WEEI>On Demand>>Chris Villani offers his thoughts on the awful Tony Stewart/Kevin Ward Jr tragedy from Saturday night 8-10-14

Chris Villani offers his thoughts on the awful Tony Stewart/Kevin Ward Jr tragedy from Saturday night 8-10-14

Aug 10, 2014|

Chris Villani discusses the horrible incident that occurred Saturday night that led to the death of Kevin Ward Jr after he was struck by Tony Stewart's vehicle.

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It's more sturdier WEEI. Sunday afternoon a sports Sunday Chris -- hanging out with you up until Red Sox baseball this afternoon. Which I'm sure will be a very well rested Mike and Nancy. Too much got a young kid because I asked Loper a little while ago we're chatting before the shows and that marks up now. 1245. He's got a kid so he is probably a map pointed that out probably up like six. After getting out here post game show probably wrapped up around four. I'm gonna -- lot of what I feel to be it's a limb and say there was no Red Sox review on it there's a 45 emirates on interviews they made and it would not taking your calls this morning. Not so much it was a weekday may be just and the air for a couple hours bullet WFAN go to point 47 right up this gal and good on that. By I statement Nancy might be running -- and five our energy years -- afternoon maybe some copy. They get to Red Sox baseball in the Red Sox in nineteen inning loss will get to it wanna talk a little patriots as well and a lot of people fired up. Heading into what could be an eventful week for a couple of reasons one on field one kind of off field and I'll get that a little bit later -- Got to start with what is then just some shocking and and obviously tragic news out of NASCAR which -- beyond. Is that sport that doesn't get a lot of attention around here. Or doing the show in the Carolinas and some other place around the country it would be a lot different. When the events come up allowed -- great attendance I know northern to willingly and people were really into it there in the short track racing is Wheldon. Dirt tracks the you know dimly lit Saturday night. Guzzling beer sit up on a hill watch it people love -- -- Vermont for two years is 34 tracks up error an upstate New York they absolutely love it. But last night Tony Stewart striking and killing each one year old race car driver named Kevin were junior. Who had gotten into a years according to the eyewitness reports. They'd been racing hard. Got into a bit of a confrontation with them a couple laps prior lap prior -- both on the lead lap trying to jockey for position and Stuart apparently kind of random and in spun out happens all the time. Every level of a race ranked. I'm not a god it's overly well versed in the sport I've seen it it's not high on my my list of sports and I enjoy. -- around here that's typically the case. But you know the bad stuff happens all the time. Another thing that happens a lot -- shouldn't. Kevin -- getting out of his car to confront. The guy that's on him out after their racers are under the caution and everybody slowing down. Happens probably shouldn't. If NASCAR is looking to are racing in general and as was -- NASCAR event but if racing's gonna learn anything from this and you would hope that they would. One of the lessons may be that that's something that. Regardless of of where you -- assign blame -- you feel about it. To state your car. Nothing until they they've stopped everybody there under the -- and get the emergency vehicles out there just stay in your car. And Kevin -- chose not to do that it happens. In AC guys I've seen April helmet at the car that look a lot they do everything crowd loves it's essentially is sanctioned version of road rage. And he got out there and Tony Stewart clipped him. You when you've probably seen the video he Lou looked like about fifty feet went under the car briefly came out. -- you have watched the video it's not an easy watch especially you know a young man loses life. And all I can say is. Thank god. Tony Stewart decided to make the only sane decision. By not racing to. Now I wanna be clear I'm not condemning again. I'm not saying he necessarily. I can't believe. I would to the video budget times I'm not one. That is qualified enough. The look at a video. And determined okayed the open up with Ronald duty Friday and it was -- -- I can't judge that element of intent. There's an investigation going on they said they're not treating it as a criminal investigation. It was called an accident but it was called an accident by Stewart's. PR team by statement that was released. But it's it's. One thing to say that it would is a you know tragedy it was terrible he shouldn't -- that it's another thing to. Take it to the degree that some are calling Tony Stewart murderer and one. Race or albeit a friend. The -- Kevin ward has gone so -- say Tony Stewart should be imprisoned. For the rest of his life and I'll get to those quotes in just a moment but. This investigation is ongoing it's not a and they closed the book on and 101214. Out so I'm not condemning. I can't imagine. And is different things he's innocent. Visage is -- may be wanting to believe this -- not easily I can't imagine. That a guy who is as an accomplished career. As Tony Stewart. I guided his band. Beyond basic if you're not a NASCAR guys -- one of the few games you know. Multiple times Sprint Cup champion etc. I can't imagine you would restore not all the way to hit somebody to try to make a point. I can't imagine. It maybe he wanted said. -- teach the young dialects and maybe get a little bit close -- the tower bit and just in just kind of scare. It's admittedly speculation. Like I said I'm not qualified to look at that video and really be able to discern a lot although it seems like many people are. But that's my were read out I can't imagine that he would Friday hit him try to do it intentionally I can't imagine that he wants caramel will be it. And it went horribly awry and tragically awry and authorities and investigators are going to sorted out by. The idea that was thankful least watched a couple of hours ago. That he was born a race today and in the Watkins Glen Sprint Cup event hours after. -- kill this guy and the track -- in saint. And some replies I sought to this and there's a lot of people that are very passionate about this a lot of opinions about this I understand. And as many sides to I really did think some replies or will be it's. Talking about how Hank. Is -- points race. You know you gotta just on the outside the playoff chase looking -- He's got to worry about making the playoffs he's got sponsors he's got teammates etc. satcher. What about in just -- get back into the car for his own sense of normalcy and everything else on man died. All