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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - FAN-tastic Moments Edition 8-13-14

Aug 13, 2014|

We tackle four (or more) great memorable fan moments in Boston all sparked by the amazing attendance for a Patriots PRACTICE on Tuesday.

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For a four brought you by AT&T AT&T covers more than. 99% of all Americans building UA better network. Michael actually came up with this idea I thought it was a good one and it was based on yesterday. We definitely sit in the middle of the patriots set an all time record. Foray at training camp -- they had 25000. People at the stadium yesterday but it joint practice against the Philadelphia Eagles we were there we were in the middle of it we sought. They they had opened up all the ramps on the back of the building to put people on. To stand because -- all of the seats were gone it was it was wall to wall people as far as you could -- it. And it was an amazing thing to say for practice. -- -- say you're ahead of your credit to Allen Iverson. Not a day not a day went on my practice and it really is amazing it speaks to. Number one it speaks of football. And how. You know football is king it is the a new national pastime without -- faithful and -- by some graceful. And draw a casual fans. -- baseball used to be the that America's pastime it's -- phone number one suspects that and also speaks to. This area -- Kimbrel Tompkins -- -- and grant tweeted about it you know nobody like New England fans need to think about these moments. Where fans really jump out and make you pay attention to them and their devotion. You think about a four point think about it not a sports. And that's what got what got us to thinking for a four which became five at five today because of the baseball game. When your local teams. And you were as good as you could be. Firstly dale I wanna thank you for letting us use your iPod yet again problem happy it happened. That first great rewarding moment from. For fans came after the 2001 Super Bowl. At the New England Patriots parade. Okay. Yeah. -- member -- beauty we all were watching that. There was a poll that shut down governments awareness of our governments and they never did -- -- it and it shut down all middle of the city for crime the last one and after that it was all rolling rallies from Iran because the crowds were to break. And it's not the same they're nice but I'm sorry that moment with a million people stuff about plaza was awesome and it's not the -- what Brady dance watch and Bob Kraft stance. Kraft and most of -- he would damn thing at that -- get here Bob Kraft dance from natural or birdied. Brady mood but he didn't necessarily -- our little inside radio moment that was completely unscripted they had no sound system set up as a member or friend Gary -- Dickey -- -- time Gary had to take his -- man out of the scar. And hooking up to this -- negated music for too long what. This committee. First off what are one of those now what they were on our lives. Now let's go to number two. Yes we are -- for sick with the patriots in 2003 December of that your there's really bad snowstorm. The pats welcomed the dolphins to Gillette and the fans. Well they showed up and they couldn't stop the -- and our. Also places that -- Firestone rules on the field. They -- just thrown up in the air. That's where the kid comes out. Don't look at the game -- those leaders hope will. So. Charlie Weis and Willie mcinnis to the other voices you heard in addition to. To the great Gil Santos on the play by play I'll never forget going into the stadium that day. Most people were sitting on snow banks yet they couldn't get all the snow a lot of the seating area. That in a time there was just no way to do it so most people were sitting on on their seat -- the hospital or fetus. Now -- the people were shoveling out there were actually shelling out their seats at the stadium. And -- and he mentioned unscripted. Whole moment. So it was a game against the dolphins. Was a big game at that time no patriots dolphins and essentially secure the AFC east for the patriots. And snags it goes into the opponent scores in the unscripted moment was the snow was airs rock and roll part of a stroke it's no. In the air in the snow was going up on. A and it was great it was a great moment great football moments some of the great sports. Some of the great iconic pictures in the history of the patriots. From that game. And that's no no warning area and -- an -- nailing Gore's senate you know that it deception we had the clip part of it was the Tom Brady who -- months. From what the 45 yard about that it's set up that interception basically I forgot about the pooch punt two and man -- -- -- -- know Gary -- it is issues. But they brought it back in other stadiums will be pleased for him at practice to a stadium that was perfect grates on. In so what does that for. Still occurred so your -- by the time 2008 rolled around Celtics fans had waited long enough for the next championship. And the Boston Celtics delivered. On the garden flow. Okay. We sort of mixed and matched their -- the a lot of crowd you are honest you ever heard Harbaugh Allard is loud a crowd at this. New facility. Not on -- Boston Garden Boston Garden 