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Jim Koch joins Planet Mikey

Aug 13, 2014|

Co-founder and chairman of the Boston Beer Company, Jim Koch, talks about his Sam Adams beer and the history of his brewery.

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We -- back. It's a planet Mikey show on radio Wednesday the thirteenth of August and in a house for us. The man the myth the legend was not a myth although he is the founder of the Boston Beer company Samuel -- he's the guy that they cranked out the hole was Samuel Adams legend being ninety ports -- -- Jim I don't. Great yeah regular Golf -- like you've been up to you know on. -- anything -- yeah in Jamaica Plain these are the New Bedford. I think that -- and ends like of farmer well you know it's a brewers stand but it's nothing like -- the dark and a New Bedford. You know -- -- sunshine. -- -- hi you've been everything good. Life is very good in my life is full of beer I guess it is and -- -- outweighs any time I don't wanna get right to this and I regret to this story because everybody's talking about your Esquire spread your story about the east. And that the journalist for twenty years nobody ever wrote Esquire -- lightly somebody writes it and it's all over. And this is what's key about this and by the way for those of you have -- questions you know what to 061777. I said last night 37. Yeah or you -- me up -- want to people I know that no things. You Edison an article. In in Esquire Magazine about there's somebody asked you as they do often. How can you do all these events street -- all the time like you do personally and not gain weight -- and -- not get drunk and you. Basically. -- -- steal the secret. Of these two at first when his head he'd drink -- game. And my dad home. Brew master said remembered -- food in the beard but there's no beer in the food. The total. I stay away from that fattening food -- At -- at the foot that makes -- fat you can drink as much as you well -- wreck every time. It didn't stay away from the food. In the second thing about how do you drink. And you know not yet so drunk. Is -- seek. Okay. There is one is commonly available. By the group restore that. Is actually patented. Two. Reduce the effect of the alcohol. If he -- yeah and that that's a negative effect. He's good at exactly drunkenness -- Get a it didn't use it. Come here show and during because I want the alcohol pets are usually what the oracle at ten times ago. So and I I still taste a sample of every bad. That we make that there's times where you know at work get a drink 24 Beers and they go home. You know I haven't and that's -- calm them. You know it you're not 68300. Pounds -- it's again you know absorbs and a gigantic body format that's right now drink a sample of -- and during opening -- -- -- About it teaspoons. Of active dry east. You can get a degree in place now red star. Teaspoon. At the time during the beer and there is an enzyme. In these. Called -- called the cold. Portion yeah everybody's different. Don't try this to you tested and be careful -- Germany takes. Almost at -- like intrigues. And and and it and it works. Do you work yet can't guarantee it worked for anybody else Rondo for me. You know if I do that usually makes who's you know burgers and -- so you know as an eating bread doesn't do it knew who noted that have. It dried and a while it is no chance of yeast infection you just I do get some -- evil arts. Eight health from Al. That it's occupational hazard and it'd been a small price to and I just exit the economic over our. -- and a that's a that's a -- course Esquire and you all over the place -- people. I I wake up in the morning sometimes I've seen on different news networks and at 7 AM on morning shows you know. With beer yeah hero over the commercials -- all I now show up with the year in negative people and they -- me here we are fighting show up with the cases in and you'll let me in the -- -- guys are -- and and by the way I wanted to thank. Michelle lovely Michelle the beer -- number two right yeah. Or via the perfectly poured -- in the perfect pint glass. Right here for now what what kind of tears in his -- Margaret. Going to -- flagship event -- beautiful I see the ads here you got sixty Beers now and this is one of the things like you know. One of the things that people love about your company and UN and and Sam Adams is that you're afraid. Your fearless yeah you're gonna if you saw the -- was a good idea you're gonna make them appear to be a lot of people like you know something like more than others. But you've had Sony's success stories too modest and one -- isn't the the -- the rebel like PA he had a big home run -- Yeah that was we've been working on. You know developing our IP these skills for over ten years at least in Boston EPA back in the ninety's when -- It's you know coming out. And the rebel -- Regis nailed it. -- -- Big hoppy beer with. A lot of -- tropical through notes in and some. And grapefruit grind grapefruit -- and classic and a West Coast. I PA flavors. Yeah and people are -- are talking about it in a bad fashion but sixty different varieties and how long has taken while we in other words after. You've been thirty years now by the way cheers we celebrate thirty years. Of of of -- Sam Adams. 