WEEI>On Demand>>Dan Butler with Joe& Rob Bradford after his major league debut

Dan Butler with Joe& Rob Bradford after his major league debut

Aug 10, 2014|

Joe and Rob talked to the Sox rookie catcher after his first major league game, as he caught a great performance from Rubby De La Rosa in the Sox win.

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Okay thank you might do that -- -- don't need you to catch you one of the better pitching performance of the season. And I mean really came out there and did it is a great job is pretty impressive start going through the ball. But there was it was being a major leaguer play -- -- Major League -- what you thought it would -- -- does -- feel like another game. It's definitely not another game but. Is everything you can ask Furyk. Do you can even imagine what it would feel like your game. You know people. There's just there's just a great job. And who would you have here watching -- -- for family. Mom dad the man's. High school coaches. You know we got to kind of held me out. Grown up coming in this -- learn. Learn the mechanics of everything you hear -- -- it's. Grandparents live up. Tactics or your mom they showed on television that I don't think it's been a bigger reaction to walk. From a fan then that your mom had so I was afraid of the grape seed but then I wanna talk about the throw down the sakic. Were you distracted because for us. That looked like -- clears right we distracted -- was destroyed it. Those good pitch. You know I mean there's no excuse -- all of -- -- -- Is I was strike any kind of a little bit off guard and then I had a better job -- and bring the program and I think his record. But then it. He swung at the first pitch he saw the big leagues there were you thinking at try to do some big time damage there and hit it out. I was is looking out over the plate and -- bad -- effort particular. First of good. -- I just those looking out over the plate and I thought I was in the right area and popped it up. You know we talked about your path and and and how far you've come to get to this point. You would take a moment just to reflect on on where you came from what you've gone through -- and everything that you've gone to get to this point. I did a little bit when I found those coming up the first time you know since then -- really expect him and everybody else wonder about. Reflect on -- for me. When did you feel that might happen there what did you think it that you had. Establish yourself well enough to put yourself in this position because you Rashard is a guy I was never even drafted. You know I'd I'd probably when they took -- vineyard. They have gone out. But I think that could happen. Well congratulations you made it here in about working with Koji today that I mean. I got impressive. 88 by people in splitter wherever the heck you want it's it's just impressive what he can do out there there day in day out. I'll go get -- -- your family before we take profit thanks so much for joining us congratulations on that you're great job you Major League debut Richard Becker and Stan.

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