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Vince Wilfork: Positivity from other athletes who have had this injury helped me fight to come back

Aug 11, 2014|

We sit down with Vince Wilfork on a Patriots Monday, our first sit down with the big fellow since he was lost for the season last year with an achilles tendon injury.

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What's regrets I don't -- -- as everything don't pretty well don't pretty well house practice today could. Me. It's practiced if you build it the dog bears do ability. So bush bush -- process now coming back out from the injury you know missing most of last year. Do you feel like. No restrictions right now 100% if -- -- only Clinton arm no restrictions I don't know he's doing his thing. Yeah just knocking the rest are -- the American you know -- -- -- -- Mean they wouldn't you know. It seeks a certain -- please. In a religious view and that downturn in. Normally do so this is -- -- as part of the year follows acknowledges Brian in mountain. You know -- some days you feel like crap and some days you feel better so. He just has been able to get back in just to deal each day. Estimating mango for me what the trainers tell you accurate you -- at that point was that was the main. April incentive. That's when you start camp. You can just go on first Erica. -- know firsthand account we have a plan if everything went the plan. You know our war I was going to be -- their first day. Everything went good and on the -- you know an open season on peso was just being away from football board. Stars we have in Indian shrimp and do mystery of the stuff like that. Ought to come with confidence and you know more deeply the more you do things -- -- about -- put yourself in situations where you have to be forced you lose. That part of her body. Arm and once we saw you know I was moving to a and there are things we cities here our first Campbell once we get there you know we never looked back from there. -- -- your your -- your eleventh season now everyone here knows you've been there you've done that you've been -- and his defense experienced pretty much everything that football players after experience. Obviously last -- the first time we've ever gotten her. You played a year you play in that first series against Washington on Thursday night. -- it have any special -- you know it's just the first pre season game but just standing on that field again wearing number 75 claiming to teammates who was like -- It was just appreciation of the day. The planning game long was our big plan. And go all the way back to high school in the old 171819. Years of just full Wall Street through. An and just look back and you know things are companies not only at this level bush you know me and -- them this cause teams I've been been a bit Pargo. High school of Indian of course coming you have strategists. Images and win some great guys. Just what you just appreciation been able to be back on the field. You know was a new thing where you know. It was like lights camera action home while arm like a deer and hit lies. Because I think I got that all of that out when I first its training camp just being able to be out be back here calls from Jerod Mayo. Listen it's on -- carnivals and make marches on and on topic I got that come out the -- -- only -- But not you know playing against Washington and you know of course going on the first pre season changes being able to get out there. And -- you -- guys exist appreciation he half for the game in where came from. Coming back from this injury you know it was just one of those things where are -- so sought to -- and say you know what I really appreciate playing football. It wasn't about me was it was about everybody it was about Martinez who Obama coaches is about us as a team. And I really appreciated that and on who was -- of a better fit than that do step and I don't film does. You were pretty open -- your knowledge that you know there's some doubt about a guy your size your -- coming back from an injury like this as you get into the regular season. And you also had to deal with a contract renegotiation. Is there a chip on your shoulder and -- a little extra motivation to to maybe show people that the big man's back and what can do. Anarchy that would do myself Americans aren't seen a lot of heard a lot of stores. -- -- -- that was shown me about a -- -- coming back from this injury and I always say nobody is me I'm one of karma omni. If you like and you knew you'd love it you know army and he's over in crystal ball for long term for me to have you know one injury in my career. This is alive and we're play it in in in the trenches not like normal quarterback war kickers and I know I'm in the trenches. I'm home I'm having people follow me every play I'm delivering blows it -- -- it's not a down and I don't go out. Without a fight or without. Banging collisions so. Throughout my career you know way. It is what it is and sometimes that's it back this mountain and I just think about how far came. And I always you know down you know no doubt about it proved wrong -- It wasn't it wasn't it was no doubt in my mind now or -- -- -- And I don't know what the future of -- for them -- and that I know you know three weeks four weeks. Two and three months away from here. Have for me. -- As iridium is impeached for it and played a game like enormously when now to one do margins because what happens when thank. The injury so I think I'm past this stage itself. Being afraid to stand up walk downstairs you twist your ankle on Hasselbeck and counsel. I'm just went full blown around like I've always known partly. When you're on going through the rehab. Talk about something you heard about somebody your size -- -- century. You talked to anybody in the Jews the Jews -- if you talk to which are sort of inspiration was an athlete. Trainer or maybe. Those couple guys this came off. Can lose yourself and that was -- ago almost name it. Problem is guys that had his injury they reach -- to return to humbled. He noted were very positive. About it and and wanting and he told me is like -- He puts -- mine told me you rehab you have the best people that you. You can gear and take it seriously. There's no question -- to be back plan in the way you know on a -- And he told you say -- some challenges where you know you may -- 1 morning you may feel like -- Well you might feel great one day in -- might -- often known so. And it's only you know is as you know from six to twelve months to panel yours you know different things as you know -- On just being able to clean energy companies that you that you have the mobility and its registrant and it's -- as soon as the biggest problem that you so. The quicker you can play -- you'll feel. And I found it to be true so. A lot of guys that you know across it was couple guys are are reached out to him. And I'm not talk about -- -- -- all pro level. Head injuries and a tall -- so. I had the confidence that our game back with the would a team that we had to please you know it's almost down -- for files were now my personal turn on the floor on the and we grind. Alms because one thing I want to was made sure it was statesman sort creative and right. -- I'm market you know I'm never been injury you know and and he told this is Rangers this has wanna take time you have patients you know I was very patient but. Adam and -- -- ahead of my mum about bite my -- sometimes. Suck it up and see -- and now play action for weeks and just take it slow. -- but I had -- companies in. Everybody I had involved with me -- back to where on the back and confidence. Of those you know we worked our tails off but did that to go so. He wasn't all me it was a team of people that we we all came -- and we have a plan. And we had a gold that we want me and if we have it created with the knicks pippin was like -- Last dips and mentally ground in the here and -- -- -- -- for the rest of was Mississippi be a big part no yeah trust that is our days your -- yeah. Griner -- knows she was number one so it's enormous governor can be so. I hit at home moments of Kobe Bryant was out I. -- -- -- Don't understand. Rudy pollute I don't know him well enough car that perform a -- food -- -- -- that's a rocket -- -- -- that it. Brits were all -- always good to see your bed and -- collect -- in Islamabad thank you maintenance. That's Wilfork and the patriots Monday Wheatley leaves -- -- we'll talk about it. Yes we -- guess -- the Chris Jenkins with the people -- No other Chris -- -- one and I. Are try to Florida database.

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