi is -- for your -- father time that you be able to listen to what people saying out. In half of them half of those are apparently hit his half of illegal cots are and how we got to -- -- half of the talk around here for the longest time it's been. Maybe -- too old maybe it's tiny baby slipping a little bit. Back triumph saying when you watched him out there last night it was is like a surgeon out there. I thought -- really now this is the mallet I expected to see in the first game. I thought he yacht -- his past what I always look for what -- back as of press tomorrow that I like -- I come out of the hobbled by. Pressed about the you know where the throw the ball the you know we have the -- is you know with the open guy is -- I -- drop below that mallet. Both had very good command of the offense whether they were playing against ones and twos or threes it didn't matter. I -- I know grapple with the flavor of them -- -- -- everybody says -- hypocrite now but I don't see it that way. I see it is if you have three. Quarterbacks certainly Brady is that -- we understand that but if you have to weather quarterbacks on your roster who complete game. And if you have to carry three until somebody goes down -- can make him make a deal for ballot as we -- amount that would be the guy you deal. When it was a great show last night that -- came back and play the way we expected in the place. Now to. Be objective about it and certainly has nothing to complain about where. Anything is on the football field but Yahoo! you can the flags are up the patriot while. Aren't so. Mallet did. Play against the very competition. -- -- low. Feasted upon. Last week and for those of you were putting. To grapple with that we can't hall of fame people said hold on a second let's get real here he's playing against guys probably wanted to make the team. Ballots certainly was not playing against the first stringers Rob Lowe had a little bit more of a realistic taste. Of NFL defense as he came in the first quarter all three quarterbacks played well. But let's face it Larry the future of the New England Patriots in I don't think a premature in saying this. Now that Ryan -- didn't play well give him credit you'll like the fact that they have three quarterbacks. But Jimmy girl -- low when Tom Brady isn't up right anymore when Tom Brady isn't. A surgeon as you say -- he cannot make the reads that he is so famously gone for fifteen years. I think it's pretty obvious the -- your rap while. Is the year for obvious reasons you've had ballot here this is this fourth year. His contract running now. And you know I remember during draft day ago one guy called me and rip me from pillar to post because I came up with a theory. BP 'cause the patriots are in a position you know the best time to buy a house as when you don't have to. So the best time to draft a quarterback like this is when they really didn't apt to. This guy rip me from pillar to post it -- go back to in the same thing we're not bitter -- thing no I'm not care. Our -- Ramallah time I don't remember that you can't discuss sports about being wrong on it that's one thing we all got to get over. Easley is another one that the threat of climate with a two game its knees. If he key and be healthy I understand he's going to be one heck of alignment if he can be if he can come back and be healthy. -- you are in a position of great depth like the patriots you can afford to take these chances. The only thing I got out -- last night and I stumbled back to that kid Jones who they cut. Wrapper off to a ball -- -- -- and he dropped it a big deal everybody's gonna drop it may be his blocking I don't know -- 67 to 75. Right now it all goes back to cry as they really don't have a good pass catching tight -- Are you don't have Jeremy Devlin fever -- -- what he's at and spat James Devlin I don't know I've friend named Jeremy Devlin. -- Devlin fever I don't like it now but I mean over all I I thought the flags -- really got the way my garage and now probably was telling us that dwellings game the same tomorrow 122 flags thrown yet and -- -- -- unsportsmanlike conduct while -- is a dunk the ball -- that the the part twice which he should have done. They've got a straight -- present that'll kill why would I spoil the game will -- it'll it'll destroy the flow of the game plan want penalties a hundred arms are nine yards you don't think that what I can't get it it's hard at this point because still a lot of guys didn't play -- didn't play that much. Revis did play a whole lot that bought while he you know he's just had. Has this ability to be around the ball forced a fumble yeah almost forced two of them in -- Tompkins made a great backs -- the catch. Going in the end zone. It's just overall it was a very is certainly was an entertaining game if you like scoring it was an entertaining well -- met. Other pictures just stop on third down let's throw a flag. Girls are moving the ball. Act. What a joke here was I had a may be there just sending a message -- haven't -- -- To let these guys know you know you're not going to be -- an office hand checking and stuff after five yards. But it's by the way it at the NFL apparently just doesn't care. I've looked around these exhibition games and look at the -- even at even last night outline event. -- -- Well what did you -- What kind of game did you exhibition there exhibition somebody's gotta say for a if you're a season ticket all the used to got to pay for them and yet you pay -- hand out tickets that's how I go to these pre season games people obviously you have season tickets they're forced to pay the two. Home