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Red Sox honor Nomar and Clemens 8-15-14

Aug 15, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing how the Sox honored two alleged PED users at Fenway last night.

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It is a free form Friday and Dennis and Callahan. But it's also I think. As John would say a make pretend Friday on Dennis -- after he may pretend Thursday. At Fenway Park. Yes we spent Thursday evening in the land of make believe it was nice I I thought we were done with that after we all got together pretended that. Soccer was exciting member that's I remember those days you remember those days didn't we all got together and pretended. Soccer the game of soccer the World Cup so -- the final two minutes or shoot the game of soccer. Was beautiful necklace and was suspect it is the beautiful it is that it is all all people talked still now walk ministries for in the -- off or an hour and it never happens and Halladay like in the next World Cup are we wrong and -- -- -- -- salaries of the Premier League. Yeah what -- point seven and the New England team and deposited in team and just piggy back ride on that popular. Gone out there sold out every week we have some make believe. Neighborhood of -- Only should -- going on television to sleep. Overnight for a Arctic -- yes I. I was one for about three or rain or got for a week and -- the last night I hope I want you guys to say. Not like against guys that that I was right I was right that they should have had a night for Pedro. And then you can have separate night or make. Did you not feel this is what I anticipated this is when I told you what you we would watch this and say. Pedro deserved this honor the rest of the crowd. Which -- ten players and I would say I would say starting when I first heard Clemens with the boys and -- -- day Ahmanson's. Take on things all things Clinton. All the way to the actual ceremonies that's about nine and a half hours. Was make believe from for an appetizer to me is I got a right I get literally -- -- -- did not feel last night when you watch this yesterday afternoon hold today did not feel like. It deserved this on. -- fans deserve the chance to stand and applaud for the greatest pitch in the -- seen. And then the rest of the time was may only that yet so -- leave you know it Vin Scully was out there with. Oh yeah. It's -- was out there with. Its Jeter. And last year today. And pretend that's Greg Maddux OK let's all pretend. That's good that's what we did we -- go by the green -- them it's nice as people were knows that I'm like you know. McCain and Joseph Cronin pretty -- that's -- who cares I -- I it sees as. The songs in the poems. And the slow you should root -- -- problem adequately let's be fair to great guy that's that's tough that's the flavor it's a wonderful creative guy that you gonna do and I'm sure he was encouraged by Red Sox don't hassle with making love -- it. Which appears on on well what it's Ellison there was a gun there was of them a love -- to Roger Clemens it was like you know mark Garcia and Jokester I mean to the whole thing it was not a comfortable thing. Was just may -- leave. I am honestly judges get to protect -- to pretend that Clemens never did steroids for the -- he never did steroids yet to pretend Nomar loved his entire time and boss handed to these great -- had a great team guy after you leave that joke mystic Leo is. The greatest announcer in the history of organized sport that what do you why if you buy all three of those things this Vin Scully nonsense anyway it was Sports Illustrated with a forty page story to be -- -- -- I haven't read the whole thing yet is probably a large section of us who don't might get -- -- -- We should -- the -- but I'm still win against gimme credit here and Donald felt we is that how it felt it and it felt awkward it felt awkward except the -- apart felt fine to me a voice over so fast anyway it was but it just felt strange -- It was awkward about -- -- the rank the awkward. Clemens won by a ball like a great Vermont. And then then Nomar. Because -- -- whatever you did this is what how others receiving votes right but. Clemens out there you are right -- concede that the club should be in this whole thing that's fine. It was really strange scenes -- but here's the crazy thing. And I know that -- -- alone -- have to go through the motions have to and that's part of the job I don't know I don't know why don't really do you want -- hours or still say well we know he'll line so yes yeah. So they know he's line and I -- our -- from somebody yes. -- someone -- an anti all the media knows Johnson easily. Assembled media knows he's gone all the through all the guys that you know amid upbeat note they asked about it -- and all the guys that -- and they all know commences. Completely line every they know is living in denial. And this somehow we're gonna play along. Now just forget that it never happened. But he's he's -- ball currency is but I do -- Mark McGwire he's the face of this. Scandalous here -- -- -- Jerry and against -- the key services at the thought process was he didn't do it. That's all were at and you know he couldn't wait to get out here he had he couldn't wait to get. Go play for the it's -- rival he couldn't wait to get to New York more revisionist history he forced his way to New York. