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Larry Luchhino on the inductees to the Red Sox Hall of Fame 8-15-14

Aug 15, 2014|

Larry joined the show to discuss last nights festivities at Fenway.

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The front office report. Brought you by new turf care to -- business solution and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway joining us on the eighteenth -- -- is Larry Lucchino Larry good morning how are you. Two questions I guess personal number one. Did you think it was a chance that Tom Moore was gonna come out yesterday's commissioner and second what do you think of the overall choices -- -- commission. On the first question I absolutely thought there was that was a possibility that that topic levity was not some kind of -- Protest candidate he was a guy -- and there was -- look like he has made me. That he but much like the best presentation. Of the group and had some real passion that support did and so I think there was -- indeed a possibility. Of him being elected. Having said that it was you know went several ballot and pick their final election was on the seventh ballot. And I think that. It's a collection that we may just upset very graciously afterwards just sit it was a good when he's -- It's very experienced and a person. And I think he benefited. -- the league did there's all listed from the process. Because a lot of issues and threats for the game challenges facing us in the future articulated by and I think that that dialogue. Will lead to -- To a better a better game of baseball going forward. What will be different now under rob Manfred there. Well certainly he's a different person that Bud Selig but it has been about this for twenty years here. And then. -- a different person it was a different temperament. Different background. It's hard to predict. Predict perfectly what will be different. But it's his but it management style will be different the league office. The commissioner's office will be. Anchored in New York City. I think that as city. Witnessed duty at the time. Was the general notion of the debate yesterday I think problem world Celia. Mandate to liberate him bring about a change in the the -- baseball government itself. And and Tom articulated. Five challenges faced in big game. And I think that. There was general agreement so. It was drops. On and on several of them I think he's a sea change in the product coming force but I think intimacy. Serious drive for a younger and more diversity in base I think Agassi. And do or reproach -- modern approach to technology. And that general effort to us to grow the game needs some of the point that Tom was stressing. In his the presentations. And we're all proud to. Of the process because it. It did allow us to debate important issues and Tom did that he -- -- -- -- -- to -- that bias and that is in the. It's actually a highly supportive of job and spoke. Very. Eloquently in favor of dollar as well. So there is there will be some changes doubt heard of that that I upset. What about their -- criticism Larry at first let's read we read bill Madden on Monday -- and Shaughnessy I think the next state to set the services joke he did this he did this he did this and San Diego. The question you always get to his. What is Warner -- for the Red Sox -- over here commission today I think I would ask you first question can you tell me what Tom Warner does day in and dale for the rest. Well you know this day. Yes I can -- is that he is that instrumental in every major decision we make at the Red Sox. He is his title in Germany -- are both our quarterly board meetings as well he handles the interaction. With all of the partners. And keeps our our ship afloat and harmonious. But he also is involved day to day you know we I talked to him almost every day if not every day. And -- -- there's not a major policy decision made major. Financial decision. Major best in this city C actually runs and -- I think dutifully. Because of the television back -- is just the right guy to. To run that operation as well. He's chairman at Liverpool he's a very busy guy but he keeps he keeps I think is at number one glove award got up to this. Position it was third substances is leveled -- Red -- -- baseball so he just. Is that very active that that database there and very active that larger policy decisions financial decisions and well. Can you confirm the rumor that rob Manfred. Uses email unlike. Bouncing back and I -- is that true. Would rather sit prolific. Peace -- most -- is almost 45 years. Really does it feel like you stab them in the back. Like I hadn't -- does he feel like you just that you and John Henry step by. I mean obviously you had a good relationship with Selig and you'd did not vote for his protege. Yeah I think that he has the important thing there isn't productive -- agree -- on everything or through one and get there's a way for that. Did state that discussion. The lead to a better outcomes better resolution. And I think that's. That's part of what happened yesterday the issue is the top stories he would need for change in the gain an improving the product. Attracting younger fans. -- in that adapting to new technology these -- to -- for points at Tom brought about and I think that. Rob little adopted many of them and I think that and he agreed recently that -- them. And I think it did there will be a good good result. Growing out of yesterday I don't think there'll be any labored hard feelings that means. Reggie -- I think it's fifteen votes in the first ballot I think -- the NFL. To lose significant. Opposition. To hand -- and took a couple of ballots they had to get him elected. So I do I think there's it owners have a way of letting this thing -- position it that it does it Irving mayor. The morning Larry's saying hello there that matters. Yes that is a long time. I missed the latter I really did a noise here I'm doing good thanks and doing a good look at an obituary it's. Now none of your Larry in my amateur body please send an ice very well rested relaxed that he looks at it I looks good. You keep this is that you get a go to high ceiling doesn't like to say they. Well I -- personal high tech I hope I haven't my ship hasn't Silva Larry is if you were commissioner which I think you should have been but if you wore what would step one -- for Larry Lucchino to get this game. Kind of -- so respect. Well I will I will speak from my -- platform because I thought it was so -- So good and so powerful he talked about improving the product. You know only trade Thomas the enormously successful -- legendary television executive. Because he cared about the product and shoot he came out with where. Quality kilos because he killed changed America. And I think that that focusing on the they. Product a particularly the legs and now. And pace of the game this probably the most at a critical question of sort. Do you this is USA today story that. Implies