2.0. Yeah. Lot of crowd I've ever heard and they were allowed before the game started they were allowed in the first quarter. They were allowed in the third quarter and the game was on hand all the way through. I mean the energy in the building with all the chart view of their -- talking about even if you wanted to fill you watch on TV you can just. Did you sense that they had a lead and they weren't gonna stop as a matter fact I think it was Paul Pierce who was interviewed at halftime that game. So. I don't know who was interviewing him a -- as a result of boy yeah. The times saying something about the lead hey are you are you concerned about a aren't happy with the performance. Just like it can't stop -- we can't stop -- keep going and they did. Country Texas -- was Watson -- watch the -- It was it was a threes -- game right before it is not come on now to talk with. Lou. In 2012. The Bruins had already captured a championship but it looked like they were down for good. To the Maple Leafs and then they came back and made us all smile. You said that Celtics game was allowed -- -- -- -- -- this that was allowed just I've ever heard the garden. I've never. I remember I'm I'm hugging Barry -- when they tied the game up. And I said to Barry I said I've never seen anything like this -- Whitman. He's ever seen anything like this. And even to this day when I'm out like Monday I happen to be out for the Jimmy Fund event. And people love the that championship the middle of the Stanley Cup. People talk about that game to be as much as they talk about any other Bruins this game got -- either in Finland they talk about that game went code. You'll. Okay. It. I heard on. The Albert -- -- jumping up and down with the winning call aha. Although the -- at Rangers game it is it is now. Actually -- gave you know you know the garden was flattering that game because of the way Jack and disagreement over modulated Mike over the crime you couldn't hear any that was allowed just crowd I've never been part and with -- with -- Unionists and it was -- it was not that out of that exact. And it could've gone to like individual Mike's. In the stands there a -- a lot of it was just loud excitement I've probably a lot of the individual conversations with. Can you believe and -- -- -- Russell was really funny about it is that at the end of the game. -- bunch of folks who weren't there. And it was spilled out loud. Because there are folks when they were down three -- -- ten pick up -- and a lot I don't wanna be apart of this summer and it was funny because the security guys told me afterwards all the people trying to sneak back in after they scored -- 64 outlets go back let's policy. That was the lot of -- Everett the place. Really fired for that weren't. Picnic or Libya but I think we're fine we're unaware of the bombs are used to fight I know its messiness up mark -- That is the greatest improvement over there we might have to do five -- five just the play that's a -- I got that and that's what I -- Time now. AT&T. Rewarding fan moment of the day that brings us to last fall. David Ortiz made -- smile with his clutch -- yet again. Red Sox trailing five to one and -- -- soon in the big righthander. Ben Juan delivered. -- and -- drive right field. -- Okay. -- -- -- Okay. -- up against the long running around now. And then went tumbling into the Red Sox bullpen. He's had -- Fenway Park. Endless -- of delirium. You talk about dramatic home runs in his curator. Wow. Likely part of recently -- -- it's just like Abel prize call it -- call. The pattern there from zero. It's all about or don't care right now which most iconic. Images in Boston sports history at that moment which as you know office for witches Torii hunter's legs in the area why -- -- -- The -- and cup there. It's you know you think about that call. And and you know better than anybody else -- me being the play by play guy who's on the play by play got myself a PR guy -- you know big play by play guy. Just being on the moment. Immediately. And just being able to summarize it. Immediately and you know some guys while he's brilliant that guys just can't get he was a lot of the starting in May recognize. That it was. I was gonna be out of the park and everybody did note that -- -- could be home run in the in his summary of it -- all of it was perfect. -- -- -- Hey I cheat just 198. We gave you the five weeks -- it for a four reclaim -- got -- sixth and I give you a sixth. And emotional 61 and emotional vote for a sixth one where the fans. Maybe their best. Moment ever in Boston sports have. Source community. You lose. He's. On. Yeah but dawn news. The. Who want soon you're. Yeah. So that you -- war. The best you ever -- as a Boston sports fan. And I am not ashamed to say cried like a baby. When I was going. Great moment. All -- moments that was the whole thing you know that's what happens you 125000. Plus people show up at a practice a patriots practice and you start thinking about. A new England sports and fans at their best in the -- to get aid. Not -- four not five not one not two not for about four not five. 66. We could come up with -- more seven what those were six pretty damn good ones. Quick break right back to your call 6177797937. Dale and -- Sports Radio W yeah.

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