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- don't know that's a strong word that Iran admitted. That he's a steroid. -- Fort Smith that he says the he's great guy Simpson is this fans expected that it asked that yesterday the boys and via some. I -- the question basically he pitched so well. It's such an advanced -- here's his answer. It was a lot of work to do a lot of work at night and I in between all the other stuff my foundation or anything else that I am. Sure in the busy with in the offseason so. It was a lot of work to do that to come back and feel like you know you can. Be a little bit of what you were before as -- get advanced in your age and that you can you know hold up -- into the deal so it was. It was a lot of work in the Hogan is my body still responds nice. I. I don't know what question again the question basically get the question took part of the question -- that I. I hate that when you know that is it's an insult. All the players who work hard and sound like normal human beings. Clemens worked hard. It's sort of ninety. Percent of the players and she's not the only one the job along the Charles. You've been out there is lots. And lots of players work just a borrower works hard does he not -- sure it's an early do you think -- -- an all star at the age of 4142. Now you know illicit steroid. You know I don't know. Like Clemens pitched well he's 42 and you aren't too because did you Martina short -- -- just it's true. Stereotype if -- know Clemens it's almost. At this point your futile much you wanna believe. Five or six things don't believes it that's -- that's why we are playing make pretend that's what we're in the land to make because. No one believes that not one of the fans that the game. One of the media members not one of the guys that missed and blew not one of the guys. In these little interviews he did all night game east Bruschi and am happy I mean not Carcillo they all know he's lying his ass off. Yeah I'm. Just saying. And if you want to go through this. At least make you feel a little uncomfortable I mean not don't for facilitate that happening at other times for that -- last night wasn't the night for the. Well the question was known as a part of response Clemens which -- blog yesterday it was about like. Over the Red Sox. He said you like the Yankees and was kept open and -- meandered on to about -- he was happy that he was physically able to perform well. Lay up play the -- -- about the hall of fame voters that seventy Cleland here this relic. I can't control in that all's I can do is what I did and not prove my case with the facts and and everything that I need to do there I can't control. I find it. Kind of weird that people have to vote on how good you were you war anyway. And most on the never have played the game so I don't really put a lot of stock in it either way I tell people. I know most the guys at the hall of fame in Cooperstown at stake in the boys do their play and they have. A bunch of mighty. Memorabilia there that we -- and shown so I have a great time there anyway. The climate -- comfortably so he's OK with the MVP he's OK with the cy young's. Is -- getting the Red Sox -- -- voters didn't didn't play right but when it comes so he's he's he's insulted by that let's check with Goose -- -- he thinks -- you know one elevenths steroid freak us. That the guys who played don't -- me either right guys who play don't want him near the place they know what do Pedro children that one minute to waste of -- yesterday Leo that's why Pedro had a great point Pedro had to play along and he would -- the land of make believe to. And that's disappointing because it -- it was one of the street shoes. When the most fascinating guys I've ever been around. And they forced him I'm not and -- not sure -- complied. They forced him to play pretend -- the rules area here the -- he knows he looks -- not -- The clintons couldn't carry his jock if Clemens were clean he knows -- -- -- to share the stage with this. That is fraud and other great live like on I don't care about all of -- yeah that's you finished your current. A body that these cy young and be smoky Joseph wood and a great knowledge and almost no that I almost pulled it off. He's a great thing and I've -- but the Salma. It bugs the hell I'll just bugs the hell out of cities get no we -- near the hall and thank god. The baseball writers of America thank god they have more brains than the -- People appointment -- at least more ups the -- clean keep going around every Major League to be an ambassador for the game. Roger Clemens would be page -- excellent pictures gonna get back in the good graces. As horse for the Astros and the Red Sox hall -- the hall of fame at all. Ending I'm gonna look at the pace we got to do. Everyone does this is go to baseball reference go to his page. And we talk a little time to talk about it 42 you know one point eight -- the most -- -- is the most obvious -- more than McGwire to warn you right yes numbers spike -- bonds. Bullets started Toronto 211. Innings at the age of forty to 211. In what's his first year to a point eight -- them to get that. This could be my favorite thing in 2007. He was 44. And hit it. A 44. He he threw 99 innings. In a 418 ERA at the age of 44. Power -- Ice -- this my body still responds -- well it's gonna rights engine ice. -- haters. They don't believe you Roger. I've probably gone he ran at six. Yeah he ran but the but he -- around the Charles in Oregon wrote all the other guys all the other pitches. -- Distilling