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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Obama loves to vacation 8-13-14

Aug 13, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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You know I was out yesterday among the people. And a very nice. Opinions and I really like with headlines. -- -- this this and I love you. Enjoy this right now headlines brought you. By AT&T. -- it was. As we in grapes of wrath comes at an average set up and down that's that's what really -- -- over and over again. And have myself right now -- you know Bob's discount Berkshire's Appel. Bought -- Pops up well. Regular for. New couch for the office nice now that we just knew that steam clean yeah you need to definitely there's the little the you know that it was so excited. Casting or -- you're excited. From the entrance exam time in that gorgeous and to me it's -- -- -- battery walked over yet and there are. It is W it's like those. Porn movies and -- -- interview at the -- understand you want to be in the broadcast from that doesn't yesterday mr. west now. -- -- -- over here Rick -- the company jacked I could see John easily if he got them different path. In the porn business yet early eighties on camera. Although I think you do some guys try to damage but he developer rebels. So that means a high note -- a short way to election outward with a with a -- Album guesstimate -- based on BCD history. You know sandusky has received dozens and that's mayors of nick and oh -- -- now. I haven't I've -- though thank you. Jerry. I've not -- not well now we did so moments but not those moments you would never. Let's put this question I. Am I shall we thought. There -- characters start this can be figured. One news from the name section in the other newspaper Boston. During past as the Martha's Vineyard President Obama stepped. Opted -- bunch of grapes. Bookstore and Vineyard Haven like a big budget it's. Pick up a few volumes for the first -- -- tradition is purchases. It included Jonathan freeze and freedom and the red -- -- -- -- lot -- -- polity. -- Playing golf every day Ray Allen. Eagle Ray Allen. And -- market gambling -- friends. And ice cream. When is it time to read the red pony right shelves you know Michelle and he again tonight as he did it rated as deeply off. It seemed like he plays golf learn anything wars Qaeda in an actual -- yet if this gets criticized for all that I'm open I'm happy criticize Obama like awful. So I wouldn't I I think I I I agree it would bush in this regard he says it just as you can do your job. He -- have his cellphone devices can be locked behind you. But don't you think it's a bad look when Apple's refugees on the top of that mountain and Iran and Iraq before always. -- Russia in Crawford. That doesn't world that his golf. You stop playing golf right right when we were at war he didn't call while we would be like they're rushed to access the same thing that's different -- -- -- -- -- different gold hole into his house and takes a vacation. Didn't. -- that Obama -- close -- -- giving giving you that he's a fair I asked that question sure I don't -- fan. It's terrible price. It's the four hours -- -- walker explained that that's a pretty serious charge because he made up stuff about Hussein I -- to -- it did not say there. Actually there were there weapons of mass destruction awards was a false war so it's blood in his hands on social for a little. He's a war criminal is -- him. Okay why is he walk out or group on Sunday with him do certain media reports say he's an idiot all you want. Can't accuse some Libyan war criminal I've what you get unlike a different approach to the guy was for. Unlike Obama and Libby. -- actually make it hasn't been senate's upon us. -- get congressional approval. Hillary Clinton voted for John Kerry will report John Kerry was on the intelligence -- -- -- to witness to what is going against we have a bunch of goods store sites. My point is I don't agree four hours of course is not -- Indication. That look at this location when your bull -- -- is going on I do not like Obama did not vote for Obama I would never. Obama is on the golf course is -- the world not well. That's the whole the whole point is nice and he agreed meter to meet. -- -- -- Look. Around the world -- about refugees on that mountain -- starving and they elect cotton heads of children over there pastor Obama -- ended them I want my twelfth hole at that point let's get that bush Kurtz is so. It -- -- a jackass. We get some some vacation stats and bush and Obama up -- -- mode here. I'm not Democrat or not that's not the word not -- got him he -- and that's that you. Was the word. -- don't say it's. Libertarians you can't choose. 81 partial or complete dedication. That's poll that case or was it washes his -- stop being so that's this that's not. Want. A year and a market that to get that New York Times CBS news. Well that's caller -- rather about Crockett at the right that's a lie that is home. It's not like. Some good news -- in a vacation home and in month's widely used in the White House. -- -- It's reached three works its office I think he's an office in the home and know the its shape -- office is that something like -- the way. Theories this Obama thing is in the yours is just tired of people taken a lot of vacations did you guys have been awful to steer clear of the bookstore and that -- -- -- state Hillary Rodham Clinton will be signing copies -- -- If -- the president Aaron -- but the battle she's been critical of him. Rick Nichols is saying Syria fund -- they're going to Vernon jordans fundraisers going. -- Pittsburgh and edmark UB there. Of course Jacqueline Bennett will be -- -- that was the tallest -- definitely be our -- will be there -- aren't on Martha Stewart Rosie O'Donnell Larry did Ellen DeGeneres Larry David Cheryl Hines. Robert Kennedy junior -- he'll probably be John -- will be either. She is in Gainesville Florida new evidence presented Tuesday in the trial of a man accusing his army showed he apparently Syria on his iPhone. I need to hide my roommates. Yes Syria about yes answers yes theory -- -- Hide. It's it's kill. -- dispersant for a hundred. -- rivals to the person was it at all. Actually buried in lead us I said. Evidence presented to -- Troutman accused of killing his I didn't -- to listen. Sorry it's up about the -- Pedro prop boats accused of your University of Florida student Christian act or 2012. Rob -- phone gate answers back -- -- book a place you look swamps reservoirs. Metal foundries -- It lasted -- about -- toward 2012. Merkel said provost flashlight was on nine times used over forty minutes on that as well. -- He's here now now now I'm not due I don't even know as -- Friday voice text that the other day. That was like first from its that you really. Does that breaks will be Sydney and he said and now. -- up and get some milk and bread -- out dealt facts. Period twelfth poll now a par for. The period. It all caps Lester Munson or thirty US theaters and so do -- you could force attacks will pick up spelling -- Sandoz -- lead on. -- It just. He's the best what was your personalize it to those dry out accents that's not a violation -- you know exactly opera I think that's OK but you can't. Some stupid text to Republicans you'd need -- obstacle. To produce. Right now. You know it pressed the button to voice at the bottom -- that he'd do it and the and the little microphone. Is that it wouldn't Oscar. He's supposed to rest from Korea. Where. You'd Judy gave. This is not a single and stories on it isn't it's disturb. I mean she's nervous at four year old -- Cancer she -- cancer she's sick she's staying in the camp does not want -- out. Which seems a certainty you remember that everybody around there and ends up it drops dead yes so maybe. She feels threatened you know they'll -- too cute I cancer. Stay home do which you have to do is with thank as the most are protecting Adam Putnam serial kill and fog yeah party game -- -- for Easter -- like the beat has to be simpler what's what was the sentence. The story. The next twelve months Tonya a signal to only be allowed under Bristol Connecticut home visitor called mr. probation if you minister's home. Yes she's home -- home confinement. If you manage survived it could remain encroaching ever want to spend another year -- GPS recliner so I alias in London. Lung cancer yes liver and one's never month. Even when he doesn't do you know people around him who cross him and a in trouble and patriots have made him to go way up meeting on the field it's like he doesn't artists that I feel better if they had another side that we -- this. Now just another -- man. -- -- -- -- Be that as a future -- best I got -- I was as I don't tonight's. Remains a lot of water to obviously don't my daughters and a water oh you did that on purpose just ice now my -- that it just to provide some like a and it seems that the ice -- shouts like I was also to do but then I -- -- on people often not being creative. -- syndicate is going to be creatives can't pick you says human dude in studio to a studio I've told these guys do -- studio has and how do you do that -- is gonna have water over here and get puppet. It's up underneath he's going to be that you get oh win. Have a change clothes. Putting something in the pocket power it. -- -- Ought to repeal the stupid thing off the win I want -- match so we can watch this sick well that don't get this construction site next to which is this past wanna allow me to -- -- jobs will be practice in there and like October. -- well. To be -- with -- -- with him but be in here what did you -- outside after the show. Somewhere and not very creatively though which could be creative about it but we just don't we go to creative -- an audio. Russia to Delta's -- news drive and I just say Robert Kraft didn't it win at all and not. I mean it was his idea was the ringleader and I understand that the players in one. They -- on that Belichick -- on him is also I would say it is the crap is an injury jeans anymore. And that he is not nice you know it's true it's that we -- It's weird to -- I tried to he should be -- shorts Netflix and -- -- -- the pictures now -- we -- -- editor there has received at least yet is he's got an -- do you want to Wear shorts -- yesterday. I was coalition wins -- it was a forget leather architectures are right we get a -- Kurt typically more attention. That it -- -- -- what I said. I honestly think that we can. Like actually put something about that idea I was idealistic for one moment we -- -- and get all Witten and what to do you bring a change clothes in the -- Into tomorrow. And duke it out so I guess I think we could dump bucket of water on the floor in the studio the known as the problem that. I think somebody can -- -- I commend Peter phrase and -- for doing his part it is unbelievable well. Affected are dismayed to see that there and a million bucks -- -- like I'm last year they raised 25000. Amazing. Stagger diligently. Everybody you know craft. Dale dale don't ever want about Obama he says it now and then I mean it's a huge challenge by the Kennedy's Ethel Kennedy challenged them. My question that she should just leave the book on -- Adding. It's that are -- I'm sorry I harp I think she's done a great job of -- and call out the president can make sure he's favored candidate Robert after the -- She the wanted to see the documentary on showtime has arisen as a lot color hard -- the Kennedy's documentary for Goddard. As the analysts are always so revealing his I was gonna say -- office. What did the red light go on but it did tell us about the time when you're twenty years ago and you know -- -- and drugs and driving drunk and stuff like that. That's headlines brought you by AT&T and by bought discount furniture. A project on your are you want to two but it sure what's up doc. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I gave my couple called water and a -- -- When you meet them and I -- animal that doesn't count. I don't even -- do you have to give a donation. If you do it. He felt compelled to give him even if you do it now -- -- public that have to do it either way in telling. See it I think tiger because I don't -- -- 200 dollars. -- what if you do. You don't have to -- just give the donation to the old time baseball in the box baseball Collins up absolutely absolutely sure that is and it's such a great cause. Because it doesn't get the attention. We get buckets and buckets and India. Are gonna do you can change clothes you'd think I could not in the don't -- Clothes off. I could do this and I do I get him on us by markets with the eyes just listening. And we probably have some time and close up and Yucca do fruitless because of the change clothes that's fine I will guys were different you -- -- -- my -- -- know that -- -- that I attribute into teacher. -- -- not on etc. so I am I your calls immoral this all. --

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