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BC football coach Steve Addazio on the season 8-15-14

Aug 15, 2014|

Coach Addazio discussed the upcoming BC season.

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Thoughts Joyce and AT&T hotline is the head football coach of Boston College Stephen -- you Steve it's -- and a meter -- -- -- Callahan this morning how are you. All right guys let you get those war. So good first show after 76 bowl game and the pre season ACC rankings have you once again serve in the bottom half of your division does that frustrate -- amusing view. Well even your competitor you're not really interest in India -- anything but. In the same breath the reality is we're young all in this thing you know were in terms of returning starters for one of two or three youngest teams at all the power five conferences so you know that's probably -- a reality. Is it a problem when you're that young and you know look at the red shirt guys and sure Shamir competitors. Don't play any of their their real good freshman. Right well we're gonna you know we would that Huckabee can't trust that arena. The problem is like anything else you play -- our young guys and it's good news in terms of trying to get a seasoned and veteran up for the future quicker but. The bad news if you're gonna suffer with some -- You know growing pains along the way I mean it's -- -- not used to being in those Arenas and and and things just pop off but. That's you know work site about our future excited about a young player so we just gotta we gotta do. Good news though coach every fifth year grad transfer quarterback in Tyler Murphy was a position of weakness spoke to bolstered when Murphy came in to replace -- What is -- shown in the pre season. Well -- literally on pre season training -- forget he's a pretty an expert guy himself I mean he's only really played three games of his career so. You know there's a learning curve I don't care whether you're you know if you're eighteen or 23 is not as significant sometimes -- -- Times under center in the heat of the battle under the bright -- so. He's got -- learning her what he's doing really well. Really progressed really nicely entries using. Hey you can't we talked to last year you were all -- -- well one of the middle. Suit up and play for you -- it. Use -- all the right notes. You still feel like you have a chance to win and win big BC lot of guys come through here early on Stephen they think. You know they can change it means they can get guys in to school that may be other coaches couldn't they could compete with the the powers in the ACC may be in the powers across the country. Do you feel the way you did a year ago or is it tougher and tougher task than you anticipated. You know I think we have guys from the Syria knew exactly what I was getting into and other challenges are sure are but you know what there's no doubt in my mind. That we can compete for conference championship there's no doubt in my mind that we can bring this program activists that the level it's been his history. I mean. You know all. The -- here. The more I realize that we we. We can go out there compete and recruit and bring in unique players that. That that are wired the right way that want one a great degree a lot of great educational wanna be a part of a team I think. I think people wanna -- you guys ought to be a part of a team team we don't not a part of somebody's and so some teams there's a lot selfishness and there's a lot of self promoting a wanna be a part of -- and stick together that bond together that glues together. If you laughed we cried together years burn site alone together and that experience the college experience I think is something that people basically want and a that's what we can provide yourself a really optimistic about. Our future I'm not naive -- challenges. But but very very excited in you know but but I think everybody were -- Game I knew we got -- is going to be three to fight here. Get this thing back were going to be young and experienced growing pain is because we won seven games last year doesn't mean we're just all separate. And he found -- even sorry to this point there's certain guys he'd like to have but just can't play for you because of academic stands in the go somewhere else within your conference and in play. A -- is the way it is and and you know. I would like to love about you know the guys that we get here we get a group a -- that like I said no. I think there really are or or or intentional. The most important strike which it is. They want a great victory. You're there at their -- character guys are really cold trouble all we can sometimes give away. You know we might we might not delegate some of these you know unique athlete. But there's more to it than just. You know -- behind. There's teams there's -- there's there's characters there's. There's those things that I really love about football about college football they called in the plane. And that's what maybe he really good the past that. You'll want to guys that maybe work two and three star guys. That ended up in top three round draft pick a long time and it helped players and in the NBC's. Have a parliament. In India when you work at those kids you'll love -- don't chase in the class every -- they go to class you know and it's really and so it goes sometimes you know yeah you might not get -- -- athlete -- I have are rivals and all that but that's okay. It's a good lineage class this year for your coach chip Troy Flutie the is the nephew of dog -- and -- Strahan whose. -- the nephew of Steve Strahan the former fullback with the raiders and for a BC pull back those guys going to make a good impact this year. A -- guys you can see that -- very health of the camp right now and I was able to have a really good impact on our program I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great so it's a -- on a great job -- on a great job. You know what's really important those guys they have a lot of instill pride in and Boston College means an awful lot and sometimes you know. It was hard to measure that Google really athletes you know in the -- narcotic under Strahan is is upbeat. Fact I mean you're talking about 230 count 45 guys both -- that -- measurable match up anywhere Troy has got that that real. Real anticipatory. Release on the ball you don't before -- receiver bases break -- He's a quick decision maker on the field so those guys have skills but they also have great. Great allegiance in the in the great pride. Is Flutie at quarterback for your coach. And yet he's playing quarterback forests and he's done a really nice job you know he's he's he's got a week ago right now like a true freshman would it. He's got from the unique is that -- he's fine he moves around in the pocket he -- the scene. Know -- -- -- he's he's got a real anticipatory. You know some some quarterbacks have to wait and see it open and throw it he doesn't you know he's the ball well. And so he's got a good skill -- is really have darn good aptly. Is it fair to say that the opener at UMass at Foxboro is a must win game because -- You know that you know I don't I felt like got here -- the cliche crap but you know they they they all are yes I mean our our people crosses the win. The opener you know we could set our goals were in the opener get all eligible this year we added. Find a way to get the Charlotte which is -- -- Richard Davis. So yes it's huge plus there's a lot in state size of like interest in the game in which is gonna ramp up a motion of the game. And no more work -- as a great football coach and -- -- -- guy that is is French committee rocked England so I think there's a lot of little subplot here. It is exciting Saturday college football look at -- -- -- -- -- game -- that we need to -- we need to win. All right Steve thanks joining us this morning good luck this year but then his coach.

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