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How will a new comissioner "fix" Major league Baseball?

Aug 12, 2014|

Sagging ratings, sagging attendance, sagging interest. The new commissioner of MLB faces some stiff challenges, and we discuss it with you.

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They're three finalists. To be named the new Commissioner of Baseball on Thursday. Yet depicting a thirst -- that well I don't know that get it done Thursday but they're gonna start on Thursday so. I mean rob Manfred is this the -- old Major League Baseball kind of but see leagues right hand man number one deputy. He's the guy who makes a lot of sense to a lot of people and I apologize for not remembering the name the second gentleman also within the command hierarchy of of Major League Baseball he makes its name number threes came out of nowhere for all of us was Tom -- One of the owners of the Red Sox. And just kind of came out of out of the blue for us. And we're trying to figure it out and as the days have gone on we've read more and more stuff. Dan Shaughnessy wrote some stuff today. -- Matt wrote about it. Yesterday the day before. And talking about Tom workers candidacy. I read uninteresting piece by Michael Silberman herald over the weekend. Where he talked to John Henry of -- don't have real newspaper. He does she does government is not there is that there all I'm just the other thing is trying to keep it to charity affair. So you don't want let's let's say now that stupid -- that none for the last night are right that's right. Is trying to keep score at home just trying to keep prepared at what it gives the appearance. You know he's all about the glow in. He's gonna ignore the Boston Herald so he gives. You know insightful interviews to Michael silvers. So if you Michael Silverman and gives game and other things we didn't used to. Was it was the other isn't on the Bosnia at one. There's no logos and Scott -- anyway all the all the -- guy -- I think you know all the things that might celebrate paper. He's got he's he's not the The Herald so their paper. And look I'm sort of half joking about -- -- hello Carol thank I'm not I'm not joking about this. John Henry talked about things that he thinks the new Commissioner of Baseball has to help address and asked to help fix. And I'm telling you right now if it if you came to me today and said what's the one thing you can do to fix baseball right here today. One thing will change this and it will fix it for you right now. Examples -- absolutely positive speed of the game length of the game now the old time baseball purist we'll tell me hey that's the beauty. There is -- clock. You know it goes on -- months ago. But I'm telling -- it's the single biggest problem baseball hats if you are expected to our to our and twenty minute games to -- thirty minute games. I think baseball would get a big boost in in interest and ratings and attendance. Now I don't know whether the commissioner has the authority do that I don't know Tom workers the guy. It to get that done but John Henry talked about that this weekend and I agree with them completely hardly do that. How do you that some simple things like -- can't step out of the box. -- Every single pitch every guy out of the box just the velcro just the batting practice you know. That Jonny Gomes helmet thing back and forth up and down up and down but he can't step up or are all compromise you step out wants. Once you've stepped out of the box one time you currently. Pitchers you get twelve seconds to get a pitch away. You stand -- state Clay Buchholz would be he'd be out of the game right you stand there staring at catcher for forty seconds all want. You stand -- staring -- -- for another twenty seconds -- Those two things alone would speed up the game immediately. They gave a regular three hour product because -- public will still watch television for three hours and -- that was the NFL. If you if you if you bring it down to two and a half hours to 45. They were still wanna be able to commercials. Two -- that's that's the other part of the equation there's still there's still have a huge -- because. Steve the things I'm talking about when I take any of your commercial opportunities away you still got nine innings I'm not saying. Let's short negate a six innings a seven inning right so you'd still have the same. You know times in between innings and everything. The John Henry's right they've got to fix that. Yeah -- I don't know if if I think about the problems of baseball. It and if I had the rank of its number one problem baseball tickets apparently -- -- -- what's yours. Maybe about maybe a dispute in the minority here. I don't really think this game. Is a problem. I don't think the game -- baseball's problems that you look at. Maybe marketing this board you know trying to make it who -- in the appealed to the younger people -- do it. I think Davis is that if you have the same game. It takes three hours and do all the things that you do. You magically get -- 22 point 546 year old interest in baseball. Is that what it is or is -- a decade. Isn't just a marketing and he viral marketing campaign. Just reaching out -- telling people how cool baseball is you know maybe it's. It is something that they NBA was criticized war for years and years and maybe you bring him. Element of MBA in marketing to baseball's that was not. Say the Boston respectively but the system now but go all out. Is that the Boston Red Sox it is Dustin Pedroia and the Red -- David Ortiz in the read that it might try. In the angels' latest Clayton Kershaw at the Dodgers you -- really personalize it. Making it about the individual. As opposed to the team. I don't know put it but I loved baseball ever -- inning. Problem with that game of baseball. If you see those guys. What four times in four hours. Horror maybe eight or nine times the major player in the field. Hard to -- though those individuals up if the speed of the game is three and a half four hours and those guys would jump outages. Let's say he forced seven to nine times aren't that much -- the jet slid open but my question is all right it's a shorter game. Does that does that draw people in baseball that -- young people at least I think younger you know there have been there -- seven but it. -- -- is it's evident -- the U I think it's it's. Dollars it's that time commitment on television advocates. Something