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Pedro Martinez joins Joe and Dave after his induction into the Red Sox Hall of Fame

Aug 14, 2014|

Joe and Dave talk with Pedro about his time as a player with the Red Sox, what it feels like being inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame and that he wants to go in as a Red Sox in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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So we move along here in the third inning no hits in the game but Houston hasn't been right to watch him and Eric -- and -- and I heard it all. Leading to that run and it will be -- when Garcia. To face down Webster. Yours Iraq in the first pitch to use the left handed shortstop swing and a miss strike one. And another hall of Famer. How sweet is this the Pedro Martinez joining us once again he'd be great to see it regulations. Very happy to be here -- Ratliff include who will serve thank you now. Had the privilege of covering you. You Red Sox can really is a blocked punt and -- it -- the midnight so blessed. Because for twenty in my first 22 years ahead either Roger Clemens or Pedro Martinez every fifth day. Well they were events. Think you would I would have very Bledsoe well throughout the month so professional and I thought Boston about that and and I'm also willing to share it with everybody and and and he took so much about the game and about the the way Boston. Really maybe. It's that you really get to understand that pitch misses low. -- your beloved here. And so come back so often working with a Red Sox. Director or they went to Boston college and eagle. In eagle all the way. Volleyball player. Is the 12 outside to in two different. Compete whether volleyball. Now I'm not really. If you look at the bolt to a that -- -- back and tied -- did not react. I have to let it go -- them. Am -- doing a couple of friends at the time when they play I'll go get capable open down. Probably the left out of play she's -- your foundation. This is doing great he's doing a great job -- that great human being in. I have to give a lot of credit for the time to get brutally and then and the dedication that he's he's filled with the kids and you know for the time that I'm not there to really make so poor. Two and two. You Gonzalez leading up to third as we visit with Pedro Martinez. -- right handers. But here's to the plate in this -- hit it down the right field line toward the pesky all. And this squad hits off the sidewalk. -- not buy it in the second is Gonzales with a double. Foresee for the reds actually hit it out with a wall around John people who are would have been in -- -- but it's a long double. For Gonzales. When -- down David Pedro really had a -- in the house that dated me. Is great great stuff listening to Pedro in front of a live audience. You really ought to charge admission for that you know the stories that you can tell the anecdotes and I mean as Jerry -- -- suited just before word tonight's game he said. Pedro lights up every room museum and including the Red Sox clubhouse common in there it's just a different feel when you're in there. As it was alike that when he played in -- and oh yeah it was like that every day when he played here. Question about that especially in the stands -- Grossman flied to left his first time up. -- to delivers. And pitches -- left out of play Pedro we had so much fun watching your protege will be Della Rosa is a wonderful young man we have on the post game show what. He exudes confidence. And he just has that smile that radiates like you did out. That we're very similar enough they've been and -- even though he's probably that's -- That I'm Wilson. He's say that states that at that and I think that they that that eighties that's allowed that. If that is the very complicated. You know study -- a lot of -- -- guys who work hard every day and who -- -- and I I have to give a lot of credit because -- people who. With that -- to grow up a spot in the rotation. In the mean through the showed up in -- he showed up -- You know. Would that he needed to go and and and take over the -- and it is a great job that the collision didn't allow him the favorite team and problem both bouts. But I think bill's going into the game you seemed to be getting better. On off the tone and he says he's improving every day. It's fun to watch him pitch that -- good changeup. -- Outside wanted to and I Dave and I both compliment him about that his willingness to speak to us in his second language. Which -- you mastered long ago and he's in the process of doing that. And they need to communicate very well. I think probably -- ruby. It's learning how to craft them in every aspect seats is much during. He's learning and he's trying to more important and and that means trying anything you used to death to will be the kind of goals by. And he's he's got the decided to go out there every day where it and try different things to improve every day. Here's the pitch from Webster and it's not a part of foul outside first. Was this the most fun part about today for you Pedro but today particularly. The miles on both Bobby. -- they'll -- they had been well. That probably -- beaten them with stories that then -- Nomar. You'd still have to pulled and so many things that happened that would not aware. They're not -- every day out there but some of the things that you find -- commitment that let you went to get together with everybody. Ground ball to the right to second -- that goes into center field and here comes Gonzales to score. And the Astros take it -- -- -- and I BI single by Robbie Grossman. It's Tuesday at Houston. Right that to me the fascinating -- they came out of today. Was when you spoke about. Rodgers mechanics and his power pitchers. You sought to borrow some of those things and you really studied him as a right hand power pitcher. And and use some of those incorporated some of those mechanics -- year old -- I didn't know that -- him. Well it would do that that you will do that fine fine you think they'll hope you're at stay healthy and and -- -- I think that the base. Well we'll all be of help. If you're healthy and and you feel next. In and in the good way. Mechanically you probably go