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Gerry Callahan returns 8-13-14

Aug 13, 2014|

Gerry is back from vacation and caught up with Meter and Minihane.

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Welcome back Terry thanks eyes and hope it's so nice to start the -- he was -- -- -- -- with my. Had LO really lousy for the terrible -- Save that it's not like that one -- the you know when he returns can. He gets offended when people don't love and effort into the yeah. Opening -- Around you don't do that well. Episode has brought you by the letter -- is that a Lester. A loss of Robin Williams -- questions. Parenthetically it's been. The view above 35000 feet -- and just as though mocked and ridiculed electors satirical tendons. Or someday as well Howard Stern would do. They John Adams Asia. You think he can do that -- big -- yet accurate -- rose. Or. Injury to. One like it Greg Murphy and here he can do -- John Dennis. Don't disagree for sure four you can do this or heard that the orient class Jessica who is I don't work. -- ask -- if he heard. I. Murphy's imitation. I like I heard about it and I. What's the Internet at it that. Big big big date they've been the Internet yet. Now it's it's funny but. Which you get a month. -- -- -- A judge I -- a month ago on the net present let's do that. To big voiced them and the voice him magnanimous personality is greatest strength is that big voice and want the team who is hailed the deal -- so for. That goes along way. Pull down your pants and show -- European. Say you need a magnanimous. Personality. That it's fair -- You know I agree it's not like it's. That's a big word from meter 33 street you have to be pressed the case she. Falls. If you have to use that -- -- -- if you doubt it though it is the third revenge Hewitt. Apparently they're on -- Probably the reason his personal government. Stepping up to -- one -- don't think it is you you you got to experience some of his madness up close and he would scare -- government and the UN and tell these stories it's no secret smelled prayed that. He thought he so obviously some guys package -- sculpted this is a -- originally thought you know music could be corrupted. He almost was you know there was a time alleged. It's a terrible edge right on the side with a -- on the road to perdition pets and dark moments. And you try to keep up in the a couple of days certain though is -- different. You can -- you feel like every. NAFTA like today to go that was. It was -- for. As some kind of experiment once trying to keep up the toddler. This -- to do everything -- did. For a day they can do Jim Thorpe in the greatest athlete in the world. Could you don't just run and -- up and and supports programs to swore him out. Do you think Jim Thorpe critic kept up with an -- no no actually. Do you think like Charlie Sheen could keep opportunist. She probably. Robert Williams -- the Robin Williams in his prime. I doubt. We see every similar level of -- -- -- -- tried that he looks like lethal probably. Like you -- just keeps -- That's the slowdown is it's. So. Automated -- Beatrice include the American camp LB in the -- could keep open Johnson's everything LB is a little competition on the effects of breathing issues -- -- able to kind of worried accusations -- -- -- John -- -- -- -- John -- -- with just the comments. I got a bring up put it in a job regulars hello yes my audiences they're assassinating. Right and always gotten the -- museum will want it is always got his talk of -- -- -- ladies I was it was comes to shoot him in the chest. That is rated at that it finally happens. It. This is that I have a small penis so Robert -- is digging away at his wrists with a knife. Before hanging himself. You -- I was hesitant to Rio. -- -- couldn't -- Corrupt might image of -- this is pure actor but he has you know I was like -- I'm what do I don't know I'm -- Not a mom devouring every factoid in its fascinating me in the hole you talk about the human mind the Dino might wanna study that. The study Robin Williams mine. I mean I know he can learn -- thing -- to -- don't have the most fascinating. Mind and and including them that the famous final scene here. That you've ever seen on someone and just from the way it worked how quickly you quickly worked the -- transition from. You know stand up to acting too dramatic acting -- depression that drugs. And every if you heard anybody and I know this is not the typical. But please say he was kind of future earnings can -- he the only times he would blow off the handle. Read about him use who's just hard to get. To -- he's playing -- yet he was in which which is the thing that annoys me most about -- It's a great actor -- -- on Letterman. We've seen it's -- again. You're on you can do -- relax the regular person. Agassi but he couldn't ever did that all these kids stuff -- -- out