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Tony Stewart runs someone over 8-11-14

Aug 11, 2014|

Buck, Kirk and Meter opened the show talking about Tony Stewart's deadly accident.

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I assumed. When I was told that -- buck will be joining them Monday that we would do race card I would do NASCAR -- that this is when you bring in NASCAR guys you do NASCAR. At the Stewart's a -- don't talk about it brought into the Stew with them now ought to but the race NASCAR race itself yesterday meter and you'll watch in the -- it was a turning point achieves its 355. And NASCAR violate -- It's out did you see this tweet that NASCAR Twitter yesterday afternoon. Sorry about the loss it's a tough time to make sure to tune into NASCAR's cheese at 350 ash ash tag. She's at humble you got a forum user with which I guess I just. General and Watkins Glen New York which is Hamlet in upstate New York yeah out of there that literally makes their year for an what does that Hamlet. A Hamlet yes but he did Hamburg or am I know I always think of him but I think of the original Frankenstein movie with and -- That's houses of Hamlet wouldn't think of him not like when I think it. Well that but I think I think a little towns and Germany that's exactly it is a little town. In an upstate New York village. Captive village percent in -- beat him with. Yes it's a -- I go with him -- -- the united have a to -- sounds a little bit more as -- Hamilton -- she walks not well. Others. Great Barrington might be and are considered of guts of it to. Policies you say village -- -- was educated for I say I am surprised that the -- is that -- -- So the wide that's okay Virginia okay I think town and yeah and a source and keep Frances Townsend from her hair and date bank. And they -- family I do yes. Day in New York. So I I bet you'll get that right screw up these Japanese names too often do you guys to Japanese league baseball probably true -- we urge you Marty. -- don't go there. Soloists are seen this video and it took until -- took -- to get down probably seen it for Chris -- a portrait clicked on it wasn't there yeah. Did that's been handed out you know what that's what it's been does it. -- I know nothing about race car driving obviously I grew up here now my friends my age ruptured heat galleries art course up the generation blow I think. It's almost like soccer some people are actually sort of been. What do -- a watchers thing well twenty times I feel like Stewart at the sky purpose. I can't go to there was you know that you didn't know can now I can't not just thinking go there with you -- I can't take the other tacky that we can't they didn't him right on purpose bright and and I'm not saying this but I watch it over and over yesterday I was on with -- point 9 AM. When it was basically unfolded as it is it was like a wire story that there was no analysis and -- attached to other than the who made the comment it's visit when we were earlier yesterday at nine he was going to race yesterday. After the capsule lead -- that. Press release that it -- as usual on Saturday night as usual so we -- where whip. Harping on business as usual from nine to 943. And 944. It is that no he's knocking because our hearts and thoughts and prayers -- Antonio won a guy. And we direct callers and this is classic NASCAR stuff where the callers are educating us what you have to understand how the points system works. And I'm saying no I don't have to understand the point that you don't and in my question yesterday of the year was not. Should he -- My question was I wouldn't want. Anyone who had. -- dead guy who -- -- -- I guess has Bachmann I apologize. Daily -- that wasn't listening guests use. Lot of people who called and said this racer and racers and race she didn't have to listen yet that's exactly annoyed network tell -- I don't tell Renault and sadness. Kevin ward died doing what -- loved. -- at where we we know what we actually didn't get that one but I'm surprised we the other thing that bothered me. Was that I'd made the I commit to import -- and I was saying why it happened wanna get out of his car. And that was like saying wide of those baseball plays cares little wooden sticks it's one of the great mysteries you see it all the time they get out what sometimes hit the cargo on -- we've seen all -- the fights -- these guys what -- -- -- in the white to its -- in The Herald that the that that fans love it it's part of the action though that the drivers get out of the car. OK fine I see a twenty year old kid who has beat me by -- dint of his age. As limited experience. When he -- track getting out of a car. On -- speedway. And I don't understand I don't I don't you don't get it and wanna call in and say million dollars in NASCAR you know -- Brent. Don't edit lawyers as a witness from the meters sorry Michael -- up I've seen many times in NASCAR. Where travel confront the other one. Lot speed past that's -- -- appear to be is if we're told he could speed past ward the next thing I could see I didn't see ward anymore it just seem like use suddenly. Gone sort of sets that the the buzz buzz by Boston right to reject this is what you do. You know again I would ask you know maybe NASCAR people call and tell -- wire Texas tell us why it'll it will but why. Is it really necessary to get out of your car and does make a statement by waving your hand and thing I don't like you just ahead. And I -- up let me let me -- -- -- if if that's what they do in NASCAR that they do -- war was just -- angry and that's what he felt like you need to do. If he -- you when you watch the video but you've seen yes I mean he moves. East starts in the moves toward the middle. He moves over spiky just answer you -- port of the cars is it possible and I say this never tampering. That he didn't see him. Stewart their apps that as possible I don't think it's an epic that's happening a lot -- right black yeah. And distract look like to meet demo derby but I think these guys that Tony Stewart. Car comes you can see things on his -- -- operative patients oh boy. Does somebody go somebody