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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: Thoughts on MLB Commissioner decision 8-15-14

Aug 15, 2014|

Kevin joins Merloni, Fauria and Benz to talk about the new commissioner in the MLB, as well as his thoughts on ways to speed up the game

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Joining us right now as promised right now is former Boston Red Sox player Kevin Millar now of course with the Major League Baseball network and intentional talk Kevin towers thinks a -- for -- anomalous. Up more books that are Tyreke -- I'm not taking out the Orioles like Jack right now. -- he's upon is that going right now. Knocked off decide to get the ball with a forward also daddy daycare so jumper in the water that mean you're -- we had to go getter. Now I was trying to figure -- to be -- it's up to that thought maybe you might show up yesterday at the hall of fame induction were Nomar Pedro -- rocket and joke mistakes when it it was quite a quite a day. There at all I mean you know what if I lived a little -- and the three hour and 57 and plane flight out of Denver under Bennett look a little -- Yeah I was there was -- charge where she actually went up there with -- they bring -- somebody up with each each guy -- we just kind of sits there rather. I read it speech it's more of it to Q what they we just got to hang out. So it was nice. Oh that's awesome and what was your problem and -- you know we're acutely aware that the couple got your way with rocket -- I would get a chance to -- them. Pretty cool -- Well we talked about this with Pedro and rocket both we got their takes Nomar stick wanna know what yours is about Pedro vs Rockets and who he picked a tougher guy was to hit. In your career everything that that we think the better pitcher was just tossed the bottle -- I mean a base course and Pedro Martinez in his prime -- gonna -- next year you know it in my generation of space because he had the devastating changeup. To go with that 97 mile on our. The ninety mile an -- ball. -- climate in the back in his career belted his remarkable look back here to dole out yelled to go with just 95 mark that ball but I -- think they're mark he has. And that in fact they're little. What the record -- -- and any time. You know our creator -- you're on the -- -- guy but now rock it was big ol' country boy got dominate you with bat all look back here. Yeah you know we are talking a little bit about just they've Roger in the hall of fame and just you know what his. You know everything going on the PDs in his legacy Willard whether he'll be able to get in or not. When you think about his career. If you had a vote would you put him through the hall of fame. Yeah I think the whole play in the field -- it's harder Blake you know. What are -- -- you stop wondering who. It your all alone at the very much at market and -- On one. All of -- McGwire. Who all know is that ultimate you know. Question. And we can -- -- -- -- Well and nobody nobody knows and I think it's it's a little place it will work understate. Alou lower right Geithner that drank alcohol and other things they're all playing I don't know why in my opinion -- -- -- a kid Sean. That play inauguration and held an area we lived in their questions and -- QB or actor I'm. My goodness gracious to me there are some great players there that you know whether this question or not I mean it's amusing -- not what particular show. You take the day Roger went out to. I guess you speak about it more openly and honestly in that narrative his career change or to even matter at this point. I don't think about it -- the -- -- in the beginning we -- tomorrow. Or they just. -- the cycle I think that's perhaps the battle the society and then ultimately. People up the truth and you know Mayweather will Wear -- so true to knock out truth -- not your judgment because Alexei gringo clog -- Clear people squad you know and it's the truth because we sit back and -- -- -- -- -- situation. Our job but I think get to entertain your honor. If you made a mistake to be able to write your hands say I accepted the game last I made three -- -- struck -- our -- it's except the ball to an excuse. You know -- -- expect the -- we're talking about the society. And -- year and you know accused of doing certain things I mean if you get -- sorry. And not get our corporate -- -- -- but there's no you know there are called me any credit to your day job -- The total. -- I agree with it wavered at all fame but is he the best ever play the game and with that we kind of Larry Lucchino was a little bit and had a stepped around Red Sox hall of fame possibly for -- Manny Ramirez and I -- stepped around it and it. Again like you said it was the morality clause also the Boston Red Sox hall of fame which I don't think it does. -- look at his career I got to put him in a Red Sox won no. You know look out I'm in I figured probably after my opinion but I think every well why you know I get you know get on -- bomb actress made a bad choice. Q are able to -- all time leader in Wrigley baseball. -- -- like and don't you closer you know back Mariners aren't as they were normal. I think not bipolar at times and went -- every second marker at forty go -- making it to -- as best I can't play another player out. -- my whole frame I mean you know it's sort. You look after the of them are all things. -- Morris from an intentional talk in the Major League Baseball network demands the Maloney Christian Fauria amid days with them at the united -- seven to be Kevin the other big story and bigger of course nationally. -- rob man Fred the new commissioner. Of baseball and apparently court what Larry Lucchino was saying on the morning show today. -- any it sounds like at least two similar pitches were made from both him and Tom Warner and they had to do was speeding up the game has released part of both their presentations. What do you think about that can it be done and if it can be done what's the best way to go about doing it. Yeah I think gets -- million dollar question I would be a big game we you know Red -- in games you know you're limited sample. Three dollar 97 minutes a game to go for our guys you do the math but yeah I don't know the correct answer -- to put -- you know clock on the pitch. Now should get the mean actually it's the catcher's glove the other we expect it to release the next connection -- help you make