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How to fix the MLB's slow pace 8-15-14

Aug 15, 2014|

Merloni, Fauria and Benz discuss the problem with Major League Baseball's slow pace of games, and what that does to the interest of the sport

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We have a rule of its post pictures of him third -- second. All the timely receipt of all week there's nobody on base and that rule -- You don't -- now I can't remember I had -- saying it was never enforcement but that's just their overall. -- that you know Dennis and Callahan this morning talking about the prospect of a pitch clock. We're gonna get to that in just a moment I -- mention that. Plays the -- mascot is here the Bruins girls the ice girls are here. -- can't walk I heard everybody here today as there is all right. -- patriots just surrendering a revolution cheerleaders are going to be your former doing the patriot joins Griese. Is going to be here as well taking part in the Allendale country club. Polls for a cause celebrity golf tournament benefits Jimmy Fund will be at Fenway Park doing the same thing. Next week your 937 WEEI middays with MF be as a conversation with -- world can. Dogs do good how much it could've been played on the air all or most of most of it yet you still still pitching he's got a couple games last night one game tonight. We'll get the -- of the Delaware's -- Didn't read both OK he's following the cheerleaders -- TC. That's not waiting for the revolution cheerleaders I think it's very fast soccer has cheerleader at six. Well there's a lot if you watch the game right now distracted by south end. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sitting here in the sun and love and I'm always think with few of the sun out to I don't know gonna get beat downloading them they're a little bit because you -- have a clock. They can't do. I like that beat John narrative the excerpt I automatic temperature but shouldn't -- The debated Jersey let's break up that they went their areas unleaded fuel -- its -- there are so you're the cut come. And from Larry Lucchino when he was always Dennis and Callahan about the idea of putting an eight pitch clock and guys even though Tom Warner did not. Went out as Commissioner of Baseball. I guess those part of this presentation. Thus far the discussion with Dennis and Callahan today and rob man Fred. Is on board -- idea as well so there definitely seems to be an agenda and I think rightfully so. To get the game move a little bit now it's always been a baseball cliche that hey there's no time limit on this thing there's no clock on this thing should -- be. Is this a good idea. Well this this is sort of like saying that the NFL created new rules called illegal contact and use -- hands. Of just just enforce it. This it it is a rule and post occasionally and I bought off the putting up a physical asked the capability do you need a physical clock apparently they do it hope largest enforce a rule. But don't call it the county in his head what whatever it is going to -- -- -- show law and order three to close the unit there's boast that big I've ever seen -- look at a stop watch so solid they got to stop watch some more yet they're supposed to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah if you wanted to clock. What does -- -- but colts there's a level of personal affront that I think baseball fans -- to the notion of a clock going anywhere. But the problem is those people are getting old and -- ago it's the younger people that I think would like to see something like that. Yeah I would like to see some like that I think there's a lot of change you can make. -- how fast you can beat the game up and what does that it would get a shave off ten minutes maybe. Just as a whole but it's -- young kids of what they're doing what -- -- -- stated that baseball is that wonderful. It's just not as popular as it used to be for budget differently -- we've had this discussion plenty of time. Lacrosse is one of those sports that is one of the fastest growing sports in the nation. People are getting into soccer again thank you World Cup I appreciate that you know you don't go to revolution games now. But there's got to be something that you could do. More to. Justine more -- it's like what are people watching like how do you. When you watch baseball you're young kid are you staying up till 730 gonna watch this have a thirtieth it's the US that took ten. You get it wasn't just what are some ideas that you could happen at the speaker say okay this would make a young kid interest. Maybe that it's believed he sees that maybe -- export 3445. O'clock in the afternoon maybe he's paid attention to. You know I still feel like university baseball and it is Little League World Series of college World Series of the value what you really paid attention to it other than. You know. The World Series legally I think -- -- the areas of debauchery -- youth sports will tell you that the numbers are down obviously in baseball or lacrosse kind of taken -- world or. Or having an impact in that you know. So what you're getting is. You -- -- huge numbers. But there's still a lot of good young baseball players dominated this. Maybe at a town doesn't have -- of the big cute Little League anymore so the kids that are good at baseball the kids that love baseball. Move on to -- AU programs or whatever it might be so they say out it's only played baseball America as far as maybe MLB. The -- it will be that many Americans in Major League Baseball -- dominicans it would be. You know Latin countries are Japan -- I don't agree with that dominated the -- they're talented players. This Gillick. If the cross is going on. I'd still play baseball when I was a kid. He -- maybe half white he wouldn't have right because they didn't love the sport of it like the sport they were if you weren't good at the sport whatever might be there would have moved on other things. But the time that was not so -- -- set out to play baseball -- there -- a couple of things the deal at a gave up getting hit but it's okay it's fun that those kids move onto other sports. But the kids that love of the game to play the game and a good at the game. Always continue to play in this country so -- as far as the -- stuff goes -- the interest yeah I'm the first to and agree basic baseball brings in. -- -- replay that that's linked to a game and their responses we're gonna cut down on intro music walk up music by five seconds. And that just does it get sucked got a -- and the music. What makes it's got to want it that's that's the cool blog era. Eight the pitch clock -- if there really what it there's a bit of being disingenuous here with move in the game along just talking about these elements because. You know that there really wanna move the game along there's a lot of time between innings. But you'll feel that way when you're watching what commercials back home you know speed of time between innings. That out they'll literally save some time off make -- it'll do that that at all right that's what I'm saying exactly that that's the disingenuous part comes. -- why so many night games. Why so many at once -- there be more be more eyes on TV sets well I -- I did if what you're looking for pitchers should look at for people -- kids are not watching baseball at 730 at night. Not gonna watch the sheriff there are gonna watch on the week it took you wanna. By new fans keep their interest to make it available to them a more written regular yes I just an event and this -- After you change the rules after you throw a lot of. If Dan I mean you think the you know the -- are external weekday games still. You know if you do it occasionally people kind of think it's cool if you do a lot like Wrigley. You know you sort of July election Agassi's ticket all season tickets I -- go to won thirty games every day got to work. You don't even -- early months late months kids -- school. You know that the playoffs. I remember coming home in September or October rather. Get home after school watching a baseball game playoff baseball game but that doesn't happen anymore nor does they -- the wild card round. The early wild -- around the edges of India -- the occasional yeah I understand. Yeah and go to it simply jayhawks are on or whatever might be in the there are a couple of those games and but it -- the speed of the gave us the biggest effect and I think within two games to me have always felt it a picture controls temple game. I ever I think anybody. Can dole would. They've been through that realize that the the pitcher Dick Jason temple period but their David Ross talking about it the Odom the other days is just. So any other one point at a young pitcher tomorrow he loves we're gonna jump pitches and it's like the temple was awful dude. You've got to speed this thing not you know it was gonna fall asleep behind you it's so true they dictated. Right there are more pitches up they're taking their time and there are hitters than pitchers were waiting on to get the box I don't I don't believe that. So I think is that the pitchers and what implement a -- you wanna put it to pitch clock you know I would like to think the don't need that. But if that's what it takes -- supported it. 677797. -- -- continue to talk about that the red -- hall of fame debate there is some new news that Tony Stewart front that we dimensional as quickly would do that as well as his night 37 WEI.

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