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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Robin Williams update 8-14-14

Aug 14, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T cover more than 99% of all Americans and by Bob's discount pressure me to go first. You'd get me up my game I'm sorry. You know made me do it. Like doing it made me do it. It's the laws that affect them used to make me do anything yet likes what he drew the line at the four. It thermos. Like he's there he told me they're -- to wash -- his -- -- mes did not do arrested. It was one of those like. Leaving the room type -- continued to me if it -- a thermos. This goes -- -- Fairly early on my release they always say I just a last lap in Asia it was Hillary goes -- he has -- the chicken -- That. It was good for the soul -- or. And if it -- it with -- enemies not known and between one that he was of course to do is such a foolish. Request to ask somebody to do what what is the -- should you do to solve the issues. The wild -- the story all bull -- and and it's look at Kirkland says I can't I -- -- value on the air I cannot do. -- -- day to day we can tell the stories that could quite outlive us see I think you're the guy you're still young. Meter. You're the guys to write the book. And your people Josh right tackle if you could one not you could make a fortune. Though -- -- can write a book of the station because Steve has not the only call or signal that -- -- for BC -- the identity secret excerpts. I -- the books from the cup. Car out and out right that's right did they hated the -- -- Aren't those proclivities -- incident and am guessing he probably skirted right depth look at how important. Right to Dino is -- -- and I've talked about you know is said. He's never gone to a bookstore -- not right. This of all that weird things on sexual. That's the strange. Idol thank you I don't think it's true. And on the construe the -- what's why it might what's the I don't know it just came -- I have time to kill like go to Barnes & Noble. The new republic at the airport. Or the airport just let me just look and -- right to Barack. Pick up a map you pick up a book profits for those encourage products and that goes on I. Don't want his new book you're going to keep your order -- time so that it's the most pressing thing and oral an awful. I'll look at some of the equipment that -- papers I mean people just in the electorate well I. Elect from the mine has said these he -- he likes shows offender now because he's written and we know Joseph that is great. Eyeballs books and I sit on his excellent -- you -- -- this is not I'm glad I got Mike McCann. Ago QB -- -- and that's you know he travels a lot. Number you give him Joseph and his new book to read his -- good. I so if you have a Kindle and you're a big reader. You don't go to bookstores. I don't I don't -- reading his dad. Bookstores that I like reading can answer -- we gonna have to. I don't need it because have to -- to classics right that's true they're there to have the classics on Kendall. Should be neat it's neat Shia and Kindle. Like in its original. That's true here resides at the actual you know like to feel like -- hard covers I don't let us color or never for -- you prefer when you travel yeah -- do this Metallica are covered my head -- -- -- -- he's an -- -- -- As do I always have. I don't blame I really don't what do you got for headlines I outside -- -- -- got Robin Williams who spiral began. With drink it is crazy sitcom shoot. Perhaps one of the -- shows on television the crazy ones. Rob Williams was drinking on set including you fell off the wagon during his reluctant ill fated returned he insisted on downing a real boos during issued at the -- -- go rest runners at Spago last year. In Hollywood the tragic funny man appeared -- filmed the show one of the episodes Vegas know how how it is -- made its really apple juice but. Right he insisted that he drinking it was a picture of him on the set. Generated picture him and it appears he's got a glass vodka in his hand -- -- -- -- it is they said when the cast but to shoot the scene last may. He insisted on a real drank -- -- to drag him before this one drink led to another but it seemed to calm him down according to a source. He also. It's not exactly I guess the best guy on set is at fixed in -- -- created the cast. Even though he had been hired to try recreating them mad -- spirit of Horton Mindy. On and on which he often rift unscripted. They could handle that. He griped that he had a bad feeling about the lack of chemistry on set the rest of the cast blasted his constant need. For attention while. So the truth it's slowly. Leaking out that he was timing it's and you watch everything media -- new show that as convenient that your opinion on. Did you