games in the exhibition slate so they him those tickets out. I mean if you're really. If you're a die hard or you get free ticket -- go to those pre season games otherwise. In the age of like you now have a brand new HD television set I'm sure it's constant year Dan why would you -- -- to go to July it's been an. Brother and other barrier that they do have right is that it people are getting -- we typically when the weather gets bad. Michael why pay the packing YE. Slap after the ES stadium and in France trying to seat in the light. It is becoming such with the surround around the televisions and not a coming up with curve lines and the like it. Michael if if you can tell me you got to curve -- and armed -- state of the art I don't care about -- so anyway it was a good night. I was very pleased overall I I just don't like this out any one quarterback against the other and -- I just I was just happy. I mean would you would you have been happier if -- came mountain stunk again. I was happy that they all came out played well because that -- well for the patriots in the future I do think the national for probably -- You talk about a rule change they should come up -- their roster exemption. For a third quarterback on the team to be on the team but he's not counted against a roster. And I say it for this reason -- -- frowning I say for this reason. The game begins in stops with the quarterback. In you maverick Curtis Painter but with the -- that time. Once -- just -- quarterback that you got to back up who's good not as good as the stop her part if he closed down. Then you're bringing in some guy. Who doesn't know the playbook in the -- a terrible. If you could carry a third quarterback on your team who knew with the playbook and had ability you know like. Then eat if you have to go down to that level in at least the games don't turn into a disaster. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought the same exact thing you thought it and you should be weak for -- as a football fame and you should be rooting. What qualitative quarterback so the referees a pair up but I'm just saying under a bright upper great point and that. That's what I want I want I what I seriously I you you aren't. Quality play it that does is like pitching in baseball. You know certain positions. You have to have depth that's why we're going on and on about the Red Sox and it'll last you realize that no matter how good your team might try to be if you don't have quality pitching. You've done for. It is the same thing with is by goaltender in hockey it's right. You've got their quality quarterback so to me. I would love to see them I know they don't wanna carry three quarterback can -- take it up a roster spot. But there's big games suffers tremendously if two guys go down and you bring in handsome guy off the street who who really knows the playbook. Well patriots I don't think the quarterback position is any thing. That is going to keep Bill Belichick was coaching staff up late at night tossing and turning may be up late at night looking at. Game film but I don't think anybody can be tossing and turning certainly patriot nation be rest assured that Tom Brady. And we always say this but he has been except in this is a big asterisk. After that 2008 season the ACL. Has been a pretty much injury free when he plays in the season he is protected well if he should go down at one of the points I think job. Christian Fauria made. On MF BI yesterday -- also. Echo his thoughts on television last night. We all think of the next quarterback either as the guy that replaces Brady when Brady retires for four years normal line or we think of us this scenario similar what happened 2000 Avery goes down any misses the entire season Matt Cassel takes over for sixteen games. Brady could go down just for three or four games we never even think in those terms you know he could have a sprained knee or injury that puts him on the sideline for three or four weeks. I think you can relax. We Jimmy grapple measure quarterback given the fact the Patriots defense has certainly got an upgrade. The offensive line we saw that pretty much intact last I would rock returns. Think anybody's going to be I mean Izzy -- Tom Brady absolutely not I may -- maybe I'm engaging in too much hyperbole right now. But I have definitely been infected. Buy it contagion called gore apple fever. Well I he -- -- the difference to me. -- -- below completes a pass is Cisco grow quicker past when mallet does -- -- Because in the last week's performance that. This week he was totally a different quarterback mallet I'm really happy firm. I thought both those guys show some mobility. Back here -- Brady doesn't -- -- had the a touchdown scamper Steve Sweeney might say. By the way also picked up a speaker of the broadcast correct up there a much better last night you know I've got relief I -- they didn't over TARP the coverage. At at over target for cowards Arctic -- I remember the first three there were talking while the plays were going on our company got a -- John you know but the -- they were evolving from the year before where they essentially had a football talk show going on while the game was happening -- that they -- back to where the conventional play by play this year. But as I say I think -- is excellent forgot it doesn't do play by play in a regular basis I think he's very good Christian is terrific. I think the whole crew was fantastic. And you know what I say it's tricky. Is what -- K okay map I think our current eight EE brings an excitement. I like him better when he tones it down a bit. Well Yemen Chatham know lot