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Bill Belichick with Dale and Holley

Aug 11, 2014|

We check in with Bill Belichick for our first of many Patriots monday interviews. Bill checks in on the joint practice system, new technology on the sidelines, and responds to John Mara's of the Giants Ice Bucket challenge.

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I don't don't -- -- just walked and I know and Robert no nonsense conversation with the coach. Is brought you -- feel odd conversation coach. It's always brought to you by this deal I'd do Tedy Bruschi didn't get affordable dependable life insurance and that's -- by the company that is protected over one million families since 1907 visit. As -- dot com today bill I don't. Great Michael you guys on our door pretty well and -- we're just talking about visitors to practice and I remember before you had. Before you had joint practices with. Philadelphia in Chip Kelly number Chip Kelly used to come down here and there and talk to guys get out of it -- now you've been doing it for several years now -- practices and they had a the Portland with the Atlanta. What what do you guys get a. Well let's go to work against different people in different schemes so on the that is -- us repair for some of the things oversee during the season that we don't do and and gives you opportunity in the two by doing different matchups now we see our residents are has -- -- our residents different different types of players different skills it's. However -- -- were -- students are have you refined it a bit. When you first start going -- practices and thinking OK this is what we can get out of it but now. That you've seen the operations. Flow maybe doing something differently now than -- did you know three or four years ago in terms of practicing with another team. Well I think them the main thing is that the two teams need to work together well so when I talk to the other coach and talk about what we wanna get out of it and they talk about they wanna get out of that. There we find some kind of balance so that we can get as much as well we both want sometimes it's the same things sometimes that might feel different. But I think it's all things we've done with all the teams you mentioned and good experiences for us and I know we've been able to benefit from. You know -- of -- one thing -- -- -- some -- to do that you're here you know -- can't get at all that you can decide what you wanna do and then make progress and losers. How is the process different because this was traditionally something that teams did had scrimmage as you guys have the giant I think. 01 might have in the last year minutes seemed like teams get away for a for awhile now we're back to the joint practices how is it different now than maybe it was traditionally. -- well I think the the schedules a little bit different Allen and you know we we -- Back you know in previous TVA's training camp was more three weeks. And a lot of times teams that have their own inner squad scrimmage made the second the week before. The pre season. Game the first pre season game so. That game was. -- supports garden you know a lot of times it was a big the big community that event in the stadium and so forth. Where it is now let's cut too early to their to really do. So I think the practice format maybe for us anyway it works a little bit better than. Trying to get an awful game. Operations which that's hard enough to do in fifteen days as it is. So. I think that in the practice set -- to sell budget this segment a little bit make sure you get the things that you're looking for. Bill it's interesting you mention the new CD game. Is seems like in the -- -- it's good for players because they get days off and limits on practice. And it's great for the owners obviously but what about the coaches I mean. It's made a lot more difficult scenes for you to get your team ready for the regular season and now there's even talk about eliminating the fourth pre season game -- going back to three. How much more difficult would that make your job. Well that the than the one thing about it is pencil San for all 32 teams so whatever it is it is -- if nobody practices then nobody practices and we just play games this week. Go to training camp but on July 5 and have six pre season games like we had 1975000. That's awareness so what whatever is it is but it will be the same protein so I think the most important thing for us is just a make the most out of whatever opportunities we have. Falling under is Woodard is one of the new things we've seen this year of the surface tablets on the sideline a little. Technological advance. I guess my first question and just be just a nuts and bolts -- is it just for. Photos is it just basically replacing the polarized just CU yes and is there any talk that'll be more matters that where it's Nolan and you have to. Talk to a somebody else besides me now and I know as a guy who we've seen have troubles changing the -- -- Karr occasionally how did you think the first first went -- did you get to use -- much and patty field. Along that -- values that a little bit I think probably get familiar with that is going to be part of the equation for all those on the way it's gone it's a little bit. Different probably in most of -- will most of which are used to but I don't think that's you know death and mystical but an adjustment and we'll see how dependable. Really the can be down on the field I think the press box where their hard wired. Should be fine the wireless found on the field and on going and outlets in London and several of the games last week and so -- after a CEO consistent dependable honest. Do you lean on your son -- younger coaches to -- bring up to speed and the technology. One on its pretty straightforward