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Michael Irvin with Dale and Holley

Aug 15, 2014|

We check in with the playmaker, Michael Irvin of the NFL Network joins Michael and Dale to talk NFL and all things Patriots.

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He's known as the playmaker he is a hall of fame wide receiver. But my daughter's probably more excited about the fact that I'm gonna talk to a guy who was on Dancing With The Stars Michael Irvin makes his dale and -- debut Mike let's dale and Michael how are -- I don't well men have dual boot record and it was funny because certain segment. Who's the people certain understandings I get people to know. From there would start as just a political beating. All the reasons you know before that that it can move to Oklahoma to -- -- six. -- you're that more -- for Hitler and before that look a little bit and -- Could completely out of out of service so they would rather he -- -- just know full well. The longest yard. -- only that long himself out with a low resort to. -- There was little or whatever that we're doing the movie. He who go to the movies to me. Which go straight here Michael you know Adam did not act I don't want you for this movie I thought it was too big of a role for the first time I -- Cuba Adam's gonna look for you because then I'm probably -- -- was right -- that we -- perfectly well great equipment. -- -- -- What will you practice and that. They could live well every man Lugo went -- bet hip so we have to ask. Yeah -- -- electric equipment and red and residue. Orwell -- last time we saw you appeared you were doing some of but 34 years ago you went pitcher Wes Welker -- So now that patriots don't have. The good news to have a -- that dragged out fight it out all that whatever you can at all the mobile. Only had a good time we had a good time and you can't tell us about your brother in the Larry Bird analyst up. Don't. -- about evidence -- a Wes Welker is is gone and and the patriots they may have Glock we want to look at their receiver situation. Are you impressed with did -- do you say calm as could be -- brought a Tom Brady -- what's the take away. Eleven I that's still the dude -- still out. -- what was wrong to assume it was a different situation. You're so grunt grunt protesters such talent and moved to a point. He gives you appoint. And it keep the focus should be playing on India and everybody can have to come -- to make a few plays around that there would have grown up. You know who receiver exposure we sell. Some what was so the last couple years you know some of our 2000 -- going after everybody. But I agree it's hopefully I think they have taken that this has to be the year. Because media but the best thing I think -- I think the first thing and this is what was brilliant about. Well this week. And at about Belichick. Not just for oh okay that's completely different problems with -- posted doing and there's this out very religious best two out of stuff over here. And basically that's what is that the duties there. They approach with a new. From there -- position you can shoot through an umbrella. I just find -- sesame. When Tom Brady for a couple years here had Randy Moss at wide receiver spot he was put not pinball numbers. If Tom Brady had had a Michael Irvin for the length of time that Troy Aikman did well what is numbers look like. Well do little to do that you were two different things. But anonymously. Grand -- is just such a big explosive. Don't play well there are some real good big plays and when you -- -- -- like -- will -- them back to manipulate. And -- and -- in -- document. Put the ball perfectly now you start speaking up and bail me you can do you. In the back with deep pass to Randy Moss and all of those things. So you knew how to master that my game was different and -- like it was they thought I have a war -- getting -- I have a war on. Well political game. -- on the I want over the top. Quote probable to -- you would please because that it would ban is that if you had a I'd go with the basic Netflix now. Well ventilated. I'm also glad to make sure we wouldn't championships. That there to do it all look at situations. -- -- -- -- victory that message -- go to -- -- -- different to write this and I love Brandon. -- -- -- -- -- -- But Seoul listed and -- has -- completely. But don't -- will be left left -- sort of bed rest and over the that community have been completed that happen Padilla. Now how did you how were you able to do that albums what would not just you -- to anybody at the receiver position because three. We think of quarterbacks and look at their playoff records of quarterbacks. We never look at the playoff records a wide receivers I don't know what a playoff record and I get three championship rings I don't know what you would can't break down your record. -- can break -- Peyton Manning or Tom Brady talking you do that from the receiver position help. Other guys speaker. Well first -- is wondering. Level issues -- you don't know find nearby -- out worked -- -- now so. That and then look like I'm Brad from Brandon Marshall it just went to Miami in -- Michael you know them books are written issues. Work -- our government -- development look you know all of argued camp when I get around most of them who is about what he's talking about. Will be told -- you -- there are working out between now you're remaining peers know you can go work out we Tuukka. You have to work out at this facility in front of everybody. We look for everybody India before and everybody because big deal with issue. The problem to seeing linked to win your body and the and he cannot if they don't need breast and my ability -- the -- and in the first time -- being used in the fourth quarter when the game's on the line not comment up -- don't say it. Element that was slow to and I looked at ten million dollars an American. 