where. For lack of sound like it'll -- -- sort of my Michael kids Texas that they want more action but what more. Action -- the NFL gives you that well three hours and not quite but all sorts of a lot of the time but it's action and other stopped cold off. For much of baseball there's not enough going on to keep young people like your kids my kids to keep them their attention. I do think that I agree with you about the marketing aspect Michael but I think the game also needs needs to tweak. Yep which I think it's one of those games and I think the urgency is there from a from the in the commissioner's standpoint that urgency is there. Not because the game is broken but because they wanna maximize dollars. So. I don't really think a lot of people. They don't necessarily care about the game that you're about. The opportunities to make money and it's different and I don't know what to make sure that the names right. Three candidates. Well rob Manfred is one -- -- the other end Major League baseball's vice president business thank you Tim Brosnan. It's the other -- so. Tom Tom war breaks to the table it well they're going to be to commissioner I would brings -- breaks and they -- think baseball has broken. And you -- and I'm saying that the number one biggest marketing how'd you make it more attractive on TV was not wars background. Television is a TV -- now. I haven't seen you know Sox appeal wasn't really that well that's what as a resident of that but it probably should be -- but. You look at his television history. It's pretty impressive. Not necessarily in sports but just in terms of entertainment. Whether it's the Cosby laurel and -- -- you know you have to show all of us. So I guess if that's the one thing that they now Warner at I think Tom Warner I think TV but the spectacle that -- -- -- with a baseball and -- to back the baseball I think this is what we're that would connect. They're they're they're opposed. Who love the sport and we think of them as commissioners say Fay Vincent. While baseball they've -- -- -- baseball park your body media all. Some people thought it keeps it is Peter Peter damaged -- -- baseball. Peter Gammons is looking at the business standpoint. A baseball is the candidate he's he's who just loves the game but there are those the three candidates who were supposed to. Hope the game they may love it but that's not why they are nominated as. The top three candidates it nominated because baseball's thinking of making money advocates won titles with guys. Whether you're talking about. 22 year old being intuit 42 year old 62 year old being into it. The very nature of peaceful a lot of it is the theater of the mind a lot of it is. A slow pace it's just -- sport that's what it is. But if you're really into it there a moment there there are moments of tension in baseball that if you're a casual fan. Do think it's going slowly but if you're really hard core fans there are some. There there there are some quick moment there's a heartbeat moments. -- you have to know the sport to begin to expect those things. Works as -- all the sports have. History of making adjustments to the game to make it more palatable to that casual style so well what pro football Oprah for example. More ports they have I'm I'm an inappropriate I don't care for its. If it's Cleveland vs Jacksonville Thursday that probably watched that game -- goes it's an NFL game. I'm by the -- all of the other three sports are more concerned about what you just said. Hockey more points basketball points football more points. Rules that they've changed the rules two receivers a freer -- you can't touch of quarterbacks. The flags that we saw here. These are all that's fine but it's confidence or more pointless got you will you would now get a -- it's got a problem because still baseball it's good short game. Instead you went shorter games but -- more reds baseball what does it mean longer. -- -- -- -- -- ultimate I don't know I was. I was citing that as a way to fix baseball's citing that -- away. That other sports changed changed the gains in order to make it more palatable because they they thought they had problems to the casual fare. To the fans -- talk about your absolute right to either. That go whoa watch that but talks I -- to -- radio the guy that'll wants it. Be part of baseball will be there you still advocate that casual fan at the -- to -- baseball is different than we have the football boxing and you know three more runs create more scoring opportunities -- lol you know. What what -- about whatever. I'm saying they gotta do something to make more palatable to. I just short lived at the news that there's. 6177797937. Johnny's up in -- eight out there we go out Johnny got me. You might have to up punch it up back there -- we've -- to have issues with this one Johnny up and maybe got me. OK. Okay. All right if you got it now. Johnny. It's not my fault they'll do well I mean it's my fault it's not an insult as -- was trying to say Alex tried -- up in Maine. And I reckon it's -- to button at all. Hey -- I don't. They are -- I didn't expect my golf shot -- -- that at all you make you laugh every -- I think you're you know you're great guy -- -- radio but. To weigh in on the of people simply secure goal IE can't -- walking baseball look how long it's for the game for grass and I think. That's why younger generations or enjoy it just takes too long easy keeper at fox is so -- 45 hours it's ridiculous and I think. What you're saying hey look fox. HEB game up -- you. Everything else that you want you know so -- commercial partner who used TV -- nothing -- lose revenue which you lose. I think the capitals sports fan like myself who loves sports I want to -- four -- -- baseball. I go outlet outlet outlet another -- that it's tiny little thing okay. They're gonna walk David Ortiz intentionally. It does make it ought to put forth thing is I don't want to go to first thing -- they for the for the one time all year. Where you see a wild pitch on an intentional walk. How much time you wasting over the course of -- Awful season Joseph I think your record with a history. Yankees Red Sox as an example goals have historically been long games with a good public like you know. Well what the average. -- public yankees Red Sox game this year has been because. The team's. Not that they're going to be different gloriously if we do that is tell us helicopter earlier the humming -- right there and -- right. Jeffrey -- gone back to go to let him know I arrived. Look at my own helicopter to go the wrong way. Think that this. They -- turn it around a joke that maybe that's what maybe he tried to go to stop -- pick -- and got -- all Oprah and what let go. But I think OK yankees Red Sox this year. The games have but it hasn't since the Red Sox don't -- like they used to think about it. You know when they have lineups yet. That would that would capable of wearing down pitching staff and the Carolinas anymore at the games and faster and across the board. I would just -- That the games -- shorter now baseball. Because -- more guys. Who could throw 969798. And they hitters now are putting up the numbers that they did even five years ago I think the games a little shorter. 