81984. But how long it take it -- say ten when -- when did you get the milestones of 1020 to you know do you remember really roughly what year. I probably took us maybe eight years to get to ten. And then probably. You know another six today get to twelve when he and it just rolled from there. Yeah -- now of course the -- the whole craft beer industry. A you know imparted duty your model has gone wild and and it's opened up people's eyes ears and and pallets. A full for the pulled the whole spirit thing it's not just really organized. Awesome now you know today. Boston in the United States in general is just pure paradise. You can't. More great quality Beers from every kind of style. That's never happened anywhere in the entire history of the human race. Never this is a historic moment it's like -- Experience here you have it's like having Michelangelo. And you know Leonardo did what did -- catch trio vintage and dad dad and I and -- -- I had -- and -- -- Francis Bacon and -- -- -- the -- -- So many Beers now there's more -- number one right he has and I -- trying to come up with a different tastes that's why this -- many Beers and I mean. Once upon time you walk and a package store. And you had eight and nine -- major grants you know after you came along. And now it's exploded they all trying to come up with a different tastes -- just to be. Are now on the shelves are in the market. You know I think it's a little bit -- a lot of people have flagged ship that will be familiar style and EPA. But I think you know we're not the only were out there who's just going crazy with creativity and innovation. Pretty much every craft brewer out there is trying to come up with something new and innovative move today you walk India. You know appears store particularly -- -- a really. Specialized -- like our friends at a beer seller where they really have. Thousands of beer -- -- take pride in a variety it's like curator. They don't column like OPEC he Stewart now clerk. It's taken of merit here even if they continued growth in Austria yes and you go there and they will walk you through. You know hundreds even thousand. That we all kind of different styles every rappers like. -- and have a pineapple. Cezanne. And I'm gonna like a regular. And then I'm gonna. AG in. You know urban barrels -- to hold -- out. And it's like kind of Beers that are you sick you get sixty B and I bet you stranded on the days that I. Right up and you only have one. I know he's going to be. I don't know I I know Maine and it is wrestling look at me would've gotten that out all right I could have brought a beer and what percentage are Boston lager percentage of your overall beer sales from all the sixty varieties. Is the locker. It kind of varies depend roughly the season but it's our biggest selling beer yet -- been our number one beer. For thirty years it is the largest Boston logger even after thirty years it's the original it's still the largest selling craft beer. In the state that's great. And I awesome -- congratulates by the -- in thirty years. It's we hear the ads of the baseball games you know it's floating it. And it's it went so fast. I really just now at 130. UK. It doesn't drag drinking now his bad news and industry. I didn't like that it was redwood tree and I think that I like that did in the last night with that money can lovely wife. And he -- Now he's -- that brewery. It's like doing your own vehicle I hope -- -- to the I don't know I ruler general. The I'm -- he's it I mean. I felt very just I if I want -- -- a mystery Ottawa and now it might have worried that I'm gonna get a sports show my. And an Internet at at a I've got six in my basement now for the first time ever got to make wanted to. Are trying to for the first time you know what I've been all the beer taste of the the long shots stuff. By. It is out of out of a long shot now -- -- -- you -- if you could get it on the market. Planet I put little touch of banana an area called planet monkey. I like bananas but no -- is already put him appear ever had bananas and yeah others really -- out of banana bread beer opens an English burglary is speaking of which. I've got to ask you about this because I was calling the Internet looking for beer effectively get this first beer quiz we're gonna give some great chance to do some -- someone a program next segment here. But there's supposedly the most expensive beer in the whole world is it sold this one place in Ottawa in London and it and it's 700 pounds of English a bottle a thousand dollars American. I I can write it down at some weird name only place you can get at this one. Hotel bar in London and it's a thousand bucks about what you heard. Think Clinton -- -- news. I'm wearied. Was it end of street news in the news in roadkill. This I got into rivers I'd really kind of guys abroad are beautiful -- they went and got roadkill. And added tax in -- like clumped. And they put the bottle. In their like hedge joggers some road. A thousand dollars of. I had this I -- Eric I didn't I was curious about that -- part of you know again if only served at one place what's the point. Well progress we're talking about -- likelihood that the department of the name of the place -- verdict to a bit -- meant that it Brasilia -- right amount to bear limit. Now the you'll be -- come out in. EC kind of a -- you know when you go to the site the sixty Beers -- you haven't statistically label ones you know as you website. This it would not currently being group but they come in and out and if you know season police type stuff but now you're in the August to October. Mode where you have the the harvest collection -- which it's transitioning and -- summer Beers this month yep so and tell us about the -- which obviously October fest. As we have and it's also got a