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Tim Hasselbeck on Johnny Manziel 8-11-14

Aug 11, 2014|

Tim Hasselbeck joined the show to discuss the first week of the NFL preseason.

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Now we're very happy to have this gentleman on as he weekly guest during the football season and John -- pro I think is most thrilled. Of all I'm pretty happy to know you're not happy meter on happy to you are not. Just as happy hour right is that when I asked the gentleman if he's upset knowing that -- is going to be BC wealth and ask him right now she's beaten up by. Is Tim Hasselbeck. ESPN timid Simon and meter and balked at Boston or use -- I'm -- you know there are important. That I have a good after -- questioned him -- -- and -- still have -- following that -- in the BC got for you mass spec and 78. That's their mosque is Solis Solis and after UMass beat BC late on what what happens they -- just. I talk about -- -- little area where it. Gonna shock the world being -- -- it -- also we talk about. Another I know diss you it's crazy how crazy is. The man I think you can tell. President Bush I I don't yeah I know is -- didn't give it really a lot of coverage remind those on the men's open in the football game over the weekend. Any any early impressions. I thought you kind of acquitted himself pretty well I was actually com. You know sometimes these situations. There -- overblown it's so what I would -- between that situation in Cleveland and probably a little bit for you -- locally with -- drop below. Your analysis. Of each and every snap when there are so many things that are going wrong especially if somebody's back up in the game. Is not -- in it's probably not the leader guy. But I think when you looked at and fell from the standpoint of you know when the ball came out in the in the months time. But is decent job but I also thought Brian or -- look like they're pretty good job. Deviated a football game as well so I don't know the numbers that's certainly bear that out to Brian but. I don't think he did anything -- -- his chances to start. You know we want. -- when you admit though that the National Football League courts this very kind of analysis by. The way they'd pop up the game isn't it being much more import than there really are. -- look there's there's no question about it and I mean then the -- -- -- -- -- work. I mean it was there was -- believable I was actually up in Boston. This weekend that you guys probably get my daughter went one direction concert. -- I I didn't isn't bears might think -- I skip the -- saw the other three shows a three nights before skip the Boston yesterday yeah yeah yeah it gets tired at the service has changed up as much to our life. But I but I will watch in the I mean. This was probably on a phone that worked at the game go on live in both. And it was it was command all thoughts of taking taking my comment now in and I'll take it got just what -- warming up. He's been paying attention to -- looking at the pictures on the sideline. -- a -- they can -- -- -- -- he's he's probably should be paid attention attention on the sidelines he should be getting ready to go and and I think that. Oftentimes you probably you know start to go down the wrong path when you start over analyze all the stuff that really doesn't matter. And so. Adds a little tough you know the kind of this -- that aren't -- right I mean it's. For whatever reason and maybe it's more driven by the casual and then people that are really in the -- -- But -- that's that's kind of where this is gone and you know one unfortunately for for both of those guys you know -- is that in Cleveland. I think it is probably just click the big distraction for the two. Baseline -- force votes him is -- more likely to be really good. Or really bad -- -- I think if he tried to play like he did it today and now. That I think it also probably bet. I think if he can learn to did you read some other habits you haven't college. That I think that he has the physical tools to -- a player now what I mean by that is. If you watch submitted them and I watched. Basically every game he started out. He had a habit. -- -- -- -- In hopes of something bigger so he would let down and distance dictate where he would go with the football content certain seventy not a broad checked out could you want to run around. Just throw the ball beyond the first down you know barker. What I would say it in the National Football League you can not be consistently good. After the -- -- got what sort of person that I learned. Yoga in the Astros. By -- -- from Andy Reid was -- -- broke -- process. Just -- about Tom Brady and his success. Not everything launched on the field look at Peyton Manning has success I haven't -- on the field. If you wanna be consistently good in the NFL. Pass up open guy he did that eight on it and now. And many would run around it it would make a play I don't that you physically talented if not physically competent or not. To do that in the NFL. And the special economic consistent basis to -- itself if you get rid of that didn't coach him out of that that it figures shot to be a player if he doesn't get rid of that. -- struggle like every other player strategist. The patriots as good as the Broncos right now. -- I I don't think they artist or the Broncos right now but what I would say is that if but the biggest key committee offensively for drilling on. And if you got really said that a million times and areas that. If cracked up to place sixteen games. They're very brutal to defense if gronkowski is helping comply if you did not. There -- different group totally different offense to defendant. Come what it felt good players and they also have a good game point and each and every week. He's he in my estimation and most important player on offense opt out of Brady so. The better on defense does that then there were a year ago there's no question about that need them with their issues a year ago. It's still not bad on defense in terms of you know when it really mattered. So. But what you're looking at Stanford -- better too so. Made gronkowski is healthy. They can play with anybody if he's not that I think you're -- bill that -- In the Tony good excuse me the tone appearances