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Robin Williams passed away

Aug 12, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the sudden death of Robin Williams.

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That's their shocking it's. The news please don't think about happening in your -- seal on Twitter and it pops up for it means like its own people text you. The really sad news -- rob Williams died yesterday committing suicide and ending. You know life on the great. Comedic forces in the history of this country -- I think every bit as good dramatic actors he was a comedic actor he's one of these guys for. -- has been there the entire time -- entire life -- payment. World as he's been apart from work I -- now it's -- which we talked about it was the three us. Doctorow a couple weeks ago the top problem or yeah in this interview with a third guy -- the leader on the news. Are you there for the saucers. Actual ask I was not been without -- and exploit exploit your brain with the Disco and -- That you're playing hurt today archer I'm good I'm good I went out there I'm searching for -- a woman. I -- that was the dominant theme of discussion sausage and it really was so east of Monica pier not there. This would be for having gazing over the ocean looking for south and I will say this about the in his debut maybe you can agree to -- you saw her they have the most impressive. Sideline reporter -- now was that -- obviously have some turnover. -- -- -- -- she got silent -- was over there. Black. Maybe she does angels like their -- magazines show. Yeah compared I mean right once there is decent figured he says sees guys I vacancy -- the mistress can asylum -- you know look I like that at all. With Alex -- Alex curry Europe deaths you know Gary's resumes. Not a lot and that's another auto is gazing into the so absolutely. Striker the SARS is one of the best him organize. That he yes it's -- bezel reconsiders maybe he's gritty. He may be the best baseball bat one honoree. He's really is. -- -- -- And in Robert Williams. Who else who also on the list of good baseball. There anybody else. Idea that we because again call for -- -- to retrieve it errors the problem here is Alex Perry who own. And -- yeah yes -- does that quality would. There aren't there yet you would. You you would -- Dell tight. Yes I doubt that Jenny -- is raise the level of headlines on a side note that the authorities. -- keep it more when is that. When there is -- Thursday Thursday sprinters who ski with -- it's -- I gave this guy. The Boston this is I can you please desist this is who like all of this this is what it's a word ties this is my Derek Jeter. Yes that's his guy yet right after the speech to be a big you don't show. That only goes so that's that's -- ripped rebbe. That's right it is aren't -- auto strike -- quite knows what to do. I don't but it's agree if it -- dynamic. That's not and I'll. Actually -- -- but that's not read. Something about it's not striker. But -- the waves thing is you know it's it's it's it's people -- everybody. That was mine is from I probably the frantic. Is seen comedian who was on on on was never a fevered mind -- one I'll buy our stuff exhaust -- -- comic relief but he he's one of those. You guys that I actually. Not a big. Watching that for an hour -- yuck it up right like an HBO special yeah but he's one of the few guys don't watch really Bernauer -- I think the last when he did it was in DC right players -- -- type things yeah it was it was Good Will Hunting the first time he says. Wait like an actor he's not dispatched -- -- -- -- Pulled aside news and -- we're late innings is ten years before that. -- did at the news he was an underrated dramatic actor. I'll use under rated -- underage I think and -- He -- dead -- cited a few shots on -- by the -- news was able to do that and I -- you know I think. Drug issues local issues he would depression. And he's sort of -- it for sale my god and you server read more into it looks like if you believe reports -- my upon themselves. That's been wildly report is borne in mind. That is citizen and -- you know. You'd take the and Medina was tweeting last night they use itself which meant well sit about everybody that commits yes. Yes you can but it doesn't doesn't make it you guys like rumblings that. You know like that. He's. In the eyes you can only imagine that team but also by apple how are they horses -- the addiction argued. If -- Syracuse. -- it's not like -- you know -- Am I don't feel like it. Out I'm sure that made its case -- sometimes. You do you know anybody that does that. Is committed to -- No I don't -- I do it it was. It it just sides wipes you write a train its -- right -- of somebody you'd. My father I do a little bit and now woods yet exist you know you don't you know it's