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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Red Sox Hall of Famers - 8-14-14

Aug 14, 2014|

Today's Four at Four honors the latest Red Sox hall of fame inductees.

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-- Still. -- around you by AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building -- better network that's when you know it's your allegedly doing. What makes us all songs about you Michael. And you. Kind of mix that in Islam. They did it they had -- in the -- I heard that line on there but you know just the all that Israel -- it will throw out but I know. That's an that's the parliamentary -- -- -- had a lot of mixed. It's about the -- you know Burrell does that -- got to put that in there. Something that they're playing -- you know 1 o'clock in the morning at Avalon dynamo here and sign that sort of thing. Red Sox with four new Red Sox hall of fame inductees and that's who we talked about today. And we might as well start. With -- sickly don't. I have nothing to say about the man that hasn't already been Marty said. But I cabinet I bought the Bible. Yeah. Ball. But I was gonna say business -- but I'll bet you are no does have something there about Jokester -- guy who -- with them. Number Dale Arnold I mean what was it like. Yeah we're Joseph has processed image let's get tickets behind a curtain. I heard I heard Jerry talking about this this morning. And and we have a tendency like for instance when unfortunately people passed before. They're time people -- -- what a wonderful guy -- as you don't know I mean Robin Williams may have been a wonderful guy in May not a bad you don't know. I know jail. He's as nice a -- of government the business and that's the truth. He is he is a true gentleman. Who who works his butt off who prepares as much as anybody I've ever met. I've had the the honor and the pleasure of working with a couple broadcasters like that in the course of my career. Guys who who just puts so much into their craft my camera was the guy taught me to hockey business in that regard. And working with Joker stately on I mean -- nobody in Major League Baseball. Who doesn't love joke mystic Leone are. Tell tell us some that a bottom. In terms of broadcasting that we that we may not -- Mac -- you can tell. -- Jokester Leona is going in and in great detail telling you. That a guy grew up in you know Council Bluffs, Iowa and that is mom did this and -- -- that I think we know. Let's stuffs off -- yeah I know tour stop in front of him when he's there when I know he works hard but also that we Witten. Necessarily nobody's gonna kill me for sent out as they're okay good good it got really bad hands. I mean for a man who's had as many foul ball rocketed up towards him. He's got really bad hands that the the night the Bruins won the Stanley Cup you know I'm working with -- in Tampa. And a ball comes you know rocketing up into the into the Booth there his side now my side by the way. It took out its iPad. -- wrap. It its iPad knocked it across the world and and truthfully. That Joseph was trying to get out away I mean I'm just be an honest with you here. He didn't make a real good effort to the to catch it he does and in this part you Marty no if you watch that the -- intellicast 'cause they elected. Give Joseph a hard time but -- where. He does have the largest collection of ugly sweaters of anybody I've government. I mean he makes cosmic. Look like you know up priest with his plain black fraud well. They're ugly now but they'll be fashionable and again someday and it's all Joseph got he has got a collection of -- all the cycle dale and everybody loves the guy. It'll attract. Hot planets well happen that aren't -- up on -- Atlantis. -- it. -- Illustrated -- grants. And -- red -- latest well there may. Fred -- always said that if he never left the Red Sox he's sure he would have made it to Cooperstown. So I asked the same question for Nomar if he was never dealt away from Boston would he'd be a hall of Famer. You know I don't know because I go back to Michael's point earlier about you know getting hit in the wrist and I think you made a great point about how that really did affect him. I'm I'm not sure that that would have changed if he had stayed here I think that his numbers his career numbers certainly would've been better. He was certainly on that path before you get traded -- point about being Boston doubt it's probably good one he probably had had enough. But to the question okay so if you stayed here that means a lot of things. Would have been would have been smoothed over -- -- here that means the Red Sox. Would we wouldn't have taken the four years and sixty million dollars off the table so he would have had a contract. -- state here that means that. You would have a little more trust. It in management. In ownership. And maybe. Staying here playing -- a hitters parked at Fenway Park is. Maybe that does boosted numbers a little -- well here and also having. -- some great teams around them and you think about. You know 2003 that this the disappointment of 2003. -- about house deputy was -- 2014 was great. Fourteen had no hard it hit anyway. No far away they were still a great hitting team he would have some terrific teammates around here's a tougher question. If they didn't trade Nomar in 2004 when they have one World Series maybe not know for that would of one. Yes I would wanna worlds they're not sure they would won the 04 series without the trade. I think the trade and all the things that changed