harvest pumpkin. And this is a fun time to make pumpkin Beers would and we use. In these big -- to pumpkins. And then the pumpkins spices. And then we've also got. Harvests Cezanne which is. They are farmhouse style in Belgium. France. By EC. A little banana actually it's got a little taste of banana in it that the -- Makes and then of course you know variety -- we got to give people Boston that's indigent yeah. In the fall collection you get those four -- -- autumn or autumn -- Now you do that -- Christmas I know you have the the winter coat collect revenue -- about -- buckled as he would yet sometimes some chocolate Bach. -- sometimes people say to region and they know that I'm a huge fan of of of Samuel Adams and I get tweets and stuff about it. You know eyes -- panic king. By my local stories out of this and and -- -- already go to get -- on October fest and by this time will be drink in the winter stuff but Labor Day. How do you control the demand. Because it it does swell up and change it you know it season by season how do you like guy anticipate. And stay ahead of that so people aren't disappointed. You know we -- and take a variety of like I do -- a regular it's exactly the same thing because. It takes some time to make the -- so we can't just like makes him board today and sell it tomorrow. So which which summary -- did really well you respect to run out of it. So the October fest is now starting today its stores probably a week early but it. It depends in the stores on bars -- -- that. People wanna get ahead of it there because they don't wanna run out later on -- as you know I mean I see it's a seasonal -- Pete now it's a run like a ritual of particular calendar. And here in New England. We have a different sort of attitude -- he's always looking forward. It's sort of leaning forward because you know spring training. Starts in February data were excited in the middle of February that its spring training -- even though you know we're shoveling out our driveway. Yeah and and marched you know its middle of August it's technically still summer. We're starting to think about how has -- delaying in his Brady getting too old and turn and now we're thinking about the patriots even though it's in autumn's. Or by the way she's the best bartender ever if that we barely all of -- shells and we've already got another Michelle rocks wins this one. That we are just give this woman is the harvest from Boca off if you don't wanna drink harvest -- why I think of Kate Upton. Now so that myself -- that aren't as it. To the harvest pumpkin -- good that's a good depth are again is -- Amanda might be an earlier met again Melanie has -- gonna get some of these calls in here for you Jim but. And ask each of view just for laughs but I remember. What kind of beer was your very first -- would you have your very first words like. Really -- A gym chain link. -- -- -- -- In Cincinnati group of that idea that he or she did and was improvements and the -- such -- beat the reds today. This is -- -- Cincinnati good with that. And that whole love river -- finger goes on you've -- and yet be huge there and you know brewery there and we grew -- -- Pennsylvania you've got bitten in the original Boston. And history. And you know having that West Coast Rocky Mountains to go back. I know about you Larry what was your first beer ever. To answer it. Yeah I cuter and imperial court department do rose eleven with a big court. -- forty -- that was that was the invention of the bode. Yeah I -- it was a very important to the photo. Op EIQ no -- Imus gets it so we get a case go on the deep woods itself Natick. In summit station -- -- -- -- Could have been mine tonight and yet you know. But it yes I have. I have five or six places rehab restaurant when I go to like that when I belly up to the -- They do -- hope meets me that's yes that's you know you're drinking one last night we got to -- -- dead right. Imperial China. -- -- And a lot of places I just I just walked in and they just they don't match that is that -- attendance and it has to be logged. Because I -- at all year round. That's always and they always happen. A tip Jim cooks in the house and it's so Michel the better angels Michelle Levy over there and you do it. Edwards' share place. Can a grown up please at that -- that we have Craig in Gloucester has around our first caller. -- and I'm just working with a new call answering system here's a quick click this mouse erroneously you know so what Gregory I don't. That an -- speak you mr. -- caught my birthday ever had would what about -- you know my dad took me to a featured game. And I took it to negotiate for bear and with NAFTA. Man it's -- wonder -- didn't ruin you for beer. Must not have been having more than one as the old jingle used ago remember that went well I you know by the way I know every -- -- I know I. Remember this when I was singing last night Schmidt is -- hardy beer a malveaux -- light beer blended into one beer -- light. Bright sun beer Washington. -- -- -- one view will be neutered him quickly about half the restaurant. Where I expect I've drank that there wasn't that beautiful -- and outside -- I interrupt you. OK my question regiment has there ever -- -- flavored beer that you followed up that -- -- would be degraded very animated in your life. Okay that's what the effects. Gosh. -- There was this beard that I made. -- my friend's fiftieth birthday. And you know he's getting a little and so -- and made a beer with a couple of roosters in. And we called it though cocktail. Who