no one knows no one knows the demons. That these people. Actually it's a -- a lot well most of the time this straight odds again -- -- -- every time sickness but it's. It's it was a guy goes in the east horrible stories were guy goes -- is -- those three kids big kills himself he's mentally ill but I have sympathy. I've not not but I'll absolutely forgot like Robin Williams -- Philip Seymour Hoffman for whomever if they if they are battling this stuff. It tried for years in battery. -- and diagnose bipolar have all these things going on and you carry yourself well. I think at some point you say this is just too tough for me is that make you in some people's minds powered them makes them some people's minds. Less than I guess but I I just I just can't look at is on -- is enough. He was Williams brother. I was really did not know. I don't it has -- -- I can not out of Rich's big -- -- Arnold -- error happy days evidence there was that he Buckley's Charles was more. Many park and here's more -- that. Yeah I know I know that Gloria I was sort start that was a big thing again they did or commitment. Which like. The big board. While you're only three years or else they can't stop our every played it. It was and did -- went for -- is we very utterly masked up and Auburn mr. Stan now -- passes it. That should never really missed and that there goes there whether -- to Mark Harmon and now that's OS -- -- yet so it's ask about it object. Dot the best way to say it though is the border with Texas judge it yet he had the best range ever. He might not -- range factor here and offered them -- ring up right think about actors with a range. This -- don't have range. Now it's that -- I was appreciate it always is kind of the same thing right that's my point he doesn't. I don't think he does I think that she always plays himself open -- He's become more of those gotten older like this you know Michael Corleone is pretty understated character. You know you re better screamer he's -- problem he's he's becomes -- income -- but I but he never was every could do the comedic stuff the rumblings the you know what I mean think about how to -- -- to what it -- -- -- good bad gas Robin Williams could be. Absolutely yeah insomnia right at its best performance storm with the 124 hour photo or that right. These are recycling site. Yes -- -- he has. He you know was in the movement in the Euro I think if you ask most people the best actor his last forty or fifty years the two guys get the most votes appoint the chief of the year. Yes rob Owens was every bit as good as the bureau in the wake innings in every bit as good as -- in insomnia that's that's not nothing I can't think of any other. Stand up comedians -- acerbic her stand ups. Read this you know kind of career and it's -- -- happened to one hour from just one hour and here's Larry King that. 24. I. Larry king of the senate and -- hard to it was a lot. Left and it was -- who is ready for our part of that business model out the window pretty that's -- -- one hour -- please board for Renault driver -- you're about or you know different Bernie it yes yes. He is it was his job in the photo Matt Booth it sat in the middle parking lot I remember those entry duplicate. Right yes yes yes you deficit and drink. Men and throw up all over the paper towels and those of the yeah -- Put put its excellently put that a business I am I think about that the elbow connected that -- it's probably the best. About like how archaic patsy now having those booms are met this -- -- And drop off my house. -- And you'd probably. 1617 years ago via iTunes it's not like it's like. Fifty years I miss the note those who knows little mini marts drive by photo places. Are. Poised if at all. It used to shake it like a Polaroid. Yes -- -- Walgreens and I didn't want to walkers they still have those like. Out of my personal problem goes. I guess you know lot of awards all the all the people and women like -- -- -- -- -- -- little -- I've said it would last resort guy at the -- periods of photo of adolescent was angry that -- replace -- threatening I heard it -- So this seems a sweeping general it is a generalization. Of sacks last argue with the Walgreens. -- -- lots of the corner of audiences the best for its continued that is struggling dollar canned Sinatra got some newspapers. Bundled up but it. Hey I'm Dave coming did you spew her popular article and that it. So -- -- that was the for the Sox but it's not what -- are discovered recently five below. But even if -- believe -- -- Now this errors that you are out. Awesome the debt it's like where you get the candy for the movies exactly that's what I did the other day media Hamachi guard I -- -- galaxy about -- -- three dollars for Swedish -- and don't apply below campaign in 99 cent -- filed a lot of this is