6177797937. As the telephone number dale and -- Steve the -- Waiting to see -- different glorious helicopter turns the other way -- Sports Radio W media -- -- -- phone calls with you guys right now. As we talked about what you would do to help. Fix the game if you think it needs fixing. Michael doesn't think that the game needs fixing may be the marketing of the game needs fixing it may be exactly the way to look at it. It's up to you guys Paulson RI Paul your next on sports -- Dele -- -- all that bad there we go I you know. Barack. What you know if it's -- -- so it's neutral it's turned all the pictures into. Specific pictures. It all night your all time like particularly get gas to get through five innings. I'm only complete gains -- advantage -- partly. And so therefore everybody in the trotting back for you know than we have but and parties from the infielder earned it. Tension goes and then the pitching coach goes out and the -- he goes -- -- You know and it's like it's -- play. You know and obviously the athletes and better. But it just seems like it -- for -- Yeah you know I think it's a fair point you know Tony La Russa there was some special as nations involved in the Russa. Was one of those guys I'm not gonna blame him. For what the game is now what Tony La Russa was hall of fame manager. Just inducted on the Russa was an elevator so. Yeah he saw -- accurately. Washed out starter -- -- -- -- -- her -- guy to a closer and became a hall of fame closer and what is it you start to breakdown after their. After their championship years and he -- really haven't really like he had great starting pitching that he would start the game with relievers. Try to for about a week week. And it worked out yet but okay but the the point is. He brought something new to the game so. Somebody else. Maybe the game these innovators -- I want to bring somebody else and says you know. I'm not gonna have a left handed specialist. I'm not gonna have or reliever. I'm gonna have a closer who pitches just three out of four -- public gold old school wanted to bring and it goes got -- start closer who give it two and a -- minutes. I don't want it I don't wanna take things away from managers I don't -- -- case -- you don't make three pitching changes in the game. I don't wanna do that I I do think there are other ways to to speed up the game and I do agree that Tony recess helped slow it down to a snail's pace look. For the old time baseball people like -- That takes four hours that's fine. I don't care others -- clock on this thing and I've heard a lot of media people who cover the game fans who follow the game let's say that's the beauty of it. If it takes or hours it takes four hours I just think you've got a real perception problem especially on among younger fans if it's taken that. They're not trying to capture. Those fans who have no problem for him -- they have those for those guys are in the fold 20600. People at the right word to say drive baseballs to slow stop for me. How do you make it. How do you make it interest -- how do you how do you get -- -- to the -- I didn't. Did a bit from it in front of the TV for that matter maybe don't need to come to the park right how did you give -- -- front of the TV. Pitch clock making him stay in the box. Automatic. Intentional walk just those things alone -- that would -- ten minutes off again. As well be enough. Well I hope I'm just start I mean at least it's it it's something. There are fewer try to get somebody interest in baseball what would you do. -- if you contributed to go back to the very basis. Go back to basics how to get averages -- baseball. I -- I have please the kids. But so that's the easiest way for -- please the kid but if you please review pretty please -- him you know. Those that's how I keep what they spoke by playing baseball is -- time rolled up all of our school. Because you know it's it's it's really got it but that can't you can't do that we're right is it sort of interest in it -- if you have to think about it. Eric if you grow up if growth in New York. Let's say you're. You know relatively young person grew up with the growth with a winning baseball team championship baseball team. So that's it's pretty easy win their parades all the time in your team is waiting to think about this and if -- if you grew up. In Boston. Year after year -- paper -- up before 2004. You didn't have championships. So hot people of a baseball if it was in the cold I think I. I grew up with a group of Boston all through the seventies. Movies that at -- just speculative. Movie and you love to -- because -- played it loved it took 75 love because of for a live. You Friday's losses. Because. Such as I loved all all those fixed. As it moved along I started. Doing other we have out. Out of it is something that's gonna sound counter intuitive but I'm convinced this would help. -- baseball for kids now more less. Because now you've got 10111213. Year old kids were being asked to play year round. -- a football baseball now. Now that you've got to go to hitting clinics all winter long. That you gotta do this in the spring many got to play your league in the summer right they're turning these kids into these little baseball machines and by the time they're 1516 year -- it escrow what -- I've had enough that was. -- is above that is it actually makes you better at other sports the more sport you play. You play. You do you play football you'll learn of the other big big advocate but baseball player basketball shaping the footwork he was in different sports make you better player. That's specialist stationed. Doesn't necessarily make you a better. Player