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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: New host of Meet The Press 8-15-14

Aug 15, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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And prices brought few. By AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network and buyer house of Bob's. Discount furniture stores. We have some you know it's more -- waves is a desperately trying to find a smoking gun here. This what I is what's annoying me he was you build them up and and you written -- knock on because where. Curious -- -- what's curious is one of the more fascinating stories in recent memory absolute risk top of the world money payment. A great reputation would sit there and he gave his wrists with a pen knife and then hang himself right. Do you weeks not supposed to ask his cast members of that sitcom when he was. Difficult with a -- dog to work -- rank on the set. I mean. This isn't conscious act of knocking him -- other hotspots is like this -- right -- -- you you have bomb when things go well when things don't go slowly taking it out but it is it's -- too -- argument. As soon as you really -- but he would have said that I mean this -- -- -- -- little children -- anything he was just. A weirdo in the and he was. Carrying bringing his dog to work -- -- surprise edible but learned that he was our main entity to be in dink and celebrities are right. But you more than -- a it was horrible it was a little weird the first day or two when you heard nothing but he was the greatest guy that's always ways and and you start as the days go by ten year old knots that we've heard any stories -- like. Wallace got it right. Server so far was that show was upset because she couldn't deal with his -- right but that's they hired him for. Honestly. It costs as -- -- she's not Smart enough for but skilled enough but not many people are to keep up with that. She uses -- just goes to that portion of saw -- on again afflicted Netflix. Yeah. You do that they burned out to -- should know yes because I don't on one of my. -- when he why you being. Richard Nixon can happen in my mind my summer home okay hi our products. It would not summer to Vermont. Have you had to be ignited if I didn't do this for job he said he -- Netflix. Where you can just have -- -- Russert he wanted to do next week what's on to a Japanese league baseball the year Yomiuri Giants. I doubt that this at my hotel and watch Netflix has been great to watch breaking bad the greatest invention since you know I watched breaking bad while -- getting my hair restoration I didn't element is backed out -- process. That he now has a beautiful yeah -- -- Had lunch. It's even know whose launch is sufficient -- the top nine -- watched you know it went that back what's the first season. As fast it was -- I saw a watch that Soderbergh show. July it -- yeah I haven't really good person whose rates which Harkin Johnson the next Steven soderbergh's director of track and Hillary isn't about Steve is so pottercast directs any thing. Directed -- except directed traffic. Like traffic -- traffic director -- I don't care sex lies and videotape. I don't care who -- You know injured when he -- -- dumb and dumber. Two you know can throw -- -- We sure what they happen to -- photography by the way they don't gloat and direct obviously you know who's the director of photography of traffic. You said it was -- You'll haunts like. -- is that that's awesome. Robin Williams. It was in the early stages of Parkinson's disease. It was sober at the time to suicide his wife said Thursday in a statement. Much of the Williams who 63 was struggling with depression anxiety in the -- -- his diagnosis is found dead Monday. In his northern California all Robin sobriety was attacking as brave as he struggled his own battles depression anxieties roles early stage of parkinson's. Which who has not yet ready to share publicly his wife told said wrote in the state. So. -- -- -- -- Holes right accents that article could've pushed him over the and she was in financial distress news probably struggling with. You know that his career doing a stupid sitcom with -- Michelle alarm. And probably you know felt like a plea that was and that very dark place is nothing else to live for and. That's that's you could see deputies -- closer I mean if -- him. Parkinson's is a brutal out. It seems a broad zones of what's -- like it's awful us president Michael J. Fox who testified in congress from specifically didn't use his medication that they news. To merit -- guy there's just. In disaster for terrible form. So I guess that explains some valued equally or more that we yeah -- there will be more religious stuff -- he hit a lot of friends a lot of. People in his life on costars. In a lot of I -- -- Dennis Miller thing yesterday on your recommendation I thought. I was expecting a little bit more common for Miller -- know that was choked up he was I know but I cut. He totally unnecessary to -- -- -- these big words that way above me tries to assess what he does I know I know but you're right he should have told the story would you know warnings on SNL and they -- and hung out. But it rattles her yeah now there are differences yeah Williams would -- out of the balloon just. On radio Riley was like he calls you sometimes Puerto why. What does he say she bill he's my friend if you're seeing Miller alive December -- not like I summit Hampton beach casino really well. Fifteen years ago when he was a liberal after every sort of in the transition when he finally woke up is a transition period yet great -- where he talks about. Pleasure yourself says in girls it was a it's weird girls -- -- video advertising in -- they always ask us do you do it we tell our lives now he's like. Guys do it all the time and I was in my hotel room this afternoon. There's nothing else the prices Wright was a -- Do a good looking. Contestant did you talk to test them amend -- in the Qatar is doing is equipped with everything. It's terrible blunder boy couple I thought he was pretty yeah I'd like problem. He was fine better than Tony Corrado Izzo does not hypocrites you David Morales who. Elementary level money applaud that at times David Gregory out. Officially now it's on now rumored for months and also how is could be Meet the Press moderator so they get one -- They did dump one cigar -- -- -- -- and for another snotty liberal shocked -- -- as it now for a charts on the gonna say it's a great questions and -- that there's no difference Russert died. They've gone from a five million viewers a week to about two million viewers a week from first rushed them -- watches. But if people NBC it's almost like giving to Commissioner of Baseball don't you think let's change it -- Anybody say oh my god Chuck Todd is on now -- the -- and I don't watch I hate him but wouldn't Olbermann drama yet it is a loose cannon. He's completely off deaths and I mean why would you why would not safe enough. That's -- to be -- we're entitled to millions third place much of the point now with with the Meet the Press Crowley said he. The -- of the people won't pretend we should find somebody used in the invigorate this. This medium somehow maybe there isn't anybody that you tried Chuck Todd who's comfortable letting him. That's what -- way it felt about it commissioner thing I didn't care of them were won it -- grade of -- -- wanna put in the whole world and the whole country oh rule addressed the world 300 million people we and -- how many. Adult males there. -- is under under the morning. Unless we can do is rob Manfred verses are more reverse him Brosnahan. And Verizon. That's the best we get to choose from. That's why you made this point she could save Purdue QB great it's just that's -- make pretend -- last night right they'll never do with the members -- was outside the box when we're like the uber right. 2014. Davidson. It's lasted about a week and a half but I mean there's no guy who would -- Just about some -- you away titan of industry say you'd say that. A Pope Francisco at all going on right Pope -- -- dynamic speaker. You know like you know like wolf Wall Street kind of -- get up and it -- well or not -- -- -- -- what do you think I. And at what you are doubtful on a court judge Dennis Commissioner of Baseball. All of energy. Yes and I think if they if they went if they vetted him a little bit in fights and out of debt problems I don't think that they've vetted Tom -- that would be some issues Rio. Originally it was Katie Couric era -- -- kill prostitutes and. Now I don't you know as you do. That Sumi tell us meter everything's so I -- that's all it did it -- -- it would now with yet. I definitely one of the stores just east I saw his approach. Right to negotiate some unique in what was it that you etc. he tried to look at you because you you failed he -- quite I didn't quite make it is it -- you -- -- -- -- Now -- never -- and -- -- don't know what a lot. Or seen again on Monday yeah. But he failed to shape until an -- welcome he got nice hair nice teeth now I go to listener and -- the bills are still owns a expletive them go to. -- on Newbury Street meat -- like how much it's Erica if I get a discount which you tip. I don't tipped as a -- -- I'll jerk you really don't know I don't know I got this really for have you walked in off the streets like a hundred bucks and that they give you a deal and you still -- right. Move your move. A guy -- -- yeah that is it sure isn't and it's exactly did that you make him yes -- have been great in -- closers -- restaurant and spend fifty dollars a year ago. Act aggregate twelve box did it -- and barber eight boxes to north. And I don't like it definitely does not much to do -- fats and thanks a lot to deal -- it's true -- We don't we don't have as much time to work she do I -- -- out there. You're an opening get a job. Pilots have been suspended critical of the asparagus and suspensions. I feel like the suspensions just -- I'm overreacting now. You parts -- -- suspended after plane carrying 280 passengers plunge suddenly in the airspace over Turkey air regulators in India set up an investigation. Into these serious incident which occurred aboard a Boeing seven he's a 777. -- to Brussels for. -- -- -- Moment Biden will not -- -- were Dhabi. Islamabad for the right price said that kid fell from -- poorly muddy the Plame was dropped I dropped 5000 feet. -- I got some thousand of the -- sleeping it's -- controlled rest which permitted under aviation laws. The long flights the co pilot was meant to be sharks play cap that's news -- busier iPad did notice a plane lost altitude is that good excuse. Should she says she was in the I was sick yourself however investigators look at the possibility that sheet to dozed off. She was just playing with our I -- I understand it didn't know he