strategically -- from the movie around -- or else. Was in the metro west Framingham Natick passivity Framingham Framingham risk for having we wanted -- years exactly what is -- a lot of -- but it -- Obama. You know what I had this thing -- -- and everybody where you live because it's problematic -- Course of Dina told people that be -- their -- address the process -- its second half of the goods that. That complicated I would always you know throw the -- about the mood -- the economy you know right in the -- all right. -- doesn't that's the that's that's the move and you're okay to bring in that the that the manager in the ticket takers don't mind. Despite an affiliate they've given up the accidentally but again I bring injuries from this subway the -- You for the united I think -- the at the -- you get the more you realize that these are not authoritative figures well. That's the other thing not like your little little old and you think oh you know that might take this away from but the market. Here there that the I don't agree there -- -- -- civilizations caring less and less good for your -- it and there are fears that degree it is 23 or younger that was that was -- -- -- When you're young you've yet to go in there at the full metal jacket right. -- -- what -- what your parents look like a box of milk duds yeah analysts out of junior high school by Bryant. Broad in its not in the public views you take the slices -- go to the box. He's not the box into the movies pop infused with involved it was like that race date that's a rebel James well -- -- I remember when they started. You're probably there. Had this happen at the fried shrimp stars like -- cooking the food movie. And all I could testify to bask in the realize this is the worst idea off. The horse -- I mean it's it's not only that but then if you'd. You don't really care about the people around you when that case it's so top. Because it smells so bad and you're lets you might you might as well fart like fifty times. -- Ups. Yes it's really does best that's what our fifth book of march that -- -- -- -- of the Russia. Triple a movie but I don't sell -- so it's -- On Hanks is an island unhappy with -- that's -- obviously people text -- text. Starters it's in the communities that is actually true and accurate in his -- that he wasn't -- -- Sally Field. It's -- yes it was a punch lines but you're right that's a good poignant terms -- Look at that the comedians now he's he will Farrell dead poet's society. Did you see. Chris rock and weakening the driving about the standard elbow Jamie Adam Sandler but that's the thing when guys like Will Ferrell and -- assailant tried breaking off from furnished it you can. It no -- in year as punitive -- not even close. When Will Ferrell goes -- it was what they do. Translation. Well and it's on yes dad dad Eddie does that Adams tailored is Spanglish anguish just doesn't work out of carriage carried. Think -- close close at Truman show he did a minimum the man eternal sunshine despite these it was close but not wings as a -- -- of a bunch of people where you guys world everybody sort of waited in the use one of these guys as a cultural impact in the UC. You showed your post USA today's the higher. Well colorful yet. Yeah that's that's reserved for that's the newspaper and that's where that that's destination Brazil -- if the grip. -- paper. I'll keep it a shot that shots -- that's exactly. Taken shots at some other members of -- -- W did hello excellence over the love story -- I don't like 79%. -- -- Louis back I'm sure tomorrow who'll wait images pop five rob. Out of you guys meet regularly on the top five top three there. Top five let's -- top five I would go to number one -- would have to Saturday. Little Good Will Hunting and and understandable number two I would go is the I was good morning Vietnam because of the radio is all the time Ortiz is incredible number three. I like the world according to -- Or a good I can relate to him if he had for you forget about now there really cured odd number four. I would say. But probably ridiculed for this one but I like the birdcage a laugh the -- side and that's that was at one point he decried. What at what point did you cried it was emotional for Robin when they came back together the exactly. And number five I would say probably the dead -- -- Yeah I'd say for me my favorite rubble. Favorite one. -- dead poet's society one. Insomnia to. And response rate. Do it be awakening -- three elderly Vietnam three -- things for this. Myself. Get -- get -- -- goodwill goodwill hunting. Good morning Vietnam. -- insomnia line yeah. I know it's all you're you count and Australia. Via via the only guy -- -- well. Who goes off the board of the what's the what's the what's the football one. -- -- does not decide yes that is not about oh