came from and why a lot of medieval recipes -- pride to make quote unquote fortify the resolve of her elderly bridegroom. So I'd had a few Beers it seemed like a good idea. But then that you know it was either throw me in feathers beat Nadal which like you today. So excited that is kind of a good idea and it was OK without -- fight you can have with them in front -- I look forward to reduce their -- -- -- and it and it did -- that the Euro for a drink. He actually liked it and it but he died at 51 and -- -- know so I -- having. For the rest of his life he felt a little cocky. That's awesome I mean that's like it with a weird stuff that goes at least. Greg thanks for the call and have a good night. I have a beer quiz now. I don't know how we're gonna do this we're gonna try to figure out of fuel prices to Wear whatever. But we're gonna take a quick break -- if you wanna if you went try to take part in this contest now's the time to call 6177797937. We'll have a little conference here as to what the prizes will be and and you know. I I can get this quiz to Jim but I'm afraid he'd get like a hundred and and then we'd all be like embarrassed is the questions are are not gonna have the callers answer the questions. You can either correct the mark or not and I have yet. All the -- -- -- quest because of some I sit here and want appreciation in college and I visited -- net out of every Friday night to Israel aborted. But I would take -- break we'll come right back. On the planet Mikey show -- we're back here at a planet Mikey showed its beer and I we have he's got a couple times a year and I'm glad that did -- -- and committed share all of its information phone with us. When we do we don't we do one right before I can have the Christmas season usually we do an event in November December. We do -- summertime to get an update on what's going on this whirling world of -- to sixty different varieties of beer. And by the way remind me I have a tremendous idea for -- but I want to cross the here I don't break it on the air. For this year's Christmas campaign. Because I'm you know I'm -- tennis I am -- Natalie back of my name's Adams that's only part of it. I'm not 'cause my son's name is Andrew Samuel Adams by the way if you call him Sam. Everybody it's nothing lucky guy that Chicago they'll never have to buy his own business -- Greg. I can't wait to -- totally gets its license done at the yeah motor view department 68 now. Sixteen OS to make sure when you go to motor vehicle to -- your name is a Samuel Adams. Because that's legal. You can use your first initial so that it then he'll go into bars he's older logo hi. And look at they won like improved you -- Davis a Samuel Adams we'll give me one. Available I was license that me and I was way ahead of -- at -- right now in all these callers call we have appear Christian. And when asked Ali whoever gets this right at gyms -- get most of my. But we're if you get three and rolled these questions right that we have a prize pack for you. Which includes tickets to Boston calling at which is combined with the October fest Samuel Adams big celebration September 56 and seven. And it's it's a live music venue the biggest in the city and it's your route to all like twenty bands or something playing. And guess -- we have tickets for that right Michelle she nods. And that's what's going to be -- right along with. I guess a classic -- of -- beer -- A beer -- and some and some -- glasses and stuff some Samuel Adams. Black booty. Which is a great tonight. I drink I have somebody that Samuel Adams glasses I drink milk chocolate milk out of it you know orange juice and beer. It's integrated use the perfect point it's also good from milk. You can -- Malcolm I'll drink to that. So our first contestant I guess is going to be. -- I think Fred is spreading Denver's. Know that but I don't like Fred how are you -- and I mr. McCourt absolutely. My love here. But among them quite technical. And I feel like I'm sharp stroke because an economical and by arsonists. And why they should now brilliant -- we've got blood we got benched now. What's up -- the distribution I'm not -- and. Well you know there's so many Beers at their today that they think Sam light has kind. You know fallen from where it used to be the distribution still pretty good but it's harder to fine to be honest than it used to -- I still make it. To me it's the best light beer out there. So we're gonna -- brewing it. Yet because you originally were balking at the whole late concept because of these the pure you know -- -- kind of loyal listen to what you're really. Yes so when we made a light beer we made Sam Adams light. It's darker. Richer. It's smoother. And it's got a really clean finish. So -- and and and the competition await your market area that's that's -- aren't -- graduate just slight you know and that's all they have a big guys make some you know really good light -- they invented the style I just wanted to make. The Sam Adams -- Like -- and one portion so -- -- not current structure we're quite there. You know I think. -- ducking my knees and actually he's a good friend. And he's like us you know -- small. And it's a small business family business and interestingly you angling today is America's oldest -- you know what was the -- the -- in America before you England. The Boston Beer company. Well right because when that went when it's some of the other guy gets sold to other. Other countries' interests ran as an audit that made you guys area of the law is running the new England and