I promised when I ask you this question I've asked this of professional athletes my whole life. Every single professional athlete I've ever -- has answered the same way to play football here. Well. -- -- I -- to go back for my dad used to come get me. Out of training camp in high school so -- could finish of the a new team that I was on. Relief. In August so so I I was like please don't report baseball team because of limited time in Boston. I've I tried to play basketball and hockey to Moscow. And they were perennial powerhouse can -- -- like to ski well there were so. So what it's about all speakers like those guys every athlete I've ever asked as a sport I played whatever was NCs. And and nowadays kids are being asked at the age of twelve. Okay -- -- our power player of a sudden you're gonna play soccer year round regular play hockey year round you've got to play baseball year round. You're you're burning them out from the sport before they victory and a -- -- young adults would prefer to have to follow the game and I think the exceptions. Maybe exceptions. He's the exceptional. Kids don't have a lot of and there's not many highlighting an -- you know are going to be. In the -- probably at some point I felt it was a young he got it. I got gonna play at the very least he's simply because you want college football but he's probably gonna play in the pros and there are a lot of you know the Hokies -- there -- a lot of development as this there's no -- -- a lot of Christian -- a lot of -- baloney. Know a lot of times it's a good. You're gonna have to play high school before high school baseball maybe -- -- -- -- three right but they're. Not gonna wind up with. The -- -- a -- -- a tour group playing for -- fellowship of silly to get one of these that tiny chance of getting that division one supposed to the even. Much to hide your chance of playing pro ball -- any sport is even so what's more why not just let the can enjoy the game and have fun -- it better but we care activist. -- 6177797937. Telephone number it's -- holly and Steve the -- got here to let stadium Sports Radio WE yeah. Will embrace it -- -- -- later on in the hour notice you're wearing now that the Mexican. To that it will be embracing it with him. I would get two things that we want to Gary Williams like Ingraham yeah braves this -- -- -- -- we're pretty quiet out here today wasn't a wanted to call it. -- be fun actually -- -- out what lasted two simple things one what you do to fix Major League Baseball if you think it needs fixing and to. What was your favorite Robin williams' role. I gave -- my good morning Vietnam wins for me and I loved a lot of stuff that he did but that's the one for its funny we were just talking. In this topic about you know youth sports and you know giving up here you're used them and moving forward your life is a great Robin Williams movie about that. About you know he dropped touchdown pass in the championship game. -- does that count -- the state championship went on and you know prospered did great things his style sort of suffered for it. Because back and he gets the two teams back together and they replay the big championship game of course it catches the past now one. But you can't do that in real life that's movies okay. You know we know if that. Maybe that's the worst thing about sports and the best thing about sports focus for the worst thing about sports is. -- it's tough for people to removal. It is really difficult and you get past. The people or you're the captain of the hopeful thing and post -- fool if it turns out the way you expect that if you -- at this point brought before it was. The best thing about sports is. You always remember. I did -- camaraderie. The results. You know not to think gained by. The moment surrounded them you know from the French justice you have some references to develop. -- never forget it I think I don't care who you are I'll bet you you've played. Even a little bit of sports you remember. A great win. If you remember that with that. Jim -- striking out and the state. Legion tournament up but to focus -- remained in the river like it was yesterday that it would close and they went in closed web article but I remember -- -- out to Jim meeting in the game. Up but the state tournaments lately -- -- up it's one of those things that you didn't have any you know bad memories all your -- -- -- positive stuff right. Few. Great picture. First league too much cargo from. -- that we've all wars are lining up for the team picture. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I stood on the children's park in Brighton. To a man who hide them in the team picture them sit back on the verge of tears off. With Google out of it but it's up up up up although I'd look at that neutral to about -- -- your values always go to Q. And they go by the way -- to the team picture it was about a wide web site where -- because -- ball boy in the history. Kabul the capital of the world are back to the calls is wearing your -- school and let it. For your oil out of what he's holding up. And we know it is awful lot of threats because anyway if we disseminate they've dominated they've -- the -- -- what was the point is that while reported. First appointment final score with a ninety -- as well throw it all -- -- I mean it was it was a lot to a little. And it and I remember. You know going to school we. We wanted to guys who vetoes anything in its fifth record highs this but remember. Losses from high school I remember losses from great. Debris. Single. Loss did you ever win. Don't want to throw well -- the way you know but. This -- it's crazy. What she remembered how it is is it forces you if you. Develop some patients developed -- discipline and it is all about sportsmanship. We lost over the game in football school but if we -- have you 551 year I was like. Unbelievable. Accomplishment for us would be ticked -- so but it might arch rival -- Norton. Now my best my best friend -- what's -- shooting. If you remember these things like it was yesterday's verdict remember winning the game. Number. I remember losing to the cameras and flat your your whole bushel move ties his the kick off brought us this vote -- the -- the worst part about it. So we're trying to figure out if you think Major League Baseball needs to fix it I it. What it is that you actual sport the sport itself. What you think the new commissioner whether it's Tom