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CSNNE's Tom E Curran with Dale and Holley

Aug 15, 2014|

We preview Pats-Eagles and figure out what to look for with the great Tom E. Curran of CSNNE.

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It was a comment that I made. And that was that would have standing in this is now we got it cracks in the these dad. I guess that I got. -- area of hit the rebirth button a back button on the he's got a lot of -- and -- gotten out of respect for Tom Brady what a great quarterback. Let's Bill Belichick always -- -- at that data Gillette with the patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles tonight. Our conversation with Tom -- brought you by Tom's -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get here hello Tom. There -- no threat of what's going on Hawaii. Everything great everything is very violent -- Williams. And that that Tokyo. The Eagles TP media relations had been standing right next to be there next Carrie Williams during the Terry Williams stepped up a little ordered -- how -- bureau. I did step in again. So they won't watch closely page or it didn't stop the people. So this this is I'm short had a lot to do with I think as it was named Eric -- goes that the guy who darted about our credit cards showing I think it had a lot do with -- and probably Chip Kelly. And and that's it earlier in the week Tom from them obsessed with Chip Kelly -- fascinated by the guy. Wondering how you feel about Chip Kelly and his. Hit his way of doing business in his way of questioning everything that has existed before the NFL and sticking with some of those things and tweaking and others that just your whole take on on Chip Kelly is when you think you can become. Like post on Mikey today to say that you know in our ability to. -- A lack of a better at least not shall -- -- so. Well our ability to pay act. To this city they always thought that a lot of yet. It -- people picked on about eight export or six -- an incredible legal at W not a book or. That night and -- -- which normal you spoke about or and I think Chip Kelly ways -- -- Little round guy shall we shrug and go let the and I picked it out and let the thing worked out where it got Michael miracle last year. In three or not only did -- let the system which. What you call -- out he did it with or without controversy. At a Riley Cooper controversy. With the Iraq strategy and it that it anybody's at the end of 2000 and well. You know it's funny as as I was down there watching the the first joint practice on Tuesday and I was watching nick -- most of the time and watching Chip Kelly and I forgot Mark Sanchez was on the team and I forgot he was a backed up by a quarterback in the team and and I I'm I'm look at happening all crap that's right that's that is down there. And I spoke to him this week for a structural quick -- -- it was bought last night a player. He had a couple little bought it get ridiculous here that Mark Sanchez veteran out. Starting quarterback a replay wouldn't match Tokyo. So you know I asked them if you can still electric play in this league and Iowa public -- to -- -- championship. -- I will I will -- and I will play well. And it will be interesting to -- that yet because -- really look at it. And the guy we're looking at -- back -- back to the last three and a half here. Brian -- who wrote upstart. For that matter who wrote an upstart. You know the -- all that we Colt -- Or Kirk can't worry about are we were right about that deputy or ritual. -- -- -- Where -- you talk about tonight's game what do you expect to see from Tom Brady and if you do expect to see him play. Who comes in after Brady. Mike. About this today because obviously -- keep Eric why the player -- -- last minute that that they don't tell accept that where to go that extra apps that where they've -- all. Where you're gonna -- where they're playing in Miami the first week. It didn't triangle temple they develop their ideal of their ability to play with cheap. So post indicates that all we're in the final game very much. He got to get at all and this reconnect a look at operating -- the way. The first order to reap the kiwis don't not to try -- that played sources but I would think you'll play. Our water rates. And that is Jimmy grapple with a guy who follows him do you think. Right request and I think so or couple reasons. One and primarily. That Ryan mallet struggle appear -- his -- after it last week and secondly I think that if you or upload all. You guys that Oprah are you bought out. If you finished well under way they'll put more like -- secure Iraq oil finished well honestly last week he took more reps in practice this week. He deserves to have a little bit more -- late this week. You know what I was impressed with watch him last week was that. When he moved the football and he did move a little bit it was through the air it wasn't so often you see back -- guys get in there like Johnny men's -- hope you're -- go. And off they go in the wasn't like daddy look. A Brady like quarterback was a pocket I stand back there and delivered football. What I liked what they built -- one little other aspect that rewards when it scramble in the airport cart career Mandell. By putting the ball out there that. And kind of wavered around -- -- caught the -- a little and get their body -- where shall I doubt you'll. Story -- on another target. Are we going retro seat belt radiant -- quarterbacks do and that's what -- pocket and make sure they keep getting adults. Not -- position and I think that it picked up or down leg. It -- -- about all the garrote already and it was incomplete reports. During aptly he kept expected he'd probably a report occasions when you put it back and got a spoke to a broad position not think happened. But it was still able to at about -- are about a -- and I'm not an. It's almost goes W starting strong safety on this team and you see are