in Boston -- committed to. Largest American known -- straight 1%. That's -- -- One of the questions will learn how big is market cheered as Sam Adams avenue it's 1% 1% and making ruling is about seems so we're actually sort of Brothers in arms and -- percent doesn't sound big but it's being. It's a big a damn proud of it man from my kitchen area from nothing -- -- -- -- my kitchen to wondrous. I know in thirty short years what percent are you now for Freddie ready. -- and I want you know you you wanna pass we give our but it lined up -- to play if you don't think you can do this you know pressures our -- -- Why it's a multiple choice thing Freddie take a shot shot a big game and I capacity multiple choice tested my day. OK here we go you ready -- gotta get three right. To win the prizes okay. Who says who said. Beer is proof that god loves us was at eight. Rupert nick -- barker beat Ben Franklin -- Keith Richards. -- -- It was bent and a yes -- a wise man he was injured a friend of Samuel Adams a drinking buddy and Sam -- him. They're real Adams who died and 1803 at the tender age of eighty. Who believe 8181. Pretty good -- question to the first professional brewers. Were all a German. Be priests or see women. -- Would you say women yesterday correct setter this you're little there's at some of them were sent -- some of them had been meant that became women not just -- And I here's a third question pops. And I have a jar right here. -- believe Jim cook brought in here were sent to be. So -- 63 years ago Greg look at the look at that perhaps there Buddy -- that I might -- might take oblivious to what's that we need America it looked. Here's the question. Cops are in the same family app of flowering plants as a broccoli be marijuana sequel over. Report. -- Terrible terrible. We're and no way to go to that area as they botanical friendly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you got two out of three Fred. -- -- you -- yours you would try one try one more. -- If you get this horrible give your prize -- we're nice people all of us. This. -- also a target so sorry pseudo silica phobia. Is the fear of eight. An empty beer glass. -- a dirty beard tapped. Or -- wedding your pants. Aren't going to prepare. Where would you say. Bianca. No exit dirty beard tap I'm sorry. They'll be ready to get right now it's empty beer glass. I want to. Well they're gonna get guys out but you know what admitted such a good move will put him on hold them below I might wanna have to put it's the button right above -- -- put him on hold back -- and -- this new technology -- with -- spread hang on a second Morgan will -- agent. Something a glass -- So there is registered here it's our pleasure. I would get him on hold so far because going swimmingly well yes Ochoa yes yeah after that Steve is in west recruit and Steve your next. On the planet Mikey show with Jim cook from Santa letters Steve go ahead are you there yet I am good evening you have a question -- -- a question for -- just like it. The group of 101 quick point it's what is up albeit you have from your sixteen competitors which one. Surprised you most. -- which one's surprise. Me. You be competitive Beers. -- came -- you mean and success ratio. Why did he just when you when you admire you're. Upon product from a competitor Baltic. I don't crash you know there's so many good Beers made in the US today. It's really hard to pick one out 'cause. Today there's more good -- in this country then. Anywhere else in the world in Germany. In Belgium. In Canada Australia. Today. -- small independent craft brewers like Sam Adams. Are making the best Beers in the world and not even dozens there's hundreds of great Beers. Today so it's it's hard to pick what dining room to mean much more exciting just. How many plethora via -- that there is it winner of the US pass with ice and Germany was number one at the -- once upon a time. Oh yeah you know US -- passed it. Yeah I mean in particular like in number buries you haven't met him was like 16100 buries it seemed like so many stories and Adams were. Forty or fifty. And now they're all over. And now there's like 12100 Parisian Germany in the US. There's probably. 3500 won so many that we knew we can't even count them dancing -- a new one coming up to Massachusetts and -- -- That would in my basement. Anyway I was -- -- monkey -- in America is the good thing Jim knows I don't have the energy that he had to go well that Dolly Catholic cases the -- get that chart planet -- -- -- -- -- only in my cellar I'll do that for him on paper I bet you will. Steve you wanna take the quiz you bet. I'd try to get three of these right okay I'll do my best -- okay. That and here's your question. Ancient -- girls made beer out of which two ingredients. Eight wheat and goat milk. I'll -- per want. Yeah now. Now. Our -- and spit nice now these -- and girls they had some albeit they had something going on where they can take the corn. Turning into a pulp liked substance in their mouth with this bit. And it spit into these pants or trays or whatever and it would end up his beer and I I don't know what I wouldn't sell really well. They'll do it. They stepped in Peru. You confined. Breweries. Would still using the corn and -- process or paying. Little flags. Out on the street on the days when they've got some corn and spit -- coach each cheek chest when it's just yep I've seen him do it it. I mean I don't know -- even ever dated a girl spit. But no I don't think I I don't we don't we try got to my next. -- whatever game