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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Michael Jackson poop 8-11-14

Aug 11, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines is in this is not. Turkmen and -- bowl it is the highest rated sports segment in the city -- highs for the segment. Anywhere radio last month. Boston and why do you think that guzzling map. On fire. About it every about the Mac cores Jack really. That if I was Marty noble man but he's not -- -- bumpy golf. If that's that's all I'm thinking golfers don't like these coaches and -- that's that's -- that's you know. I don't writes I mean for the golfers are most of the she Patrick -- the most. For him get rid of that mean it was Bosnia if he misses are. -- -- -- -- If you look -- Inaudible on currency yesterday was a part of that the borrow. Real broker. Or anything. For growth of Iraq West Coast -- -- outcrop headlines brought you by eighteenth they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network. -- -- are great friends at Bob's discount furniture stores. Off the -- for get this for story in it's a great thanks you agree. Your host items the greatest newspaper on him is that he's a Sunday morning -- debatable now. I'm a guy but that's just me quite a -- how -- for now the iPod. If you are one -- in America. Secretary. Sit in The Herald that. It was -- Are donating my way I've set on the year that it might be the moment episode is getting in the car listening so I have to have my -- in -- -- I continue -- do -- I don't -- -- -- three on Wednesday -- three of -- among -- Bradford. We said I said Harold was better than glow that sports page on your portable football Karen and Adam Balkans vodka ball deep. That are relevant vomit called and never went on -- -- that show again Campbell to. All real. Please OK he's in the -- Called in -- against his voice never heard in the station again be tough for everyone. The deal with but the good news too bad that the debt what -- -- while -- I did a good and -- we work while I think. -- -- -- -- You disagree with that you know well again we played -- successful yet at a slap you around a few times on some issues not really my recollection that's that's what I'm getting ready DuPont is not these. The yum booed during the break we're saying there are some guys who have. Past the point about you can criticize mayor so it was become over rated. I think Vince Scully is one of those guys you can't see anything bad -- looking saint. He reached the point now where everybody says he's the greatest ever you can even criticizes work at all. Yes yes and he has the greatest ever but I wouldn't as. Might be the biggest been stoic and on the mall as a guy who the soundtrack has bark bark like the stick to my childhood. Was Vin Scully on Saturday afternoons on the NBC game of the week until -- Baghdad -- -- I don't know it. Didn't that was my it was -- Gary and Tony Quebec's hum I'm dating you so well but. I thought geez I don't think he's the best but if you listen to a value say. You know what we didn't come into play. Do we -- -- objection was that he has put it could do something. Couple weeks ago sounds old -- -- -- -- status is. PA if you're in LA org guy and you can't. And it's culpable show and you get accustomed to having that guy you know at times but that was -- sand in the Gary it -- -- nothing made it to me I'd been with scenic -- in those third. Got 3035. Years I was in the Santos and -- these games who. You know he didn't -- -- at the start Albert's career did so he was great but it started to matter to me. But I mean he's he was missy -- much -- thank you NFL and the patriots games too -- real art that's Santos would miss things you know it started to sound like it's natural -- guys. But but -- got up and you -- they kept around like you'll so much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not one of those backseat stories please don't know it was a different back -- And I think you're right I can forgive the flaws but you know some guys drive around car. And is never heard you'll see it just before three years ago the -- think she's -- ones yet. Also on the list it's like what is that over. A -- over rigorous. Can you call back. Off. Criticize. The -- a total joke so yeah. Because -- don't you're your your central casting for. I got. Expect the notes out but certainly my dad's story still loves hello Bob -- I think -- Albright is definitely. And I liked Bob well one of the writers who don't you read is coming and talking. He's a great conversation. Through this yeah. That's true but he is definitely an analyst Roger Roger -- we talked about him Rick Reilly. Now -- other delegates for Rick Reilly's -- never worked with me what's the act. It just it just didn't find it oh my god I have to sit have a cup cocoa and curl up and read this actually picked up his latest book it's not that because I like I would I would think praise I actually picked up his latest book and it wasn't that I was asked not be around you -- I was dealt with him. Was trying to be like being Jenkins. And that's tonight. It was a which units were -- millions. So you know a guy named John and nine. Eric booked Eric Jackie Robinson. Al Capone and he's got a book coming out he's he's a friend of mine -- the coming -- -- on the birth control -- which got its -- it was. And there's not I cannot put down and so we have friends because of the I'd like to go home. I liked it because it shed new light on the jacket didn't get the public spectacle again and let -- -- I became very good guy because I was a fan sites and -- Wednesday. And and we met and became he's in a friendly few times with hung out. And when he was researching the book on the brook and to openly came to Boston and a few times I think the best. Jonathan I you know it was a matter of difficulty you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A quick