warmer. What I don't think it's going to be -- border but if you think it is what you think he can do to fix it -- a Northampton and Mike I don't. We're very guys don't -- my. -- -- -- -- -- I would think you know on what Mike -- is talking about how. From it could be more. It could've been better I could sit on the computer and Google company in O'Neill -- and don't like to get thirty video. And -- high school one thing about baseball I'm not gonna find anything and I think that -- a lot of their. Earlier I don't know where truth though you can find lots of of things if you if you Google we have instead are like throughout. You know best moments -- routes highlight real. I'm not pretty -- pretty locked down a Major League Baseball and that's the part that aren't good conference little conference would your company can only used mlb.com. There's no comfort -- blog silicon video taken down immediately. And realize that I feel like a -- that folder a lot of young fans are a part of -- allowing. Video appearance and a lot. You know I don't wonder -- there is. It I don't know if that's true but if you say it is a way to work a work her heart out if they if that is true then they're screwing up big yeah yeah how how is that compared to other sports and here's the other thing. What about the network. Is MLB network they obviously controlled by the league is doing everything to make things appealing. You casual fan but your casual fans are you probably find your way how do you get here the first place and -- -- -- -- You don't like but you don't -- casual -- you like. -- he beat me right I have to sort that out the problem problem. Well a lot but our list that I -- Robin are going to love it. What would you. What would go it probably go to -- the right so. If it is coming in it's complicated then it is. I think alternately NFL network. NB ATV. You're really. Your time -- throwing your heart or Reyes but then you wanna grow the game how to do. Chris up in Portsmouth sacred site don't. They got to progress. On the so. I think they'll born and I agree with -- a lot of compliments that Michael on the swap out. Not that I see don't want to give out like. All strike off with what you felt in the white. -- they can Michael's -- -- see. How do you get more people and just -- from separate major markets the weekend about you know point 430. This won't go life. Those sixty games quite a bit with knock it down like report in the week. Some sort of playoff structure. On the 120 game here. Good info all soft spot -- all week long you breakdown against everybody that's been -- game on Sunday ring that is a group. Sales of more money for advertising so they might lose some advertising money almost forty games but it's -- -- -- for it out -- -- on the games that you will in my don't make it up expenses or would demand normal for the playoffs series is here and sustain those three games against in coming out. And -- a few games -- so pathetic that the next game series so you know active players complained about last game. I think building excitement out my build a better what ballpark I'd still do. It -- demand that -- so many of them so. Let Chris I'll I'll I'll agree with you in this regard I think the NHL the NBA and Major League Baseball could all do with fewer games but I also know it's not realist. That just from the financial point of view you know the amount of money that's involved. Owners are given up games you remember when the NHL went from eighty to 82 they added stuff and they're not given back and I agree with his point completely. 120 baseball games would be 142. Like -- staff -- -- planning. -- packet they're -- all about. In that regard what revenue in the stadium. To even suggest dropping -- back eight games would take. -- with a whole lot of guts commissioners that would. That would be put to all of line you don't look at that god knows that -- -- -- -- previous caller talked about. Well except that -- markets that you think about your baseball. And I think this is probably what you shorten the games and and this is the issue philosophically everything's in terms of percentage. You know. What's your ballpark what percentage of your fault or this is this field. On on a daily basis opposing faces several what you're grateful. For this 099 point three -- to a think it was ninety point nine. Boston third the Yankees -- force the sort of hit bottom five. Pretty -- the usual suspects. Cleveland. 43%. Full. It knows that that 43%. Summer you know tejada -- can. Yeah you go to great Johnny or those Sagan and -- part -- that something so 43% Cleveland. Why Glasgow -- that they raised 51 point nine. Seattle 52%. The White Sox 52 point four Arizona 53 point two closest you -- -- you -- those numbers. Don't talk much shorter gains in marketing and all this I think. No matter what I mean the Red Sox I know coming off -- World Series. Maybe you don't have such high attendance is like if you told a Red Sox fan. At the beginning of the season I don't you think -- the united did -- win ninety something games. They'll be lucky to win a yes you're gonna be out of your life -- the -- get your tickets won't be that high but this is a great market still for baseball fair to schools with great market yankees' New York great market for baseball. -- Cleveland's now. Not anymore -- used to being -- was in the football town in the baseball team was pretty good the other fans come in baseball games are good they won't. You can not a great market for baseball Arizona's not a great market for -- -- What do that love losers talk about our transplant areas people from afar from everywhere else but it happens it's a regulatory -- -- what are -- good or not Jessica -- Arizona to. -- or from Chicago would. Milwaukee one just like typical people from Boston Newark -- so I'm surprised they were 51%. But I have never been lower massive that stadium -- it feels like -- adverse. She's got that Angel 10% of all weren't ready yet reported have to start average attendance -- Tampa this year since the 70000 people Peterson sandwich since I hit the button. -- -- -- Good good person and crawl rule of the show to thank god the memorial for work every day appreciated thanks. I agree whole heartily when you Gail about the time of the gains or -- first -- game in 1962 at the refs are. Season. And 52 years. And the game I believe it's gotten close to an hour longer and they guy who -- war fought