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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Oh Captain, My Captain Edition - 8-12-14

Aug 12, 2014|

We tackle four topics about the late, great Robin Williams.

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And colleagues. Had him. -- -- -- Got the. Chloroform brought to you by AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Building you a better network. The untimely death yesterday of Robin Williams. Sort of let us naturally into today's for a four. As you heard that was Robin Williams is the genie from Aladdin. Today's sports world talk about four of the most memorable performances from Robin Williams film career. We're gonna start. With -- turn is majoring crone our. Good morning Vietnam era. Can't remember what day is malaria day I -- -- big -- big orders elegantly an argument is that. Develop drugs don't bother coming out it was -- -- boom and didn't go in. Oriole. All of human. Yeah about the different people know me but yeah then -- Me yeah and college and am -- an apology and -- pretty unharmed -- the Reagan went to an event had a heart attack. You're well aware of all of -- -- That's my favorite of and if -- there's -- windows out of this -- of and a softer they'll work out of this is gripped. It was observed -- it was the game right there's no way that it was apparently changed heavily -- early -- more. Do you think that has put in the script. Directly to Robert out there and -- -- Adrian crop ours are real guy I mean it was based on a true story. But Adrian on -- was nothing like that -- committee but to be anything like that that's my favorite Robin Williams reports all time it could. If you know I have thought -- before you got here before you -- Colorado. University which is a bolder and that's where. -- committee -- -- music you know you look at golf balls that that. The stadium. -- so. And if somebody does something different roles cure or could -- be on the list here because I think you what we've we've mentioned before -- -- you guys could probably come up with. 14440. -- Yeah. Yes we -- Michael that brings us in 1989 surprise hit. Dead poet's society where Robin Williams plays John Keating. And English teacher inspiring his students to local poetry and seize the day. Like to step forward here. Through some of the faces in the past people have many times I don't think it really looked at it. And you up. And haircuts. Full of hormones just like you. Invincible. Just a few feet. The world is her -- They believe -- destined for great things just like many of you guys are full of hope that's -- They wait until it was too late to make their lives even one I -- what they were capable. Because -- you gentlemen. These boys -- -- fertilizing deficit. She was real close. Can you the most with a legacy do you. Okay. -- These statements are made a speech from dead poet's society. And that was the thing about Williams I mean as I said he's the greatest comedian of my lifetime that's the way I always think of them. He could do to -- me -- do any. Number three -- Extremely. 1996. Comedy the bird cage. Where he played it cabaret owner. Drag -- campaign blatantly. Had to get it sucks beyond today's parents that were upstanding citizens look this may be a drag show but it still has to be good range of possible. Great direction yes it just because you're 22 and condescending and let me do this -- but find it a direct thank you a -- -- the dolphins. Stick your hand out sideways not calm down shaken not just. Tighten your wrist. Straight -- and -- -- out you'll sell and so I just think we're not NC a home home state. And people who worked for the set. I mean you have to try to keep up as best. -- last night on CNN's Ed Henry went -- there and and the original more part. Was born debate about like little cameo appearance I'm happy it's. And and the guy who -- -- happy days you know have this idea of this part of more. And at the very last minute usually they work Monday through Friday preparing show. And this -- Robin Williams comes under the set Wednesday afternoon -- they couldn't find the right guy he -- on Wednesday afternoon in every 1% in two hours on set. We watched it -- and pork from scratch. Didn't exist and he said right Friday -- invented this character. And he said you knew then you're in the presence of genius. And just working with it got to be some the -- It was the -- of all left him a few dollars and -- unless they deploy go right but it. It's great. That it is really heady stuff. That's funny but it. And my guess is like you're saying none of it is scripted. He just goes out there he's got some idea they got them up club wanted this for some evidence so it was not a -- you're going to talk about. Anything. He would talk to -- -- rants about. His addiction is trouble without all of that and somehow he would -- and find some humor in him or. Make something tragic sound -- was wherever he was just amazing comic and that's the thing. That stream of consciousness that very few columns to pull off without him and the. Time after Beijing -- Robin -- performance of the day. That brings us to his Academy Award winning role in Good Will Hunting. Game six of the World Series. Biggest game and it's not history. Friends and I. Slipped outside -- -- -- -- tickets you've got tickets through the game was sitting in the when it came just. It was amazing. In the bottom of the -- -- 66. It was twelve. Quote and stepped. Oh. That's not to play at its. He talks. You know. And that if -- but unhappy. -- improvement from his fifties when inaudible equipment and you know I don't know me. And that's how well the -- -- -- the front of the -- they thought that the. And -- -- -- And if it wasn't that. -- And about my future wife you missed punch his home run Korea to have and drink with some lady never met. She -- this done I don't hear all and now she's lit up the room. Hope your relatives and how that game 60 my god what difference. Q is it let's get