you'd call it yesterday and again I'm banking everything -- -- -- caller who claims to understanding things. At the peripheral vision is is negligible. In the these helmets are you you can see straight have a chance to -- Like have you been one of these things. No the NASCAR experience sometime but like an intrepid columnist that you are one -- one girl good girl I wanna do the live to ninety experience does that sound a OK if I after I get that went out after I get that one out of the way after I get that like I could do it then you can drive around a track on one of these you know Richard Petty experiences that they still haven't Charlotte. And the cars -- -- They are so tight. If you clocked at -- and I want to do this why because it's something that I guess people enjoy April you know it's one of those -- loose items especially people who -- they love you wanna go around. -- if you guaranteed me that wouldn't get hurt which. Seems he's off I would definitely got a Jordan miles an hour professional driver with a view. I mean it's nice solid ones are so that this NASCAR experience which you -- the cars the normal 42 miles an article on fast. They were they don't -- Britain wanted. Now life I thought it hurt -- if it. I've heard trust me if they do it. There's a ball game in Charlotte the teams do that change tires in you know it's it's what you do and throw for they -- they bring it out he would change tires -- this is Tom Soria whitewash that never tell us our partners changing tires. You know you're you're Robert Duvall and days of thunder yeah Harry yeah -- feel the race. That's all I know -- I don't know all the stuff. Because that's an -- sports somebody help me a letter once calling me a loser because I knew the name. -- William McKinley secretary of state which captain and he -- an accurate let them letters accurate. So I'm a loser also for but I mention I might like I -- already Akron Akron David Edelstein mentioned that he. Brooke went go to the -- power right with Denzel Washington and -- Pacman and you said. -- Sidney Lumet directed that. What was in 1980 the -- of the great. Directors and American involving maybe the great under appreciated actor in film history as are the radar now. Network merry merry Leno and Stoller via twelve angry men and the best -- the movie. Ever made Herbert Hoover over that's it's it's already pretty damn it that we cardigan to host on the verdict sometime -- I love it about it okay. Widgets more because you can't -- break in the mailbox -- -- -- house and Arlington. And it's clear that it's heated Chelsea at -- Boston in the background. That's for you know most people at your watch in the movie in Cedar Rapids. Have a fever pitch. The Farrelly Brothers here -- the best Boston Bruins. He goes on here that the pretend this made the best you -- -- the bag man for the boys out how that's the best so awesome -- yet maybe -- so I said that I think it's Stewart did not saying no good -- I watch it. I should say to him on purpose but clearly. He had some intent to send a message and seemed like a lot of people. -- NASCAR agreed to do this to buzz it seems like we did at the car screwed up the bank and so I guess that's. Well he boarded -- poised to Stewart to were poised to now he kills somebody there were two questions I. I think more than any -- looking past the point whether -- did it up windows of the liver or not I find that hard to believe the -- of the guys that yankees classic. I don't -- you try to kill some -- he tried to send a message. Drive right by by by what I am yes I -- to -- and a master of my first question would be. And the NASCAR people argue and I'm sure you compel me rates hurt people can tell me this. Is -- not the equivalent of Rickie Fowler. Playing Web.Com. Or. Like if there was which he's apparently doing. Was that you file I don't know that that wiry and I mean -- -- a golf it's the equivalent of a minor but I just race it's below. It's this this is low as well today opera playing in the Atlantic league for Bridgeport while none though it's not because of the often played in the Atlantic league when his Major League career I don't it -- be like -- up in playing Little League wiley was playing with an agreement exotic and doing. The best job in baseball chasing pup light on the right -- follower -- Which is what everybody said it off because there was nothing else good thing about him on Nolan goes back of those balls like sloppy does is any other. A list popped top NASCAR guys do this I don't know I don't know I don't know either I don't think so it seems like he's -- usual. Now the other thing is with Stuart -- you -- is a long list of disguise disease that I can only imagine what sports talk radio is like in you know. Sharp must be on Jackson it must be on believe while I mean we're down there there was sees ease ease the -- part bad boys of NASCAR. It's a member of the day that it is that you before the show that dated to after Dale Earnhardt -- were sitting around the picnic table in Fort Myers, Florida. And I think was first year on the show on meter -- Matt -- ask -- expert right now Mike actually no but. But for some respect borders -- Charlotte has won yet for solace but for sure I can tell you the deal or -- was a god. And it was that day -- to dyed it Red Sox is all water. Ought to -- thing I will never forget about NASCAR. Is attracting rocking in North Carolina and went there about twenty years ago to a magazine piece. That they have -- trailer was set up what they sell. Stuff dedicated to people. Like lamps with that would did drive it weighs in on them and plaques and and all kinds of stuff. And people buy this stuff like you buy up bugs and pretzels. And it's it's grocers domain did people there's a lot of stopped a surreal -- Major League Baseball they would have rate Chapman lamps. But is that that's the only guys they were died at that in NASCAR. And I'm not marking and I'm just. Expressing amazement that that this is part of the service it's it's it's not similar it's not dissimilar in a way go to somebody buying if a piece of the wall piece in the park -- mean the