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Red Sox manager John Farrell joins MFB, 8-13-14

Aug 13, 2014|

The Red Sox have an early game today, so manager John Farrell spoke with Lou, Christian and Tim about Joe Kelly and Allen Craig. John is optimistic about Kelly's athleticism. He also said he'd love to have Jon Lester back in a Red Sox uniform. Also, he admits that he has been called out for an Ice Bucket Challenge.

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John how why it takes a lot for joining us today and a mid day shelf. Yeah good morning guys -- I'll start off with the obvious with Joseph -- pitching last night second time got a chance to see him in a Red Sox uniform and for the fans that have not seen him pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals before wondering what you thought -- star won -- two tournaments starts you last night and give us to compare and contrast and also if you. Have a thought on now where Allen Craig is in his rehab to talk about the cardinal guys that came over from John -- for John Lackey. You know the what they were Joseph Kelly is he's athletic he repeats his delivery I thought last trying to get more power was stopped them and Saint Louis. And when you sit there in the dugout particularly from the third base side you get a real. Appreciation for how quick his -- is you know last night at the 97 but good actually to a secondary principal curve ball and slider. A muddled pitching a little bit -- fine last night early on but but settled in and a budget just to. I think they're all right handers that we're still getting to know but clearly there's -- there's a lot there to like him. I would Allen Craig he's he's soon to come off the DL but to it tomorrow when we get back home. I don't know go through -- -- MVP and certainly get more baseball activity on the field. Page on which were you surprised a -- Kelly stole third and that was that he's a green I mean I do given the green light. And it's been awhile but the pitchers stole a base in the group for the Red Sox. The only like 45 years ago but still. -- I'm not completely surprised -- Clearly. You know late close you know if -- didn't take him for an -- taken seriously there was a lot of times get up about 16517. It took that was a heck of an athlete and that's one thing we've come to see. Just how -- just tell removed for a -- you know how he repeats his delivery he beats out an infield base -- over in Saint Louis. A base hit again last night so not surprised at all that that he took him additional -- defeat. So much so it's just real quick on Jackie Bradley junior I know you guys are constantly evaluating your players especially young ones we know how good he is in center field and his guys -- all out there. But at what point. Do you decide that you've kind of seen enough either you're not able to see him at the plate every day anymore -- for the past. Couple games that you think it's Smart to kind of put him back down on the minors -- let him got to play every day and get more reps. Well clearly we backed him up everyday -- that that's been that's been clear where we're trying to get some -- -- -- work to take hold and and I really felt the the game he came in. Saturday night in Anaheim were when nineteen innings there were better at bats in that. In that game -- You know a bit that the tough thing is as or not -- in the traction of the adjustments that he's shown an early work and then turn over the game there's still some -- at times and swing. And Sunday with a -- a formidable lineup again today. But no we haven't gotten the point where you know are we best serves. Course there's Jackie best served look with having some of these adjustments -- a little more pocket. You tell you before your start on guys on Jackie and will and I don't putt well that same category with Jackie it seems like. Playing these guys every day especially now -- we are in the standings without helping determine even more so what they are in the futures that battle kind of between your bench -- you try to win that game. But the best lineup out there but maybe you he wants to see more these guys playing every day try to work through it. Well I I wouldn't say it's a battle I think we're all. Trying to combine. All. All sides of them and that's to get this much of a read as we can on those guys and and that's -- that you guys were talking about now you know -- Bulls Norfolk. You know 750 at bats in the big league so there's a little more about. But he you know like a track record there's not a long track record with -- little bit more one jacket approaching probably 500 plus at bats. So you know we're we're getting a pretty good idea of you know what what has transpired and then. You know when will's case it's more of a mixed bag because the the first -- cam up in the first 600 plus at bats. That there was thirty plus home runs and and that still being searched for you know it. Maybe to transition and play out a little more consistently here. Particularly at a power position at third base and you're looking for more production there there there that and I think it's pretty clear in. Jackie you know. The defense is to me is what -- -- -- still -- comparable right in the lineup because it's superior defense that is probably best central defense in the game right now so. And at the same time -- our goal was to go out and win as we've been doing all the more plates and work and were trying to combine the two. John perilous on WEEI afternoon game for the Red Sox today joining us amid days and -- me. John there was a story in the Boston Herald today Jon Lester says that he's gonna keep his house here in the Boston area he does still think about perhaps coming back to Boston once the season is over and Oakland. I'm wondering what if any influence you may have in that regard about maybe trying to talk him into coming back to Boston once the season is over. Well yeah. I think we were all of you Jon Lester you know backer and a Red Sox uniform. We also know that once free -- season opens. You know he's gonna have an opportunity journal -- -- to -- with the market can -- Foreman. A -- will be a number of teams that are interested in Johnny he's durable as productive. He's done it in Boston does a great comfort level with everyone here. And I and I found his comments to be encouraging in that you know what he's looking for the total package not just the highest dollar and I I think. That always sits well with anybody who reads it and particularly where where she spent the majority of his career so we -- there's deep roots here. -- -- was his home one was home is still here but. I think in the end you know. He's -- know the world -- you know I think I have a strong interest in them but at the same time he's he's -- local -- right now until that point comes that's probably about the most insight on. John I think you know higher chance this but I'll ask anyway when you see him pitch the way he's pitching for Oakland right now what goes through your head is it gosh I'm happy for John there's a how was she was still here. You know how. I -- -- the obvious answers which was she was a guy that was it was here but. You know that didn't come to fruition that didn't get ironed out and I felt would -- and was able to bring back Q and -- but this was. An incredible return for for pitcher who. It talented in his own right is probably two months or three months in one place and we have to address our offense in its. Particularly our outfield offense and in your -- as fit that bill for us. And were lucky and fortunate and really glad this