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Tom Brady on the start to the season 8-11-14

Aug 11, 2014|

Tom Brady discussed his backup's and the start to the season.

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Our -- Tom Brady is brought to you by how is -- -- products and joining us right now on the eighteenth tee on my first first of will be it weekly spot during football season is Tom Brady. Tom John and Jerry route Kirk still there may have them here -- meter and Steve Buckley already this morning. Well you know during the process of like last week when you know -- not going to play -- I'm gonna know right up until game time so I think coach them a good job it didn't make -- that -- -- ago it. Surely -- again it's important not -- you can always. A lot from those experiences -- practice and it -- it again and then you know he just bad reporting -- dot. We got a lot of good work -- and you know we were gonna help. You know I would look like and the -- well. And it should. You -- Depend upon you got a clock and it got to grow up go to the abandoned. And our preparation -- -- pretty -- We I make up a lot on this week. As a lot made it into -- at this point you're just so hunger for football right that your reading these guys that beat writers here get reports from down there they're saying you're doing this in seventh seventh and your. 24 of 281111. You you put a lot of stock and I perform in those things are you need to wait here for these actual get on the field as you said contact. At least even pre season games to get an idea of where you are right. I think it all works. You look at what the same -- so the practices are extremely important because. It's not like during the magically it come together in the game you've got to be able to practice and -- do on a consistent says nordic incompetent or what you do in the game so. Oh. That's really important not let me. You -- -- -- -- I -- you know that I treat it very seriously. I practiced so. You know when you're out there and again it should really be a reflection of -- dominant practiced and got some things are different. You know at that speed -- accept -- that they had that -- -- all the on the ball to the outlook on the quarterback. Current. You know there's no it's not like OK you know you're not a practical -- a minute -- and -- -- -- I. Saw it again. You know you can't get a chance the game so. It's -- You know about it again and you know -- it should we take those we kicked it shouldn't the electorate we are we practiced. And I -- than originally. Tom what stood out for you thus far about the offense maybe some newcomers have shown. They're shown flashes to you in the way you're situated right now you feel good about the office. We shall we live action that we get ourselves I think all of it in preparation for a and so we've you know and yet we know we've installed quite you know. But based install an order you ready or. At the G and well well NFL caliber players at every position. You know -- team that. You know you want to -- this year that once worked out over the Nazis but trying to improve their -- so we try to do the actual. You know I don't know what you're. You'd get out on the field and try to do -- real -- competition out. We got quite a bit China were gonna need to go. You know -- -- with the release schedule we'd put it on the am going to be prepared Uga. Not -- -- -- alert you to meet this burning -- you don't start tomorrow we appreciate that we -- Friday about the appeal also. Some after Thursday's game there was a -- a quarterback talk and obviously it had nothing to do with -- -- because you didn't play but did lead to an off your conversation. Let me back -- quarterbacks -- you -- with over the years -- is that you started -- I think John -- reason Michael bishop been you know convert Drew Bledsoe was effectively a back -- second half -- little -- season. It Rowan Davie Damon Hugh had all the way down the road. How many of the -- and you stay in touch with any of them. You you know we gotta I gotta go to connector of the guys on. Yeah I yeah I did actually. And what could -- area and Garnett they go to exit at the moment and the picture about. A boat that you were all together well. I think you know -- got a bit and you heard about it and you know you're down by doctor -- I'm. And don't -- guys. Aaliyah which has been attacked by Jim Miller. But Gutierrez and it flew out of the great guy pregnant or -- about biomedical and it really bought -- or not. -- learned that. It's really. It's it's been a great experience and that guy you know typically. About -- much -- -- over the course the island you. Now did you learn and work ethic and you know you go public relations. Like you -- -- -- Is it how's the family -- yet you talk like if you talk with John freezer -- or is is an actual football talk. The Pentagon kind of you know the situation now that they're there when the day and that's -- I want to game it. It could be better outlook although you don't you don't get too personal because -- we got a good personal relations. Spigot I guess your card pack up now we saw a lot of Mallon drop below here on Thursday night and now. At least the consensus was around -- struggled I guess I'd be interested