about football and I -- Chatham was great last night. Because if you notice -- when the place doubted he stopped talking and I think it just makes you can -- -- battle where in between plays. You can hear about it he has a lot to offer and I I I must admit. Now if you go to. The NFL network there or replays have of these games in the -- use of their crew. To broadcast that game was actually carried nominee I thought -- well -- I don't know -- you -- get a different perspective or different analysis on the game you can watch it again Albert those guys. But overall it was a good night. I tell yet. That kid Tim's. Karen wrote a group incredible piece on him last week and he is background on what he's been through in his life and -- it if he makes a team up to sit out the 41 four games that might be a plus for him. But what's not -- with him every ball -- great catch a great capital Barney didn't zone for a great pass. The guy that I did this kid greatest running back yet almost a hundred God's. Last night is just felt what you look at when you watch these games as you say oh my gosh there is so much competition out if there's somebody very good. Play is out there -- you just can't keep everybody. But the big issue in one of the things while the patriots that much had their way in offense and it's a pretty good defense has by the 35. Eagles scored. I'm broke Revis looking good you didn't hear his name being more exciting knowing isn't a game well because that's where -- -- who does or for that many times before. The big issue and I thought they hit on it particularly well was that they are going to have problems in the middle of field and that's the safety responsibility. Tight ends crossing routes that is the patriots vulnerability. The scene across the middle of the field that's -- Philadelphia have their success that's one thing. That I think the patriots who need it need to emphasized sentimental point may -- did not plan -- talking about the deep -- now. Tight ends tight ends had. A lot of success against the patriots last year. They had success last night who was gonna be that strong safety -- quarry obviously is gonna be the the free safety who's going to be the strong safety is Patrick Chung coming back and taking that position where about Harman. I think if you're looking at any negative and there wasn't a lot of negatives last night I think there are a lot of people. Are relieved after last week's lackluster performance out of Washington. I think the one issue that you're gonna have. While you're waiting for -- that's issue number one is. When is rock and a return will be the first game of the regular season. When the -- out of Miami. Is he gonna come back before. The regular season begins I I doubt that's gonna happen I would caution against that but I think the tight end availability for Iraq. And to what do you do on the other side of the football defending tight ends particularly. From the strong safety position I would put those two as your big issues the -- the way otherwise. Let's face it Larry really this is where it's gonna come down to. Who's gonna get home field advantage in the AFC title game is Denver gonna host again where the patriots can get it against Denver here that's what's really coming out there when you said. -- if it does come down to that. I I think again and I would get excited when I see is can easily take the field. And to see if he's healthy Wilfork certainly looks okay out their running around. Because this kid is supposed to be a ferocious pass rusher. And -- you can get any sort of interior pass rushing along Whitney tribute to a great game last night in Jones. Now you're talking to their history even in terms of worrying about the deep -- over the middle when you have a pass rush everything changes. So overall I thought it was good I think I'll check -- pretty a pretty -- last -- if your right but the wind and glare bottom -- checking in standard all doubt that I thought it was good I thought for a night if you like football and you wait for the game. I am I wasn't disappointed at all I thought the first game as well as a bit of a disappointment last states can be get a chance to see a lot of people. And done in every week it gets closer and closer to the regular season games. The browns have their own controversy Greta warrior -- -- -- and a name a starting quarterback Tuesday. But that's. Again that's right the that's what the National Football League it is they always seem to bring in new people who become stylus. And an end and quality players and that's why it's such an amazingly because every year. -- bring in a series of rookies at seven these guys can really play and it makes it fascinating to watch a game like accidental. In the -- the other night you find yourself watching neutral games. That you really don't care about what you wanna see specific play. All I ask is about time the real games begin that first snap and anger. Buying to own this illegal contact. And -- the face. Penalty situation I am not gonna sit and watch a real game. And see 218 is amassed 21 -- -- much 169. Yard sales of flow of the game lot of -- tax files and other putting an emphasis on and they do that with a righty if things in. Christian and Dan talked about last night along -- map that by the time the regular season begins. They will have made their point and will not be calling as many penalties but that was an excruciating experience particularly in the first half. Everytime you turned around it was a yellow under this our flag yeah they. -- lying to me is the end. -- -- Only the the -- -- you -- the offensive line coach. Because