for new Russa and pitching change and let's see that's all the before. But the fact is that failure -- but the batters stepping out of the blocks from the picture taken -- -- -- my out of my only question would be if we can only recreated. What's critical factors that Hank Aaron how often make errors that far. I'll probably inevitable fact probably never -- Ted Williams about it you know ops -- cooperative and wouldn't step out of the blocks. Probably never so now we have. Sixteen hitting second base and stepping out of the box -- number four starter. And it's just adding to the length of the game so that's my point that I. Stepping out by the way Peter every single pitch. Every every step out at just the batting -- the -- to adjust the helmet. Exactly Internet access I think if you went back every pitcher now in every batter now acts like it's the -- in the fight game in the seventh game of the World Series and everything's hanging on the next steps. Even with the middle of June. And I can afford a one game in Detroit it's just it's ridiculous. That's why I'd like as I wish we could go back and see you know when Reggie Jackson was betting against Jim home. How often these -- box probably number of these guys don't need to step out of the blocks they really don't open the -- get the ball the ball back. And pictures are are every bit as guilty and and I know we talk about your blog cult we talk about -- but but they're all like this wedding pictures -- -- -- control the but they got the ball if you're not ready and are ready but since the -- control the pace of the game. I mean there's certain guys. Who you know there on the mound it's going to be alone game you know -- is one thing we we all experience the -- nice day it was -- those fields -- that was that was us sitting here you have your Mark Burly types you know why is it consistently get it -- heart goes out here but he's controlling. So whether you you have stepped out of box about hey it's mark for its -- pearly -- because this question but from my old. Catching days so we'll tell you this the catch is not an expert giving signals until the guys in the box. Would move the batters out about a fox. -- sport was to give signals that point so. It's a I'm sure why no picture perfect part of what you have got to keep that guideline and in the got to keep the picture focus. Good point. Builds on the cellphone -- -- height on. Good at its numbers as well there was -- -- the right if you add add an extra commercial after every inning. That's probably itself in trying to -- I think. When you look at the world woke -- darker and again. Like soccer game an article for exactly. An hour and fifteen minutes to -- they have a couple of extra minutes and fifteen minutes. I -- that's -- your commercials are. You get in the second half hour 45 minutes Koppel after they scored recorder are configured to run. You can search your classroom the game would be two hours you know canady -- she. Watch the game. In in in the beginning of the game they indicated they or cancel players I think that's why don't you don't want to hear. Let's -- with that yeah but that's soccer which is to watch soccer we gathered. But definitely -- giant and I know your beauty wanna make it that's fine. But the fact of the matter is soccer it was popular among the young a paragraph a theory and that's the part that would that would try to do is we're trying to draw that younger demographic -- -- that. What that Gordon ordered out of argument about. Let's talk Karen and I joked about this all the time he hosts the Red Sox games -- -- I host the Bruins games on this you know we've joked about it all the time and I and and I'll see about it as a -- -- you know the beauty of my game. If I don't two and a half hours after its start Tom -- out the door right -- said. And and any he always is I know I mean it's. And beyond the weather's often rain delays and all that baseball games for many fans now take for a and -- -- they're just not gonna commit that a lot of time many young fans to sit there watching it or a soccer game is it to our commitment a hockey games at two and a half -- commitment. -- what you -- -- produced fuel but to talk about the sports also. If you can't -- about our sort of right. Doctor is quick like the previous -- said you know what you gonna get and -- -- and it's out. But there are some people who like football like basketball like baseball and state. I can't I can't get it to us to want to give it to once it can't be a negative to 00 decided by -- Or -- always very -- by the side of -- -- so within the span of but they don't like the dynamic of the game it's still comes -- you. After all this -- stuff we're talking about you'll have you'll like the sport. If you don't like this or you will never be satisfied. Whether it is fifteen minutes shorter. They have minutes shorter you have to like baseball how did you -- people. Liking baseball on these commissioner -- These candidates talking about that. We will I think. Probably John Henry wants it. I mean John Henry said that Michael civil Silverman sees a big problem in John's opinion and I agree with them is pace of the game how long it takes. And I think he wants that it commissioner a look at that. Tom Ward from guess they'll look at that. -- this world 6177797937. -- telephone number -- Ali. With Steve the -- the soccer cater more gravy and -- -- and I were girls what. 6177797937. Dale and Holley Steve -- with -- as well broadcasting live from the beautiful Gillette Stadium patriots in the Philadelphia Eagles went after each other for about two and a half hours. Under the weather forecast for tomorrow is a little bit iffy -- Like it shall now what he -- the electoral Skokie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right shoulder she's got a he's figured you and a well -- two is that what it. Are you guys think. -- Tom Warner. What do you think it is that if you like these Atlantic is the biggest dark horse I think you gotta finish their. -- there yet so he is there. That would I think the presence of Tom Warner felt that. If that something's rotten in Denmark of there's a problem if so Warner is only fair because. A few owners are dissatisfied. With rob them. Am supposedly we don't know wrote so all wiest and John Henry. It and and maybe maybe -- is not that in the most elegant way they'd be able -- is that maybe it would. Stanford is gonna have to buy