and don't have hey rob you don't have -- -- are there to steal that bag. I think that. I think it was the perfect storm. But he might -- better chance at all payment -- its day. Yeah yeah. Roger Clemens and get down thank you think yeah what conflict I think that book Bob. And the Red Sox win it yeah. Roger Clemens is now in the Boston Red Sox hall of fame but without ever make it into. The Baseball Hall of Fame. As Roger Clemens would say it again -- -- -- -- not again Indians did I love it I love your guts out yes. Roger Clemens will be in the hall of fame you look at those numbers you look at that career. Somehow someway someday. Roger Clemens the rocket will be yes. I'll disagree with you on this when I don't think so and I think what what ultimately will hurt him is the way they've changed the rules. This year they instituted a change a fifteen year period down to a ten year period. He's not one of the three guys who got grandfathered in. So he's got eight years from -- I'm not sure he's gonna get what he needs and I'll say this if he doesn't it it's it's ironic I heard this morning on MF but he. It is kind of decrying you know the writers' voting for the hall fame. And guys who didn't play the game deciding who gets to go into the hall of fame. I think he's got a better chance of getting in from them. Vinny does the former players on the veterans committee. I think the former players on the veterans committee are going to be harder on Roger -- the writers are. I think it's a good point -- want to get into the club. -- what the standards have been a little tougher why -- the first and I didn't do that anyway. -- -- -- They're going to be sympathetic to Roger Clemens he's got -- I -- yet -- especially guys who played in an era and which. Steroids weren't available to them. Like they were two guys like you know Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens -- Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. They may be tougher. -- -- They don't mind. And then strike praying this and I thought I'd -- ball out of the strike zone and -- -- my goodness for the fourth time this year is this it is going to be. And -- -- start. While that was here AT&T Red Sox hall of Famer of the day so the question I ask you is you've got one big game. You can -- Pedro Martinez in his prime or Roger Clemens in a -- and who'd you pick Jon Lester auto that's and other odds are. All like my chances. I like my team mama come you know if I'm -- against duke dale. And you got the other guy whoever the other guy -- I have much respect for your team 20 my god and have a hard time. -- your -- I got a feeling we get same guy problem Pedro in too. Oprah I want to one and a former -- -- one game to win. All the money on the table -- Pedro Martinez and you don't once again. It's not a slight to Roger Clemens now. Anything about it's it's -- fault. I think about 86. And MacNamara taken out of the game or maybe that Dick Clement. Mascot of the game. I don't know. But you still had a very competitive the big game situation Roger Clemens. There was a competitive situation now what war hurt him and his argument is you know the melt down and Oakland. The playoff game. At a Red Sox are gonna lose anyway when he was apparently trying to get himself thrown around just agents let you live yeah I've got the eye black -- is just going crazy and he's in it to big game. Any got out of it you know Pedro. In big games had some moments to it in a big game against the Yankees here in 2003 you know Don Zimmer. You know point that is dead yet it was Jorge Posada -- on some things in big games to put. -- had to go would go with a guy and I'm asking myself who is the most reliable and a big game situation for me. I'm gonna -- the years a period. Me too and I and as great as Roger wise and he was appointment viewing just wastes and went paperless. For meet Pedro was a little different he was the guy where you know if you were at the park. You've stayed in your seats to watch Pedro pitch in when the Red Sox were hitting you went to go get appear -- Roger was saying when that was different for me for me it was more Pedro and Roger. Well but you you you -- -- coming we said in his prime so it depends -- which -- first prime 86878889. Yeah. Roger was that way I felt different about Pedro and I did Roger and I loved them both. When they were in their primes. Pedro had data electricity it was it it it. He had more more -- as more I don't know I don't know the word I'm I'm struggling here. You're the wordsmith of the two of us here but -- I care part to word because everything you're saying about Pedro. I would say about Roger and his prime. He didn't wanna leave you referred -- gonna miss something in the in the guys strike he strikes out. Twenty guys. Four under -- two separate occasions. Seven cy young's. I mean doubt that this is where we get back to the you know to the performance enhancing drug conversation but to be able to. Dominate the -- a dominant pitcher in the 80s90s. And the two thousands. It's pretty impressive and rare. Well part of this and part of this discussion and we talked about this earlier it's always going to be. The the Spector of performance enhancing -- well if if if I believe Pedro was clean and I do. Pedro dominated clean at a time when everybody was using. Roger. If he was not clean and I don't believe he was clean. Was was pitching really really well but there wasn't the predominance of steroid use the first time that the first Pedro -- first Roger prime. When we think he was -- there wasn't the