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Three For All: Robin Williams references 8-15-14

Aug 15, 2014|

Merloni, Fauria and Benz try to count all the Robin Williams references made in a two-minute sports flash from an Atlanta local sports update on the evening news

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These guys know more than just sports and it's. Really. Number three. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Trickle rods in my deposit delicate -- if you needed to -- they've got you covered. Tim vegetables like this euphoria of it is that it be in the North Dartmouth mass of the Allendale country club all right guys. Birds are brought today move I think you're not gonna step aside and like Christian take this one because what you thought this Kristen and -- yeah. Yeah you're yeah you're not really gonna step aside -- need to get to number two -- -- you gotta get a need to start writing down quote or -- is all right so there's a guy out Atlanta sports director. His name -- Zach Klein. And what he did is he threw a bunch of quotes -- and references from Robin Williams movies so. So we needed to took a sports equity was highlighted some of that big games and you know who did what they -- -- many references and quotes from his movies as he could so what I want you guys to do. Is well and that little -- of only about a minute -- five seconds or see how many new how many those of reference of the quotes you can pick out -- do it right down whenever. I have read about it read about what you -- don't -- what do you mean there are -- I -- -- good lateral. Saturday's braves game was perfect for you as it ended at 2:29 in the morning tonight against the Dodgers a little more friendly for the tying keeper is this one ended electric tent. Now while it might seem like nine months since the Braves last won a series we are coming in with a little momentum at once to a three from the nationals. Justin Upton has been the man of the year offensively for the Braves and here in the fourth he singles up the middle Amelio Bonifacio who had some happy feet. Puzzles and from second he scores one nothing brave Jumanji. No well we'll Toronto's what his muscles like pop fight at home going forward once -- Turner Field he's struggled tonight and eventually gets the whole. Adrian Gonzales who has become everyone's hero. In LA with an RBI single right here six to your final braves will now go home try to cheer up while watching mrs. doubtfire. One way to earn that title world's greatest dad -- to join forces with Freddie Freeman. And participate in this fantasy football league it could be an early Father's Day president. And this gift as a lot better than -- Freeman and a few with the Braves teammates hope you seize the day on Friday and join them at the 755 club for a wide fantasy draft. The -- name is Patch Adams Hamlet Jack. More could or may -- everyone is welcome to purchase the team snaps himself season taking them to one hour photo. Freddie once you to have the best of times to raise some money for change. They're ready to go only one more practice this week for the falcons at flowery branch as tomorrow they hit the road. Now they're not going to Moscow on the Hudson but the Houston we did some work with the Texans rookie cornerback Dovonte Freeman will definitely make the final cut. He says there's always something to prove. -- side so I don't know -- about it. 3456789. -- let it. Good twenty -- -- did this tacky for nine months in the year happy feet two months he -- by book everyone's hero is -- because they don't always. He's date had yet I just blowing as well being. I got to wanna look at what our photo a best of times must go to Hudson -- the bottom of -- numbers point. Was there but I was joining got sick this high altitude. Actually yeah they did you wanted to see if he's better have a little money aside -- -- -- -- -- he was gonna do it is. You know as it's easy is it wasn't he got a -- Ended up every via the day we only wanted it yeah yeah you really you but because we don't actually support when he said it -- the -- apparently was when he -- -- -- three -- for a long delay before I'm not the -- -- ultimately. -- you already the last like this -- Stalker or something like that Petrino is to pick out -- on what outside here's Billy would go with the update from -- is you know ankle injury you know -- -- -- to that. Who -- who we can this guy wasn't it not a -- they brought back to. Zach Klein who's the anchor and in the studio and he continues his little -- -- create -- study generally expand this guy get done this before right is this the same god did one of these before. So I Hilliard talked about it I got ahead did something like -- auto sales ever died of musician or something like that they dropped in song lyrics. As an homage -- -- out of all these movies I think at that time keeper did see it I'm -- good night for nine months literally here's a doctor in a movie okay. Yeah. Here's the crazy doctors they had gotten -- -- -- and one hour -- as a -- Tucker or he's a easily got mass murderers and raise a stalker is a stalker yeah. Not really -- rumbling through but it showed works -- -- love. -- pretty good movie and I was one of his better once the -- sort of gave away Galveston it did -- I'm sorry it was an easy -- right candidate up until past -- really like to show up to integrate -- -- states -- he's used early stages of parkinson's -- you found that out yet is. Diagnosis might have pushed over the you see what they were doing to his daughter. Busy day it just a start that day people want to quarter. Right just attacking her. -- -- -- in the -- as nasty -- Linux initiative on the obviously right now what are but don't just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just that easy prey right -- just out of all the people to kind of picked off I actually think they'll be hard rated -- on a girl is that just killed himself I don't know why anybody would want. Pick on her now I group you're picking on our looks. You know just you know obviously going after related to what are the victims yet sort of slice it is the greatest blame them. Breivik stated goal in the universe are on Twitter in the 1 o'clock hour. News about NASCAR changing its rules in the wake of the Tony Stewart decision and we talked patriots. With the Eagles game coming up. Receives number two Christians here because the game is here Foxborough we'll be calling -- -- look at to what. We're most interest in seeing in this game in his post week one night 37 W yeah.

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