and I keep your shoulder healthy and Roger -- one of the best if not the best I have a -- Mechanically from from the right hand side and be the politics. I think he was really moved by that. Well as not only that I I got to express to him for the first time publicly. That battles that you and I admired him and I want it to be like him when he first came off. Every young player that's out there. Want to look for review old folks want to see -- late. Once they get to the big -- throws over over when they're on the way to the big big thing. What it was my third and I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one -- wanted to be like what if he came off the straight out of college it did come up with a big lead in the overpowered them in the replays again. Question about it out to a they with a note to account. Allen Webster deals -- swings and hits a hard foul third base side skips into the box seats. Remained so into. Pitching it was so electric with the Dominican flags and and the noise when you pitched it was. Really tremendous atmosphere. Well it was certainly. Something special -- that they think it's -- it's him like he got louder every time I went and it looked really cool threw the games that we pitch in the winter league and then knowing that we make -- there. Is the 02 pitch grounder wide of third and it backed him diving stab my -- body loses -- -- as the captain but the second item that you would ask it anyway. So on Webster. As two men on and nobody out. -- that they needed get a chance to work with Webster on. I guess the thing you throw on the side but you also look at the end of the time and -- the rules there in the pitching coach that they are talking names like I didn't bother to think much of that mentally I told them to stay the same way. I mean I've relayed to him that he was. Actually looking like the way I would like CNN and also told them the difference. Between these maturity from these -- for the last year and how much improved -- if he had made and the injuries. Propped up by Carter could be playable for the first baseman infield fly rule called it can't quite happily for the first out. We actually. If you could fit you know he doesn't think much. So he was really up to be a bit like that that I noticed the difference between last year do you. Pedro cy young's. ER -- title strikeout titles you won a World Series. You seemingly did everything in baseball. And became a living legend. Is there anything though that we don't know about that you wanted to do that you were not able to get to as a player when you were active. One -- that. Kind of bothers me is is -- feed that all of the achievement. In the big city quote that respect the game. But I kind of felt like in 99 I should be in the MVP. -- in just because. Some people there's still not too. Let me with -- an empty feeling not that I needed anymore individual the individual achievement. Put myself but put the respect of picking. Up there. -- that happen. Guys that would both pitchers coupled with the pitchers and I thought that kind of become. The MVP. Not too long ago and and it bothered me that I was the only one of the night an opportunity to become on you and -- and indeed be. Even though I thought right I had pretty good numbers not taking anything away from one. But I I thought that I should be awarded since everybody else with that those who thought I love the MVP. You were romped. Through the -- -- follow walked his first time files back out of play. -- -- -- Geary Aaron obviously and -- half runs batted -- -- You were pitching in the ultimate TV air for. Hitters. Rolen and doing it doing that empty too -- though both levels could mean. And I you I wouldn't put him at the end and held the concern for everybody that knows -- small but I'll break down that. Remember Tommy LaSorda soon and well. And that was not a today doesn't say it on an airplane that HO -- -- -- -- and now he's rewritten his sister looked upon and it is. I wouldn't fumble that -- -- Smart. It's a great story that -- with that seventy strike at the GQ well we're angry what you took the how -- today that helped you. That I have never got to express that. Still there and took care of it they're the only way before the game. It's okay and kind of made me angry. About what outfit with a typically so that and then the first feeling -- give -- a ball. I mean that that through ball. Actually -- -- completely out of my and I I just went. The game with everything now. That's -- yankees. Still a record along -- Sweeney grounds out to the fact that I that Nomar is it today's that the only been growing it won't make you angry. Well I looked like -- removed from the time those you know. Pushes me a little bit more with a good idea we rank where they attach into the post in the dugout not a lot rabbit -- I love and any waves in the it was a -- Well but if what we want the game that would let you -- everybody. That's does that maybe keep me. Able to ring leader which they did you approach. I think you'll look up Portugal as normal because I've never got to see who is the I think it is as a result what people. Moving around and all but over so wonderful to me. -- -- with Oakland. Classic shot but that that the perhaps it was his first came to line into opera Castro walked his first time up. Extra lifting in batting catcher. Maybe if you stops along the way but. Wedge to delivers in the pitch is outside. I think -- music Cooperstown after next year we'll see at the end of the camp. I hope so I hope so long that I'm expected to go with a both of them I get mentioned. At the hall of fame in Cooperstown next year. You know like like I said before. I'm not gonna jump into conclusions. The first play by happily took the -- opportunity out. That I I I would have to wait and -- because of that 99 and I thought our roles on the body in the he would and I will go online hold my breath about. Justice prevailed to be unanimous Pedro thanks so much speculation solid favorite thank you thank you -- and it's vidro is the best thing you guys. So after two and a half it is to not think Houston the shot style market WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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