it did was -- expert you misinterpret a cutesy and probably not probably -- but you know what doesn't matter the amount of interest it is said the game of running growing not even running up to tell us more about Clemens. The Clemens and I think almost -- -- and think everything goes vetoes ever knows how many wins via but the Red Sox you know statistically you called. All of his wins that your piccolo was -- -- to see -- callebs went. The foundations but this idea of these bad debt in the boys meanwhile. Create the dead and the boys all know he's the biggest liar of all these all -- I would get out right sold dollars -- consult he sold his trainer. He sold as trainers special needs son -- sold out as -- teammate Andy Pettitte. And Chuck Norris friend -- asked for an and he -- -- sold out his wife he says his wife had injected in the past with HGH by his trainer it. Bedroom. But we did it responsibly he did. I don't I got rejected -- rejected that were beyond the guy who told the truth about that -- McNamee. Old and a whole truth about that in a lot about Roger. What sense does that make -- hot story is absurd. Hole. Fiction of this guy do and it climate you'd like that we want to -- -- -- subsidize its first year Toronto which you forget but at least 34 it's accuse. I was -- and what did not that was right for -- were correct he was it's all. Black -- -- three point 63 are -- the league and everything the next year to a five year. To order -- 64 X 200 in 92. Strike out -- was one. If they actually like this gesture is the greatest. Advertisement for anabolic steroids will win stroll in tech durable and this has been rated. If kids if you wanna know there was -- It doesn't make smarter about it chairmanship. And witnesses and makes you a much better pitcher. Both he -- in Toronto on the Triple Crown race what do you know wins the aren't strikeouts artists elderly as he -- -- -- what happened. The -- was people around you were killing Duquette and right now aren't we will put all my apology to cat was right. And I just feel like he fooled everybody for years. You know but the scam and scheme is over he's been exposed. And last night was like. More of the same more of what he or what we did for -- to about -- as expected the eyes closed where where that's what we did you know put -- back right. -- arbitrary back in 1998. Let's all go back and pretended. And watch Simi -- -- Mark McGwire much -- -- as fat kid and sit -- ago as an ending as -- Does a wonderful moment -- school with his sons to step they're great guys sit sick. That's on the civil last night's lovely ceremony was sick and it was not fair to -- -- does in the Pedro. Sandusky I don't care I don't think that's -- that's you know I don't think he did that ultimately winds up in the second -- Fenway Park I don't think he did steroids. I don't know that'll probably not against I don't think he did and I think he was forced implicitly he was forced. Two. Hope Roger to to embrace him effort to embrace him to enable Google and able and I so screw. In he could not want to now go to work for the Red -- yet in Jessica's idea as a result it wasn't ticketed turtle. Yes Paris and a light filter and it's fair to ask in the greatest steroid era in history of sport. He was the best pitcher put up numbers there were insanely better name field out here at least wonder if -- -- -- on the -- that's fair and I I'm not sand. I know he didn't -- -- I think he did. It's my gut instinct I think he -- it's it's it's had bought it if he ever about a body think they're guys that bad boys it's opium and -- one. -- got a bad body chemistry. We can't project counselors say it -- -- -- Mitchell report a short fighters are six job Manning will not be hard pressed. That a bad bought you. Now who was as big. Oh and the pageantry did he he he boom -- mean it's off the charts when he numbers again at between this last point 99 whip it what do you. It's. It's point eight frequently criticized players for looking the other way during the starter media but is that Pedro did last night. Yes it is so the same thing. If he's -- artists. It deserves criticism it is what would enough that the decorum. He wouldn't -- it would be the theme and it would have would have taken real guts and I and I don't expect you -- I don't want this forced -- they forced him to embrace and enabled Roger Clemens. In the past he didn't. In the past he has spoken honestly about Clemens he couldn't do they put him in a tough spot. He should have his -- Should you separate. -- to get the face of steroids in my mind. The face of the anti -- -- -- degrees higher numbers and get as they can retire Clemens to -- -- definitely gets sick you figured if you're not you lastly for an about it I was pretending that this means something. It's you know ultimately that you would likely do what else to do when -- last place -- -- ideals to get some tensions true. Well you know they're -- to -- Probably worse for. More action it's true kind of understated because the last time. Pedro threw 200 innings he was 33 he was younger. Then Clemens was when he went to Toronto -- have all thinker after thirty. He was which actually done the last thing he would do not -- obvious double digit wins the last time we had. 200 innings. It was 33 -- never that was it he was done. Clemens pitched until he was forty. War I never say Brian McNamee I would never seem muted the steroids. Once or try something that -- I