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Are the expectations for Darrelle Revis and the Patriots defense too high?

Aug 12, 2014|

Are the expectations for Darrelle Revis and the Patriots defense too high? We discuss it.

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-- Edwards and dale -- -- Sports Radio WEEI. Broadcast the life to let's stay -- I don't know what the norm is for these joint practices. And we him down here to do. Many of these shows since I've been back. I can't imagine they've had many more people here Michael that went on scene here look up here. All up here -- all the levels below us. I guess it's a record crowd today an ominous is the biggest crowd. They've ever had to go there -- in the biggest -- -- program. For practice. Here outside without the stadium being available now got to pay the fifth. All right that joint practice that take place inside the stadium would -- the biggest growth probably now. But for -- here. Yes outside by the bubble. Whether they have that Dana Farber field house. All of the all the stands alongside the field. A full. All of this stands next to the media tent. Goggles are full. Ever everywhere you can put people around the field where there are allowed to go there people there. Listen up folks on the balcony above -- and and next to us as well. Those emergency seemed to -- open those up after practice started some they have too many people show up here they filled all of the -- hill. The stands are all packed in and they just ran out of places to put folks. So they ended up opening for those of you know -- the ramp weighs on the back of the stadium that overlooked the practice fields. They basically opened up all the ramp ways people are lying. Up all of the different ramp ways all the way up through and even up above us what is up on the the top of the 300 level. Are the bottom of the 300 -- a lateral standing up there looking -- In our our our -- -- they you know Steve -- and talked earlier about the NFL right now they've they've figured out how this has -- -- this is the story across the league is a little like usual. You know I have the opportunity a few years go to the look at you know three yams. Very closely with that looked at the patriots extremely closely look at the falcons -- the keys. The patriots by far. Has the most support can't really they were trading in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Which the place you should avoid if you treat it and you don't have to go they're dull -- gold. Let you know had good support that I thought was very good point. Has always been to spend months you know I was one guy they call them they columns guests. There's there's one guy prominent guy there he's -- pads. On the side. You've got a lot of that lately I'm pretty -- lately but he got on a uniform. And pads. In the Atlanta heat hopeful and he is just cancel the call lot of players they'll say. Okay. Stephen Nicholas. You went to this school definitely -- -- Islam look ahead if -- tackles this is what you did last year against him Francisco we're behind. You and he would go down the list. Everybody on the team and he was the most excitable guy but in terms if you could hear him there only like 3040 people there right. Right well what makes us even more amazing to news. You're not. In Kansas City has one of the great towns in America Europe and Austin in the province are. That's so these two wonderful they get the -- get the -- she's got this great things you can do what. If you're in. You have the -- was loser in that your to a kid that what you're stuck ignorant. Why did a bad what you muzzle go to our lives -- -- -- our lives yeah saint Joseph's Missouri if there's no way out. You're one of the great places in this country and you got this kind of turnout makes it even more amazing. We're watching eleven V eleven right now it's the first string eagles' offense against the first string. Patriots defense Vince is out there in the middle of the defensive line Darrelle Revis over here on the left side Brandon Browner over on the right side. And and I'm always curious what Belichick is thinking. What's he looking for. Because he's not gonna see this offense outside of playing the Eagles again mean nobody else is doing exactly what chip Kelly's doing. So what's it looking for what to try to get out of working with against this off. It's assignments. These drug mixture of the guys are in the right position guys are understanding. The entire defense. With the first and -- with the first orders all leave that argument with those six or the other guys. But he wants these guys to see everything. Every adjustment that could be a little wrinkles that too just to see how they react to. Right now it's more or less important than that please list -- office there where they're supposed to be when there's post -- You know -- We were talking about this all year -- Yesterday on patriots Monday Tom Brady went on that knowing him so we kind of history. Discussions right now with the you know in her -- -- first round on Tuesday after include that the future fixes to protect them to protect it