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Is Jimmy Garoppolo ready to be a back up in the NFL? 8-12-14

Aug 12, 2014|

With Ryan Mallet's injury and recent struggles, the guys discuss what the Pats will do at backup QB.

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-- Israelis these kinds. Necessary. No decent. -- anyway. Because we -- food for worms next. As -- -- not each and everyone of us in this room when the days when stopped breathing. -- -- That's only -- itself. -- -- The funny thing from multimedia this laughing to begin. Got a heat -- we believe the punch -- at some. So that was that both decided -- -- talk now about that it's. Really not much in that one that I like you like that post I -- -- -- got a lot of young actors and -- -- future stars but as far as. Member rules memorable themes for meat for rob Williams that wasn't there's not many in the informing you that the bigot I'm you -- those great. Movie mean memorable listen Google unto you wanted to be a public after you saw that yes I did a note -- it -- leads the chemists -- feel political Naylor garlic for my own little society -- you know. Fidel Google aren't things that my family of all time so popular and -- love. In in that he was outstanding. In that yet I -- Vietnam well off up. And I thought insomnia and went for our photos those other ones that were not quite as well he's -- you would be that odds unlike a lot of -- I think all of these different. Good Will Hunting and good morning Vietnam are obviously bigger hits and obviously movies that. -- the museum. No audience united I -- go -- It elect them to it comes alive and museum. Yeah I've heard that since then yeah I just saw Lee Daniels the Butler does -- that he was Dwight. Turn up there rob Williams put up. Ought to sinkers as we haven't seen those student his attitude good Wednesday I don't want all I know you wanted to -- I know he just automatically. Lead toward the other side just because. Yeah -- through it. Is that your attempt that was -- audio yeah that's that's exactly and all excited and that's it as far as trying to take becomes a. I've -- obviously at a sad day I mean you hear the news late last night and it's. He has that Robin Williams is like -- -- did look at it I think everybody sentence -- -- out there I mean there's some mouse that that yet it's not natural. He sort of knew what was going on we do know is the dealing with depression lately and how that's kind of taken over and probably let him take his life and it's. It's sad because -- -- to -- -- bit here before I mean it's only count of people we've lost in film or music or whatever it is. The appreciated careers. That's Robin Williams summoned to stand up stuff. Most and it was raised in it and Sampras -- goes out on your ones have ever seen. We will. Out Robin Williams contribution to the sports world -- -- later on here in the 10 o'clock or we will do it. I think -- surgically gotten through -- able to do it. Barely yes barely good. Because. Our favorite bits of all to listen we got through Jon bones Jones in -- Cormier yesterday we can't get through the -- well an all time great energy about to sound from those two guys and his followers. In a pre fight hype. Which you know you always kind of think it's me and you know -- -- dramatic and listen I'm gonna do this you do this just don't have either guy -- each other in the face. To see in them it's because when you're doing all these interviews and stuff with all these other TV shows and their record the record everything. And then it's everybody has like a TV in their office and executive of the hotel rooms in Washington. Everything gets recorded right at the signal that. I mean and I found that out of okay with everything -- say yeah. That's not on the so it doesn't make it and it doesn't doesn't work when he -- girlfriend a duty. The Mets have a problem ago we -- so cool she's cool amazed how could should be a should be. FEMA should be due to be -- -- Targets you'll Robin Williams contribution to landscapes Schwartzel to -- on here in the 10 o'clock garment is gonna be bad notes in some sports discussion and where you'd think Ryan mallet is right now Christian were in the world is Ryan mallet. -- -- Possible practice doesn't start till later on a separate so hopefully for his own safety needs to be out in the field. He needs to be out there practicing. -- -- and a little bit yesterday. You know as far as guys they get hurt and guys they get the you know other chances I just never want to be you got that ever. Took myself out I outplayed the -- if it would matter it is a mental health days. Because I knew that. If I gave. -- -- I I automatically gave the guy behind me. An opportunity to show how good he could be. How would give him an opportunity get reps in practice if you did good in practice. That would give him reps in the game if you did good in a game that gave him multiple reps in the game to be kept doing well. That would mean I would get less reps so I mean there's old domino effect to it and I know -- You know so maybe he's less expensive. Well you know me FL right it's only -- the -- production out of this guy and his guy this guy can say two million cap. -- a bit more it's just. It's a big year for Ryan malady in his last game -- go very well so I can only imagine the frustration that he's having. You know just not being LB out there especially if he's that there's afternoon and we don't know -- -- practice does start till two. I think with the Eagles coming in town Cary Williams coming in town. But I just think it's I've never heard so much hype about one guy coming in for practice before my life. -- kind of pushing that