watch the crazy ones ones because he -- -- I did the same thing I wanted to protest -- are so I really I may I had to get through I could not move on the -- golfer I think I mean I'm a person who -- -- -- Sarah Michelle -- you know. How many episodes because -- days and now. And credible season post season alienated how much of the human purpose -- a 22 episodes. Made ten million now -- -- -- TV 500 Gramm episode 165. Sheets per episode per episode and was that tumor in my box. Oh coming -- -- -- -- -- to -- 17100. Million bucks available to -- million bucks yes and that was one of the reasons why you as a buried in his depressed obviously but you need the money. He clearly needed the money well he said they'll be home filming those four movies that have yet to come out that just wiped his drained six -- so. Six -- the sixth when you count the voice over cartoon thing like -- paycheck but he was quote desperate for cash. That's that's pathetic that sat that's why sign up for the misses out archery and wanna -- now iffy. If he didn't have money worries would be alive today. Mean I know we don't know it's. At -- -- like it's amazing because this is the most. Talked about thing in the world right now and everyone's talking about it we don't ever away for a you know like -- said Dennis Miller was great on this every you know and Fox News and CNN. Re one in the and it just begun all the 48 hours and you're 22 -- -- and sixty minutes we'll do it. And yet the annoyances is no answer. It would could have. And -- -- -- you know if you feel that bad if you're in that battle place talked to someone. Well who's to say and talk to someone sure they're taught -- that if -- usher counseling -- -- away empty hotel without any saving probably I think I think if he was. Doing well financially right now he would've committed suicide. Six years. What if he wasn't drinking. Is again when their demons are demons some guys think I think he might have -- aperture and it was this was just a money thing I got. Men but I like a minute I'll yemenis theories that he just couldn't keep up the character and longer. In it for years he was Robin Williams and whenever he was anywhere he had to perform you know I think eventually just -- is -- up. Do and it was so -- yourself battle is just a source told radar online. Williams was sleeping around the clock almost during his final days is detriment black out curtains because he didn't -- light in his bedroom he wasn't eating. Was just having problems getting out of bed he would often -- -- just so tired even after sleeping twenty hours. -- didn't sleep. But he was one of those guys forty hours a day as as the pressure there. It sounds kind of -- And now that this is abuzz doesn't like one day twenty dollars dog to sleep when he goes at them jealous actually for twenty hours now and when he arsenal we can't do eight anymore because I you bought the whole body clock so screwed up do yourself a couple. Yours -- and -- -- -- I don't have broke up the good morning to 52. I was -- and you've got out of bed ran out for 252 you read and to the time -- -- from a badly in odd that you probably just went through that phase at some point away a bit tentative too much funding available for twenty minutes or so I'm. -- -- -- Well before you do that again. Talk to someone who we talked you seek help call and I mean he stays up that late but I don't know about now. Am probably 111130 well sometimes denied that it just watch about it football you don't know don't care I don't care. So it doesn't awfully quiet Saturday -- I said Connecticut's. I don't within the next -- and it -- and her eyes and you get up Sunday think like I said it was 330 every day. It goes to bed you're right it's true it's true. -- Barack Obama is approaching you milestone. It's 200 round of golf now as president bill is on pace to do with 20200. Are unemployed do you play how much coal trader at 2009 Tiger Woods or 269 -- professional wanted to try to. -- adore right now Barack Obama and Tiger Woods seized upon him or golf he's gonna play everything is his handicap or lower than tiger's. -- he's got a fifteen day vacation in Martha's been used to play around the golf today in the east. Course in values normal weekly round the past tiger sometime next for he is not only she'd be busy with I don't know president stuff. -- -- of two young kids. Mean he's on vacation with two young kids and every day diskettes that says CEO six that's the -- a lot of spike tried to -- up to Maine on the golf to me in the week my -- take a week off the end of August army for the week just because that'll help out. Well whether it's up these sanctions -- not do it. Ali -- golf is acceptable with the kids and you this seven days -- sent two rounds of -- team or. Four rounds of nine that's acceptable