lottery -- trying to get. We're trying to get Tom Brady. Over here with -- we knew -- we could work out maybe some financial considerations as well for who for Britain. Part of the wrong -- by some -- that you can. I bought number if I wanted to say it's because of a lot of extra rope being flown over it felt like that's all over. -- feel -- due to file off so but the -- yesterday on the on the shelves. That the -- Revis. As in his instinct remind them well Ray Lewis they remind them of -- pretty -- Ed -- could be played played deep -- yet. He's making a play with three yard line of scrimmage just because he was able to see something in the form race it was -- something in the quarterback he resides. Whatever it was his instincts took them to the right place and he said read this reminds that it just makes you wonder. Our ex patriots are usually about managing expectations. And I know bill when they first got. -- yeah. -- took advantage you expected to grow we've let. I haven't you haven't even asked Tom Brady clearly. -- -- are going to our. -- on that expectations now for real Revis on reasonable. -- -- -- -- I don't think so dependable we think they are well help these computer to rate the lowest rate that was going to hall of fame Ed Reed or safety of our target -- man. It will probably there to -- so great hall of fame guys while reduces golfing talent -- depending heavily there was career. The first that's up there now all of the -- groovy buddies on that he's on that path if you mean like this -- example which is the best portable. When we czar Richard Seymour play that she was on that path. But he got off that path -- -- and is not a hall of Famer if Revis stays on the path he's on right now up he goes the whole fact I agree I absolutely agree. One of the things that home well I think was talking about two and two arms one of these guys to -- of other guys that's a superior. I'll I'll say athlete in terms of the way he plays the game. These guys guys like it -- guys like -- who was that guys like Revis even if their guy like Ty Lawson. These guys see the game differently than an average player like I let myself I saw the game as. Also to help -- it was black and white I got to do whatever I can't just keep up. These guys seeing things are different speed on Brady can't look at that you if you I would stand back there to report second to try to see what was going on -- there. Regardless of how much training we have we could see what Tom Brady -- Revis is the same kind of guy he sees things. And he's not just see him the one receivers covered -- and other things you see in the field. They the great players aren't convinced the great players see things are different speed different wave and -- -- -- dollars it's just. You can't you can't account for because there's little about does better athletes that read out there -- better athletes that Ray Lewis of there. But that worked very many better players because of the way they saw the game and the way they prepared but they also saw things that that just didn't look Cooper to an average player. Yeah in -- criticism. In the lives of members. You know that that -- -- draft I think that the patriots wound up taking Daniel Graham I think draft. Whenever the way the guys here to Albania before -- come -- you know. They were really like -- he's got to be awful our properties probably that brought that -- to -- body -- of it that much. Look at this -- from Miami hit three. Just a very instinctive. Football players you're right I mean I. I don't know what has come by times were but they probably weren't off the charts -- -- -- -- -- drafted point 32 putting for raids. Some something like that and Daniel Graham went three spots ahead of them. If not always about. The powers of the announcers just like -- you play the game but just wander through with with -- Revis there is no. He can't have a good season the way we've talked about. He's got a great got to be great well I think I think what we're saying you know hall of -- track but it's tyranny. Is there anyway he won't be great yes it will mean short of everybody knows if he gets hurt I understand that but he's healthy is their way he won't be great well look it would. Way it will hear that -- that he did have a great season is that teams to what they did. Like that when he was with the jets they stay away from. Based he could have picketed at the season with three interceptions but still have a dominating here simply because teams choose not to go his way. It's hard to count that it in the fans' eyes and sometimes you watch the game and Revis has to tackles and no interceptions or whatever. Meanwhile he just shut down half the field that a coach did have to worry about he you know we we saw. Belichick talked about Vince Wilfork. These are rushing Vince Wilfork commodity -- zero tackles or -- simply the best game of -- to play. It's one of those things where a guy like prince blocks up the middle they don't try go -- moderate bothered them to have to work. Revis could have a great here and not have great numbers to back it up. That's great point that I hear your Vince