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Pedro Martinez, Red Sox Hall of Famer 8-14-14

Aug 14, 2014|

Pedro joins the MFB guys to discuss his career and his relationships with his fellow inductees.

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Red Sox all favorite joke is -- on file called in 1999. AL DS Red Sox vs the Indians and joining us right now middays with and it beat the guys on the mound at that time. I think he's fast becoming the fourth member of our broadcast and a couple. 800 Martina is here and WD I occasional visit did you. Often that one day at -- fatal only evil. And store. You know I. But I only one. Really got -- You know saw it but I I did hit the ball which what really surprised me I got to usable. Month. Does that maybe -- we've done that Islam. I inaudible -- -- the day. When you came here in 97 how much of all the success that you enjoyed here did you think was possible given all of the close but no cigar seasons the Red Sox had injured before your arrival just think it was all gonna come together the way it did. And to be honest now I really I did not know what to expect I. I was. Newman and in Boston and I know in -- them before but he and foreign in the league game. You know it will be able -- hard looking at the history and then you know and looking at the players though that had been in the organization. And so many so many good players -- passed by him. You know. Did they got dvd that we faced on the media was probably the biggest issue everybody seemed to. Just be negative at the time to say you know both on the win. 1918. Babe Ruth curse of the -- we heard it all we now know we're just talking to Roger and users talk about you was a pitcher now. Pressed he wasn't -- him mechanically kind of staying consistent within sound when you. You Roger have you guys had some battles amenable but was it ever off the field during BP talking pitching always that you just know. No he's he's a guy going up against. And -- lately we've got to -- actually tethered. There was nothing we could do against each other it's that. You know which which will -- to either one because. Normally what we think it's about -- the other guy that you're facing. -- we'll worry about the hitters. I know that Roger was gonna put up a good battle all the time I'll probably the best battle up there because of both of the time with -- -- -- probably the best -- estimates -- and wolf the one looking up about put them to be appeal bottle. And I have to really focus as well and and and bring the best out of me if I wanted to hops on the -- of had a chance to mimic human canceling. So I asked Novartis as far as where were you when when when the call comes to -- -- vote. He was at a high school with that title -- school being inaugurated give a speech or some like that where US and what was the first spot and Nichols had any special memories every point that. About assistant general about your career it would what you're gonna get where were you when you. Got to call a lawyer I knew I was. I think growth in the ER and I'm calling him and and and -- Members are. Stomach kind of we will hear or something and and she goes you know lot. I can't I can't wait for the time we have to retire number or you know put in the Al claiming it. -- ounce launches to a range everything that the we're gonna do and I I -- -- Fooled -- me I I never thought it -- Hopkins was flown in and then. All the -- this year they be vehicle Meehan and Tom -- that Dell's going to be inducted into the hall of fame. And -- like wow you know this is it is amazing. I I become part of history in this. And and in Boston and and and be recognized as though -- here. If agreed on its grade on -- I'm totally excited and I'll see what happens ago you never know made it. -- -- -- I that's out there and that's what I'm looking forward to -- to speechless you know. Didn't write one story time -- are you just. You just go Dotty old -- yup and you play -- go with -- being -- to -- -- -- that appease her. I hit a chemical voters -- and after a major remarks in Israel that's Red Sox hall of fame induction day at Fenway apartment days -- -- at the cast Roger this and he was on silicon askew as well would you rank yourself in front of Roger on a list of all time Red Sox great pitchers Roger being from the view. I think you will be in front of me because. I grew up by action via a mine Roger and few of these big phenom that came out of college that we all want it to be. We want to be that kid that came hoping showed it was in that. That that he -- and surprise everybody in and modules one. Players that distinguish himself. From any other him and like Gooden. They'll split two players that for me growing up in becoming a teenager. Of the time. I actually wanted to move Gupta and even though I had a lot of you know all of their players that I admired like Nolan Ryan and a Brit David Hagan was on all the guys that I totally like members that -- in 85. And you know Holmes skinny -- just blowing got by everybody I was. What -- inspired by mail those guys vote modules that one we don't want it to be a big phenom that came over filling -- -- And not intimidated by anybody facility nominate and a lot to put Roger. Even bought them all the numbers really between me and Roger and and I I don't I'll pay musicals things in the moment. But. I I I have so much respect. Probably. We put him because I like I don't like putting myself anyway. You know what about the other guy going with a shortstop there there's so when you came over here in ninety Yi