you're a couple more chances to get these right all right to get one more wrong your route all right paired up -- A recent study by the American journal of -- the real. -- epidemiology. Ideology thank you Jim revealed. That beer drinking by middle aged men reduce their chances of developing a kidney stones beat erect tile dysfunction. -- -- -- -- -- Ask us you guys I here's another when you ready. -- while China drinks the most beater obviously and it got nine billion people there USA number two most beer intake. This country drinks the most beer per capita. Eight Ireland. Beat Czech Republic see Iceland. I'll go with LT. I can't drink out all of the Czech Republic. Is Cole rests very good faith I write one more in your win are you ready are. Babylonian king a home or what's his name Hammurabi Hammurabi. That this should happen to any woman who serves bad beer page she should be stoned to death -- she should be drowned. CC should be worked by King Tut. OK okay. Don't no no I'm sorry it's she should be drowned and still our number one on one acting. One more try and figure out ready. 112 ounce bottle of beer creates a body substance that can prevent a Pallet -- this beat heart disease -- prior prism. Optimism. But no you don't really think the progress prior prism. Got to watch Greta Van Susteren I'm -- I don't know. At a and I look at -- sorry our team they've dubbed cyber you know what we're gonna -- your cup okay redundant and Mikey that's not a couple of anything just the cup we put channel. Infected the Dixie cup. I don't know how to put these guys are holding here on -- -- amounts to -- -- -- that's where it's at the brackets around it aria that -- that's today announced no one on the event -- -- round. We have other folks who have one guy run a natural wants to ask Jim about the of the various styles. Of of Samuel Adams and it's running national go ahead run. -- Talked about you. Are yeah. Are you still may -- utopia. Yes. It is EE utopia is for those who haven't. -- go on to the lunatic fringe of beer. Is. It is it's like the Starship Enterprise -- will take -- where no beard is gone before. Discover bizarre life forms so until Prius. Is the strongest beer in the world weighs in around sixty proof. And we release it every two years. But. We may get by aging beer for years. In. Used spirits barrels at the -- here in Boston. So the beer is actually making itself right now. In our barrel rooms who were the oldest barrels in utopia is now 22 years old the we now have a release. Next year probably not this year there. We really out of their way to get those and that any course. I got I got some the first year that you get -- release it. Yup and I caught it pretty early because it didn't take too long before capitalists and took over when you try to find a bottle. And that he had to say -- yeah you're going. Playoff tickets. Exactly. And it but I will admit it it's really really good. I mean. It certainly not like drinking beer of course what this whole point I guess. Yeah I wanted to take -- into the to the flavor space in between. A vintage horror. And a -- share eat at an old cognac just to show people that -- had it was a much. More amazing. Beverage the need ever imagined when they were crushing those cans on their forehead. Parents are coming out against him. 2015. Will be -- fifties and Nextel utopia can it allowed you gotta try this ever try to I've heard great things you have to -- -- It's worth doing honestly concurrently and and of course it's not like you're going to be -- a couple of parties. All right who -- you're gonna guzzle a couple of putts I had called 911 person struck so they can get you before. You know you need to be detox Helio and over the north woods would -- squad somewhere. Where this -- -- would be upon a year and a half RA. Just sipping a little bit every known that aren't drinking it to her anyway that and it was worth every penny. That. Thank you enough for people don't know every penny means like a 170 dollars a bottle. That bright well it's been it is this is not this is not just something that's created overnight you know and this is not as a government takes decades. Via. Now what we have a lot of textures -- are just a couple of here. Jim do you like would -- hard cider. And in a member of the guy who started for me. You know when people ask me about these Beers -- siders. And it's not just the actual liquid itself. To me it's a person. Mean to me on this the very person you know the guy I know Jews and -- our guys out as they might beat chuck would miss. The guy it's that it would check it mean it's it's Vermont thing yeah if you're like -- an island. Of Vermont person they call each other would chalks it that was kind of the joke in -- kidded him as the tap handle it looks like big round. It's like this rodent that it looks. That would shock at death. Well like that it just look for the rat had -- handle it yeah bars of it's actually a pretty good tasting -- We a lot of questions to a Texan of people and hold would get to all these -- we come back in the final segment here. -- -- From the Boston Beer companies ambulance when he makes in the house Chris money. And of course blessing us for their presence is lonely period of Michelle will be right back folks where. Where back just like you thought. There on the -- planet Mikey show couple things -- when asked Jim cook. While he's in a house here -- you know we all know that baseball and beer go -- -- their football undergo together but it's different right because. Prep all a