he's replacing a legend let's face it and it'll be interesting that stork has the play that much and I really want to see him at center. So these are all things that we can talk about I'm just saying it's -- it's a win situation for your quarterback position. When both the up back up and go out there and play well it really is and I know everybody likes. Rappel -- I can understand that these young Indies certainly second round draft pick. And he might turn out to be about that another genius move by ballot check if the kid can really play because -- That's a great time to draft a quarterback when you don't have to. So now we have that on the docket for you today everywhere you hear about that would -- into the game last night anybody prop -- I also like they're running back fringe. He seems to be able to extend. -- by five and six yards at a pop well like when he makes when -- make contact some guys just got around this guy seems to get about five to six section odds. Meanwhile. I -- my job you're during all the gushing I am I'm throwing in the the negative stuff mr. Ridley was up to his old -- again garage. I don't care whether they ruled that a from -- they did at at a laundry how -- advocates of so for people who are something. But you if you can hold onto the ball you're going to be a drive killer. I've heard just a drive killer DA's gonna hate because he thinks I've only going to one game in my entire life but I would to that picture -- a couple years ago in December against Houston. Senior they played in the playoffs relief fumbled early in the game in the patriots dominated. In Ridley was standing right in front of me I was behind the patriots sideline and just stood there the whole game we fumbled early. Didn't get a sniff the rest of the game just can't eat you Kenya now you just can't have it that -- white by the way I guess he's. College on where he's carried over a seven under out there whatever and he's only had two fumbles so. Database not that that's fair that's fair criticism into weight when you're picking at things and are looking for things to be concerned about. The other day that we I certainly wanna talk about today because it's still playing at the Boston Red Sox and in my question to any of you while -- -- you sure. Got this -- playing believing and not because -- listen I I listened to. Much the whole day yesterday this kind of let it wash over what went -- you know why. What can you -- the event of a week was the abduction of a profit in Canada right -- what what else -- and talk about in my question of brought to you when our listeners. Since they traded lashed -- What have you weren't about this team. They're preparing for the 2015. Season Alberto over the -- specific that. Hey I am and he can after play went to borrow something has right now Jackie Bradley just can't hit. And that's a big into -- you just wanna carry him as a as a defensive replacement later in the later innings. Is Jesse looks so lost to crest fallen over this this this is like your being key. -- Jackie Bradley because you see the guy playing center field and you say man if you can keep him on the team. This defense is spectacular. Yeah -- you you like almost have taken him on the year when I just wanted to nurture him I can bring him back to psychological help pointed to you now I said when you have a guy who could save about ten games for you were a year with his defense -- -- He -- I can at least count for file slight exaggeration -- I say ten games. Video games OK you don't watch the game I see I was guiding lake about five or six. Ladies at a state game musings. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh god does another when I tell you right now. I don't see him as a shortstop I don't I don't like -- range. I don't like though the little things that you have to do to play deposition in terms of the cost the second. I just don't see yet. And my question is how can this guy be in a minor leagues all this time in the parliament opposes -- shortstop indeed just doesn't look like he's -- that position. How Long Will you do that before you just have to say you know what kids are going to be a third baseman when I just am not saying. You I'm not particularly worried about the 2014. Season right now I'd prefer recently shortstop that. Doesn't seem to be the big issue this week Red Sox now playing out the string OK we should talk a little bit about the hall of fame Red Sox lead I don't but don't don't don't cut me off like like like I don't like I don't know the ability to act and I can't talk our talk up I want to. And I'm saying to you imposing it. That I think middle Brooks account are -- Bradley -- got to admit or Brooks. Each have always but the clock nobody listens but operates Bradley's -- traveling at -- and Bradley broke out -- parks these three guys have a chance to seize the moment. And grab opposition. And nobody's doing it and that's a concern infamy. Well at least one person's concern 61777. I want to watch the games ID 97 tomorrow. That's our telephone number Larry is really angry about the Red Sox and me for some reason why you locate your -- appreciate you dictate what you wanna talk about I've been trying to that you have -- mean I think I wanna go to a break and we'll see if we can reassess its -- -- -- to talk about the hall of fame induction Roger Clemens his future in another hall of fame. A few hundred miles west of here. About that. Out to not hatred that twenty's I can't wait for -- -- -- -- the -- democratic out of print it just hit the button -- -- -- boxer.

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