there -- -- wives and kids at stores like with Christopher -- go into the Julie I heard there -- that you went to the -- after the -- high school Pete Carroll. It is -- I graduated my school Pete Carroll Pete Pete talked about yesterday. -- Kristol crazy acting right that is it's a pretty early it was a sports. They don't need to to mangle -- mean you do when you're of course that it west and -- baseball at all across every across -- mr. Over cars vacations to. Chris revises as -- accident rumblings goes in there dressed up as the doctor pretends he's. That sex change surgery as the fake mustache and big acts and exhausting -- Always on and you expect the victories that the norm McDonald -- -- you know. Whack mines norm -- that story really -- which was -- tweet after tweet tweeting like twenty times in a -- tell want to Horry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Around us we'd like from all after show O clock of course I mean everybody goes to bed at night it's like Robin Williams like going crazy and bad -- eventually. You know the moon where it shouldn't doubt that there were no -- around the the I think that might -- it makes jokes when he sat and watched TV with -- wife for kids like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who you know is really acting union but I'd call on every single time as. Acting is excellent while he won't -- but you'll. Developers character its work importance who's gonna continue to do I don't. Don't dumb it's one thing yesterday one negative toward. Others and neighbor that yeah that doctors. The London called mail on line. You can email. And they agree it's very -- tunnels or as they often do when -- talked to neighbors. -- Withdrawn it was a shell of his former self. Numbers sociable and not very of the last year urges. I don't this year here few months. Between the Minnesota is on the street store and it's awful. Korea is -- isn't he went from rehab Arctic ice cream. Ice cream ice and they let them do that -- do is filtered latest. Well you know we don't you guys. -- -- at these places you can go visit oh. And they are asked you when you come back yet. -- look at your eyes it's. -- he was had money issues which is me he's now. And mind boggling what was -- in the biopic of -- -- -- you know that the guy who did one of Gene Siskel. You love someone yes -- Speech beat her cash to that is traditional will not real argument real document to play rubble and there's a lot -- there's a lot of radio. And you know between the so epic its. What we do in these cases we do all the time in this business and you know some people play along some -- Tom Brady doesn't play along. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To the produces is some talk and try and talk and look for cuts and Terrell for. It's Espinosa and that exhibit six. Adam. -- that put. There is easy we wanna -- guys to the guys and you tried to do with Tom Brady and he wanted no part of that he doesn't like to compare he won't compel a guess -- compares -- -- call me comparator apple -- you don't but I I preface that by saying obviously a half since I. -- has been about fifty mobile quarterbacks I've -- more than a little little. A not that little he's not politically who is six feet -- ladies thanks Russell -- -- -- -- -- Brady up in Russia will scream as the heart one more clinically apparent to anybody and he wouldn't play along I knew that before you might -- -- you mentioned I'm not early in -- -- -- -- he's not gonna -- people like earlier in the -- doesn't like -- magically doesn't like it's -- him active -- earlier in the interview that's also played their eyes -- and back up question because buck -- -- -- Yeah I think it's a little buck little little tickle -- -- honored -- in the -- Around -- that in no transgender but it's not I that was a fascinating discussion at the say the -- has. Transgender -- friends. -- seat like a transvestite. Has just dress up line that's like play time right but there's there's a little -- buzzes -- the great always it was I was surprised I think he's so baucus so insulated. He thinks that you know meeting one is no -- He has won -- -- I'm not sure I've ever seen one. The casino there was that -- there was then you'd -- but don't tell a guy I used to guide me I mean they don't tell you that now. Until ultimately look. There will never want in your life what's that I am not from the -- for a those people -- the true gender crowded and a little biased along with us you know let's talk about progress is made me that mark was. Stunned that you don't have any transgender friends who was it was a dumb people Richard and my dynamic -- people would pretend you know army radio guy as the morning guys -- I do I remember that and transgender fan I'm transgender. And I -- -- -- -- anti depressants because I'm just like -- Willie -- a -- Emphasis this