lot of the Beers consumed before the game in the parking lot baseball it's like during -- it's a long drawn out 34 hour thing. And nobody wants to leave the football gators and argued the -- until it's either half timer or time out. Do you have any numbers on that kind of thing how much how -- what's the number spike. You know football season compared to other sports seasons. -- and baseball beer if it's a 162 game. He had exactly and you know football mean you've been Gillette. Sometimes it's really cold down there and you don't have quite the thirst. You know for an ice cold beer when it's twelve degrees yet to baseball still king he had absolutely yeah when it comes to that and it's just part of our heritage. Speaking -- -- -- -- the actual Sam Adams burial place is from we've been by -- invited right there in downtown. In the financial area is it's a you know we don't -- monster Vermont right now was sort of pay homage it was a year that said you can actually go over there and seat and and have a cold Sam Adams with the cold Sam Adam yeah right -- I was usery. As of bar that serves Sam Adams he's a poker sit there having Uncle Sam that it has written. He's held -- in spirit for you guys yet. That's that's just nutty I do a lot of great -- I talked a lot of people -- -- have a curiosity about what's going on in the afterlife -- I -- gravestone graveyards and I sometimes every beer and -- it's legal there -- over in Boston and -- -- but. I mean it's still something you know if you've been -- Boston you could say you did bank is a bit Franklin's great and Philly right. Yeah is that parents is that they are on the scene. Graveyard this and that and Franklin's parents yeah -- the hill who think if Sam the real Samuel Adams -- 1722 were alive today. That he be more famous now because of the beer and Igor round talent -- -- -- Barbara girls -- it that's me right there that you know Gloria are like you know that's why am famous. As opposed to be you know brewer and a patriot and he was an amazing and important. Historical figures who was largely lost. And forgotten. Until it became a beer. And you know what that's right. And that's exactly you you'll. Ask to rerun of the dump it and he was a governor of Massachusetts yep he was the lieutenant governor and acting governor when John Hancock couldn't do the job so I mean they got the big John Hancock building what is the big Sam Adams building going in Boston. We got to worry me that way I already have at them out of a -- Boeing seven useless skyscraper. That. Folks are great site is being -- -- -- -- no doubt -- that a can both cemetery across the street so quick text messages for it gets so many we always it's always happens command. I have but the gets loaded up -- -- with president got good listeners Jim do you like smoking cigars with Sam Adams -- this Dexter writes if so what do you like. -- -- -- -- -- That is made him and that's what you -- you to duke that's again not a big cigar smoker but. Sam Adams utopia is yes and a cigar yet that is rate way better than it cognac or break in the year report. Jim. Have you ever had and Adam's apple half hard cider half Boston lager. Yes. With angry -- Richard hard cider and him and Boston lager. Adam's apple pretty sweet IKEA drinking and October fest in listening to my girlfriend who reps for Boston Beer company Heather in Rhode Island. Have there at at at. Happens and you go it's open -- would big epidemic. Let's get -- -- these calls I promise we get a ball in -- of rapid fire here. And we start -- and it's meet its long with this button but we'll start with Doug Christie Chelsea -- ahead. They Chris. -- -- honored at our view on that ship art center outlet repeat fill out and reading the three of our point apps are actually -- -- out there with a grateful actually. Well it actually -- you with the Expos. American wrap your. And -- still at the same resistance but he gave -- over foreign markets or are they open up there. He's the American -- They're starting to you know the Europeans have now realized that. The most interest thing most innovative. And and best tasting Beers. Are coming from the United States so I Europeans are starting to clamor. For American Hopson an American Beers it's pretty cool. -- great that he'd like them for the sake. The reading the all the from the American continent you know where there -- a. Yeah we're showing the Germans had to make good beer that's passing over that -- that. And you know they're they're still doing OK with the cars though they do nice cars over the thanks to the call Chris let's go to Mike in Hampton expert Jim caught. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want to. Sam -- -- -- party that Atlanta street you have back in 2001. G-8. You know pretty. -- can't spell right but he our old people like that you'll never heard this again. Yeah. I was glad that we gave him -- Sam Adams like we converted. And -- I don't I don't I think that you run. Popular and that is our right and only shot on the -- On stage. -- Yeah everybody has -- talented they show up every morning and while it and Chris -- is delivering papers on time every morning absolutely newspaper -- -- -- -- -- It. Yet the candidates now I've effect for a beer cans were invented 1935 according to the Internet. But the but -- it took out until Jim kept up the perfect beer -- Those by the way that I get a bit fabric lecture about it it's awesome. Yeah I earliest I mean it doesn't even if it does like sucking in that McCain now stricken man yep it's it's it's a