is too low. Conducted I noticed that plan to file doesn't -- you would -- you notice that point. After -- thousand I think you pilots and co pilot -- Susan. It's allowed to guess I don't think they are allowed duke this out. I don't know saying the pilot did the captain that sounds like was maybe they'll cuddle and sleep together he goes from Scotland. How green so. 5000. Feet. -- -- Why I'm not you know even if I wanted to go to Mumbai I've never -- -- -- -- -- Mumbai and the wild animals off I don't wanna Gilani as we you know airlines ever now. -- you stick with a virgin America was opt the chart that have been a Malaysian airlines may have not. You gonna go on Malaysian airlines probably. -- significant achievement Israeli billion dollar -- it doesn't sound appealing to me to go easier about a slightly this year. They do not know about it Malaysian bull one that is why not us for evil -- in Shreveport and if you guys beat UMass on August 30 you'll be able to -- -- -- larger should be US goal what's possible the attendance at fox I think it's a good take it it is Labor Day weekend. And it's August which is always a problem might sit there could be thirty -- 125 point eight I don't even understand how you mass. It's people ago they don't that's from the point a couple of games at alumni stated that Obama's statement I actually go to the games but I might dormant like. You know quarter of a mile walk over. And you know he beat beat you gave partners again big drive to -- -- it's that's a lot to past it is. That's headlights. Talking about it. That's or run of late of 6 o'clock and you realize about a couple days and I've been -- -- o'clock -- -- criticized for not sticking to the clock the last couple days by powers would be a beacon called in the office called office conversations. -- You're critical. Of the mid am happy with Clemens and I -- the company minimum to defend them is critical sitting with the right -- the idea that you could. In that instance really pin him down. He's well I had not realist. That's right I agree and I it was waiting they waited too long to get to the -- question but asked it. How big big -- -- without asking. I want to tell you how to -- it took I was OK that's how you have to do in that situation and I think that the fault lies with the Red -- they set it up. They made it impossible for anyone to be on site as a reason why they don't have. Those guys Dallas ever. Players like Clemens to vote. -- -- I think they think that we would be you know and I think -- that the Red Sox did not want any tough questions that -- wanted us all to spend the evening in the land -- make and I think you're right when you get into that room I think there's not much it's like when you -- the Christmas wish I had electric and I think that the Red Sox put Pedro. In a tough spot pick as a grown man and I don't know now I know it's that you think never what he's doing it with climate this post say he shouldn't be in the hall is at the C should be off. Well it right yes I think he doesn't have to know but you say no that's everyone is caught up in the moment. It's kill rats it's like UK church on Christmas to you bless yourself how you say that I don't know that I do not allowed your little daughter looks at. Do you suppose that you did did you wait a cooking up a -- -- that -- So that your daughters look at you and you deal even my worst -- I -- not example that I honestly think it's insulting people who do believe a butcher in the churn up going to be. Tuesday morning going to be the funeral I'm not going to amuck and do I want them in the music. -- Six months and article today media bush mishandled the floats so I think he's club is my way out of a tough couple -- days but I'm okay seem to explode Iceland is obvious that Tuesday and -- what you. I don't think it's fair to people who truly believe I did you that's insulting my biggest -- that you can go in the church I mean my muscles go to funeral. Now a part of a Christmas they mass Easter mass -- they want them enjoyed itself is sure he'd been a slight dip you finger in the holy watered this month visit our he. As somebody who thinks that god is evil I don't think that I just don't think there's one there is no doubt he's the news. The -- have. He just -- entities. Larry it's you know 830 would join us and we get back will be some more this what what would you argue more Clemens would. We have we got into the Belmont thing though it really kind of got it straight that's -- in bars and were league. Into the -- we haven't spent a lot of time on the new commissioner also have debt which is very disappointing because we know. Baseball has issues we know baseball has. Get into the 21 century and they just. Kind of passed the torch from Selig. Into his protege to see when he starts Iowa love buddies my mentor. -- -- just us here to address is better he spends mourns their cuts but is he gonna do anything differently that Bud Selig. And you can talk about revenue all you want and it's good to state of the game in terms of financial finances is good flush with -- future of the game on the future of the game I mean the the obvious improvements that could make is this guy gonna make them. I think he'll make one. But we get to that we'll get to competitive eaters thought on that Blair -- you know wait thirty or returned to Atlanta make believe this well on DNC.

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