away. Two in what would you say it's just that magic across influences our guys because Chicago. It was about a girl yeah. And that lets you guys went there's so much it's meant. The only failing of Robin Williams Hillary won an Academy Award mark. I didn't like the point that what closer and president most people fail out of but I say always fatal screw it up. It's the it's the hardest thing to do is the hardest thing you even. Those that the departed we had. He has DiCaprio and yet while you okay to Wahlberg isn't there. I think even if you -- away and come back and you try to do it maybe you forget. That you'd think it's. We've heard some call it reverse it would really is I I don't think you could pretend we did the cop. You know that -- -- evident this like any got a okay that he can deal that's just it's just one of those things I don't know if you can -- if you wouldn't you. Grew up let's get a guard moved away. From the -- Which you would never do because they won't deliberately. And he'll expect will be here later that -- tries to see himself. I think -- I don't think it's a hard thing you. Patriots just ran a fake field goal and it -- the -- -- -- when the -- -- a fake field goal an F three scored the touchdown he threw the ball to the stick ams now some pork it's got to go wrestle it away right. Hollywood's -- Hollywood there's enough you know I think. With Robin Williams got an argument if you weren't crazy about -- -- But it's the only failing I don't think was telling the story. -- picked -- -- 75. The one thing I like about it is you felt. It wasn't like or where that as copilot died. It was it was just bottled up. Best way to play theaters sold coastal to all people have talked to at least a 105000 people there just. -- I was there. -- about a girl. Got a reprise. And I kind of sort of maybe. -- Red Sox yet somehow -- out quite the saves Eleanor who went year old girl if that's -- -- -- president Vasquez. Scarborough you know -- traded Johnny Johnny go Johnny -- to become our. Yeah. Or at least he would think that he was Carter. Well it was it was fun for us to just go back through some of those memories. I build a dramatic roles and and their their great. But for me. The HBO special he did. Was the single funniest she'll ever watched in my life he's on the statement that it was in San Francisco is home to. And he just gulps. Pace that we -- when a billion miles an hour and probably get on cocaine and everything else at that point in his life. Battle those addictions his whole life I saw an interview they've played this morning and it's but he was talking about rehab. And and the woman says so drugs and alcohol. Is not just alcohol she's on just how close it is that enough that it took a isn't that enough. So that was our our Robin Williams retrospective is as we can Waltz through it. I saw this somebody tweeted this line activated -- it's -- you know try to be nice to everybody. Because everyone is working through something you don't know about or understand. That was him. Mean that you know the tears of a clown type of thing -- violent -- mannequin and everybody's laughing with them inside. There was stuff on them we could even begun to understand we understood about the the addiction problem has it been pretty open about that right but none of us realized. You know that he was at that point in his life where. Taking your own life and by the way and everything is part. Leaving your body for your wife. They never think that part through. Well I don't you know what scale that this is -- -- -- -- caller earlier is that he has battled depression -- on this on medication right now. I don't think it's. I don't think it's it's it's that simple. And I don't know. But thankfully at his desk I don't know but as we say or what you know why why it was the so selfish when you've -- -- Hawaii. I yeah it if you are if there's a sickness. In this thickness is you know you know -- -- -- balances the chemical balance you're not thinking. Saying. If you were able to think those things through babies you wouldn't find yourself in a situation maybe he would do it the first place. I think. If we don't know what it's like to be. With with that type of that. In the midst of the chaos. That kind of inner turmoil. And who knows. What does not work toward you you're thinking about it so. People who who he was thinking about. It's fairly anything else so well. And that I think what's striking to was the it's just the -- that dichotomy between his -- -- -- the terror or on camera. And to be. Depressed to -- -- say it. That's very hard for anybody to -- it's very difficult decision. You know here's a guy that's made millions upon millions of people left at least. You know to a credit. -- to see that how you do that when your. That depressed pocket how can that possibly billions. I think I don't understand that I know there's a lot worked with the Oliver's been put. It's is something that just blows your mind. We'll take -- quick break we'll dive and some other things we've got a couple other topics on the table we wanted to bring up as well it looks as though. About ten minutes early they may be wrapping things up here. As the patriots and the crowd around somebody. Were in a number of people. Looks like the the patriots print it off to the other practice field in their huddling over there the Eagles are down in front of us and it looks as though they're gonna get out here maybe. Ten minutes earlier than we were led to believe as they're getting ready to leave the field as well as I said we've got other things we're gonna toss out your way as well but. Frankly you've got both of us a little bit baffled I'm sure they don't have the baffled but they've got us about -- -- six. You think about where I -- 677797937. -- telephone number. Broadcasting live from Gillette watching the patriots and Eagles wrap up -- one of their workouts -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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