good move. At a number of those cans on the beach last week I was on vacation. -- -- and. And also that met Margaret last week so. They're. Completely different. You know this couple haven't been that kind of worried that like you got in -- without the monsoons. -- -- -- -- Thanks the cough my friend have a good night we go now you are just at the -- but -- he does locked in Indian click that I think your job market -- I this does it was a new system we got just tonight. Where we have to click a mouse is that it just press a button you know. The other I panic button we used to call it I should get over there and it would -- that it figured out -- -- war -- which -- his sobriety -- if I you know what I -- that it. You remember the TV show ahead of the nineties and it and table and NEC had there was no. Button for me to push about their I don't have the buttons the guys in the background you're at their mercy plus there was no delay. So guys call and say anything about your mama you know what he did it matter you relate stuck there at least now we have control of some somewhat of a control system here. -- in Chelsea -- will. Good Mike you're a good you run the -- -- -- -- -- you a grade of what subject they end up. I'm proud to say like duty is going to be -- -- him I don't footage on tasting via. And you guys but grew into being -- applause initially be -- this. So want to know what to think about thirty years ago yeah but of course this packet you'll like the local on the front. I'm being just edited tape and does so -- like electorate hoped it would -- You don't lose or false satisfying Pia are those I used to break electoral account credit in the -- of -- would destroy -- -- And this is just and that the sentences religious. Abilities and so articulate. Intelligent. Who thought about it I don't back to maybe do it and I'll drink to that it was a dumb -- raised there have been imagined. May do a. We'll do sports school -- -- say but. You're you're you're sounding boards doesn't -- exactly it. Sort of that are what is -- -- fact that they're great and I went back to brag about that. That is that they it would used to it no one the other -- -- -- -- -- -- You know ideas to integrate with decision. Not only is -- good with a fish well it's good an official concert to which it sounds like you bill that. -- -- Carl my friend to our ears yeah I got one bonus question this last caller. Left over from my my my beer pop quiz. And I say we should give him you know some kind of Marguerite -- some of Michelle's -- she's had raised secret and here we go with the gym in the card Jim are you ready. I know you probably have a question. For Jim corporate gym in the car you're on the radio go ahead. Our concerns are all brought to bear. George drank it I haven't they at 108 years. And that economic diagnosed culturally expertise so hurry to ever -- to try and promote political and -- try to. That we're going to try. You don't -- I was asked that question are one of our sales reps -- because she's allergic to the week you know the weeks yeah gluten free. You know. Right now there's no good way to make the quality -- it's totally. Gluten free you know you have to for meant it from weird things that -- not meant to be fermented from yeah -- -- like roosters. Yeah. But I've done that. Starting -- a it's pitchers there's even more to detail of any air and it has to do with miss universe and they anyway Saturdays and goes and but here and we are looking at doing gluten reduced beer so he can take. Like 99.9. Percent now but not all -- -- PA will only call it gluten free so I said you know something will happen in the next here too. Science now here's your question to wind of the of the star are you ready -- Studies show that women who drink two to three Beers today show an increase in a cognitive skills. Be brassiere cup size or see watching football. Up one man's courses and get toward -- -- It. -- just -- don't know I would create. No I'm sorry it's cognitive skills and use it once you work out yours you can win next time -- now we appreciate the call. Have a good night all right -- that's it. I think percent -- decides it all these guys -- all be out of business these that these Beverly Hills doctor's if they had spirited that's. Yeah all over right yeah. Well Jim -- it's great to have you as always it's always a pleasure we have we look forward to it every year revenue command -- the big September 5 sixth seventh. October fest slash celebration of Boston calling. The largest outdoor music festival in Boston it's I think it's a marriage made in heaven between the two events. And of course we will all be the -- as we always are every single year. That was the October fest continued success to you and and you all the -- angels that work for the Boston Beer company. And depth what will look forcing a holiday season -- thank you and thank you for. Turning WEE. Into the best bar -- -- has no place I would rather during that at. So -- -- so you can come back tomorrow night right -- ten at bats I'd bring the beer that's it. John Cook everybody the founder of -- Samuel Adams early this famous worldwide famous and of course. The Boston Beer companies lowered which were all very very proud of even and even are proud of Cincinnati the Boston Beer company. And -- in what city Pennsylvania. Meanings operating is no world Pennsylvania Jim -- everybody will level -- -- the rest of the show which won't be nearly as much fun but stay with us anyway. --

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