suggest that you're always -- the boy in. The tone of your answers suggests that you might be dubious of Gradkowski playing entire season. Yeah I mean just based on history right now for them. Would you know look at the event -- -- that they have until the dissent about the role to setup guys. So aware of you do most of his work inside the numbers right elements of -- bit. But it is that the numbers he don't has has worker rights and he'll run and dealt a field full speed. And like because they criticize. The ball is going to be you know -- or higher on -- which is you know probably you know. You know what you have an advantage that way so that happens in -- your safety. Where you hit them. Oh I'm sorry I was I was looking it's -- thought would -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I want you wouldn't -- dugout. I wanna get well I mean I don't really well you know by cities. You're good us loud let law which is exactly you know the situation where it got hurt you know and so and look at understood the -- that do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And ready to pick -- on the on the field. So you know I'm watching him practice and he looks like Robocop Brit now with the same amount as well told the -- -- -- at the brakes on the and an ever want to go after ever going after his legs again so lucky community is a place sixteen games. But I hope he does on the watch and I hate to see guys get hurt but the waive the rules are set up. These big guys. Are. Every nervous situation where everyone everyone -- -- relax and then in there -- have to let them elect. -- Yeah I have concerns about it because that you know the difference between dropped in -- like Jimmy Graham has. You know Jimmy Graham and -- some of the same stuff but never does Augusta does. -- dramas about that the numbers a lot more than than -- So you don't look so bad environment you know just got as much you know that -- you're an environment land on the -- with that several high middle field safety. That's forced to go low want. Besides all the -- -- -- where should we be looking -- for guys. For rookies make an impact this year will be Blake portals in Jacksonville -- an impressive start to his career. Well I I said in the draft process that the the best prospects at the quarterback position come out this year the most out of felt ready. Without a doubt was -- portal and you know I think whatever you know he's I guess -- boring compared to. Man's cell -- off the field suffered and how -- place. But what he did. Under George O'Leary in college translated to -- to watch it needs to intimate that -- the -- was -- a good player. -- we'll watch him you know opening drive that Penn State -- Probably inferior talent in the way he plays and maybe he is in my estimation very very prospect. You know maybe because -- Jacksonville people you know don't really care about thirteen because they have to have much success but. I think he probably should place sooner rather than later. I would say the opposite should be the case. When you look at some of the other rookie quarterbacks like -- dollar elected to Bridgewater so. I I think the best prospects he -- doubt that. But out of rookie quarterbacks have success I would favor and. I -- get -- let's -- at this point him. So what it because I have -- dollars what's analysts function like to know the mall I want -- to -- I would say the first couple lines your favorite one directions. To be -- Yet you know -- do -- -- so tone -- that it went even makes sense here about it now like this morning just the entire building but memories album has blasted out. I mean that other actually was thinking about this -- on hold before Jamont. If we could do this with -- series and if you could maybe elect. Before you bring me -- maybe when they let me go a couple little little one day. No products. Killed -- -- plane might -- we -- -- my problem is like when my daughters she sevens though. The big thing was frozen absent from the soundtrack and a move them by myself driving here in the morning I will sing like -- it's in my head letting down a -- and I'm sick -- My biggest fear was that you know. There were actually so my brother -- is like took her two daughters and so my mom -- and then my wife Elizabeth took my daughter. And so really much here and probably matches here as well since it was -- lost like his team. Like -- Iowa just get elected out a little bit source out and that is what they want. Why not. Complain -- Tim appreciate this week reprieve -- look forward to having you on the entire season and there will be plenty. Of one direction for you was it until a stranger Chestnut Hill -- -- I -- that I thought that the doctor felt there was various Gillette Stadium be there. No I little condescending -- from. I was wondering what you framers had heard before I didn't know what -- wonder -- The -- films of the group -- accompanied by the right. Well I I would oppose a war at thirteen Europe -- did this stuff. -- that the within this group what direction ago look them up during the break it's better than you know from bad. That's -- him it's better than past or for the address sisters but it yellow submarine. When you attach to the message I got you just brought it up -- -- -- did most of that road as well nobody said the -- would go bugle boy -- use said Buick in -- in -- the injustices and but you have to admit there is classic. Music goes. Bookie will be bugle boy is that pop song like I don't have to concede. You can't -- -- -- I would not that's a different about it at that time it was a classic. -- so it's nothing is a classic and it's time after -- it. Years need to be removed we would call -- OK let's put it this way we're able to talk about it you know the song. A lot but a month. You know I I don't speak. A person practicing with the gym on the elliptical the only run to this not running sauces like violate runaway marathon and what it is up with the political. What direction -- -- -- Our number four coming up you see Tom Brady joins us at 930 is that right Tom Brady -- -- to get back -- and buried in the story and -- -- has. -- think off air conversation between bucket -- I wanna get what is that are Smart. We return.

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