500000. Are they able to keep jump out of my fate. Until the word rather see you you don't win the younger one make you too familiar to exceed need to duplicate. -- don't want to be Fordham -- No Reebok. Europe -- to speak you're into now I all of their local. I wanted to know my place and here's the realty. I'm going to battle I have looked order and would meet Cuba who you would never have to see me. Grabbed the -- quarterback because on this spinning it to order. Winning the championship. Regardless that I actually within me Michael -- know you're usually view Leo pristine. Artists know. But I would never that would disrupt no matter. But winning the championship that has little people better you understand what makes so people can. And you bring the best out of regionals guys that you understand middle order to win championships -- the locker room is -- -- -- You're never get a chip chip to twelve -- -- all bill's point in the same direction. Hall of -- all the fame wide receiver Michael Irvin is making is dale and Holley debut. I was thinking -- you few weeks ago when I was watch in the the football hall of fame induction ceremonies and I was listing to the speeches because and I'm not just blow smoke here. You blew me away with your induction speech in and you were honest and you were open in and and you were you were raw. And when I heard people complaining about the length of the speeches this year I'm thinking. We're talking about the culmination of a man's life of his work let him speak let him go and I -- -- fuel when we -- major speech. No matter who we are silly to even the guys on minister and now. You who took the time that we want you to it would that was our moment. Now listen to pick up the hard. And if that's. Or rather these little we know to know. That means so much to do -- and and I think the NFL has it right by making you wait five years. Good good good she goes five years and it brings you back to a place of understanding. In any gives you. Are all all reality chick. I spoke at the -- Lombard. Trademark father internal problems. Were fingers because. In all season I'm entitled to speak. Speaking while living in deeper down. Telling them you know that that my first Europe. -- -- -- -- didn't do all of saint elsewhere and also -- and I was I was already in the house dog listening albums spiritual man bit. What it would still somewhat medium medium to put -- the problem was and still result. -- ago there are well below -- -- as a battery issue that was what could be VP -- six -- table. Did on that can be perfectly. Proper that I doubt on public gets passed from tournament elements of the moment a moment dollop. And they didn't admitted folks that felt so devastated. And hurt you know I didn't get the opportunity to let it -- ago. Welcome to do -- you Kilby who is due to its. There's no immunity that he gave me was he when it -- are talking about Iranian out meet here and I appreciate I appreciate you know. Put me in the back those first two years because we are doing it in deeper down and -- my attitude sheltered. Recruiting Europe fear if you put -- together and how do you -- the demise danger you know without the who worked out perfect. There ought to go thing I appreciate is that you know -- when you were appear you did this and I prefer to do is and other settings. When you talk you've talked about the mistakes that you've made you've talked about things that you've been through. Not as wonder from your perspective I mean you went through it in value and a different place. From your perspective what did you think it was a lot of criticism of the NFL and Ray Rice. When there's only two games for his suspension effort is a domestic violence. Situation in the offseason what did you think of out of that in the NFL's response. Well. A lot of -- well. And until you guys as a will be -- -- -- -- -- -- sometimes you know I got awful close to an economy and -- doing these -- So I did not do in the view very intriguing news views I -- speak on. Because I think sometimes some paintings come around -- And on this on this election is not ready to be. -- -- and and we host Stephen Smith do those -- networks. Are pointing out and then people get mad at him to point out things and a conversation even though they were not. The perpetrators. You know when it. And did it turn on them so. I understand what we're trying to do and I've never ever been violent torture anymore. There's no and even. It is meaningless because the more it was a time