if it if it's a work and it's working and it's not work and then then you either have to go play it in and and get the data from. You know hard -- hard wire connection or you wait till the -- comes back up and it's. And it's accessible you know remotely on the bench so it's it's this of those two choices and is it like headsets where one side loses it. The other side you know I don't think there's really -- a clarification on that that's below one of the questions that we the I'm not I'm not sure what the consensus so. Certainly good question and one that. You know I would imagine come up. It bill last week and have those that have those old school of photos ready to think I had you know -- -- -- and at least they -- -- -- Writes that met -- about the Wi-Fi understated -- enough for those. Well the -- they were but there were no there were issues of those at times to weather -- the Penner didn't word or the turner came and gave you like Fuzzy prints or. Things like that in there never was any. Reciprocal agreement with the other sideline to the other team that if you know my Poehler is -- -- and then. You have to you weren't able users that was never part of that so. You know my guesses -- your question on the tablets that are probably. Won't be reciprocal thing but I don't know that -- whereas the headsets and communicating plays and all that's that's a different story. Although the coach to quarterback doesn't fall under that either it's only the press box to sideline communications. Or just after three define current rules and see what the analysts can handle -- 01 thing that I heard a lot in Washington last week or enrichment. The Redskins people around the team were so impressed that on Tuesday. After a grueling three hour practice three guys are really butting heads you get yet that players like you do every practice running sprints and and how to wind down practice. So we know that week one is in Miami which as you know can be very hot and humid in September. How how different are you conducting training camp this year to get ready just for the heat and humidity that game. Although it's it's usually hard. Now where we've -- we've opened in buffalo an item on some of the hottest days opening days of -- around. Or here for that matter and Foxboro so. There early September can be pretty pretty pretty hot anywhere on or person in the -- in July and August so hopefully we'll. -- will be somewhat ready for I think the biggest issues just. You know the games at 1 o'clock is supposed to be in night games and the second thing is just enough plays that players are playing in the pre season games that now. Are there any players played all game and that'll change we get to the regular season so the getting in game shape playing football by pollution and hitting and you know. Compete against each other games and -- situations little bit different than do it practice situations. Even he may -- the same but it it's a little bit different so I think those that are. You know the two big adjustments. Every team has to go through at the beginning of the season just adapt into the 1 o'clock Sunday games of a 46 man roster as opposed to a and government goes in the mind here there now. That Chip Kelly and Eagles are are coming here for toward practices tomorrow. Chip has been lauded for his visionary offense is. Next level training methods just wondering. How -- your relationship with him started and -- started a while ago how to do it again. Well as we know chips and only going to and and so. There's been part of this area and region gone for long console box or as a cross. Just. -- had a French -- news. Little bit New Hampshire in them and went to Oregon and and then we've been at or the other here so. Please. Double our respect for he's certainly. You know paid his dues and then worked his way out then got his opportunity and and shown what kind of coach and teacher and you know kind of foresight PS for the game very creative and innovative. So. A lot of respect for chip and not just first created -- but the way he does things and you know -- a solid person program and Iran's. Bill obviously this time here we are out there we see you use a ton of different personnel groupings mixing it up within groups different groups. And I'm wondering is there a phase in training camp where you start doing less of that and more of well these -- the guys that are gonna play together we got to get them more reps playing together in two weeks when the regular season starts is there are there transition at some point there and in August. But I think there has spent and I can vary from position to position her group to group or. One side of the ball to the other I don't know if there's any -- Formula on the certainly you wanna do as soon as possible and when you know. Do you feel like you made the right decision the only do in the NAFTA on do it and redo it again and I kind of -- so well. You know we try to go through a period where we get everybody. A lot of opportunities a lot of repetitions with different combinations to see how. Guys play with different people and get -- used to -- -- different people because eventually we're gonna have to do that anyway and then at some point wolf we'll try to hone in on as you said the groups that are probably receive more playing time and need to start playing together and communicate yourself. That's. There's a balance there then there's that I don't know if that's. That. Specific or like a pinpoint the time day. When it has to happen. And at some point you certainly got to start moving that direction to look at that a little bit more microscopic level with the safety position we've seen a lot of guys get reps not only just combinations but next to DeVon took forty. How do you feel like that has played