agenda I think children you I kind of a -- I wanna fight. I'll let somebody get -- five point oh let's -- guys who weren't here for spy game wanna take him out because despite -- yeah Logan Utah got about it. -- little swings there from Julian Edelman when he was solid as yesterday. Everybody seems raw raw diet even if they have no personal feeling to be rubbed raw by. And I think I think it's get there's going to be it is there's always does not tension in that practice at least at least the receivers. Against the senator and actually -- Williams went out there over the limit when the patriots went out of Philadelphia. They were killing them in the passing game it was a joke but he could not stop anything Brady was doing. Everybody was all of a bunch of rookies and undrafted tight -- it did make it. The third game of the season. That's how bad they were OK -- past board. A year from now they're a little more seasoned. You know they know they're doing a little bit better but I still it's good there's going to be some -- and there's going to be some static out there because it's like. Even though these guys don't listen to us maybe -- -- admit to it. But they know what's out there they know you care -- -- Tom Brady knows that -- will think he is going to come after I mean it's not a physical way but he's gonna try and -- -- as much as box. And it's going to be -- -- guys can be trash talking the united because the -- look at in front of the guy and trash talk starts and that's a kind of some things -- right -- Would -- be Julian element which you wouldn't be talking trash Gary Williams. That's in matching his name the other day -- and yesterday so I think that -- a little bit but you know nothing now. Not that much but that government stressed out if anything. Yeah I think it's gonna mean those guys don't really see the receivers don't really seem like trash talkers it'll seem like. The other not the most intimidating group and it's like you don't get intimidated by -- analysts' eyes are right Kim's gonna -- track Friday he had may be tough beat maybe. Joseph -- just a passion that's again with a guy is the -- I still think that this week. This -- mouth thing to me is still interesting because as you mentioned. You know. He might just be hurt OK which isn't which is a problem. Because if -- are any is out out isn't out there today talking about. All the snaps that Brady Brady got -- out right last week against Washington studio is not much a drop below that's gonna be all Brady and drop below. Okay and then when you get to Friday -- mallet really is hurt here it is neat that's what is really bother him. We do you want a goal and that we do with just two quarterbacks. Know and immediately wanna play your starter maybe a quarter -- grapple plate three. So if he's really injured. Do you see at their quarterback kind of common in here to get him through another week is it too late for that because. I don't think that he you're right he's not a position to -- -- nagging music and good. I don't need to be out there and field athletes show anymore and script precautionary no death deal right so -- -- is that probably would issue I think I. Because I I personally feel like it's a huge issue although they can probably get through the game we think about let's just say. Brady goes and he places three series may be maybe it's two series. -- low it is no mallet rubble goals is to say grapple tweets Hampshire it's eight weeks is an ankle and nothing serious just enough for a guest come out of the game. Up putting Brady back into the game if you -- -- all starting offensive line -- -- the outlook and your money every single doubt in your -- if you get off. To all those backs that they have you're not let them drop back at all. He's not coming back and and really off of the line guys they're probably not coming back to and so. There goes your your polling Julian element you're saying listen you we heard you call those routes on the MLB show yes there we know -- still know. It's not the West Coast -- but even handoff right handoff flap and show a quick check out to chip all independent of the fact they. Drafted grapple lows highs they did what is Belichick on his roster as you wanna have three quarterbacks is one of two. Ideally you would want to court wants to write a roster and I can't get away from that in this whole analysis of this a coach that usually wants to have two quarterbacks and his roster. And you drafted a guy with your first pick in the draft. Then why isn't such a bad thing if that guy is going to perhaps pass. The guy who's currently the backup quarterback. Not a bad thing I people or -- -- who's edit the bad thing. I think the reaction in New England after game one of the pre season was largely all my gosh Ryan -- still is not that good old Null. I tend to think that it's better news this is why I was focusing on the possible -- off that first game. It's better news because it -- Rob Lowe is good enough to pass him on the depth chart in great you can move Ryan mallet. -- added I didn't sense that reaction. -- it's no good -- oh no that's that's trouble I think it was more of -- -- I -- -- -- get a lot of concern at Mellon has I thought it was overwhelming. Pick drop all look great get rid of Mal. Overwhelming. We that was overreaction. Got a that we saw. -- honestly excited to stick it. We're still talking about a guy that's gonna sit for the next couple years we know about not going to be here you wanna -- drop politically sick room looked good he did a good. I don't think there was panic -- -- the NC well Nancy Oden who all know doesn't look good don't know what wasn't -- Don't you think there was hope like