example is a great one. Because. Belichick I've heard him talk about this with you guys when I when I wasn't there about what a great game been set and you looked at the numbers and it. Didn't it didn't -- out we get locked into the numbers too much. But I am I am curious you do bring up the best point of all I am curious what would patriots fans expectations are high because they all teach arts when they got. This guy's got a pretty amazed you know the patriots haven't had a a guy like this in a long time and and maybe. Now at a public response to Samuel was that got. It I don't love the -- is an Asante -- was here. Great playmaker. A lot of people still hold the that the missed interception Super Bowl against him. It's funny that -- quarter of this thing of the past quarters -- that he get numbers over the top flight over that -- More people are upset with the thought to Samuel missing a path that they are with Wes Welker who the receiver. Who dropped the four years later but anyway had progressed they haven't had a guy like this probably tough. Though. About why it was ties to -- him. I was different quarterback Todd was being physical play at that time -- -- out to mall right the receivers and when Bill Polian the colts to those rules. To suit Pulitzer yield help better if you just look at it -- it. It's gonna talk about. About about caught out the big score all -- -- and help political what they changed those rules now so. The quarterback position had to ball and right now the best evolution of that is Revis and he's. Got that innate ability. To. Dominate a side of the field and we've seen it. The other things can help him in his. He's an office. That's -- to score points. Other teams are going to be forced to throw the ball they're not going to be able completely avoid throwing which you know there is a problem for him here with the they get about I've thought about this. It's Brandon -- Only plays right corner never played anything other than right corner his entire career well if you stick with. If you leave Brandon Browner and right hand side or Joseph limiting what derailed rape scandal. Intuit that we talked about the business you know we bill about it if you would of course -- say they -- that's what do. But he played out just because the guidance of its wealth as we hear both well. And Brandon Browner. Open Q well open minded and flexible they can do different things at the -- -- -- -- get absolutely -- little -- this Steve's point of an accurate view it in any sport -- said that about Bobby your. But Bobby yours on a different game than everybody else that that -- necessarily articulated. But it was just. It's what -- is the great players like that so whether it's basketball left in Jordan last -- -- are -- classics you know. Jordan vs magic in 1988. I'm just look at him he's like stock in the court lack -- -- is all over the place in the lord make great passes he sees a different game. We want these guys like Darrelle Revis. I'm sorry. Brandon Browner. Committed limit Darrelle Revis because of the limitations of Brandon Browner right I got a great player. -- use them all over the place and sometimes if I need to put in the right corner legitimate right quarter. And maybe that means Brandon -- them. -- you live at -- Robert because you wanna maximize the best player on the field that's -- Revis you don't. Minimized -- -- the best player on the field trip to try to take advantage of of Roberts is that it doesn't make sense in the big scheme thing. Steve help me out here just from what my eyeballs tell me and I know Ryan mallet missed a couple of days of practice. With whatever they don't they don't share much injury stuff here. Q I read anything into the fact it's patriots against the Eagles Patriots offense against the Eagles defense. Brady comes out runs the plays you know everything's the first team. Second team quarterback is Jimmy drop below not Ryan mallet to read anything into that. Eloquently your balance out there right right he's there -- -- that. -- will -- up their little or too little thing. What is the thing that. You picked owed this single performance of the -- and attitude practices against against Washington but. It's you the game and out -- the -- so very well I just wonder how well he played in the if you play. That way in the scrimmage is that they practice they that's an issue. If the players that earlier I think they paid more close attention -- the practices they did that game. But I'm not ready to read into anything but rubble -- advice. Fourth quarter against guys that aren't that you leave him that's all fine and well it's an upgrade to play against college. But I'm quote -- received training camp early on and the keys. That -- patriots -- through two series of offense against the Eagles defense. Brady had the first one rappel about the second -- didn't play in this now as Michael said and as we mentioned. He's been a bit banged up maybe they've limited him a little bit here I don't know that. You know he's been doing other -- he's been stepping in doing other things maybe you know they're not as comfortable with him out