outsiders as -- loneliness. And Brady wouldn't play along. There is they'll -- I'm rob and there is none. And and they love to say Jonathan Winters and I and I said that's ridiculous. Jonathan Winters -- believe not coming at me on Twitter -- thank him. What dramatic role Jonathan Winters. Mean honestly what movie. He cannery. Robin Williams -- Harry I I've put put put him in the dead poet's society awakening make him that guy. You know put him in awake and important for our photo and maybe maybe Patch Adams he could pull that off. That you can comfortably with just make movies Susan I just have mad mad mad world was so so I don't I don't Matt read you rest your case that's all I've got the three singles as well and got a job that -- of these guys everybody pretends they think -- what -- -- you think -- -- I was when I I believe I -- -- fourteen -- Jonathan -- -- the -- I believe that that Robin Williams was influenced or I believe he's a fan I believe he was. In awe of the guy when he met him because it was one of his idols. But Robin Williams surpassed him in a thousand times over. And that's not a good -- -- you the best compromise mine would be Tom Hanks as you. -- up with this particular sitcom role and people think you know games can count today and then. You know twenty years later from a range factor Gerri we talked about is just blew it better range than rob Williams. While there's there's guys there's guys I mean Tom Hanks do you think you could and obviously he's gonna save private Ryan do the rubber went out and say well probably ought to Iowa but was -- -- comics and it is good again it's on. The bag you know Williams creepy. Yeah creepy -- -- remember he dug in his own darkness. Or you're right done would be in May not as well with them right and he screamed and all that but I not I don't know but just so we hate that. So remarkably you know unique. Original. And you know it was kind of overrated that he was so unscripted and he was mr. -- -- Robert Waltz right and in. There's a name passed and he used to he workload for them or Vietnam when Adrian obviously you know what he did a little bit of that but that's overrated. You give him a little bit a direct action to everybody needs a script yeah he could do it once a while I could board buddies -- -- at stand up and that's not all not all -- he was you can amused brilliantly gifted. Wells did -- about mount Rushmore comics he's up there. And when you consider that you know what is worst role in my mind once more. Do I watch. To stick to whoever is just the -- and -- it's not new is his sausage and plan and stuff like 99 garments to have him here now I didn't hear it but. You you always wanna come up with comps. And directed pic of role that rob wings played yanks could have played not as well but he could see him in -- it's thanks in. -- -- to society. And in the wake up maybe not as good. There's no roll waves literacy. -- that we couldn't. Couldn't -- done -- He's right you know. -- what about Wallace's last sitcom called crazy people agree on the crazier if he's gonna article that has actually watch the first one because he was and of course you know fascinate will be the mental illness aside he he -- 35 million dollar home. And he and he couldn't afford you know he was selling it because you can afford welcome Robin Williams and -- know cocaine console. -- Robin Williams -- he goes broke awkwardly divorces. Our troops hello I'm not Larry king and eight the top seed broke a much money problems your audience in his life. -- can get 300 million did you get that little IB Diem thing you know got the box office of every movie -- and I do at least a 150. You are thirty million in his 2008. Said that mean I made. -- -- me so much money. A -- Back and it continues to -- in Anthony's that is Teddy Roosevelt which in and ideas but it is due out. You don't know -- up he'd. It's that Stiller catches and a -- but still like. Two days work as part three but I've got -- -- don't read about the money voice over people make a saint Denis Leary. To -- -- house. I see voice all her bachelor's my pay for a house. And like in -- like that some magic panic -- -- -- -- Then it brought a fellow shortly do you really need in the -- enemy could not have. You know Gary penguins do that it would work -- would. -- -- they probably -- for a little less might. Not a track album art but this you know I think it just -- if Robin Williams died of in a car accident. Or even an overdose of Phillips -- -- and death. Wouldn't be nearly as fast as the industry the idea that discs superstar megas. All time great he's eating at his refusal. -- patent life. Strike before before hanging it was after. Africa that was amazing. What a -- -- His wife is that it. Has applied his wife was sleeping in her bedroom -- separate bedrooms. Which you pick would make people happy that year -- but