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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Jenny Dell gets a new show 8-12-14

Aug 12, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T uncover border as the beloved wife of the boat. That's the side. I ordered to erupt when there's a side are you surprised by after midnight got testy with producers yesterday yes you -- -- -- Recently surprising to see them I've felt that I like that for his respect and election the -- I don't think OL music I think you've been W yeah idea -- did apple is no light spas that. Yeah it's sunny out what's going on outside for me it. It's kind of person. Who gets bothered by this up the fact there's no window could drive you -- I definitely not wealthy. Can a beautiful what it was nice view. Our -- if you figure that merited here. We -- in fact that -- -- that -- -- -- not cut the light -- just -- with the outside mead -- to the next level but. Yeah you do what you do it bothers me we have a beautiful view. It is and the Bruins rank yet but in the nicest views in the city. Open the windows the breeze. VOA attack Obama -- what was this went to the start. That this is. Host me. No not our congress and -- -- this yet it was locked out yet -- -- -- -- view -- a -- -- -- yes. There on. The corner in this -- Key West York -- actually and here you are charged in the black now. Should I start the first year in them right. Stop yet George -- sex I did not mean that -- -- I was I was in on the rob leaves it to death -- predominantly you -- them. You got -- into two Arab radio. This undated may mean the instant you appear to look and yeah yeah. All right well I'm like that's nice that you are -- -- heard him come back from the studio very. Very nice very business isn't going to be the leveraged -- let's just all I ever heard us. Then they went up there again headlines brought by people they cover more than -- night. Some of all Americans building a better network and buyer pals Bob's discount. Furniture we start as it is -- before the world the media is expected here this. This -- from the name section mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein the Boston. Yeah through your the other newspaper in Boston Herald. When will middle Brooks. Continues to scuffle Waldo books in scuffle at the oft injured Red Sox their bases and just when mediate his fiancee -- Delhi be headed for stardom on the small screen -- CBS sports has confirmed. That it is creating the first all female TV sports talk show and now former best assignment reporter is expected to be on. According to the website to be agreed. The view like show and include -- former globe sports writer Lesley -- David Jacobs and yes -- victim her. Oh lastly -- she is eating now old friend Sean Green and I didn't know that the voice of the Celtics which the Red Sox and -- inside that repel an Alley and just hours of -- I love -- -- longer it's a shot that snapped this -- that article on reverend Rick Randy talked about some Sadler reports that I guess that's just. That's right that's that's the -- -- -- that's -- I -- you let -- you do this you said you know now granted the reds not out of the four dollar. It came from deeper in Atlanta. It -- that. Always. Shootout started angels and and now know I like her she's gonna look Dennis at the shores so. The network of some of the shall be cauldron but for a CBS sports president David person -- Guests will include other media personnel as well as athletes and team executives at that that's a potential common use. To walk despite. I would just say that it is not going to work. -- he's a nice person. I I don't think she's shown any. Personality. Yet bush Desmond given that you that she's had that big Lesley Visser at this point one -- Barbara Walters audition. I get all serious image she probably and a. I haven't -- -- -- -- the same thing newspapers do and they say we gonna do X scheme coverage. To get that. People do you can't go the script you can't go away from what people don't view more. Right -- what your your gonna draw in what we're talking about -- -- -- OK for -- agreement -- Before -- interruption came. That that that world that exist like the reinvented the wheel changes and you might be right. But you're right that the people who watch that show we're looking for that shields that way so much for yet so let me ask you this -- this in the show what. We're hoping it's going to watch. Guys who are show of force Orion yeah it is that is not credible here's my problem. In an I don't know Libya to Italy my problem is if there if they're Smart and funny on each other talk about stuff on the if they don't they talk a great athletes are in this and that. -- effort they are to meet of people look at the watch because Jimmy don't have the Portugal not the -- element that you that they have that they have to talk him after -- maybe. About it they will be funny -- these sports talked about corporation which makes PTI against it but that's my point is that. Great you know if you have all women on a great by. Because they're good because they're entertaining beat them they're good at what they're doing just do it because hey. We have all women. There's like all men. Because I don't do it like money but if you work because it was all women but I would say this about a different view is watch mostly by women. This show is not going to be watched by -- that's my point practical it's going to be surprised about that. Epic there will be more than you think initially -- of my laurels not even a lot of went out in the -- small it's CBS sports network or your wife and without a horse and -- not -- -- want a key -- out forcibly you know it actually is the first Ray Allen Morris out on one and done I don't know who. Oh -- trash you know -- Antitrust is a former CEO would you raiders the VP of the tradition a finalist in these matters to his exes. Tracy Wolfson so -- It was it looked like rituals and to its silent her all the times -- -- real time to should be more women in sports recreation woman I suppose I guess that's true but I. It's the mad dog -- -- and I would Barbara -- in the bingo that's true. Up Barbara -- us. I think Barbara both Democrats and Richard -- -- Bora Bora was Australian Open it was a Dina maybe that was a Dino psychic but I. You know this -- -- that I got in trouble because hold with Stephen A Smith