predominance of performance enhancing drugs in the game. That Roger had to face every night as opposed to what Pedro had -- -- -- -- dominance but it did exist shirt -- outside now. Like upgrade drew Pedro as arrogant but let's say Roger. Let's go. Yeah. If you want to let's go you know 86 the ninety's. For Roger. So those ten years and then and a few of those years it is the stories is gotten twister here. Like a -- how he he kind of mailed it and the last few years in Boston I think is a joke look at those numbers is 500 -- but I points and -- -- ridiculous you look at the other numbers you know you have to dominant numbers. Well on on some teams on to -- -- teams that weren't that great. So. His prime yet I think this same thing just saying about Pedro. Like the feeling you got when you watch those guys pitch in -- -- didn't want to -- it wanna miss that thing and you knew. When that start was -- got tickets to Red Sox game. You're doing a rotation and -- can't do nothing personal is that got -- -- say hey you wanna go to you wanna go see the roar when the royals were bad and go to the royals. I don't know what day. On Saturday. And Thursday for not rest -- -- -- -- articles -- -- out on Sunday. I end and all those things you say about climates are true and he was appointment viewing. For me it felt different with Pedro it was more electric it was more -- have said a notch. You know charisma whatever it is. Pedro had a to a greater degree for -- and Roger Clemens. Clements was great. And he was the guy you root for -- not -- six point 77797937. Paulson Norwood -- I don't. Very good guys what's up our court a couple of things you know when the talking about Roger in Turkey believes in. It all plays an editor that everyone claims you know they cheated that you couldn't. -- they had an advantage but get people. You know thinking of what Whitey Ford and Gaylord Perry camp that truly no problem without. But yet they cheated. You know not maybe not to accept I think -- -- edit records and cheated. If you're talking about the difference between doctoring a baseball and taking performance enhancing drugs most people don't think that they're the same thing. That's not the same -- not to integrate court that. But they can achieve that they have an advantage. There I guess so I guess maybe you know maybe the argument or the distinction Paul is. Is cheating isolated cheating from those guys. To the era of the pervasive -- And steroid use. Of the guys we're talking about here I mean nobody calls it the that Joseph Niekro era or the Gaylord -- right Gaylord Perry era. It caught the steroid era. And with cheating those guys were in a good not great. Perilous. -- it wasn't great the way you think of Clemens being greater Pedro being great off camera I'd be viewed as good. I'm built quite the same way about him I felt about those other two guys gyms and Southampton hey Jim I don't. I'm doing well result I think I got a question for now. -- being a baseball offense has been struggling to eat each situation and that that result will say. Bob do you think they'll ever look lower the mountains to get the picture not. Advantage it's always been -- -- -- that your your pitcher. Well I I brought that up earlier or something if I were Major League if I with a new commissioner whoever that's going to be I'd look at -- -- considerate. They did it once before when they thought that that the pitchers were too far ahead of the hitters. And and it helped you know. Even the playing field I wouldn't mind seeing him do it again now pitchers are gonna tell me -- crap by saying that but. I don't I don't know it. Bring in people and people bring in money and money brings in armed and. Let the other people. Here's some numbers. From from Major League Baseball. Are not making money. Are there TV contracts poor. Compared to what the TV contracts were in the steroid era I'm guessing that their contracts are much more lucrative now they were that your -- What what are they what are being -- -- ratings aren't as good. I mean the ratings for the World Series have gone continually down the last number one -- All Star Games well. I would not be different -- to be different you know why they didn't drop you know what have been dropping. Because I don't know about your cable system. Where you live. I think I have about 75000. Channels available and then announced and nothing I've got I've got things that -- get chips like that no we had just yet. Commercials are just can't watcher channels can -- there's so many options now so you really can't compare. Two to the ads that favorite -- -- or microwaves you put your favorites in that list like that would explore a little bit to let -- -- -- kicked compared to the way it used to be Arab important when Monday Night Football and making a big changes need to. Decided that they needed to have -- we must have Dennis Miller. On the broadcast we have to have a happy and bouts. Have Eric Dickerson mumbling on the sideline just we have to have it. Because of ratings are lower now than they were when Howard Cosell -- downward in the boat. And I also had fortunate. The Robert -- And cable. There's just a different game compare to that yet for an Akron. Three for calling it ever reopen -- Maine mean a heck I can nagged for. Three -- four. Some that if you wanted to expand it to five or six in the hole the Fuzzy if that doesn't channel the UH Jeff stuff and kind of -- make out -- figure there and hear some voices may be. Dale -- Sports Radio W media.

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