not. At Augusta and think about pick up. The second. Over you know at that point yet it's that don't know about this over the years takes all the pilots. Your whole life. Trying to get apartment. Place buyers get married in you know but too big east with a -- split -- You don't you really wanna know why. So he can procreate and -- and that's done and you can I've done that. Coddle you can do that you can use them on on on the don't see where you're rather guess bat yes that would you I wouldn't I would. I had a problem -- A moment. Lonely period just say. This about statements like swords they sleep you know it's brushes it definitely. Obama wanted if you wanna do it -- so rob is a separate bedrooms they go to bed separately. At 1030 minute before I guess in the eighties. Drank in its Norton some easily great sleepers press. Like a guy who has eight hours back I know what they -- is that the has assistant that's -- was -- at 1145. Expect it to white at the -- -- wife looked at 10:30 next morning just the -- -- sleep. This means it's about we usually Michael Jackson. He's going to bed when -- why would point out of bed at 1030. That -- save their marriage that you'd ever slept eight straight now life -- -- -- pro -- at six. One he's a guy -- -- up all. -- pacing. Up and uh oh I have no problem with discussing. Suicide like. Was Jeffords matchup it's political power. Wetzel strong. I think there's an awful but Tina do you not have a problem. Some somewhat of a problem. With the glorification. As does this -- not. Tell myself I'm I love them but think of my best -- in the messages cents. It wouldn't you prefer at some point that that the some deterrent deterrent to some. Sensitive. Not him not glorifying the forty. -- with a -- like. Dino Philip Seymour on elements that and yes that had a problem that I'm bad at the relief as -- I think he honestly -- as well I believe I believe it. It was so devastating and so on is nothing is done and the use Don. Yeah failures like you know what. Get some kids that money issues. I just don't notice I mean by definition can be no logical trying to follow -- can't be too -- coincidences it's an acceptance personal worst mental illness. But wouldn't you love the CD can hold of them and rams can't do this you have kids yet happened isn't that. -- about it that night. Is that which separate Smith and others trying to say. Don't. Hold him up on pedestals and he was. He was brilliant in this act -- final act was part of the in this fascinating mind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you put them on mount Rushmore when we sit here and just raved about everybody raves about them. Is there not. Is there anyone is there anyone in the next celebrity like he -- -- he married yet to carry at some moments yes and money issues divorces there is there anyone out there he delegates at their in their room they're gone I'm thinking well. If I do this. Second allotments things we. If we can be glorified -- -- there is such a funk they just want to do it's not a vote and yet it is -- don't know that. I I agree -- you honest to god do you there's no explaining that you don't know that you weren't there he went in obviously not mean you are right. -- -- Daschle put it why can't we discussed this this is obviously in radio should it's like let's say you can't discuss that same. I've only got three I think the word cowardice stoop. But -- now is the itself which is stupid tipped. Well it's obviously selfish obviously -- I get to that he's got edition of self -- and I understand it was what I hear that I -- look at the guys that asks if you do something to relieve your own pain itself doesn't mean right right or wrong on its you know by definition it's selfish you have kids you guys and you gonna have grandkids. You know you lovely wife you have in life. Find it was as you have me you have but -- throw out the window and it this excuse but it is not throw out the window when yours when you mentally. I don't hate that saying minutes then it's right or wrong thing it's out what you thought it was an easy -- easy excuse for things that the material. Well no alcoholism drug abuse and I have a problem when the call that disease right hip problem when they use the same word for that is used for its it to. -- game -- in the infusion and right now the Jimmy Fund buying -- some semantic argument gets it and I am yeah I agree this I don't I don't wanna use the same work. And I know guy and I've known -- few guys man and probably known more. Where they because they can fall back in the east is east and they say -- could help off the wagon again yeah but I couldn't help. He has to be some tough love at some point we say you can help. Yes you have to fight it you had that clearly rob Williams had a tough. 