some -- He's got to the people were opposed -- -- 23 he can't get point three right now. He's he's a U votes short of a few votes shy of what it means he's gonna have to. Biden about -- them I think. What I'm saying is he's gonna have to give below -- -- have to move. Back patting little massaging. Well Reinsdorf from the way you know in history or can have the promise of them -- -- what he wants. -- what we promised. I mean let's let's play the game you're the Commissioner of Baseball and what are you gonna promise of I'm gonna if you 81 prime home date well if you believe Barry if you believe everything you read and I do everything I agree I believe that's true every single. But you believe what you read. It's the Red Sox what I maintain their status. -- -- -- rabbit. Apparently they are -- for a lack of better word is there like me on the pirates operate these other big markets thing. They are tacked on small market. So a move -- if they keep it that. Except it's not up to the new commissioner to the other owner's okay who works for what -- -- and -- I will make sure. That thing will bring -- thing for you forget Vietnam War but for the perfect by Tom Warner. Can you do the clippers are grateful that the Red Sox that if McCain. -- and that they have I don't think it's up to him I don't think it's up to the commissioner with the cancer it is up. I think there are certain things that the commissioner has complete control over who I don't think that's one of -- on the record here at Atlanta yes it's up here. And tickets were pushed out of the show what true. All five of mr. reform call. What is your theory if he goes where the real deal as they don't think it's out of -- I I think the owners are gonna tell the commissioner not the other way around. -- get older to -- the -- Like the old so the voters these holed out to say. I don't like other like we're going to hear rob Manfred and so it hit it if you wanna get what you want really -- -- the latest profit. Or. You want the job that have to do some things that we want you gonna have to listen you they're very powerful. The other when I've read is that that this group of owners who who are opposed demand for a greater support Ryan's or port -- -- supposedly think that -- -- is has been too lenient with the players association. I'm supposed to believe Tom -- Is some again it -- can become Samuel bumpers I mean how -- What what -- YC out of Tom -- that leads me to believe he's got all the players associations speak to the fire. Still waters run -- out of -- and how much gotta side with you haven't seen how much can you get most powerful sports hero. The media how much can you really. You debate the best you can hope for is that you work with that because we start working -- them they've proven time and time again that baseball. You view is more powerful than yours. And I think this. These disputes really -- this difficult to figure out who really get to the root of all of them. It's really power -- money so. They want more money. The owners want more money they want more outwardly want war with -- though for for pop Warner. If they they have wonderful ideas about a -- -- grateful he has I think -- in this position right now he's a stopper. He is he is a guy that is that is what the late this thing -- -- it will not be able to come to consensus. That there are a couple of those they've got means that you hold out folders. How are have have guaranteed themselves more power for more money from YouTube to view made the threat. Phyllis in Plymouth failure next on Sports Radio detail how. -- -- And wearing a group we offer both McCain. And we need more office everybody worked offense this spirit -- funnel more often that would that ever imagined. Important New York appears they've done some things that were legal debate spoke to a -- feed -- of what is -- -- -- out -- and threw it. If you saw the graceful exit -- Use the ball OK so you -- I see that we're used that you want shorter gains. You have more often -- -- longer but yourself. All the -- -- to get them all and all the sudden that don't like that the -- forget who the other night -- all one guys ticked off that your your. Your basic math -- that or and in a one game is gonna go quickly. Nine game won't go go quickly -- -- -- you're talking about more runs you -- more relievers games. More so. -- -- it but I agree with you real quick. You you're not gonna get what you want you will get more excitement rituals that you Watergate and I think it is and it's fair because I think if you come away from the great game. You don't really. You're not telling yourself. The great game but three hours in what he added that along with the great game would do it yourself with the part. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean sentinel plain old ordinary -- 31 baseball games or three hours and twenty minutes. And and you brought -- -- tonight's game will be. -- red red Red Sox remain. We knew that we that 1980 game that -- for the red hot but yeah art with a Red Sox -- that they're four and a lot of folks often -- the Red -- right now. But when they want on Sunday. Of the propaganda we've benefited from the game it was level. 31 at a mutual watching the games all that much right now cardinals Red Sox last week. You know Joseph Elliott who start you know great start for him Brett Favre -- you go -- game. No -- not long whereas. That wasn't the issue the issue is four for the Red Sox that we've made their way quick game but how how entertaining game. Well look and and that's a huge part of it obviously -- in -- exactly right but I do think the previous caller. About about injecting more offense into the game to give it more of a sizzle back girl growing desire to do it now I understand. You know more of -- excitement factor but being in combination with the things we've talked about for shortening the game. Battered state in the batter's box pictures have to throw the pitch you know went up four fingers and sent down the first base all of those things that you can do that with the troops to -- Absolutely yeah. -- got no no issues without at all and it and catcher you got one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the manager can't also -- sent it on talked. To go regulars. Going over yet no no no team meetings Obama though. I got no issues with any of those things all little things which Adam together. Maybe they're -- -- OK okay let's