out that competition and those reps in the bodies there. Good and I think we have a lot of competent players and in that position both defense -- win in the kicking game with a -- very competitive on group the -- They're Smart they were her -- -- on the ability play in the kicking game and played defensively. You know some of their skills of -- different. There's still shown -- ability down to perform on those two you know so I think we have -- the real competitive group. You know it's -- quite a bit over the years. Left quarterback right cornerback left guard right cars some guys. I can move them all along that line is no difference to them and some guys in the left side -- those more natural and right side. At various positions that -- of a quarterback has been quite a bitter debate among house. Oh over the past week or two about. -- Revis and and Brandon Browner. You know our unit deployed rivas is he going to be left side guy. No routers that -- right side guys' entire career. If you given thought of that and does it does it matter what you guys have done in the past. Without your coaching without being asked to do certain things with the patriots. Oh well we yes certainly we have thought about it and you know we've we've worked with those players and in. Some of the positions that you talked about and single kind of flexibility then I think that's what we're gonna have to. Gotta find the suites bond. You know just because hasn't dominant or hasn't been asked to do it and don't think necessarily means that he can't do -- problem. -- on cases that could be true but I don't think that's necessarily always true that a lot of experience with players and some guys you know can move easily as she says and some guys can Clinton and Johnson hasn't ever been asked to move but then when they have. That turns well like. In the Mankins playing tackle against Baltimore last year after amount of an effort. Non tenure -- as he's done here so. So with a set CO goes but I -- I think both players have a good attitude their their flexible or not. I think they're open minded do what's best for the team -- us for the defense and you know to see exactly what what that is going forward. -- we have experiment with. Those guys doing different things as well as other people in the secondary done different things and -- know. But we do little more against Philadelphia. And maybe Carolina I don't know and then you know at some point trying to trying to figure or what's best for us what's best for them. Bill two quick questions I feel like I got to ask I would Philadelphia coming up on Thursday. Any thought to how much Tom and around some of the stars will play no not really we. Our thoughts first or just plan for practice and make it surely it non productive time out of that with our. The different drills or doing some situation things are -- and that will probably talk about playing time. And sometime on Thursday you know after we've been through the week of practice. Going to be honest with you right now probably sudden change between now and then anyway player that's. Rusher he'll be available navy -- player that looks like they're available down and available on Thursday so. -- have those conversations we will closely and Sharon and the other one right now hasn't been practiced last couple days. Anything you can tell us about his situation to have to do -- with him sliding in any neighbors. Alone well. We'll just you know I think runs in the day today categories so as are -- say quite a few more players. On the roster and an announcement. Chenault training camps and a tough time for for all of us who knows a lot of lot of snaps out there and body takes a lot of weren't there and so. You know he he missed that I have a will just keep an -- on him Bonderman and keep within and when he threw an -- gets clearance and Rebecca that. My final thing for you I don't know if you heard of this stuff ice bucket challenged him. To raise that awareness for ale house. Quote level with so we obviously the audio this is of what this involves John Mara of the giants so listen this. I have John Merrick New York Giants and I accept his challenge on behalf particularly. Brady's family. And on behalf of -- this recent tonight hereby nominate. -- Johnson Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick. Those good. Outsized on the offer. -- You know certainly. On a number of people that have com and about affected by mail us. Prime most prominently Steve Gleason. Who you know known for a number your son and certainly won't support. -- fun to care for that news opinion and hope people have that disease so. Monarchs and. That's great well you know I was I was challenged by the mayor. And harder also a lot. I think I doubt here tomorrow have the cameras and -- to dump -- with I haven't been in and he was left you that maybe some fans of -- and if. As well -- goes -- the elected them -- -- -- I -- they didn't just accept challenges that was gone. Will. Plan on doing something with a -- will take care act and I don't know alarm you but when this seems to go one on -- she was tweeting about it so. Sounds like Jimmy -- future partner politics -- -- -- what are all the -- And mean Sweden too well our MySpace. Photo phase since and that is all you can get all those on your new tablets have him sidelined. Normal two week they're aimed at -- optimistic except when the Wi-Fi brings and I I don't know we're not allowed to do so I didn't express Arnold I don't see artists and or. Our ability we appreciate your time good luck next our thanks Michael -- Andy thank you think this Bill Belichick and the patriots patriots Monday we talk with bill. We talked Vince Wilfork -- talk with you guys coming up Sports Radio W --

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