when you made in this business not dispute most are -- tournament. Can -- go along -- domain it's truly hitting himself and not Atwood who he's he's just taken out her. You're going to invest in America excuse -- duplicate. Something like this though there's -- -- that we -- when they're doing users who read issue and you come out and make a comment. -- without knowing all the facts that we don't -- effect we don't know. Really -- you know what if someone created. -- what what what transpired. Really don't know and it didn't just hit it -- and didn't trouble flat out all the conversation about. And open a public function because everybody's trying to. Make a point there also. That's what I've thought about it I -- okay Michael. It out of the stay out of that lifted the pound was at peace. I don't have that -- there's time. That you should do it well and and and I think it is the warden territory for the and a trio on. Bollywood will post finding out what all went on that meeting with -- rights bill will subside for a moment two games enough. There's so but we don't know what went on it and be. You know and and and and from my understanding and all of might be in the always considered the commissioner of the adjustments. So I'm warm wave on the side if something -- in and took him into an account. And making the decision but I liked it and felt. Is -- to what they're doing now. A policy -- thinking about putting you know policy. To address. That the news we got today yet. Home after at all for so much in this -- an -- in our country. You have the news out today that NFL plans to toughen standards in cases of domestic violence and that's gonna happen soon in the final thing for you -- the patriots playing the Eagles. Today Michael and we were talking about this before the show. We all remember October 1999. And is one of the things we look at Philadelphia. Michael Irvin is hurt and they are. They are cheering injury and have never heard you. Talk about it. What did you think of the added the -- hold something against Philadelphia. For cheering you it intervals vulnerable moment. -- you know I've never ever and then moved rapidly can never actually. Derogatory manner negative. Toward two. So ago -- the for the officer -- on this very. As you look at where he poker tournament whereas problem would maybe stupid or whatever by. I -- -- I don't think that they'd be they would know which -- my injury. I sort as a competitor and it and jump through a passionate like that realizes OK who are these people are disappointed. If they do it laughter field in particular those two users just open up. Yeah that was. -- notices that the negative about it but but I'll tell you. We -- -- and you guys know what when I went to the hospital that night from an owner came -- You know Eagles own and it finally walked him rule as you can see as sort emotional management solution seeking users. He was apologizing. To you know I can almost tell them. You need to apologize I understood the Philadelphia and into. That a lot like me are just passionate people and play with passions. And pound them into trouble. Just think the play Lopez about mutual liquid is talking about so Bravo will conclude that the quite a relationship. Taught. Who it was the Philadelphia Eagles -- with but I don't say anything negative about about fair and sent into the proposition two. And that she would win this thing is when Oakland when. The quarterback for -- students are going to pick sixes and an -- better. Match in the you know nobody comes -- call -- -- -- our classrooms were born output well we've been in this stop for a second. Well it was put them up. I want my bed in 1972000. -- seven years old and he looked at by -- -- -- promised to open week that we want to go to one of those things. Keep it -- and we don't know -- there something in. Unbelievable in the family vacations and that anyone available we'd -- gain. Because all the free reports and all of our radio interviews is because maybe you could you know do you believe that it. Nobody will all that money that they couldn't make a mobile with the -- If you put that therefore the field. They're a little closer with the -- let me -- -- that took both. They'll put their own -- will play our people respect that. The -- that sort of feel so I always -- -- and find a little bit of Lebanon over the and then I haven't heard anything that I -- but good boots and wished we can go to games and we have a quick two day. You can follow -- on Twitter at Michael urban 88 or better yet you can listen to him every Friday right here on dale and -- I can't wait to do this again next week Michael thank you. You take Michael thanks. That is -- Michael Irvin he will be a Friday irregular. From now to the rest. Football season whatever will we talked to help you could just drama a little bit more I think that's the problem I mean this really. Just couldn't find the right button completed just couldn't get him to talk you know. It it felt a lot like the key -- -- to me a -- to -- -- and -- -- no no not very -- he's going to be with us every single Friday on patriots Friday. -- Sports Radio W media.

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