sentiment. Our differences yet Anderson it's different but it's not it's not dissimilar. -- I've mocked NASCAR a lot of these coming up -- I feel bad for this kid but I also -- -- form -- just because I've never -- it just never know. It's quick opening it up around here you party future arms that is in Iraq well -- it's really -- yeah it it's less hard because of Loudon. And I guess that's right as it now it's in our backyard used to be had to go it is Oxford to fifties at this current up in Oxford Maine -- -- talks with speedway is that that used to be there right think the closest place. And -- to go to Oxford years ago. Loudon is is it essentially you know enable it is it not yet on dollars in part of I get a body opening of -- muscles covers it all the time. Party -- about 50000 people there and it's -- great event -- NASCAR popularity around the country is dropping. Ratings win the same guy Bob Baer did that Bob there is a ticket sold it but there's I think he's got it. He started but yet -- that's a good point I guess there are. -- text Ryan Newman doesn't offering that drive these modified circuits and rise one of the better drivers right. It's one of these things these guys they lived to drive right holing out. It's the oldest -- drive on a Saturday night at a county fair they -- and funny cars. Are they want they just wanna do and Stewart is that type of guy he just loves to drive. A question of you know Weathers in the face legal consequences that it is gas -- once -- imagined possible. He proved it's Stewart the -- -- I don't know I don't I don't know because as an occupational hazard. Because the lawyers are. If the bank -- that does that not in the discussion -- I don't know because if it's -- -- on the car rate and you still hit the purpose of hitting purpose. Except that any race. -- if I'm Stewart's lawyer in this does get to court -- won't. But if it does on -- would turn I'm up there saying. This is an act of racetrack and this guy get out of his car -- -- guessing there were rules against that even though it's part of the culture and happens and -- love it I'm sure guessing that in the rule book is like an ID cards that one of the track yeah I think you know the Texas it's probably add that that's probably the better way to put the consensus I think it. Stewart was probably trying to scare I think that's that is. You if you look at that seems to be the case seems to be some who were. It's on the car and that's what happened is dead British came close to write an unbelievably. The other thing is unbelievable there what's that this massive backlash to which -- can't -- they -- anticipate. What's racist. Lucky several had a change of heart on balance you know witnesses. It's unbelievable backlash against him he was business as usual I was Stewart. He's they were ready ago -- he was actually. Not sure what that dot. If this if you got the car yesterday after guy on the hours -- fourteen. Hours earlier capsule is a NASCAR race that is. Amazing to me and my guess is if you asked a hundred NASCAR guys nine I would say yeah accuse him. It's it's it just seems to be and the sting of this is what they view this but they do this is what they -- It's almost like jumping into world from trying to -- trying to figure this out. They happily -- ever the mystified by its own future. Well this is not a good track for Tony started to read this now July 2013. Oh yes -- gathered via AP's story in the globe today. The crash site is the same track restore was involved in an accident that seriously injured in nineteen year old driver. You that it took responsibility for his car making contact another triggering a fifteen car accident. The left Alicia arrivals. With a compression fracture in her back yeah. Everybody has hobbies he said last month adding that there are a lot of things like to be doing that are a lot more dangerous and a lot bigger waste of time with my time. Off to doing so I -- that. I want to repeat that -- -- example. Is a little off guilty goes through it would be like a Major League Baseball player. Playing in one of those -- leagues while playing Major League Baseball -- -- the Sox have a day off. The jury dries up the natural -- of the old national pride. All the brought in -- and rich Garcia spoiler or they'll. Everyone played of everyone played panache or one point it -- crazy DeLia -- story throughout his career Stewart industries on track altercations. -- spilled onto pit road or the interviews. He putts the photographer 2002 during the 50000 -- Stewart called a driver reporters even fans sometimes temper boiled over. -- occasionally he's had to be restrained by members of his crew. I don't I tell you I don't know what's wrong or bad boy Terrell said. When these vacations so that's that's I think that's a part of that that makes the stories -- go to -- and smoke yet the makes it's sort of a national mid career on this. Straight six -- 7779. 7937. We have about Tom Brady -- -- patriots Monday. Pretty -- does he bring us anything about NASCAR. Now but he knows everything about -- insured so join us at seven I've rescheduled B 750 which was that it. Many quarterbacks as he worked with since 2000 quarterbacks yeah. You know audiences not mask in the Bombeck a joint freeze -- those guys Damon Huard -- -- -- -- of Michael bishop bishop was bishop there. And so our job is still caught for Michael Bush and I think the breeze was the the first. 2000 it was a Bledsoe freeze bishop prayer for quarterback and that's why they kept Brady -- the fourth quarterbacks abuse that you as the guy that with the baseball cap and carried the clipboard. How many would you -- -- -- guess -- he's been actually on a roster. -- 22. Chronicled the been hospitalized -- I was given a fifteen via six or 77797937. Pitcher or a Tony Stewart calls well we again -- -- and yes. And we get back open book -- -- -- up take your calls and permanent to a bona. They've won the best meter and he watched -- one of the best major chip should have ever seen -- one of the best sports scene this year in years that more we get back.

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