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Three For All: ESPN suspends another on-air talent, 8-11-14

Aug 11, 2014|

The New York Yankees are not allowing Kate Upton to wear a Tigers baseball hat at Yankee Stadium. The kid who was passed out on the floor at last week's 2000 person rave speaks out. Max Kellerman was suspended by ESPN after telling a story of domestic violence between himself and his wife.... from 20 years ago!

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate boss didn't Renaissance man -- police used three or wrong. Never afraid there is a country threes overall picture. It's 34 wrong these days with him cast. First brought some jobs sports sometimes it's not mind a little of both right now to start as we bring your street brokers in the -- -- construction where we throw a whole bunch of things under one roof and we call it the free for all. And Christian a bit of credit you for helping me out with this a little bit because today you're the one -- -- to me about Carl's junior recently right. -- and -- -- commercial Paris Hilton -- -- making -- comeback. Which I liked but I was Google -- -- the other girl and the Carl's junior commercial with Paris Hilton it's a Ferguson. And Hannah I think steals the show parish tries there's still -- commercials pars -- concerned. And like Google that I got a cross link when I got the page about Kate update Yankee Stadium. Another reason to hate the Yankees. They told Kate Upton that she couldn't Wear a tiger hat sitting behind the dugout to watch her boyfriend Justin Verlander pitched. Coordinated teller what had she can't it can't Wear will she do to take a part of some what could you swear word -- who wants. I don't know give her the tickets that's the question did they did they provide -- with those suite seats. Maybe that might have been that that would that would do it but she's not the suite behind home plate she was behind it. -- out and she started behind home plate animator weight behind the dugout eventually. But they said no tiger cat it's a boy pretty kitchen for cried out. Let's that you -- to me reading. Did did the Yankees leave her the tickets. This case one request the war -- The with a tiger nation she said when she's on Michael Strahan filling in for Kelly Ripa. It was requests it was a demand there was a rule you shop with a tiger -- you can't sit down. Now other yankees a big big business some thing in promotional opportunity here you where tiger had. But nothing else and -- -- -- -- thought Leo -- what do you -- -- Christian. Media all the government that big rave party they had a Michigan I think we covered it last week we asked some of the -- that they did like -- interview. With the kid who had the -- right and that -- he's doing an interview there's a kid passed out on the floor just. Wally doing a live interview that the kid passed out the guy basically -- the united tell these guys to get drug into those guys take -- b.'s target I definitely -- tell this -- The past -- my lawyers so there's the guy. Obviously this whole thing goes viral everybody's getting a lot of attention it it's on Jimmy Kimmel as -- finally found the guy. In the interview room okay this guy. Maybe it's classic his name is ray who'll win. But he goes by the name is is an aspiring rapper is his nickname is ratchet the amateur -- -- The amateur rapper -- he calls himself an amateur rapper you -- get any business if you call yourself temperature in your name but here's a quick -- What is said -- a reporter. I -- but like -- lasted longer to anybody yeah I might have passed out earlier in the night. But I woke up and can't drink it. Oh yeah see that's that's party written all over to me there's there's there's there's nothing is gonna stop me from drink yet passed out but I can't drink it so. Fellas have there ever -- at night we drink so much that you passed out and actually decided to keep drinking the next day. This is like a hair of the dog argument yeah. Course well yeah and that figure would you define passed out some people really -- just fall asleep. You know -- a pass on the corner and -- home and pass out as far back in the college days woke up and gone back after I don't think what. Outlook before and I'm still moving party boys and ability -- the following. The. What's the Mets what's the best post hangover drink you've ever heard coconut water. -- hydration coconut water yes but luck -- -- limb hair what what area or whatever and whomever Ryan left behind here and studio packet camels some tequila tequila -- have dipped Margarita. That let you know he's ever done that the whole -- in the -- I don't bonds that do what is a police to victory over agency every morning it was a Sebelius comic -- put they put it inside that no not a not a lot of pride talking about -- biggest economic collapse that brought -- -- all bag yet as that of April to -- or -- that -- I can -- -- right back out Michael -- don't want any part of that. It by collecting a quick. -- I haven't tried that -- We have another ESPN. Suspension for a couple of days the last agree -- what they'll have a chart. He was suspended for two days. Because he left the -- -- had eighty out billboard out in Cleveland it. You know that red you're welcome LeBron love Miami with two pitches of the championship brings. Any experience suspended him for a couple of days while Max Kellerman you don't HBO sports league boxing analyst team all time. It's on the big boxing events well barely a few days after the Stephen A Smith -- -- -- suspension -- Ray -- He went on a show Mason and Ireland and talked about his experience domestic violence in -- twenty years ago. He was dating a girl college who by the way now is his wife for twenty years. There was that they were -- said igniting and she actually. Should he try to defuse the situation to slap them in the face and he admitted on the radio show he slapped her back in the face. And again went on saying yeah but obviously you know we were married for twenty years happily married it will ESPN. Suspended him for his comments are many. For admitting it for two days. And there's some confusion it was stable with it. Because he admitted that what happened twenty years ago and apparently had more to do with ESPN. Kind of a large conversation is being had with all of its radio host on air people that barely. Element -- pay attention -- what was that conversation listen Stephen A Smith just talked about this we suspended -- so no one's allowed to talk about domestic violence like. It's just taboo we can't talk about if you do to suspend him that's thought policing in contents policing. And that's where I've got a big problem with it which is why I wrote about it for WEEI dot com at put up on line and that a lot of people interact with me on Twitter after -- posted the column but it's gone off the deep end amid this -- Talking about his experience in -- admitting that yes there one point. With my girlfriend at the time she slapped me and I reacted poorly I was drunk and actually slept her back and mideast married twenty years of this warming brings a justice a situation his lifetime and they suspended just for bringing up both. A story. Don't you think about it -- yes I feel like it's one -- be offended it's quite another to act like your offended on everybody else's behalf and I feel that's what we're doing a lot -- yeah yeah you know -- -- -- it was it was great actually. You really just says everything that needed to be said. But here's ESPN is doing I don't know they even trust the -- analyst on air talent. Do not follow themselves. Who won their when their addressing this situation or anything like it it's so. It's still you know taboo now to go their because. It that they could have with with Stephen A and Tim you touched on it that because he was clumsy with his words and since it was clumsy with his words. The eldest backlash about Stephen -- Smith and I know he was trying to say he's not a you know about it nasty person -- just make in his own point. But it -- through all this attention and therefore they -- acting Hamlet so what they did is they send out a memo that I've got them before a setup email. Don't discuss this this in this hot topic. Which you're the leading broadcaster for sports in the world yet you're mandating what your people are supposed to say it just. It would just reeks of just the border with irritation because play here gonna tell these guys to give their opinions. Yeah you're gonna tell them what they can have opinion on what they can't have an opinion on. Also makes you wonder what they were taken with this Tony Stewart. Situation early in the morning on Sunday some of the content analysis we -- discussing when and Ricky craven and some of the other guys on to what they were not supposed to say. About direct itself what -- that a little bit more in the 1 o'clock hour that's -- for fraud and much about a possible Dolly constructions invents the Maloney Christian -- night 37 W media.

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