these names out there. Patrick Chung and to Ron Hartman. As there's somebody else were forgetting about it who's gonna take over the position. It's going to be able -- I really believe -- -- I think the athletically vote -- that I think the that the child. How to outside. It very limited roll it around a little elaboration. On the -- little run support guy not a good thing to edit it do couple arguments. -- -- -- Some feel at 2 o'clock Wilson Kerry had great -- may not see there's -- work so warrior again. It just doesn't doing that advocates say while the street level and so I really picked up or -- And I can go and beat some great short of it as well with the rotation picked up this week. In Thailand are back there appear. The reason I that the I think they're -- what else ought to better. I'm Logan Ryan it's got to where this lot as well which has been our job. Sorry -- arrogant. Well I am. Better on the bench. It's brand and product on the field because there are actually -- I'll -- at an average one about -- shot not entitlement that there'll there'll. -- do you I mean. Yeah you you mentioned Taylor I'm Wilson is he better than it is he better than Patrick Chung. I think Patrick circuit that -- borderline pro ball player in 2011. He just got earlier I've never seen it all we're doing Google may -- backed -- So is it -- is he a candidate to beat chopped. From the -- that I get. -- a couple of those -- -- -- I I may not look at that is not yet able to ultimately hired draft pick. Up and -- my perspective I think the sort exploits. Its where it could be on the outside looking at all. Don't say -- my god now you know I know you do have to think he hasn't done anything mania I don't know what the story is with the boys but. Very disappointing. -- really. They really missed on that went in the. Did you. Vote got a chance well I mean he graduated. From. The present very well he's. Who else. Or for whatever reason you look at all those guys who. Bottle they set up the operated in. -- are you gonna be an here so -- a lot of opportunity people by the order as a result of that -- while they're more and more what to -- whether people up or operate at -- ballot. And just okay. Not a great. At all brought to you. At all. He doesn't get more for the other guy -- execute well look they look like Bryant and look at broke up an. We -- a lot of people. -- -- You go hams are. I I am sorry I didn't mean -- Well okay for a better out there so. As I've followed this week's joint practices from the Philadelphia. Media perspective. The story line for a lot of those guys was whether or not to -- Revis was even trying. Whether or not Jeremy Maclin was just eat him alive there was the penalties in this in the Tuesday joint practice that the plays that Maclin was beating him. What what's your take on Darrelle Revis and whether or not he takes plays off during training camp. It's weird because. There's a book call -- 2 o'clock this rhetoric and the Nazis and it was picked. -- I heard what the New York Jets and by the time I would -- -- that at exactly like Brady just repeat that side of the ball. There that exceed the real -- practice. He does say wait opt out of port strenuous that it needs some -- in order bat. You know the potential oil industry a much higher than operating -- period. I actually see all of the quote Randy Moss. In practice app. -- read your -- you want to get this -- of work it by -- probably. Aren't. But you have to will accelerate. In order -- stay out what you. That it picks -- exportable. Beat you barely don't. After being ordered to -- ace arc serve better you or pretty. Protect the body the wrote -- not over yet. Final question. Who's gonna play tight end tonight. They'll play well or you I mean and as near as I can tell it's Devlin and an -- right. -- -- Have a lot firm that aired at -- and actually that bat out of the areas that got out there you expect from a guy who apple apple. Why not yet that's what do you look at it too late last week the -- -- You know. -- -- Offensive formation with about old are they connected apple on the field so well. There aren't situation there also -- looking at the wide. Where guys are gonna be getting more reps that night you'll like them because of injury to -- or -- Outlook spot right spirit to be somewhat report. Tom appreciate the time we'll talk to next week. OK got it or are jarring edits Tom CS and any dot com Tom brought to you by Tom's hair doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get here. AT&T text -- just wrote -- equals -- Remember that number that -- ever worked associate ads that appear what did you think of Randy Moss and -- certain. Launch. But doing it in practice is a whole lot different is lot different tune games I thought Revis was on for order to Randy not my operating buster Randy Moss. For the most part. You know did exactly what the patriots wanted to do here until you know until he didn't but he did for a while on me for for three solid years. Ready boss -- exactly what what the patriots won and at times. He he was he was very judicious with it and decided okay this is the time to really put it on. And and I need to do it here and then I probably don't need to do it right here because of make a lot of sense for me or for the team felt like Britain what would Revis has -- 6177797937. As the telephone number that text line Michael was telling you about -- 37937. You know I -- did some researcher earlier today it's a resurgent some -- did some work I got Iraq Roger Clemens. I actually did some research to -- hit a lot of -- I know on some melts I did little work it'll homework. Just kind of bring something to the table today. Would you believe me I told you I can take. Half an hour off the average length of a Major League Baseball game I would not believe that we have nothing no I would literally nothing -- -- it just humans.

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