there and eleven against eleven although quarterbacks are gonna get hit anyway right. -- -- And maybe it's the overall throwing maybe it's a shoulder maybe who knows what it is. It's you know who CO goes -- it's that you get a better indication. Maybe on the game when they when they please see who comes in when Brady's done -- the first quarter that that might be the case right here. Right now I'd say -- if if ballot at the effects of last few days that's up to do that as a problem and it takes steps with. With -- caterpillar incorporated play in the first quarter you guys are short of Brady's gonna play I'm not Friday I'm not. And first home game. Played a pre season it was up to Brady play Arnold that itself but. It's out of the Brady you know about eleven legacy that was to sort of operated that would -- brought policy brought him there but -- -- it's yours to. That. Doctor. -- access to protected but. Kids put them bubble up the whole time Graham why -- I know what you're right I want to I want to wrap up rocket and bring you that you're fine but. But quarterback's gotta you leave. He -- which experienced any getting so many plays like to say yeah right timing -- to -- it is time I don't know. He's he's at that point his career where. It's not gonna help will be a little hope some receivers have reports. Am actually throws the ball that. The ballot problem truth there's scenarios there -- the ball quicker it's going to be better sponsor different spots there. -- what those other two guys could do so maybe it's more about. Some receivers. Get them get some live fire with -- -- -- for Brady it. Experts and I think that's one of the things we look at who we were talking yesterday about some of the camps mr. camp battles is in the picture circuit team and the patriots the Broncos. In the AFC and look at the NFC team to kind of you know bunch problem. The saints the Packers obviously the Seahawks and 49ers. And maybe even put. But maybe that's the cardinals are ready to take that step but felt Eagles are look at it right Eagles through look at some of these teams. Don't really have you know 25 openings so you say what are you gonna get out of -- and that's one of the things for the patriots it's not necessarily who's gonna win the job. I wanna see what these guys got to do not receive any receiver. Has taken that step that it's going to be my my my prediction yet they keep Josh avoid that look like it going to be Hamlet. You know Dobson is back out here thinking for him. After come off the published does he make a step. Another step up this year -- 500 yards over 500 yards receiving last year you have -- come up to 80900 yards to become one of those guys. Could Brian Tim's pushing out a spot yet it. -- -- another guy you know Chandler Jones you know I've planted some defensive end summit linebacker Kenny played linebacker and had been thought of Jim Jones. As a guy who's going to be coverage as a linebacker. You know these are some things don't wanna see not necessarily. You know who the fourth or fifth quarterbacks -- That opportunity that the three young receivers had last year is something that they may never get again you've had. All -- it was one of those guys of those three guys to step up and take take a position. With the best quarterback you believe on one of the best offensively and me. None of the guys stepped up none of them did is you don't see opportunism that. Offenses like this the positions don't open up usually. Like that Denver Broncos did what they do. They -- to try to fill that's what was what took them well and got Wes Welker it was a it was a stereo where these guys. Had the opportunity to take advantage over how much opportunity to get this year take -- one of them should step up support somebody. Just watch Revis on that play started here on the left corner. Man went motion he went with them set up as the slot receiver on the far side. Revis one went right with -- known -- lined up right next to Brandon Browner when the snap the ball. Browner seems to stay over there but Revis as you pointed out this animal and all over the place. I'm I'm just curious because Revis is a guy who has site I think. Has changed people's perceptions of this defense yes one got wrecked when one guy and I'm curious. Might -- the best questionable what are your realistic expectations. For what he brings to the table we think. If he's not the best quarterback in football is one of the three that doesn't have to be realistic expectations when we got -- basic video and maybe the expectations are realistic. But that's zero to 06177797937. Is telephone number maybe you've got -- at a different way of looking at Patriots defense but. I think rivas turns them from a good defense and they were really good last year a lot of the season when they were healthy. To -- great defense. I think that's what people are expecting great play from -- great play from this defense which he'll tell us 6177797937. We're broadcasting live from Gillette. -- down here on -- Tuesday watching the patriots and Eagles Sports Radio W media.

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