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Nomar Garciaparra: Red Sox Hall of Famer 8-14-14

Aug 14, 2014|

Nomar joins the guys to talk about his time with the Sox and his relationship with the other inductees.

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Many days with Emmitt -- Fenway Park Maloney Christian Fauria -- him -- pleased to be joined right now by Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox hall of Famer getting inducted today. Mark thanks for joining us they trapped me. You know you came back as an Oakland Athletics and saw Jim Rice honored here at the same week and you first returned to Fenway with another team. What's it like to be on the other end of a similar ceremony now on what was that. We -- like where to. Today use quite emotional come back yet. With the open means -- old beef. Dipped into the box. There -- remember. It took awhile when I step and knows all cleared up. And emotional and I looked at their tech in first like -- -- -- and we're at then this happens with back in college where he was actually catch step in and block like inner squad game. And then after when it was time for me and I -- now I have it now you know and I even told my city tell smoltz the exit thanks speak. Smoltz was on the mound and he stepped off him so respectful about it as well and it's you know let. -- at the moment so I appreciate that it was an all of that going on and and it completely took the First Amendment. I kinda. We -- we left years did you ever think that you know someday you're gonna. You to come back -- he sent it Wendy do you kind of retires or whether it's us but did you ever think this who has. When was just they gonna happen that it was gonna happen you know you don't think about this country to most players think about induction all of pain. Obviously won the with the Red Sox to pursue whatever maybe -- think about that when planes going out there and it trying to do. -- Aston and the best you can be and so -- and this never. Crossed my line and thought about it. And I sign one day contract it just meant the world to me. That -- said that was the last apartment wanted to put on the first -- open would be my only one. But at the same time I just think whenever everywhere I go. No Red Sox it's -- huge. And I just it's only fantasy yankees think early did they watched and all of that reason why I just wanted to retire it's great. So breakdown first you do you get a call today is there any idea that your being nominated so -- out exactly what where were you when you got the call and you know your initial reactionary initial thought. That's kind of funny. It was actually go and knows my high school. Going into meeting. Baseball -- them. Principle that people at high school. Own players -- in them. But baseball program and things there's actually go in for meeting difficult if Johnny called me. -- -- -- In. In inducted in the -- well pain. Like at the moment -- like him. What he means it exactly Tampa Bay -- you know I know I I would. -- have -- of course none of it. But I I I remember just hang -- up the fallen in my my dad and Brothers and look at me. -- -- Being inducted its old name -- I was like really Bellamy now let's go nose to celebrate you know -- -- -- -- Q I don't know -- the but yeah -- I was pretty excited and thrilled and it's at and we actually after that meeting that OK. Now what this home mom and now letter now owners view it's my wife everybody knows it was pretty -- when you found W going in with a minuet. He played with Pedro all those years you went up against Roger in. Now she Joseph Castiglione has meant a lot as well but you know those two pitchers in and the stakes yeah it's. You know obviously. One for Roger I I got I had a chance to play with them a little short time. One of these roses you know when he struck out twenty Detroit. You know as a shortstop when he struck out one me. Didn't do much I did -- off day it was great. That that was -- that's just kind of a throw to you know when you think about some of the things -- it would the apart of in your career that that was a huge threw for me. And then you know would show. Joseph I don't know if there's anybody who really just exudes enthusiasm an example you know with Boston just. You know I think the fans are so lucky just a true fan on the radio as well talking about. You know talk and beat teams that you can really feel it and you know he knows me from the from. California -- so much about the Red Sox history there's obviously you pesky. Lot of people taught me a lot would have meant the red -- Joe's number one as well just talking about the history so. Which thrilled when I heard that and that Pedro -- For me I'd say in on right now working for the Dodgers now watching Q and there's pretty special pitching knows there's probably. Argument that we tell you is that material I get that a lot in and watching some of the stuff he's doing and everybody's like oh. You know Clayton had the game that where he did throw a no hitter news or almost a perfect game and I'll let you know. When he threw the no hitter it was