what a -- of notes -- the times is not a terrible sports. It's got some legitimate laughs yeah. Like -- people don't really hits home for now let's Ortiz wearing the white shoes and Lyndon Dana -- movie -- Jeff. Does that every day Harrison. Rob Robin Williams and it goes he goes -- the students that's I suppose that I live in the movie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While he's doing. At that point is like Hewitt's rob Williams in 92 yet but right off to a whole Douglas SeniorNet lava lamps in Baghdad I mentioned that -- -- Florida -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so he's out over Bradley talked about is. I don't. -- ally in its list. Five awakening good. For Patch Adams. Probably. Three Jack. Mr. Bush. So humble. If they -- idea of a demand that I've loved rob appreciate him that is terrible movie. To the best of times which. -- -- the best theatre and it was fine restaurants and on top driver. You know plays Kurt Russell's son in the best -- times by the way apparent that the passion -- Kirk Cameron. And younger he does yet for her and places on and number one dead poets which Google -- outsize great. The outsiders are -- watch right washed recently it's. She doesn't it yet -- -- aged well it seems a little hokey and watch it does. Relate what that the last now I don't look at it the worse still it's kind of movie of the week gets TV movies for the worst toys off. It was bad now with our prices under. Not talk about it's rated -- out. Of the red. -- like the birdcage. Although he wasn't going to be the other. Problem is kind of understated. Meet him but probably uses Phnom moment. Yeah that that is. A we're series indeed became more and more this is used to bad. More and more like it. Happens you know every. -- too good to be Abdallah guys but boy what he did his best part of doing girl there that's why bill Murray's -- the good. -- is a good example 'cause he's so laid back he's able to sort of translate the artist he manages as an editor I'm. He doesn't jump and every right I think what rob -- -- at a tennis did jump. Well especially just stop the provision of Don Breaux Bill Murray and no he was stand -- -- use suit can be before those lines -- gap on me and that that's not a great example. Because he can do all -- and yet you know. Do you know he isn't but -- he was never. Is manic. Knowledge he has always kind of cool that's his thing yet laid back accused Peter bank. Guys disorder right. But yet sees he's definitely got lost in translation right he's definitely guys tumble -- -- -- -- least favorable I widespread piracy why. His favorite movies that Will Smith -- Eight pounds -- -- -- know the name another name. -- at all by us that's one extra pound its script. And seven Gaza heartland there's a good -- Larry can do attitude that it is -- in delegates. Because of Larry -- You got it Larry King on the line a bunch of stuff probably could action. -- -- A -- six or 77797923. -- Larry it's 330 -- tells -- Well now the Beverly Hills inserts -- I went there my Lester though it just. To see Larry it was in their eyes on him he was outside it clubhouse at the all star game couple years ago and I'm with his wife. That is. Bizarre dynamic. -- -- the first -- and so they -- partner that's it for him they've been -- a long time at which is tube should be more -- -- -- -- very dad was spinning in the Little League but he reportedly was screw around her sister remember yes you etc. tutor over -- forest nobody written a great Larry King book. Tell the talent available to all of the -- of the that is to be its only Pat O'Brien liked hello I guess more -- it. Were you that he -- more all the time to. -- Don't you don't I don't. What they McClellan for built a two non everybody's. Via texting him posed for a wars movies that this Moochie. Follow. That our oldest book in -- -- -- one of his weaknesses was these it will -- you know little. -- -- -- Jack this stuff I was doing so far it was a good move -- at Aladdin is huge -- as well he had -- the great careers obviously wasn't his. Even list the order cat man yeah -- was a big fan like now the united isn't it rob. Yes. For me on. Six what 777979. Respect. Would you entertain rob Bradford populous it sort of foreign -- Bradshaw -- do it today Bradford back from the West Coast of the Red -- stuff with -- look at -- rumblings discussion. Some more stuff as well we get a gestured to one Ellis that is -- -- -- -- historical perspective and more on a Tuesday with a minute and a meter -- Seize the day. -- -- -- -- -- As a running these shots because she's in her no team. Going anywhere. Because we -- food for worms let's. Because the -- not each and everyone of us in this room one day gonna stop breathing. Chemicals. And --

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