2006013. Re you went away a lot to try to eighty probably 1981 regret it Iverson's it's the most fascinating thing in the world -- the world a car accident wouldn't be nearly as fascinating. And I think it does bring awareness to it. You know people look around today at it you know maybe their men's tour. On to our image appear to be shell as the neighbor says Robin Williams as and I got to help not gonna help. Does it help when you glorify. It now I don't think it does not act out the -- -- -- -- Which glorified commits it was Glor finding career before. Always reminds him Neil Young glorifying it in a way you know severe issues. It's true. Resentment -- that is the that was senate glorifying this lunatic yes who. And -- and have now. He could always you know that was John Belushi glorified. Yes they -- but that wasn't suicide that was right away he wasn't in the Egan and his wrists with a -- Orleans it's -- similar rumblings too that always had to be an. Easy it is human speed seeing spade talk about the cities like he'd be with the music welcomes -- People -- decent -- operatic up. And you knew he couldn't last I knew that no one could distinguish and it is a good explanation. From you one of wins and finally says -- can't do this can't be Robin Williams anymore. And you know what else that would what else could he do he had to work yet. Reputation. And image to live up to. Maybe just couldn't put -- -- and Robin Williams and north. The TV show which was is are we heard was in a TV show it -- well as her that's that's all about the money. Just a flat five movies that he's done right and -- come out yet are all about the money which is sad. That it is just -- -- Robin Williams. Was not broke because he's struggling to Bee -- You know you make a couple of million dollars blow that rugs and that's that's. By financial steps the worst either that's a factor. Customers -- -- -- -- porn -- something else yeah there's going to be he has come you guys Hoosier famous documentary maker. These changes to the James. Gets Steve and his neighbors -- Lucas. -- I kept looking for and amendment focuses scope. It's not. It's that one person I -- that picky about vacation for three weeks you can spend ninety minutes watching Roger I thought about it put us it was a -- Xbox Xbox I think that you did yes it was worth based on his recommendation ones. I was disturbed by many aspects of life. We deserves a little show him going through the surgery was a little too much for. At -- -- -- -- to the united support. -- it's it's that the message was was very yeah. I don't watch a lot of TV on my vacations it's them from a reader headliners I'm a big book -- -- Liberia group which to pick up via bookstore recently. -- the brat four book he's always good yeah I picked up -- time back. Was -- what was the other was eradicated Johnny Franzen -- that is one of the great heart -- moves of all time in his. Gold to a bookstore mrs. Our president who. As no attention readings books went to the books -- -- year and convenient grapes bookstore and except race I'm back now. Up around with. Such that such -- look at me that is the biggest look at me move us what are the odds that he reads. One page of that book urged. One pace is back at it and to terrorism and Regis. Yeah it just let me just look at me look at me I'm on vacation I'm Marines and back. It's a good beach read. People at the last of him he just picked up whatever the best seller island -- -- the door. You for a here when the status and that he reads the classics. We have that blow out he says it -- -- video of this scenario. Grapes of wrath I don't think I've ever seen and read a book. A summary -- called -- book on the flight down Florida. All about isn't it use one of these guys just stop every effort good it is an office of the -- for me I hope you read this yes -- it. So reticent to laugh -- it -- and it's got a full contact -- it. Six what 777 -- 7937. Lots to get to today's job would say will things pick yet. Well Jon Lester again good last night says that this is seen Jerry work mergers and trade. Recessed -- that we disagree other via ignite gas yeah I was Lebanon last night after the new bugs me about says it is. He looks small -- its election reform now maybe medium you looks all looks all written up for one of the bigger. Beckham was also whatever we make that -- take -- at this but it isn't it's. Is it too late I want to be like -- biggest week well I don't think that'll have a lot of micro. Get this ESPN's stuff to do but yes you're waiting. They have suspects it's incredible and credible and it's a good thing we're not on the -- -- rated as Kirk has pulled this many times. That he did some illicit substances. Yes when he years ago it's true you'd be out on you'd be gone for another nation that more we get back. I'm -- register on an alien. There was not bring it back to me thumbs Clinton and --

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