would just couldn't say I don't think I don't think it has elements and early eighties like I have I don't know and that's did a killing I hate that -- and other -- Jeter did they're all guilty considered out. You can make. And intelligent. And everything you say but can you say definitively now now that's my -- -- I rest my case was what Jerry just said he broke down at the guys stories right now how good he could have been. Mean obviously was the greatest -- is the best pitcher ever 219. Wins that's it. -- a -- wins and you name mussina and on site had an amazing 170 and 37 routes I mean look at is just. That is that is not 2000 years of the greatest years of baseball -- -- equivalent of Babe Ruth. Hitting more home runs across America Roger Clemens at 42 wouldn't for the astronauts at a sub two ERA justice it's that it should be the Red Sox -- -- it's it's okay enemy. -- -- You know let him go way means it. You know -- annoyed he's in the embassy retired I -- the blue jays in the in the Yankees can honor him at all it -- be a monument park every Belmont park no. Yankees -- don't think so. I'm hoping that notes -- a month partly to put them. It is that it. I think that. That that's a good question for the bam bam in this. If it was you and yet that little girl named Spencer the home run dispensers him he won aside and -- us. You what your site and on believe. This 111 for the Astros won the Yankees to for the blue jays really ignorant Red Sox he has careful aside the guys who voted don't play. That's true as. And it comes to my body still respond to ice very well -- and get him when he says he was pop when Vioxx like there was -- and that's that's the thing that. Rising bounces liked him I liked him he lose he was -- do the kids at the Jimmy Fund. Is accessible he was interesting. It's explosive. News it's gone way they feel Danish -- I want Ahmed. Peach. -- -- -- -- Hours of each. The pitched actors it's. Says it's frozen drink either of them all on -- what about mudslides. I was at factories repeat it's well peach directory off. I didn't have you have all of a real man I have yeah dirty I asked him more now now he was at that has nothing to mean honestly. Doesn't but what's it like it was you know Mark McGwire and -- and Sosa right -- bonds would. Lots of people like has become and that's part of the the may tenth -- and charming Anthony Wright worked so hard and so intense. Well lots of guys work on lots of guys weren't -- Guys like Clemens got an edge. In an -- from a needle from a trainer who snuck around and and an income all the right chemicals and if you need to know. What happened after you -- the Jews and on his baseball reference page and look at all the black -- last night rates -- was off the charts great after the age of 33 last night was designed for people that last thing was a fan boy. -- designed for people who just -- -- believe the best but these people. Believe their -- believe that they didn't do they didn't do that and that's with a wanna start and you walked -- taking. These people and they have it's one of those nights with the kept to an infusion group there extremes you know grameen -- alone them with the new. Assembled media and all the other TV guys. And the the the myth you know the fiction just went from. And in the game did matter the team stinks so the focus was this this indices fiction. And -- honestly it wasn't even appropriate as of questions I don't blame. Seal -- years from skiers even on the TV I mean if you say. Roger you know you let him inject your wife in your bedroom and he didn't -- you it's not explain that he lied about you but told the truth about it. Net you were out forty -- Forester was as 44. Years old from a hundred. Explain ice via routes you'd asked did you think there was a time and place yesterday. Those kind of question there was a lot of resources auspices this is orchestras. -- -- there are on the big but they went it was a four. Last with -- for. -- -- audience went home last -- cup -- that you know. Clemens is great two year old kids and adults but he was a laboratory that Pakistan would love that is what his guys I was literally would have been along the -- on this -- right thing and yes yes. Wasn't back right after Jonathan it was very despite some shots he didn't like you would. -- disappointing but then was gonna pick him apart limb by limb but he would tell you wasn't the time to do. But the paper. That he felt uncomfortable probably bring you know he doesn't normally feel uncomfortable so yes I'm disappointed. I thought -- corruption -- will be that one guy. Would say. This artists in the up with people. Of that analysis be honest it was equivalent. It. And that is now in the hands -- my nickname for -- -- -- -- other -- Which is just discipline himself as he likes to be discussed. Aloe and this was the time but it on flights to think about it. -- this this was the time to do. Six what 77797937. Asian number that your calls here. That's part one of maple. That's clemens' art of make believe is Nomar Garciaparra. Oh yeah notice that they rated -- because he never wanted to leave Boston it was they have to drag him out of them in -- right over the tape. Out of his lockers like Jonny Gomes who's in tears and I just love this place is. This what -- revisionist history is our part to Nomar Garciaparra went back. Thank goodness my body still responds and -- very well.

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