before Jack is really good even on a movie. The way air that they were bring back the teenage mutant turtles all my kids -- Mike my daughter's not quite at that age not mustn't wait there I know generally it's about nine GAAP. Sons diners it has taken to see it made 65 million dollars this week noted securities of the galaxy. S. Yeah sausage it's a great. It's made. 300 175000003. To thirteen million worldwide guards -- doctors too. Something called into the storm that's a disaster Warner Bros. third. By -- mere movie was fourth -- -- tell us how you're doing your list while -- can post a woman to be naked six different decades and film. And universal's dance sequel step up all image and he stopped audits exploits a six point five million what is. Is -- ninja turtles different than it was like 25 years ago. It's a little -- It's got medals are -- and that's brilliant cast to because what they do. They're trying to drag the father to father taken a son or daughter wants to meg and fox kids wants to the turtles house that's -- goes to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is written not 12. One this past is done her prime is past that she's kind of gone off -- Pretty -- I guess she seems to be almost like archer of which. You have Michael Bay. Correct correct -- -- just Stacy brown in New York Post yesterday meter bronze tonight. May reveal Michael Jackson's filth in perversion. Headline persons rather lead he was thinking of who. -- never -- manufactured lawsuit here they'll decide -- house of horrors and madness viva Michael Jackson's major -- to the post. Quote Michael sometimes rare -- animals were in the truck he track. Don't -- -- -- play please do so play. Play awful like elect on him. Yet on its popular now. It's called Michael sometimes ran around the animals were to track who throughout the house -- pick nothing up made one recalled then -- sets of the differently due due snowballs at each. Quick Oprah Winfrey visited their radio interview to snowball in 1993. It was pristine forest waxed or scrub the windows power -- -- after she -- was the Taylor TV crews -- up next morning. But the real Jack appeared he literally peel them for the entry rate right where you so Oprah -- it was surreal. He just stood there unzipped his trousers off water to the war -- Agassi accusations of molestation. Let him out -- -- stupor he did drug -- came back. It was a mess after that would be modified made to get together write a book as one made say the next one at a coffee -- At -- we got a book here. Does that play you know it seems to -- to be suspicious I believe everything -- read your post evils is you it's fair I've given up you know I don't you think I'm casting doubt on this -- simply posing a question which is a what are they all over the years stay in -- through what is our show supports him when. When they're allowed to there's some healing peace time overall dust settles we're gonna write a book but made -- it made -- area era when -- having coffee and you know we should call Margaret. Well here's made the opportunity it. Other many times had to sneak it changes -- could understand it's we have built in to be Sox underpants in the bed. -- chicken dictatorships a few bottles of wine which on the floor. And you newlywed himself the place reek -- weapons weapons. Is there something about how he saved a diaper and there are some -- about who so much. Discussed his -- reckon it's true sense of the word yet made the ones that keep all of these books he never read. Shirts hats and a little trinkets and executed in dining room the kitchen all the floors they complain if someone put them to replace -- -- point to -- The amount of stuff because of covered the entire range of most of which -- -- -- part. The worst side of chuckle about it. I think there were -- recall made number to work from 1994 -- and six never soil baby's diaper. -- Hereford to them it was obvious he won by Simmons eatery in her -- Built years ago. Ice and you want to buy the elephant man's bones densely yes. And yet the entire Beatles -- I actually I saw in him and shook his hand in Las Vegas yes. And it was do you feel about that having read this story. Not do it it was a great he clears history it was the Caesars shops. Yeah one of these stores that no -- -- goes through -- go all the times news of that special ABC when they just that and that and it the only there might have been filming -- -- be sure to shut down those. On to people outside the store. And I -- on and not -- why in the why's everybody on -- that -- he's like Michael Jackson that it out. Michael Jackson decided that yes -- inside wait just wait like five minutes BO when you're with us. 2003. Is after through beta there was a revolution trip. But of course that you should as an aside trip that want to look like. Just what you what you expect to be -- -- borrowers facing yes yet I think over San. It was just the -- and it was such a limp. And -- that it's worse I was that was a good match and a is it an outright if that is the worst example of a child star gone wrong at worst Michael Jackson. The you'd be hard pressed to -- try to top that. Yeah -- and even the cast of -- -- if you broke the all the little grass schools and horrible right lives they'll Plato Todd Bridges nobody TV to be reduced or is that they are gaining the panther. Every one of them died at like 4030 years he held an older. Was as Scotty Beckett got an all kinds of drugs often and and a committee suicides by wheelchairs and it's gotten Schwartz the star of it goes on stuck to a Christmas story -- 11. Petrova yet O'Hare and -- and you can't. Note that it's it's is Jackson there's everybody else what it's like -- in his thirties you know the tracker of young I would optimistic here what I'm definitely I don't know I would feel it is not that the united regularly about the Jackson. I like the music and it isn't rates on an