put together some pretty good years to say the least those first few would. What was it like for you mean you talked about playing behind you and just watch him go about his business every day. Well -- -- was impressive and and just like you look the day. I mean these body frame. He's not a be intimidating guy but he could hit a ball I remember. One thing that IE. Always look -- With the use these small premium we need people's 71 yeah looked like at 33. Of them in the line. And that and that always -- -- -- hit the ball in the same spot all the time on the Heidi good do it. But no my you'd use chicken bat and out like a little circle with a -- hit all the time you'll rarely feel Nomar. Take what you're capable of that little thinner and animal of anybody that could do that so well like Norman did and and I pay go for things into one moment would do and you know. Pitching with them and and feeding in the bench and watching him do -- thing was totally impressed. Your favorite memory of Clemens. You know you guys going at each other. Stands out -- the -- Karim Garcia a good game from. Although the aggregate payment the same time not that probably the game that. The best memory about drug it was the one we and on the night in the -- And we -- and 00. In the eighth inning and then to make them too long to loved Roger. Well I I I don't remember really how -- you love them but I'm not I remember those great team. Eighties against eighth and the old -- -- innings. And in the night game in Yankee Stadium. Built like pulp of the not what you want you -- the pitches I mean in order. Now. We like that's going on you. A you focus on what he's doing -- you just more concerned about what you have going on as is any any time you looking across the field and you know looking to see what has to meters like Steve he's got a point first. IE I was really focused on about not blinking first. And I and I do not want to do that because I -- budget was on his game that day. Believe it or not. He Villanova is but I. I took a lot of his -- deals are actually correct my mechanics I think Roger from the right hand side was the best mechanics I've ever seen. From the pitchers if you sit down and build out and you watch his mechanics. Every every time he appears those would probably the best mechanics I've ever seen or right handed and from the left side I'll have to say if Andy -- Because levels the biggest student of the game and in order for me to get consistent with my -- -- -- study. A lot of play a lot of pictures and -- to a flammable. It was a rescue me have was at the heat beat the perfect game leading to credit for but Montreal which isn't right. Always that one hitter in New York with chili Davis at that moment seventeenth conscience. I I think you know we felt the best of the best stuff. -- I felt and in San -- that day but. It in the Buick -- -- on QB you have not before the game models cranky and I got really pissed off because I remember. Holes in the tub and we have come over from Seattle. Analysts cranky not only above the long flight and also having to pitch. And faith in the Yankees in an -- -- -- Saw -- out on the plane is not easy and then having them. Jump up on the mound this is not easy that against the Yankees and and hundreds -- area pizza meal. Because. Joseph Perry and asked me. If I was gonna go live pictures meaning that's I think Joseph on the little cranky -- -- it solvent and then you know stretch a little bit earlier -- You know feel better and we had just faced the Yankees like you know the previous homestand. So -- -- you know what I'm not gonna go to the pictures meaning. I'm just gonna go with what I saw last week. And and he goes well you better figure out how you gonna get you know he's viewed in -- -- will be an -- like. Did you think you know. -- -- And I out of really wanted. And then I went out of the game and -- -- with the the underground review Holland and I -- given -- homers. It made me even more mad and and yeah that got him I mean it's. I went I went up that we go in and a great game. Pedro Martinez this in -- them -- it's Red Sox hall of fame induction day. When if ever did you cross paths with Pavano or Tony Armas junior after your trade and what was the conversation like. Well I I always. Because the -- -- him. -- slowly we kind of you know went back and forth about being -- and all that and wolf always good you know -- wish everybody want to wish well for everybody in and I was really happy that. Carl and and Tony I'm not going to be a punitive. Finally become. You know pictures in the big leagues in. You know they were pretty much in the same position Iowa. You know a few years earlier and you know Leo we we talked and we we would slow and and then I was always looking looking out for them. Tickets I can just imagine those guys you know just think in my goodness I was part of the trade that brought Pedro. To Boston LA that must feel like part of their legacy. And your kind of attached to them by extension. Yeah and you know what I I got to I get to them we'll probably hear. And -- like oh my god I -- -- -- how many years just to be close to you and coats over. How how we get treated for each other in and and to actually be part of your team in in in in any area moon and you know -- he -- a -- simple idea tonight show respect for his career is developing to a pretty good pitcher. You know the body itself wasn't completely there all the time because yeah I think he had a pretty good chance to become even better.

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