Christian said before that there is some sort light into the tunnel let's gonna come on for Ryan -- he's could be worthy capable backup for Brady should something go wrong with -- Wasn't there a hole coming in this year that he was gonna get better. I don't think there was no obvious I thought about to say I don't pick out the top anyone's list. Gotta hope now really performs well pre season so with a better breeding goes down I had to withdraw my mouth if Brady goes down a -- with a back appears. So you know to me he's not the future. Just drafted a guy's gonna be of an extra four years like -- mouth time's up there. I always spending so much -- worry about Ryan Allison whereas the I I -- I -- the election in a perfect world -- a perfect setting. Rubble sets and he he throws every down then as a scout team quarterback so you regret quarterbacks -- -- record -- it not because. And that's why I needed I felt like Ryan mallet needed to play better -- because. That you would be you would feel more comfortable about your decision because you would know that you had a suitable backed up that had years of experience police may not playing time but. You knew he had years of experience in this offense and he was more mature he was older he he he knows the receivers he -- taking more reps in practice. That may it would make me feel better. Jimmy grapple throwing a touchdown pass and leading up a bunch of the reason sports fourth stringers. Down late in the game doesn't really make me feel good about the situation. So I knew I had to know that he needs to sit it would be perfect for him to be -- not worry about playing. They're gonna have a breakdown a bunch of them they're gonna have a -- but to busy work so -- it hardly knows every last thing about the softened that's that's what they really would like to do with them. Now if he completely plays out plays mallet. Then the discussion kind of changes based on you know one not only come out playing. His ability and -- how good it was -- but also his availability. He's not available then you really it's it's you know that's more important than your physical. You know you need mallet to show summoned here at camp in the unit -- -- take the next step -- doesn't. As to what make you feel better in case Brady goes down or I straight I tell you really look mouse got. Think here's what I really think happens is that mallet stays on the team. His contract. Runs its course and he's done drop below six regardless. And he's just the third string quarterback that's. They gave -- attorney -- -- I would burning the roster spot for a third quarterback club but -- souvenir and where does the narrative changes go to because. It -- keeps. Playing terrible that it makes no sense to keep. And -- what do. You unless you don't -- -- drop below is ready -- member Tom Brady's health and hoping that he doesn't get it then you're gambling a little bit. But at the same time you're constantly looking for. And older veteran quarterback. Because he couldn't physically get through -- could grow old physically get yes he could. Let me tell -- it just when -- physically get through season but he says heartedly had to play -- he physically could handle the amount workflow mentally is where the talent -- mentally is is where it when you did it to that. Release of third game fourth game the first game April -- to the looks that you. You've never seen before and it's beat you think dispute is fast when he first -- from college to the pros first practice. The speed -- -- actually for the first game. It goes up a more kind of slows down like week twelve -- slowly -- even -- about timing of the playoffs. Warp drive and a good luck trying to catch. So I just they -- you make a. So I don't rookie complain you know Phil -- not I don't know -- tonight there's plenty of guys that handle that. You know still steps every season week one playoff let's let's go throw from last year. Let's go through the rookie -- some last year geno Smith. Off terrible okay EJ Manuel. Was up and down got hurt and mostly outrageous average okay. Who the other guys. We keep cable listing number backing -- view. Roethlisberger -- RG three I look at him as a little Russell Wilson -- that came -- succeeded. Did you would you put these guys and in that category. Obviously not because the rookie seasons were as good you know just like you got to be used to get. -- -- -- Of the anybody thought it was silly questions vote geno Smith it's like a coach geno Smith and if you made it was almost like issues Teddy Bridgewater you know Alex nobody questions came up on this guy. In all but they're not know me Johnny mince no public portal sort of maybe even this kid who -- second round pick. He's a second round pick doughnuts talking about savage. Right Tom savage who. What -- Houston took in the fifth round you know this guy would be a Bill Belichick went up and took him in the second round. It's not out of the question I think second round -- could play in his first year if you value that I've it's. Yeah it was a second rounder. I just feel that it's. It's not a comfortable feeling I guess. Comfortable feeling for me would be Ryan now showing that it's something happened he become an. Not necessarily say that David just don't lose the day -- wolf that's one -- Estrada verbalize before comfortable feeling and the fact that. Ryan mallet didn't play well on the first pre season game. Makes you and I think a lot of patriots fans that we talked to the day after the first pre season game feel uncomfortable. Because 12 things has to change year either -- -- gone. And Jimmy drop below becomes the second quarterback or they changed their approach and they