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Logan Ryan gives an update from Patriots Training Camp 8-14-14

Aug 14, 2014|

Patriots second year corner back Logan Ryan joins the program to discuss his development and what the team needs to do improve from week one to week two of the preseason.

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But we do wanna go to the AT&T hotline right now. And joining us here on 937 WTI. With Christian for game meets him -- It's Logan Ryan -- in the patriots are beginning -- and pre season game against the Philadelphia Eagles -- how I think sought to take some time to join us. -- -- -- would really appreciate her conversation with Logan brought you by Sam Adams slogan -- -- get better as -- -- number one and you individually. From pre season game number one to number two against Philly. Are you always gonna get better on other battles. You know our work work at -- -- -- little bit better screen up just sort of -- that we -- -- quarter kind of as or -- All around better -- the last week in. Play a little you know play a little tighter better tackling and alerting me to do our -- you look at your glaring at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Logan others you were you playing a safety. The other day in practice. How would address -- say. That we have so many different wrinkles and packaging result different looks similar or have a lot of guys -- -- at a lot of different places. -- is that position that you could do yourself guests feel comfortable -- playing -- any you know have Scioscia got a lot of history there but. And here they're trying to that secular seems to be one area where there's a lot of guys out different positions. Did you see yourself playing safety. Nobody -- Tibet in I. May not have lined up an -- They -- spot before but actually I'm inside outside road feel different coverages you're -- the political. Former -- a week to week. And I'm comfortable -- -- they don't really talk to back up because forum. A similar game to your short career here at the during the patriots an even bigger state that's back to when you're in college. That's become more of the trend has it not. You're just a defensive back you're not a safety or corner quite as much. Anymore because of the way opposing offenses are attacking defense is you've got to be able to cover even more as a safety. They used to correct. Element -- say anything or you know the -- the so are all you want things in style and we cannot stop the next. Yet to have you know a plane to England on the -- -- got to give recovery got a Big Apple. And eight other guy's gonna let weather safety corners where everyone -- we need to when he got to be able. Four out there and do their job and cover their man I want plane dropped -- -- -- and explain apple opened feel. So somehow either -- It's something that you know trying to work on the improvements but don't talk about it being. You know there's been a lot of emphasis on illegal contact and holding. For for you console players. Another restaurant did the days usually seems to be a lot of flags on the field. What are they telling you can get away with is it basically just stay away don't touch the receiver at all. Are there is any tricks of the trade that you guys are going over try and make sure that you don't find yourself in the position where you can call for penalty. I'll break any rules have changed from last year. Out of the FO -- did you receive revenue got to play good fundamental football nobody wants no defensive back coaches and each in our guys that are only Karzai to -- the hole or sudden jerseys and like that's that's not really a rule change for us. It is somewhat damp side there is something that that side right now and it's here throughout their Pakistani flag and then actually. Well at the trial what was the NY. And it has some of that. -- there but just still and and you know the game and go in and clean up on it's not -- it's saving the panic over and it's an issue. -- they really knew I just think it's on the Tampa side in the public that if you play good fundamental football we are. So would so this being your second year what's the biggest. Adjustment for you this year as opposed to last year. -- the other one is one huge adjustment I would say a lot more. Culture that our military expects. I'm trying to improve awful work through this last year. -- approve individual trying to help the team be more I would -- insult where we've become you know better -- I'm trying to do my job. There are meant whatever that may be an -- China they would become more consistent I think insists he is the biggest part of my game. A more consist now that would be about whether or. -- Ryan defense backed -- patriots are 937 WEEI logging give me one thing you learned from Darrelle Revis one thing you learn from Brandon Browner since those guys become your teammates. Oh as a poker does carpenter. That they hear the penalty. For a lot of years they've made a lot of good plays and its combat on -- rather you know -- consistent. They're -- -- competent players amount appear in the and just you know work ethic and practice. And that we -- me and I want a person who. And it is very competition. Out here confidence -- the is that the is what -- them so much that's careers. Well. Ultimately we need a joke which it and it -- generally skeptical as well. What do you what is one thing you guys took away from the practice yes I was Eagles. I would say there's one thing that we collect additional cleanup a lot of things that. We -- probably. -- And you know individually. This got back to have a good technique competing and that they came out and from bad weather and -- -- we had a great -- practice 101. Team got competing there a simple offered. Such great condition for a and just. And they put Obama -- specific legacy which is something we need. How tough decisions for you when you're going to practicing there's not a lot of life tackling. And you go into a game and obviously everything's lives taking guys the ground is it a tough adjustment. You know for you from going from a practice atmosphere where you can't tackle the next thing you know yet to be in the right place have to -- tackle in space bring those guys down. It's our job it's our job to tackle well football players have been there are a lot of years but I mean I think there is some level clean out. Arm is something that you do need to get back into. And we've done some of them practiced I would appreciate game that's about Portland real -- and capitalize every single play. As -- that it will get better we weakened some the earlier. Up folks are getting better this week. Every syllable between the work on but I do think that -- You'll appreciate this huge -- guys work as a team. Tackle and play and play though it is the ground it's a -- can -- all the -- practiced -- anyone keep oh. Final -- story came out this week about -- from Rob Gronkowski 5050 to start the year week one healthy with the patriots you're seeing him in practice every day what's your Bob. Rather and I get asked Robert Croat vote sure come on -- trapped inside -- But I guess it was -- we -- about secondary. You know outside the ball on where the -- up. That's on the that's route you look -- -- You aren't. Here. I'm loaded X leopard and honestly appreciated and now that's the again during camp during the -- season -- -- That is look at Ryan of the during the patriots -- united recent WE see that's your coach to answer that kind of question as good as opposed secured Williams who popped awful lot earlier -- apparently was coached to answer questions in the politically correct. United equipment these guys yeah he was wearing Foster that went in an almost dead. I was seat -- an almost felt it was Arian Foster. He just one area in Foster on you -- the one question you're never supposed to -- you'd crystal asks what do you think about another guy on your team how do you think he's feeling. That's pathetic for I don't know -- not him you have to ask him that's a question for him that's that's something only he can -- So you know you're up north if it pop up -- I don't know this coming from it looks like a million bucks to me at all people are worried about Israeli ago he's practicing yeah it's great that -- -- be great outlook that answer notes that you know it's an. Buys you -- -- ultimately I don't know it is the season and and fine. The -- tried to. Run through the whistle is usually here. Six point 777979837. Patriots fans who will be more than happy to take your calls as well we come back but we still some folks who want to talk about the Roger clemens' conversation. What he had seen us about getting into Cooperstown as wells being inducted. In the major or two via Boston Red Sox hall of fame today will begin -- major league Baseball Hall of Fame someday. Down the line or what the PED controversy prevent that. From happening while the whole interview coming up in the 1 o'clock -- get back to that conversation next and Christian at some variance -- to comments with Clemens after the interview was done. Really some of those to you next year -- for seven W media.

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