in your take you right there you see malveaux time you were would you think his performance. Or do you think he is right now as a quarterback Mike -- -- was on the station last week said he can be starting NFL quarterback today. You agree that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An amateur at last year's electric -- -- -- into. There are only two public outcry and then -- -- these -- great ability to be what happened there and do a job by the got a lot of -- -- that he can do -- -- I don't know the chance so. You know you can't judge. Everybody based on. You know want to have won the current streak either didn't read it yet America nobody Larkin. And not our -- -- the -- about you idiots out. You know everybody trying to get better at that point a little bigger doubt we saw. And so did -- so you -- You don't opportunity that -- a refresher so it was there it was. You know you make but they -- out -- -- -- the -- that I'm not gonna -- began the important thing about being back yet. Continued to make it an excellent again. Because you know the -- and -- count on you know what to do the right thing and you know -- that we as quarterbacks. I don't look -- every day at practice and when it comes up in the game he got up and secure. RG three Thomas quite effusive in his praise for EU us throughout the week with a joint practices in Richmond. Is that something you cherish and something you value to impart wisdom to these young quarterbacks and will you do with this week. When that -- come at the top. I actually going to be pretty consistent so. I think whenever. That by doctor and he certainly don't want to other players to watch the -- I can't believe how they interact with the team so I think all the newspaper went for me. As well so. You know it sure it should. You know I'm still learning process Jews so I think -- I would cherish the opportunity as well so much. Certain guys Deborah I know that but -- -- Lleyton. You know that that plays they run in order to move the ball down. You know like a ton of all of you know got this game figured out you got to keep working. Trying to get better -- going to. -- actually keep an -- to your team. Not fair I didn't see him play at all call -- highlights and Mikey says it now watch them play half of a pre season game. But I am buying into I'm buying in the drop below I fights it's fun watching them run around and Judy's wacky things. It reminds me of a guy you mentioned earlier now again it's not fair to compare this guy's -- it was a as a trophy winner could pro quarterback. When you -- -- drop below is a fourth down play it did did he threw the Boyce is a complete I see a little bit of Flutie you see any similarity that. I -- It's a topic that's really experiment comparison so you know it. They're going to of people employers and you know about it for twenty years so I think that's pretty high expectations put on someone who's been yeah. About two weeks fifty minutes. Though there's argument he's been great to be in the meeting room and it's in front of the play with him over the course of -- can and and that and yeah I appreciate inside -- some while trying to get better than in the -- he's a young quarterback Tim you know you make mistakes you make good plays -- be a competent you build on the good player and you know hopefully when you get job security and you make the most of it I think that. Whatever you want. Really -- -- about when he got to chip and again throughout that he did somewhat. How different is it or is it any different for a rookie starting as a quarterback you know into the league for the first time in 2014. Verses when you're in their for the first time in 2000 and the difference is significantly different. -- over just overall the whole package itself via. I think yes it's it's simply it's a different. And I think it the cold at the ball in the NFL site it's different now than it was fifteen years ago but it was different when I was there. Benefit to it that well. A lot of things. Change and Obama and McCain not a big -- that fundamental commitment to change I think it's about. Communication and execution blocking tackling literally running catching I don't think those bands like ever change that they get there. That the fundamentals of the game and the group that -- that typically plays at the best fundamental one that's going to be consistent one over the course I'm so. Can always change the kind of -- the ability to kind of comment that. Fundamentals don't let the game it actually about torture and you know I would also -- -- school he went and a lot different now than when I was young playwright. You know you cannot respect at the news cycle that. You know everyone is doing it now what is it going to -- and I think the other planet under so much scrutiny could be -- -- And you know I looked like in a -- not only did the ballot. A little bit over the course of a year and -- were no early. And I was greatly liked it really just focused on. You know my game that was no expectation no -- upon yet -- You know I got to thank you know I really admire or you can go out that they are such high expectations amid the -- first nickel -- a Japanese. We have got -- at every single year or so. It's pretty. Limited in that