being talked about. Among minorities in this job. See it's it's like people -- you're not trying to get women if a woman. If you could think of a woman in this market you know be really good. Coming -- talks which can be funny could break -- can do everything can be self deprecating the -- I actually thought when I thought what it was terrorist. Target got that is right now who was that this market. I could erotica before out there must agree that training to do it turn it Isner I don't know -- -- -- do every single day. Maybe maybe I don't know just -- -- -- and I think -- has the potential -- -- there's one game gimme another. My point is -- you'd think you'd think that you think that Kevin grammar whoever's saying you know actually know. Of course I think in a perfect road -- Now a little vortex in -- that ball who's great and I'm hoping. She can work. Every day in this mean she. I think she cared but I don't think she wants she wants. To -- sales. I did the show. Six months. -- -- this show aiming Bradford -- -- I've given this -- -- it yet your T yet done but but he's seen this last thing and your friends and you know should keep you Piccard. Is he looks now. As we urge the two -- elected is now there's four what does it start what you call electric posh new direction. Wasn't a market account I wasn't daddy. It's a point nobody on Twitter patty yeah. Yeah yeah it was a big Brothers on the now wasn't wasn't as if we took I like Jenny if we always -- together. Our -- is a qualified. What's a start by doing a night like I don't know like Kirk and I went to Disney world with them so that's true. You really have to like some good -- duo and why you like -- theme park friend the big the big. Rob has always had actually always known force goes in movies flop himself as the EU -- wide open all -- for some reasons -- up it's the greatest thing in the world. We see adults at Disney World so that's a whole different ball -- you. It's true I wonder around after -- -- Robin ever sports run a marathon that -- worked out. Yeah believe so stuck around next thing you know passes at a going to rise. It's kind of walked around -- I myself was that a post doctoral look at us -- by yourself. I suffered only example perquisites -- aimlessly with a Turkey like I -- -- -- like this guy that you needed Jonathan Cohen. You know why why we like him. 23 year old COLT won in Orlando Florida that he -- a wall -- PH can't Ph.D. in the University of Virginia yeah. -- master's thesis examines the industrialization. -- working class memory for -- New Jersey and he's all about pursuit at all -- that is his masterpieces he's. -- -- It's father's the teacher -- and Jewish history -- -- all -- -- -- well sounds like he's old way study of Bruce Springsteen. I would read absolute. Like battery. I'll write more books you read deconstruct -- the last pristine by. Peter -- and -- was it like. We have is it is the subject like. This no. Crazy the drugs that you know we're not that we know. -- he's kept it quiet you know that was in the same what are some rumors about him a couple of years ago and Fidelity's yet that. 9/11 yes. You heated it up by accused of the -- I think I -- after I a I think everybody got there about three weeks ago yes or no. Yes or no or -- -- the I know there so we restrict it was paid six. Note was yes it was set. Three weeks ago three weeks at entry fees and streams that feels so real viewing. Videos I was in Seattle. My friend Jim yet but watch the -- is for sure that night. -- Springsteen walked him. -- is having is to sits down. My things -- -- wanna be his wonderment when I was one -- with his. And so I said I'll go. Walk over there in the nicest guy in the world. Sits down dances you know which like that -- The song. Does that meet in the -- the cells in this is designed to get a rot this is the song I -- streets by industry to fire. He's. At -- and haven't done that while we are able or person that's good Nelson. You know that's great I'll send C that's respect slice come backstage after the show that's -- -- -- -- them very very opium -- -- -- chemical back Iowa that we have -- that was the end of the area manager. But no other like climactic moment on its climactic moment up. They have the Bruce Springsteen movies you're -- viewers guys the movie. With these Jean jacket -- -- wonder if Harry part of -- by exact dollar I was shall we the let me ask who plays. -- -- Springsteen with -- It looks like and -- -- a toe ankle that sort of a weird she's got to be at least a little bit so we can sing. This movie a movie. Dramas aren't they John C. Reilly perfect maybe I've missed like the best pitcher -- is -- brought it to be the worst wide receivers. History that's that's a good that is just -- the worst catcher. No joint can use it to -- -- worse. And he looked like today that Richard prior to prior to order a pitcher. -- not -- -- there's a billion did not order like Alex Ferguson Jacobs back you know wait -- -- it polyester uniform -- air deal that's true. That's a great 10 Robin Williams. It's a great great song that is heard this morning on the difference in -- little washroom I was on route to next. I was going the windows down. And -- -- and a card and it's an ultimate you that you cannot speak Albertson's planes you know I never caught for speeding Bruce everybody nothing ever that happened as the red lights. I don't know why you play on -- speeding. You know where I was McCarthy who would listen to perspectives and and she said -- -- stop playing board responds that's for parole. I pulled over one correction that's not good equipment and you know -- By the for the kids channels. As you radios that didn't exist wondering is. Kate going to be. -- on the feet. -- while he bought. But if you wanna see if USC beat top Paris car ride I -- -- -- -- -- Walsh. Bald eagle players can you aware aware -- Kosher refugees was misty may married to you should doses of baseball I trigger. -- -- -- -- -- backup catcher. Yes I know I don't I just don't throw it out there. These two -- I would have redolent speak of which 6177797. -- -- -- -- I think. Chris Curtis -- point this out of sight to see every -- -- the -- yesterday we talked. Before it took eight shots but it rob Bradford this subject you know an enormous -- lock it in regard to what -- -- -- return. Yeah.

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