I was up like twice that's okay that's to. -- put on my wife for the kid if I played every day it's doing right six hours would you field. Guilty plea deal to us as -- -- young father of young kids would you feel like. I should be while I still mother still around option and the spending time with them sorted sorts of drama notes does. Cumbersome it's. Five hours and days they went and frisked all the people that don't know guys -- waiting to lay off as a Republican lunch who'd already played. Yeah had to get up and won them off. On the user and -- you know it's must early minutes of the pro real big Obama fans we mentioned sentinel and like the you know just -- on -- golf. Immigrant stand -- our -- on him. But stick out John John in the east hero quit that job. I kind of vision and he told me that you know are coming up to underground. I just have a vision of Nero fiddling while Rome is burning. There's not much else going on back in the world. Enough is enough but we don't it's argument yesterday meanwhile the Iraq War was raging on your hero GW bush. Spending a lot of time in Crawford to beat in golf and do other stuff. Like there are Russian -- stupid -- -- -- -- doesn't look as bad. Clearing brush rates I -- does that play into all that bad I don't play golf. Like you said when you and I have a wife and kids you feel like you do something kind of frivolous. Yeah should be doing fatherly thing we'll self published so much -- -- a great he's like you know the father of of the free world right now news. Heated up with Ray Allen and -- for sure it'll Ahmad Rashad is there -- hidden -- alive should he got into policy now on my average huge jump from group to group -- stone and Tony Kornheiser. And Michael on course played with bill on time would you play golf Obama didn't -- Would not the golf president no editors down yes a lot. As well he's the president I would say comfortable jerk you know why her and that's. -- to vote no it's a phony move like. -- ownership at my best to present the United States even like him out he's a prestige commander in chief we music should do with you know like I was currency that can like Barney Frank called -- with them it's different and present as a congressman John -- -- -- -- would not -- -- you really think that I would go into put on the act if you yourself you articulate. The president United States as to play golf -- I would say no what I guess who watched it. And it's in no thank you commit hours and -- and -- it to say. We did we -- -- of Portland -- yeah yes so what's the cut off. I would go if -- and Stanley Cup champion -- -- -- said I wouldn't have done. Which Tim Thomas did if -- but I would have trouble putting on an act and a dot couldn't I should do. He should do I I don't know that we have you would say I would -- for you -- plays golf if myself give 2000 dolls play golf with -- all you do yes. Would bet you'd have to put on an act when she's playing golf with some original like. Yep that's difference -- talks with president. It could be summed up to centuries it's their point. You have to their music you have to put on that I would want I would say it's not a president that even though I don't. Like him politically I would never vote for him it's the -- meet the president but that's a genuine guy Richard -- steadfast behind his opinions that. Catholic Obama's a couple of wouldn't play with Clinton even. -- -- -- -- What -- pretty well why not. The president. -- You spared either bush solid wise yeah. He left but he left the country to country surplus profits right we're making money a terrible and and what was gas plus what was been lighten up to 99 cents. They kick him out right and he passed on the chance to capture or kill bin Laden report golf. That that would and a help that probably would help with that present. No income. -- -- -- -- -- try to give me a week off to not a dry you logic on what's right you it was a Blair to president. He was with the dispersing among those who fought hard but he's not great September 6 he was pre president's seven months before that -- was he present on work was is presently was president. Richard -- tell you that. If bush desperate -- I don't -- provides quality by Richard Clarke to tell me that's headlines brought to you by AT&T and talk about how Argus lobs and is -- Furniture offered just hard ball and I -- I get. Obviously you know I'm not a big fan of people who say you know -- the world who's unfair it was fiscal stimulus you know set tires. But you've got a little creeped out at cops in a last call Ferguson. Not LA Ferguson not a New York Ferguson Missouri. When you see cops who look like they're at war. Yes it's concerning a little freaky yes we will get into that the more we get back.

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