I was never going to be in -- situation -- it -- I don't work -- what I needed to work on and trying to drop off the court ordered to pay attention and I don't really need to keep focus on what I need to do and and when I come out into the Pentagon entered the bat like that. Okay along those lines and he gonna give us the Bill Belichick issue we just worried about our team in our game and getting ready in eyes focused on the grand prize and all that but. But stepping away from that one minute you being human being and I assume a -- of football. Have you sized up other teams yet to go at their depth charts you Sydney and a coach looking at them different reports in the Greg no seasons so forth and seeing who's better than you thought who isn't as good and so forth. Not much at this point because everything the other so much that can change so quickly being an injury -- -- create. That cut down days and seventeen going to be up and the reality that's what kind of been -- in secrecy. Romanoff he's made about opened the current scheme that aren't. Not a the tribal. Epstein Accardo in the good. You know I don't think that people are doing right now you're just really built on the foundation -- not at the great and landing any day because. In my game and an important product. Called basic up and a walk on a on a medal so. -- -- and continue to do I will lead ultimately. I have no idea what we needed -- to play -- when when that ultimately take shape but. It sure. We're gonna focus on our side and talk about what we're gonna make the most improvements. Agenda gonna change I don't look at next -- Clearly a lot to Tom Tom especially on the receiver front may be some guys still fight for jobs I think one of the great stories as far as been Bryant Tim's. -- -- writes about today in The Herald the kid grew up in a group home. Horrible -- -- -- horrible upbringing grew up without family essentially one point she writes she was that he was living in this car working epic novels. A what does Tim is shown to you would you think he has a chance to make the team. It should eat you know he -- any art. They are. Apparently in the game and got a chance you know he knows what the -- so. I don't know -- you can say it happened out there on out at that he showed. The the good our parent keep fighting until they get the opportunity several. You know coach of the plant record project that the government channel you can drop the government. The three. -- sign that says it says the sixth round draft pick. -- in Italy or Canada we don't you what you want what you are going to be good on our settlement in the -- -- -- I don't get. I think ultimately the best I myself. You all that stuff is really decided on the the other. A lot of that they. Our -- decided between between the white line. When you get out there and not decided in the courtroom and when people who really wanted to decide. You know without competition out -- want to be on the -- guys are gonna go what better way to fight it out and the bad guys ultimately played out. You know -- -- and -- Last question for me Tom. Air pressures of Revis getting go out and -- a little bit of practice what you've seen from him so far -- -- -- you imagine the expectation we have callers writer. You expect this guy to be the best defensive player formats we hear all -- as a defensive player of the year. This that you got against -- mobs in the -- go against every day what did you see from -- you're so far early on. It and so on the go get them because he's he challenges that great early challenges Patrick Leahy's. He's. He's a Smart went -- there that. You know I can't generate a long time it was. It looks to read you know you -- that. But sometimes -- make tackles. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank god how did you know that they weren't that would be you know. Running. You don't -- -- You know we. Just that you -- out competent. And you know that remember is the responsibility and nobody at that gets a competent that can be certain spot and a lot of 300 feet. Yeah you don't know Nike should he won't -- On it in the right place that is. You got incredible and -- -- a quarter when I'm not -- run the routes the -- -- just. You've got to -- your question I think -- Obviously he's got everything on the you know IBC quarterback -- -- -- -- the receiver is odd that the increase he's. You know that. To the receiver coming off a lot of scrutiny get. Are reimbursed and apparently even if he's got a great went on -- And the planet in anticipation of what. Iran most -- not a one way. You know when you play action -- got a lot discourage you to -- -- into and don't and then when you keep be on the absurd anybody you get. Recognize it combination. -- great. -- a great. And the interstate particular player so that. You know regret that Oregon -- it straight and I got -- -- to get them what did you mean just. He was so that men and eliminate the big. Ticket and without the no go when you. The border area -- you know he's got to be right there -- -- well. I totally appreciate it will touch you -- next Monday throughout the season thanks for joining us this morning. It's -- -- Thomas Tom Brady patriots quarterback.

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