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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick responds to Giants owner John Mara's Ice Bucket Challenge

Aug 11, 2014|

New York Giants owner John Mara challenged Bill Belichick to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Here is Belichick's response on Dale and Holley.

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My final thing for you I don't know if you heard of this stuff ice bucket challenge here. To raise that awareness for ale house. Quote level with -- we obviously the audio this is of what this involves John Mara of the giants so listen this. I have John Merrick New York Giants and I accept his challenge on behalf particularly. Brady's family. And on behalf of -- this recent tonight nearby nominee. -- Johnson Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick. Feels good. -- Outsized on the offer. -- You know certainly. On a number of people that have com and about affected by mail us. Prime most prominently Steve Gleason. Who in -- known for a number year listen and certainly won't support. Deterrent found a cure for that news appear to have hope people have that disease so. Monarchs and that's great well you know I was I was challenged by the mayor. And harder also a lot. I think I doubt here tomorrow have the cameras and move to dump me with I haven't been -- and -- would -- to -- that maybe some fans of yours and if as well and goes up the elected them bicycle on the as they -- just extend the challenges that was gone. World. Plan on doing something with a -- will take care act and I don't know alarm you but when this seems to -- went on Twitter she was tweeting about it so. Sounds like him to keep your future partner politics you can't. Trust what are all the time I mean Sweden to a well our MySpace. Photo -- since and that is all you can get all those on your new tablets have him sidelined. Normal two week there -- days I listen to it except when the Wi-Fi brings and I don't know we're not allowed to do so I didn't express Arnold I don't see artists and or. Our ability we appreciate your time good luck next our thanks Michael and Andy thank you.

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