that. Meant for -- would be up 48 pitch clock would be supportive of a pitch clock. Are we talking about possibly under this new commissioner it is step. That drastic. Larry. Well that was just actually part of -- the -- Warner platforms well. Considering it to do it again they. More aggressive actions such as the distraught. -- around the time -- day you between innings flocked to make sure that the brakes did not last longer than they were -- connected to date and I'm glad to hear that I'd pop a few media. Rob did not say that it is -- it is so breakdown for the presentation to left. To the smaller group that I was and so I didn't know that he would it adopted that are currently has an open mind towards that. I think that's a very positive steps and we have a rule that says the pitchers supposed to pitch within the twelve seconds. The time he receives the ball wait there's nobody on base and that rule is. -- you know as far as I know I can't remember the last time if say it was never forced. But that's in the rule book. You know the weekly Jon Lester question here he talked to Tomas seeing Kansas City until Tomas it Henry told him. But the -- -- prepared to make an aggressive offer in the offseason but he thinks and other teams may try and blow him away I guess my question would be what is an aggressive offer for Lester. Put figures here -- nothing if not consistent. Which America together and -- that's you all want us. Us to discuss the the details of any any possible negotiation and Ernie previous negotiations had the catalyst that. I'm afraid it's it's against the rules so it's it's Culpepper in -- Always -- was Lester with Lester Lester telling the truth when he said Henry's for the -- such preparing to be aggressive toward Lester in the offseason. And even that I think is probably too closely -- we love Jon Lester. I would say the -- great it's great -- luck and when he's a free agent we were treated talk about it. Do you think one of your top starters the office and the number one or two star in 2015. Do you think he's not here yet you think it's someone we don't know yet. Detroit question because there are. So many on pitches and organizations. Some awful we have just seen a little bit out and get a sense of there. The future possibilities to their high ceilings. But certainly haven't seen Henry Owens and and it about projecting him to be the gate command at the top of their rotation but he -- top of their rotation stuff at some point in the in his career. And there are some other. Pitching it would be a case of the trade markets so it's it's a little it's is it it's actually possible. To say that I do think that. You'll be someone that. It is a possibility that playbook culture returning to this. It is -- career norm or is possibility of younger pitchers stepping. Larry you as an organization seem more forgiving of Roger Clemens transgressions. Than I am or than the baseball writers of America are. Youth planned to retire his number 21 even if he doesn't get into Cooperstown and you haven't given it to anyone yet. You know we haven't had a number of uniforms have been so this. Set aside and -- over the possibility of of retirement. But there has been. No discussion on that subject. That I am wrong but I've been a party to. And I do think they -- votes to get into the Red Sox hall of -- -- the ultimate. John Henry Tom Warner. I'm Mike Gordon and used to -- ourselves there are things that. It done by an independent panel and that includes sports writers as well. I think we always hear from people Larry I know I do -- Wade Boggs 126 retired. Yeah I've heard that the a fair bit myself on. Again it probably have to go to the did and all of hall of fame selectors there I think 1516 people on that. But does -- but the -- maybe the short answer is that. So people think of him more as a as the the players from other teams and even though we had a glorious career whether it's -- so we can't make. I think he's in the Tampa Bay Rays post -- is ready and match your body and the Yankees. So these days identity. Get a little bit mixed. During during the time that's the best guess like I can offer. Clemens still maintains -- yesterday with -- -- beat in the press comments he never did steroids in his career nothing it was because of -- -- -- -- -- what -- later his career pure baseball guy you better effort he's subtle Clemens did. If 4243 years old do you think Roger Clemens ever did and EPDs. Pull it. I don't have played an answer to that question I will say that he first put in question. I did it now obviously weren't at one point we were contemplating just. I try to bring him back here after Iraq in 20022003. And his. It worked out so we're legendary. He showed us the that an indoor basketball court and -- around. That he had at his place. And they did at that pace and intensity of his work out on the subject of discussion and I heard from other folks with third parties about it too. But I do think that he -- hate people he worked extremely hard in intensively. But -- not -- -- go into the question of I don't know whether or not there's any idiot and it and so ready mission. -- You said you weren't on the panel were you on board for this do you agree with their choice to put him in. The Red Sox elephant you do do you think it was appropriate last night to have him on stage with Pedro the greatest player greatest pitcher. In that we've ever seen a risk such uniform and a guy we most most of us presume assume was Clayton. -- he yes. In my opinion I think we have cattle did the right thing it was a spectacular night from all indications so last night. That was the that was classic thirty Nomar and including. Just basically alone I'm not sure gonna as illustrious status is. Popular class doesn't Tikrit it this year. Would you be comfortable with Manny being in the Red Sox Oliphant. You know that's up to the panel. Well actually I'd be comfortable -- -- ask me that would partly due to be comfortable and they vote. You simply said you think Clement should be in the -- -- Serbian. I don't know I don't know what that I think he was an extraordinary player when he this year. And I think he's certainly should be a candidate. -- that's also. Okay thanks large -- while basketball Lester next week. -- -- curricular clubs only injected some -- good work separate him meter back in regulation that they that's not on the Internet. He going to be in this gig but would be a big fan base you would like him like like Peter's yet. I appreciate types like an important element to the Yankees. And I'm a bachelor okay. They're Regina joints and does not -- -- your Mears and it's now Manny he would have really intense workouts you are -- used as I saw him one time he worked out really really hard hours in the -- Legendary work -- it's what 77797937. More for Red Sox hall of fame. Last night we'll talk some more about the -- commissioner's office well.

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