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Three For All: The New York Jets are on Tinder 8-14-14

Aug 14, 2014|

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate. -- -- it needs at least three or wrong. 333. Wrong. 34 wrong to -- speaks with him beat. Lots of -- judging giving it -- for -- today in a row they've got you covered. Or is it a whole bunch of things that don't want one -- gold for April sometimes sports related sometimes it isn't today line most accurately. If not -- video last night. It's not randomized to work with another market -- out that re -- it. It's from you seem to see this video already if you haven't it's worth looking up. Did you see the video of the girl on the beach don't get your -- up there. -- -- -- but. -- fat -- -- that fish yet these girls are -- on a beach vacation of some sort and their money's rollicking as girls want to do after Beers on the beach if you. And it factories. And it's dead fish washes up on shore and it says that video that I saw a catfish. It looks to me to be like a really small -- like almost a baby shark but they say it's catfish will go north. And this one registration the other around the beach slapping her in the -- with this bitch. Aha we'll handle until the fish gets lodged in her butt cheek. And when I say that it's not quite disgusting it's maybe your mind is going to do. The heels of one of the fish opened up as the throttling was going on. And it stuck right there but she. And they couldn't get it out and she starts freaking out that she's gonna get an unfair raising here some weird fish disease -- If you haven't seen that video it's priceless it's a real learning tool as. Guy after guy after guy and comes up short because they're calling for help to get the fish dislodged. And they are looking at the pace a little afraid to touch your ass -- saying at. At that look at not help me there that's a lot of guys Smart guy runs over eight minutes it was -- in this hundred times and know exactly what. First thing. Bikini -- -- yes -- yes exactly take the top off your balance -- -- might tip over an official get lodged in further. Yeah I just -- -- the -- -- the group the girls what there with a fifty but my life. I don't -- questions on the one who put out on the doctor. What what is up but are not. Doing yourself. I'll leave how to conduct the -- that's an -- and -- -- must have really been stuck in there. Yeah it seems odd this morning -- went back there -- -- -- -- -- -- -- from the markets. And then -- -- these units -- and have you thought about. It -- the next turn the next you know answer right yes that. -- so -- am glad Joey here. -- here's our resident enter. Now -- you know it is for all you single people out there is what I'm officially. Hello. We have right now. Don't -- I got I got tired of it pretender is there's great apps for single people do it all over the country. It's a hook up bat you basically you log on. And you see pictures of a girl or guy and commuters like left if you like them and swipe right if you don't like. Aren't so well that it looks like just some of the players for the jets have. Taken ineptitude Tinder a couple of guys are audit and did use them rave reviews one of the guys that they golf at the line of Reno got community. -- -- And he says he doesn't know after awhile hey you know -- on this guy want to take -- -- refused economic -- journal and it's like well. I played football or something he yielded ultimately -- it plays football. Legitimately put his picture up there just of ran a picture well I know -- not that great looking guy he's an ugly man of the book all the more birdies from Malden -- but he doesn't put it another guy analysts say this is your guide him. -- prior. He has a picture of themselves. Celebrating at the draft when he got drafted on -- ought -- that that -- -- he had on his -- obviously should he not need to enter I have you should not let him know he's just. I had a picture in the dot votes. So you what are you trying to save when your own a couple of theaters the guy that's important pilots like right for him hey look at this picture yeah yeah to fix I want to what he does that's quite right I'll -- him out of our -- have a couple breaks. And you go. And we have a store and don't exactly. -- -- over there they -- -- your Jake Peavy or something like that are I don't know if maybe you were maybe which is a particularly that if we step guys. Well you know where's that guy that would Wear their sweat their college but it's. But after a road trip and Norah just to show that they were somebody -- they -- -- the -- -- -- where -- what you -- -- what -- To a bar or restaurant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. Actually what you have -- -- Are going to take it and I budget rent the Brothers sisters -- I detect that you guys that are -- that story yet these. Two people or get up there together for seven years they eventually found out their brother and sister. Act that -- numbers fail. Yeah we've got the story and it really creeps me out you can do. Oh -- so those two this is apparently. People were we're searching for. Their respective mothers and both of mother's name. -- They -- admit -- and basically the theme issue. It's just so happened to the that they had the acting muscle that it. Well design -- running through ups and right there because of it anyway and it mother -- name. It could happen that it's at -- -- won millions of a chance that it's somebody that I'm related to my sister. I'm not going down I rate -- the missing by the papers where the question. Earth part of it is actually found out they decide to stay together a little question -- -- -- I would do it and years witnessed -- -- Long been with one person. I haven't done seven years. Look the longest. Three and a that great if you -- tomorrow. Okay you put the -- that Oprah and our brother -- you know lever. -- About it what state yeah. If the other -- reflect how great apparently. Afflicted dude. And you -- Ebert I don't -- would have no choice you would have no choice what so ever. This woman at some point right that's what could turn belted. All noise and they'll come out deals like that brightens to some of them. If I don't that's that's crazy just like definitely out of it out off the odds. You meet somebody. You you're both third searching for your your mother that advantage you when your kids that it happened at the same -- like -- your -- -- -- stuff flashing -- to me hey wait that's an awfully big coincidence I don't jump in -- -- until I get that -- -- -- and -- for years searching for love they finally found it and -- -- -- a lot here we know what do we have so -- economy while it's either my brother or this guy and the duck boat so I guess -- stay -- my brother. That's probably better towards that person. 130.

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