awesome I like him I like derivatives that. 1983 hot zone -- I liked it from here to a vote for the kid -- Is is I was said this could have died three avenues in and Springsteen. And Michael Jackson. The gun event -- under the gun went either way. -- -- Sensed it was springs I'd like a year well loved the police great. They're great that was about that was about it was in 1980 I have to admit the bounce to his music is he's he really had natural talent. Yet despite this the wedding of their California -- this -- at a wedding dance I was on its know how what it was like Rudolph the orient. During an area the area -- -- really heavy. That's why it. The fifth and or get some of the -- to get the guy right now Mark Ballas on dancing with the stars and even though there AMC DT WS c'mon you watch -- Yeah sure I know we dance without -- -- -- -- -- show urban runoff is a good job. Give me that director of movies and 33 years ago yeah immediately ever seen him dance. Very heavy -- or have it live now. First the golf. No I'm not a big belly. Houses and are you fell again now and under the belt issue not. -- -- Oh I see us aren't as did area -- -- I've never had it's not like I wouldn't Oprah I can't do like growing musicals of that federal workers back together if you if you show me brush or -- and like that. Ordered 32 best it's what he has to each other I think I would difference. You know I mean yeah I probably wouldn't I guess -- when I think of LA guy might -- -- -- Tom Brady and but I. And to write a ballot that Tim Tebow got a -- to two guys don't know football what is different they're the college students I think probably what I think if you watched the -- McIlroy. The 200 best offer -- would -- -- -- -- it's such a fine it's a -- -- thousands of faxes. A hearing Michael Jackson is ten million times musician Bruce Springsteen that's like comparing a year ago it took the job. -- to -- -- -- over the that he can't compare numbers that. Favored group and a run on -- not finished. -- I said last week basically what pump. -- cliche. I'm sorry I like The Beatles is that I would artist name unknown guy -- Springsteen's it's as it was ever going added I said last we wanted to go like blood rocker something that. We -- last week it's of this. I -- -- -- I was in last week and why I think the girl here not me last week I was it was at one. God damn. Where you butch dirt and a Richard mix. It certificate if I sort of topic in our readers have more grates on. I used to watch. -- -- I said last week that aggregate harper percent were truly -- on with his silly that you being that he doesn't want those -- got you that you being look at me now let's -- exactly what that is inaccurate that is the 100% of all he's AGL. I should I say if I can get that back at the VP because we're -- -- said this morning this started a segment. But -- Islamist groups you can criticize. Why there -- that program. -- the stuff in Hamburg sucks but I now early you know. Early -- I love you yeah yeah yeah terrible. That was transitional -- the late stuff is great. The best Beatles song is not you don't understand you couldn't get to the late of Beatles stuff without it having understood that you keep it like -- the stated I was doing. The reported transition. -- -- All right I can listen to a so that's -- thousand -- really is a thousand years -- so is the -- -- -- the great music player who will come back this is to -- -- whoa rock around the clock and you're gonna say about it aren't already you know I think fifties -- and -- treatment of some one so I think it and run away -- -- -- he's -- doo -- -- great music now. I understand it's placed it -- -- -- with you gotta be a Frankie valley and we future I don't know. Abductions great I saw another Jersey bullish but you can't wait to get production. And they were taken -- by you but when when you're up sometimes sometimes driving around listening you know and satellite listing. Or home in the cable stations a blessing in 1950s music is really cool so I don't disagree with my point is. So it's not good some good news at all it's like -- he's the Beazer points BI abuse its innocence is kind of point by today's big I that we enter sisters money and assistance and that's of several books you'll be -- -- book what I want you have a boy is the classic piece that musical stuffed her. You would you could change the past but you have got to think in the stands at that time I light stories all -- this solid growth is right there is no story here this right being answering questions to shout out. The Beatles don't have a song. As good as -- It. Says says mark Graham set rice says that he Kirk no I'm just hit it from right here -- the best -- August while my guitar gently. That's a very good because they're the best record George Harrison is the best. The I think it viewed as the cliche best be it's a Chris and I don't think it's -- song either. Not so funny I actually I actually I actually got -- -- what's -- I thought that Maxwell's silver hammer was my favorite Beatles song to -- Austin last week if you did. He seriously he did. You like it does seem that my in the school again next to please the lagoon dealers here in Austin you know what are your credit Atlantic City wishing to -- -- of -- un plaza in the best Bob -- is the greatest. Pop superstars because that's on the Springsteen. -- obviously. Hollywood role we play on -- -- final lay offs -- break -- close -- and obviously it what's the the NC who wrote the -- response and but it was apparently. There six point 7779009. Or three separate and not about you know. Our number three coming up Tim Hasselbeck -- -- -- and now. Premieres BMO join us in the 8 o'clock our country get back to Tony Stewart -- I do want to get into these ESP -- suspensions a -- they have -- another guy got hit. This weekend we'll talk about it next.

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