have three quarterbacks. To meet the latter is not that big deal. But if that's something that they're trying to stay away from then. You have to kind of embrace the notion that you're one snap away potentially from Tom Brady going out. And Jimmy grapple company as the number two because they're not gonna cut Jimmy grapple he's here it one way shape for. 6177797937. Yes and and just to add to a little bit so. -- you're feeling that way to they're gonna keep to. And disputed it and grow up you really now you wanna see drop below in more reps this week against the -- you want us. Once you want brought out -- -- because that's game time why would you. All you what it because you you'd want to make sure you wanna put -- out there that's why you -- it could smell it still your number two quarterback -- goes all the way back to draft and what the original intent of getting Rob Lowe was in the first place what was the intent and I think. What we're seeing right now will speak a long ways towards figuring that out if this is a guided their grooming -- be ready to go on a couple years whenever Brady does decide to retire. The -- Brian -- around and you let him maturity third quarterback you've changed your mind and how you want approached the quarterback position on the roster. If you think that he's at least good enough to BA backed up and ready to play should Tom Brady get hurt. They -- do something with Ryan mallet. He give Jimmy drop -- a lot more reps over the next couple weeks you see what he has ECB's on a faster track -- -- less steep learning curve that we all thought and you make your number to deal. Well why do they get put out what a lot of it has to do with I believe the roster and and the last two years bills carry two quarterbacks you know sick -- firstly it voice he kept him the last two years and no this time a year earlier we start getting that final week of cuts. Those base you have the cut one extra guy if you want to keep three quarterbacks some is the last two years. And we all know how valuable he believes in depth and now -- -- that last guy and that roster is. Now you've got guys like Browner you've got guys like roommate Brian Tim's does stick around rightful weeks' suspension doesn't count -- a roster spot. Maybe that means that even -- drop a little more time. And immediately anyway in four weeks when Browner and gyms are out there and -- activate brown are obviously in the European makes him kind of cut. But if you really want -- on their roster. You wanna just yield the -- item through any mold you really one another guy you know on that roster. Maybe you have to full weeks did you cut. You know him then to cut right now then yeah. I think -- -- over rated at 53 guy on the roster stuff are a really do. Why especially when you're talking about keeping or letting go quarterback that could back up Tom Brady. If the choices. We've got two young quarterbacks there ended developmental stage or we hold onto a seventh wide receiver. And hold on the two quarterbacks make it a three quarterback team and let the 53 guy on the roster -- Especially Kenny -- you've -- you're gonna bury two guys anyway it would piece of space you wanna make teams one on you brought m.s you can bury him for four weeks. So. Let the 53 guy go look at these two quarterbacks in terms of their development of figuring what what they art is that much whatever it is they're. Guy comes in -- play. I really do London this team we mean sometimes are going to week's -- equality only dressed like six or seven offensive -- You know at an ex CEOs and ingenuity and nobody else on that bench which you're always gonna feel short with the with the math the way it is in football you're always gonna go to shorter if you get three quarterbacks news -- -- though. You're not gonna feel short Tom Brady goes down -- game legal if you feel good ball -- coming in what the hell's he doing there. My point exactly OC is all get rid of them and put grapple under the number two if you want. And what usually happens with the young quarterbacks if they had their wish. This would be a bridge year. Per drop below he would not have but he would not have that weight of having do to play. You wouldn't do it it'd it'd becomes a point where they need -- roster spot hey listen your shoulder hurts no it doesn't know about it hurts your you're going and -- are. Okay we're gonna hygiene you're gonna c'mon practice at around the second hour -- -- -- hour we're gonna you gonna throw routes to the -- and so I mean because they did it with Matt Cassel they did it with holier. Whose -- O'Donnell that the other kid I forgot that was another guy at the O'Connell O'Connell the united silly they do with the young quarterbacks. Then do it Alaska Beers is -- already had his rookie year under his belt. Didn't need that did need that safety net of an older quarterback back. Figures beat the out year to. And it felt good. Wielding that they were not on the idea of a raped but it was like it two quarterbacks it is no way to held back I was ready but he. There's a lot to be set for having a year of a season on your belt as a quarterback to be able to grasp all the information. That they throw action and it takes a year -- can happen yes it happens all the time. But if you had to wish and you're eighty you're not Jacksonville Jaguars if you're not the Cleveland Browns you don't have to start your rookie court or Indianapolis Colts with Andrew Luck. Well then you did you wait and he sees them -- and Elvis you know what hits the fan and you have to go to one. You know happens all the time but you rather let him sit and wait learn.

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