go I keep going back to this brings in casual fans. This draw them. It might help I don't think so. -- lol -- -- so I don't think I don't think marketing is gonna bring an end. That's only way what are you gonna market we gotta -- that you gotta have it that's that's why people get paid big vote them out of marketer we don't know. We're Hugh Hewitt you've got to look at the game and say. This is how we Seles how do you sell this game to people who are paying attention to. And how would you selling tool by saying well you know it'll have a lot of meetings about you know what meaning that about dark this casual may have -- -- Over the -- I think this is different though because not only you have to sell it took to the marginal fan. You -- reseller. You're losing fans you Uga baseball fans who've grown up with baseball -- lives -- senate -- might enough is enough here. While I appreciate marketing -- a big part of any business but if you you put lipstick on a bigger schools that if if it's. You can dress it up but you can have all the -- and while -- -- to have the same product. It's not a it's the marketing can only go so far. If necessary but -- absolute best they've got some great young stars that they -- -- -- but they can do -- a lot with but without. I think decreasing. Time for the game that part of that market and -- -- down -- -- -- I don't without you doing anything. -- I think the problem was what happened from a problem with baseball and you know shorten games. If you go off with shorter game -- to a mostly short against. And it also playing regularly in the public that the college. Overall -- the official -- -- and you mean like seven inning games that sort of thing that -- earnings were up seven inning game. Talking politics the NFL. Well I don't know I don't know I don't know if I could do it -- and that's why a bad you know there was this pretty reasonable about this is grateful if the problem but would want to have what what is -- -- I would what do you guys. If you -- those digital. That was definitely gain fool so evidence exam and I would stop thinking about what seven. What I think about what is evident right see how we're down to 41. Well -- now what they're doing also is now you are taking commercial opportunities away. You don't have as many innings you don't have as many breaks between innings you don't have as many commercials. I'm talking about things that don't take TV. Opportunities away but still trying to shorten the game I don't think he'll talk commended in the short game and I. It and maybe if it's out of it but you really think that. There are people who grew up loving baseball that growth to slow things. They don't love it anymore they're that these people were gone yes I do think that there are people who don't love it as much as -- they loved it. And they felt a lot of love because what is 20. I hate to say it but Red Sox yankees killed some hoax. Ali did it really did and it wasn't that you'll first called Red Sox yankees don't mean what he used to it really doesn't for. And and when your playing nineteen times a year that'll help skillet by the way. But also. What they did to the pace of the game white people -- It's like I just -- thanks I mean you sit there watching Sunday night baseball a couple of weeks ago where that Red Sox yankees game it was like 11 o'clock at night. And you're in the fifth inning. As like you know I gotta go work tomorrow I'll see you later. But I think part of Oakland side you know they were. They were no good at beautiful wild they would of the Red Sox did that work work work or -- worth. You know I think that that was the right -- right now you know Red Sox yankees -- yankees are you -- right. You know what I've seen this -- some injuries at all. The Red Sox are. So Red Sox yankees if not going to be the way it is the way. We had a text here -- who made it an interesting point and on fair point but it's an interest group point. The game could grow if trot was playing on the East Coast. -- it is problems both well let's when your biggest star is playing out in Anaheim. And a big chunk of the country just got to stay up to watch him and you get limited opportunities to see him when he comes east. There is something to be said for all kuwaitis can't stop offered him for. All the way at least. Use your -- start with -- good enough young stars on the East Coast right now. Or if you say -- I'm sure there -- but -- -- cricket stars. -- -- your biggest stars are playing. -- markets more -- Traditional baseball market so don't talk about this episode. John Carlos and playing I think he he -- he's -- Miami with every nobody goes to watch -- this -- still -- not well attended games and went for the by the violence of adamant about it baseball. If you had they need it for the Red Sox and you have to trial for the Yankees. The Red Sox yankees got it in -- So maybe this is just cyclical as which sent it just happens to be that you know the one of the big stars playing in Anaheim one of the big stars playing in Miami. That it's cyclical you get these big stars on the East Coast teams in early know what a regular thing no real sure they don't think -- they think -- -- saying it left Cheney that the day that we got to. I say it happy everybody out I don't know if the reds are. The Yankees are happening everything is good sport. There are good in those two said I should know everything that's it it's just it's the straw that stirs the drink the Red Sox and yankees where that you guys like her out of the west -- Like all you have had -- is themselves with -- are part of it knowing you're not tired of didn't I love it because that's what they're the sport got a -- -- the Red Sox don't take you to help me in the sport as well. Like I live in Boston and I'm sick about -- -- I agree with -- all those people out there's a stop. That weekend where box was -- Red Sox yankees on Saturday. Yes the it was John Red Sox yankees on Sunday I was the rest of the country at -- in our kids -- -- -- Christopher Warner bricks short she got I. I Q so goes the rest start up my truck go for the Yankees provides versatility be written so let -- -- they're bracing disembark they're brazen stupidity which is coming up next because we wanted to go from hero. How do you fix baseball and what was your favorite. Robin williams' role they'll lightning round coming up next.

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