almost a perfect game except the best performance ever -- like Mike was tonight so page I -- time out here and and I said he's got a ways ago but he's getting there I say if I get to see the best and that's when look at Pedro I had the -- -- that. Speaking of that but he got agers get clemency -- all three in their prime we don't know Kirsch it was going to be but assuming it's. Ridiculous and I don't. Agencies -- else it's there it's unbelievable I mean eyes pretty impressed. Out of those three at least the guy you least like like the face on those three. At least like to face. I don't know I it's tough on the -- not supposed to say any of -- you know it made -- like you know that's for your mentality that was in there but. I don't know I mean I didn't do well against Roger my number -- so I didn't so maybe you apologists say Roger. But I I would like to face all -- those guys to me that actually I would like to face I just know that they're all such -- challenge -- -- there's just there's. They're so competitive on the ability both. All three of them attacked differently. They really do you know he got Roger going out there just more. I'm an overpowering -- come after human challenge you Paige who had so many different pitches. And then right now Kirsch you know he's got the fast over a curb on that slider that he that he's developed cities you know. He still developing and that's -- team scared bunker shot sees him every -- he's never satisfied and that's impressive but I think they all of the very similar make up. And 11 thing that I've seen Kershaw. And I like this and I was able to see Roger and Pedro is the date their pitching. That day they come in it aids. It's a different put the their. The facial expressions or body language every it's different it's locked in you're like OK you know that way they're gonna go on there and and then as a teammate you know like I'm glad I'm behind these guys that's that's the ones out there. Nomar Garciaparra would this year on Red Sox hall of fame induction day amid days with MFB whenever Alou isn't too good of the mood Christian and I frequently remind you -- you left in 2003. Right yeah they -- -- -- right before -- revenue for the real World Series. Have you ever allowed yourself your mind water street at some point what what would have been like to be here in 2004. Win the World Series was one. Yeah I mean I I you definitely think about that I've -- I was also happy when they want and I was excited and and for me -- I felt the part of it because I was getting calls from the guys when they're going through so for me that was pretty special you know when they are on the bus when -- -- On the road and they're like Casey who were doing or thinking about you and on my -- yeah I'm watching it and and I don't there's only two World Series I've ever watched. What while I was while I was plain hand -- -- wanna watch -- and are gonna watch where I wanna be. But one was when the Mets in the lead the Yankees -- -- speakers JP was my remaining college -- in the losers I wanted to watch him CO waited. So watch that one and then obviously and then. The one in 04. Because I was chair for the guys and like I said they were calling me so I was pulling for them so. You know obviously would be nice to be there with them for sure but I also felt part of it because of the phone calls and back and forth and everything so I and I appreciated that. You played you know and at same time with me were roosters. The thought of winning a World Series so far out there are people actually believe in the curse of the baby goes 1918 -- in his chance which is the surrounded us and -- think back of three championships in ten years. -- since. If that's a sort of blow your mind knowing what it was like the mentality before and I think that the success they've had until four. Now you know what I said this Josh I remember send us out client I said when they win one they're gonna win many. But it is just a matter of winning now one and it's it won't just speed out lawn and then they're gonna have to wait a long time afterwards I said that is just that I goes. You played for so long as it's just like all its gonna take that first one. And they're gonna have more than that it's gonna come and you know with the really thought 2003 was going to be and we were so closely at the team's it does present -- fourteen did it as well because. How good that team was in you and your right there in the mentality that we all had going into the next year so. It's it doesn't surprise me that they've they've they've gone on and one more after that. When Nomar thanks so much for joining us really do appreciate congratulations. On the on the should be a fun day for you and thanks for taking a little time to join us to talk about it thanks guys appreciate it. I know Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox hall of Famer. Joining us right now. On -- days with Timothy. Roger Clemens when we come back he's getting inducted as well do that next. He'll join us here at Fenway Park 937 WEE why.

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