good batter stay in the box and one foot. It's Debby have a walk -- and adjust to batting gloves and look up in the -- you know -- good whoever. That they're all trying to lay it all kinds of ideas. But I do think he'll look to your state rob Manfred. Tremendous guy can be a matter. And I think it's here are some decisions are going to be after our draft I think -- you're gonna go down -- great measures. Ball content not seek greater leap from what. It would Jackie Robinson's number retired that number for ever are just all that different different things that he helped a baseball -- in the game. They're not think we got adequate and the other player -- played guitar play. -- a -- to the World Series so pursuing acting they're going to be adjustable -- significant upgrade factor he just got beat you. It give I am a believer that you know the pitcher kind dictates temple of the game and I mean. There are some guys and obviously guys like Barley who worked very fast it's a lot of pitches it worked very fast but. Did you ever feel like your whole the pitcher up outside the box anyway what does it more is that the pitcher B is slow and I think I feel like it's the pitcher more than -- -- hitter. A lot of speed actual writing to me get the ball all -- not work for anger walked around about all walked around a lot -- well. So the -- they dictate the tempo the game they were ready. We're trying to hit. I want to bet that one that Greg Campbell like mark always throws eight miles out and Berry had a you can pretty good temple temple temple me you know a certain air went out. The golf take batting practice here if you get contagious and you're gonna get out. The bit to dictate the tempo more than hitter well. And it -- up to the umpires actually forced the rule that's currently out there are. Right I think you're exactly right umpire to keep me or yell and they held to keep things go but that pitcher to start about. You -- below yarder dwell on it it got bongo beat although -- argued that all -- out -- it out all -- didn't go to a cleaner. It looks greener now don't get me wrong when a picture and I had control record in the walks -- -- it looked war. You know it's all ball on all eighteen seconds to go to number amount on these -- Fact that yeah I understand that can happen but the tactic that single factor. A big giant it's -- I know. It's thoughts that -- just -- what would you feel I would give voters that too far -- have an idea to literally put a clock out. I'll start tripping him or arguably a little -- Okay -- -- does that simply -- destruction that. We call them the lock clock right you know once but because we got this argument before about retiring Wade Boggs is number -- gets what -- six in the green monsters today you just -- your name embedded with -- the 52 clock read and there you go record record right we're -- now we're -- where are. And that's that's what you love doesn't rejoice that day you open that number is retired. We -- know the real old but you know all we're allowed by -- Well you know you can't so need to know that your -- -- don't need to know that when he is thirty years from now to go to Fenway right. Well again I don't it to go our. You know played better no doubt why am I everything you're better player really it's not. But it -- today and I -- Greg play all of all of us we outweigh our actually pretty bad. We just were very lucky to stay in the big -- okay so different today that that's on -- I'll work here before we just always better when we're not player. L what -- -- what this team real quick because I'm a firm believer that if you have a a very good lineup and an average to below average pitching -- -- average pitching to you to win a lot of games -- regular season I think it comes out of in the post season but this team now the big -- But five or six get a lot of looks a little bit better you know Alex has this and there was -- Greg comes back with. Do you believe that I mean do you just think that it's a better team because what people feel like I lost lest you lost Lackey looked they're better now. I don't think that better I'd think that -- much better yet some bad shots but it you -- out -- -- -- hurt. It got a different Bartlett is a straight that a lot -- -- -- -- wasn't very good isn't very good they -- talking about 340 now it's a big weight so you're gonna struggle. And I don't think yes score a run that's where the Tampa Bay Rays you know that they struggle -- debate they would not game Yorkers tapper you've got. And you guys -- -- I'll carry you know it's. The west just got shifted with some power now that being -- in the age matters not what could be better but still eat well and -- that we talk about that much. You gotta hit I think the Red Sox look better as an offensive club but they're gonna have to address the -- situation. I'll get lastly out before wrap things up there guys wanna get your perspective one more thing about Manfred becoming commissioner and whether or not it's just about pace of play or their other things that could live enough the game make it more exciting make it more of a package. For young players and we're taking calls and text before about video games they make it -- -- make -- more like a video game to keep young fans involved. While. I mean. I think -- young the young great alternate could play. -- -- At times we're we're -- we were were a little bit under -- star power army would got a huge game you know I go back home run derby not discount anybody and almost wc and much you remember. We will watch Sosa. And bonds and McGwire. And Jim told may and Mariners and all like me so I think there were star power right and Griffey junior cap backwards at bombs. -- -- -- -- Now what -- odor block in the back. But certainly not not all wonder if they want watch a little -- and Almonte. Off and bit of debate and wanna want him alone in a home run derby so you know I think that. We can keep -- for a position player like which shot all whopper -- Rolen -- trudged to the games a good place but we we are lack some star power we might you know we -- -- -- -- -- brawl because that's what we lean on that right handed power. Jeff thanks a lot brought just day by -- frustration specialist and brought in smoke shop we'll talk to again next week enjoy enjoy that time off right. Our sport thank you I meant I didn't mark joining us from the boats.

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