year. Speaking of -- John so looks like he's gonna be a left fielder for the remainder of the season. Isner was there any chance you guys are gonna put in right just to kind of see how we would handle it give a little taste of it before next -- rides. Well our our initial thought was it was to get him in right field just because of you know in this -- Allen Craig and on the DL you know the -- obviously projects from Craig to be left just listen in in right field. But you know that the fact -- were also transitioning you know to. Middle of the order type guys in the trying to make and feels comfortable possible. Allen -- DL obviously slowed that transition affable guys when Allen comes back. You know there there -- some -- just to keep the more they played the most number of games and even though Allen might not have. The same range as units in the outfield we may still look to put Craig in right field just just to keep that comfort and allow them to get you know produce offensively as they've done. If we look at. UN just down the road has been curricula we have plenty of time in spring training with the ballpark -- has had the identical dimensions in Fort Myers. And we can do at that time so I think for the time being we're probably standing pat with you mentioned last. John has been a difficult season for Clay Buchholz and got a lot of young guys down a bit. If that's been around a little bit and still somewhat inconsistent also mechanical issues too but it seems to me that he. It's almost like he's gotten really cutter happy and get away from that TC -- both so good for him last year is that a confidence thing is that because of mechanical issues. You know I think -- who early early on this year when. She might out of had the same you know same two -- he had at the beginning of last year. In when things weren't going those consistent as. You know they work the same period of time he went to was -- a little bit more. I thought the other night was probably the best stuff he's had all year and we're starting to see that two seamer and the action to a be more consistent with a year ago. That more than anything he was so aggressive on the on the play well this was some pitches to get ahead in the count early in. I think at -- play can be a little bit too fine. And maybe have a tendency to pitch backwards at times a little bit too much and not trust. That two seamer like you can but last I felt was more vintage -- couples. -- I don't last spring training I think it was -- bring to he had a clock on him even in bull pens in spring training to deliver the baseball is that an ongoing process up in difficult for Khaleda. Understand as far as delivering the baseball it just takes so much time. Yet I think we judge -- -- -- there's the you know the everyone's natural clock kind of kick in and his use of slow the game down and and maybe dictate the temple. In his own way and beat you would want to pitch to dictate the temple and ideally. You'd like that could be may be as quick as you can but yet under control still executed play go the other way and the -- does -- some things down and you know while we continue to try to emphasize -- -- quicker tempo and and a better overall pace. We can't take someone out of what. Seemingly is their comfort zone. And -- I'm not -- cause another distraction but. They'll make him feel comfortable and that's a delicate balance as we go through. John -- -- -- said last week that it isn't on the agenda necessarily go out and try to find an -- and hope that you can create a pitching staff and an -- will emerge are you alright with that approach or would you prefer to see. Ben and the rest the front office go out and try to get a guy who -- a clear cut designated number one. Well here here's -- thing with you know everyone is gonna look at Jon Lester and he's developed into a number one pitcher. We've got guys with the ability the talent to do the same and you know I think. You know when you start the labels starting pitchers one to three year or and then you get the back and guys but -- two and three don't want our guys that perform their way into it so. We know that the cost of pitching is astronomical. In. Having talented guys that have the ability to grow into those. Designations those number one -- starters and so we have guys with that type of stuff here. And we've got to provide the opportunity to grow into that put just to say that we have to go out and get a number one. That that guy is is one pitch away from becoming. -- Possibly in active and I think that's where. We feel like we've got talent it's huge for our rotation right now do I expect us to make additions to the rotation probably. What to what level we bring in it remains to be seen them you know what that the cost out on the open market. The John have you been nominated yet for the ice bucket challenge. I have been in your god is tomorrow oh is it okay so you gotta get creative plan he can't give way to secrets. Borders from the Fenway but oh we'll get some I've got a couple people in mind that I want past the bunker. Dive into the cold -- It -- -- -- to let people out there. You know what it what it what a great idea yeah it's it's gone viral it's spread quick. And obviously for a great cause. And you know I've been nominated by Mike MB over BC and with -- radius and all of these. Going through and having come to know him and and it's a great recognition and certainly for a great cause. By time now for the question of the day when asked John -- a question visit WEEI dot com slash Mohegan. You submit a question -- college weekly interview of chosen. You can be guiding whether it's not meant John Ferrell at Mohegan -- this question of Ricky source is is after full four full months of instant replay John. Have you learned about challenging calls and what adjustments. With a beat made in 2015 open. Well we trust the process that we have internally you know you. The awkwardness. I think everyone has become a little bit accustomed to with a time that you've got to go out make small talk waiting for. You know the different angles to be reviewed. You know I think there's been times were you know you roll the dice with what we term is even internally as inconclusive so. -- depending on the inning depending on you know the importance of the situation you may not have conclusive evidence but you'll. You'll take a gamble with that nonetheless. I would like to see it taken completely out of the manager's hands and become. The decision of someone independent that is reviewing every game and every play. But that's just just my thoughts but I think in the end we've we've got to -- is growing pains and overall it's been a positive addition. Tell you guys change all I was sick on the issue for you guys and you've made a couple of changes in how you kind of look at these replays and different guys you signed that. You know I don't I don't know that we can make really any changes what's what's currently in place the familiarity of the technology is there. Ideally the game could use the -- being -- played quicker. But I I don't know how much you can speed up the current technology but I think everybody is focused on the pace of the game and sometimes these reviews. Some can take longer than others but. Still you know I I. Unless there's wholesale change or major changes to the system that's in place. I don't know that we make in the internal changes. -- to compensate anyway. John thanks a bunch for coming Allen has greatly appreciated and at best what today against the Cincinnati Reds.

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