right if we can't. What sports aside if we can't push that the back burner I understand there's money I understand that there is a lot at stake -- something like. At last what -- six races whatever it is until the playoffs come around I get that and he's just on the outside the points race looking in. And I'm not assigning blame to him in the sense like Tyler grades did the friend of I Kevin ward who said Tony -- to be imprisoned for the rest of his life I can't go that far. What I can tell you is the correct decision was made this morning that he shouldn't race and it's a little bit sad. That some seem to have this incredibly warped. Sense of priority. To think that well hey you know shows got to go on up to including. The member Tony Stewart camp who gave one of the most ill advised. Ludicrous quotes -- ever going to hear this morning when he said business as usual. And that's a guy like just give him that it is not part of his PR team is the head of the competition crew. Can't imagine that he has much of a background in public relations or anything like that because. That's the got a quote you've given in this kind of circumstance gets you fired it's ridiculous. This say that this is business as usual hours after a guy just killed in the track. So maybe you can go through this video maybe you can try to discern you know people would have done. A better arrive where. In trying to figure out intent to try to judge where the ball wise whether it's with you know entirely with Tony Stewart is a tragic accident is that the resultant. Dim lighting on the track and it did look that way it did look like it wasn't at all a very well attract. The bottom line is. One year old man lost his life last. And to suggest that it would be appropriate to prioritize. Eight points race. Or. A sponsor. Plastered across a car for NASCAR event over that over respect over just basic human decency. For the family. Is ridiculous it was loss acted to see that this. So whatever -- come down on as far as the events and the intent of Tony Stewart you can speculate I can speculate. Yet today he's the only guy that really knows exactly what was going through his mind when that happened but. Thankfully he made the right decision today unfortunately came after that abysmal quote. This -- business as usual it just didn't -- Tony Stewart or NASCAR a good light because. NASCAR's seeding you even heard from the spokesman and at a press conference earlier this afternoon. They seem to be as. Eager is possible to stay hands -- in his situation. Up Tuesday in the decision was Tony's it was entirely resting with him it seemed like they weren't going to do anything. And it's not about points it's not about a -- a -- racers sport it's about basic human decency in about doing what's right. And thankfully they did that unfortunately. -- doesn't do anything. To diminish how tragic -- and I'm curious and we get your thoughts at 61777979837. What the ramifications could be for Tony Stewart his career long term. In Europe which -- talking about it think things can be. It could be yet for him or at the very least. It's going to be in the first paragraph. He is. Racing story of of his eye when you think about him as a champion of the guys being competitive is a guy who witnesses part of the story as well. Among racing band has a reputation. As being held -- the bad Boyer or I guy that is not afraid to ruffle feathers. That's part of the story as well but right up the top is going to be this incident is going to be there he killed an amusing that in. The literal sense the action resulted in a death not accusatory cents. Killed Kevin ward last night and track and thankfully not recent. There are things are more important than appointees. And if he does come back you know weaker whatever it is. He'll have opportunities it is I understand at least he wins a race to get back in the top of the points -- -- senators so a terrible story a tragic story. And I have to believe there's going to be a lot more fallout to come from this -- as we learned in the last. Twenty not in 24 hours since this happened last night to Tony Stewart will not raise today. And you know as far as what happens beyond that will seem. As far as the fallout beyond that will see but thankfully he made the right decision eventually. To come to the conclusion that it just inherently feels wrong to be out there racing competing. Thinking about. Getting into the playoffs the Sprint Cup post season. Rather than trying to do what's right respectful by the family of twenty year old guy -- there was killed last minute track. 61777979. -- let's get some of these phone calls will start with Ryan in Rhode Island wants to talk about the story Iran. Hey I'm going to be the first one -- echoed that thought that Tony Stewart ought to be in jail the rest of his life -- very at least forty years are involved in her immensely -- I don't think you're the first -- If you kill a lot of America got to -- to use our. I mean it's just it's. You know that that start -- somewhat and we have. Statute on the books were putting them away even -- that -- and you caught -- until like you are going to. Well and there's a lot of people don't -- the first wanna say that our -- some of the quotes here from -- grades and does the putting context Tyler is a friend. According to the -- the stories of Kevin ward said Tony pinched him into the front stretch -- into the while racing thing. The rear tire went down he spotted the exited turn two. Throughout the caution everything was toned down Kevin get out of his car throwing his arms up all over the place and then he gets to the money part here. I know Tony could see him. I know why you can see out of those car when Tony got close to me at the throttle when you're that brought all of a sprint car to car sits sideways it's set sideways the rear tire hit Kevin. You've sucked underneath and run some fifty yards and he went on to say Tony Stewart need to be put in prison for lights Tyler graves is a guy that's a racer Ryan absolutely agrees with the. And I hated it turns out that he did you think I -- nobody was about to hit him and kill him that he should -- what the rest of light but even if it turns -- couple they didn't see him you know. No call whatsoever don't go away reporting units are voluntary manslaughter. I feel like the element of intent though comes -- would not come in as well on the road. You know it if you were to do that if it was purely an accident it was something it was deemed accidental I feel like that I understand what you're saying and I agree with that the premise that. We -- in the sports arena. Athletes are giving latitude that doesn't always exist one case in point is a dramatically different example. You punch somebody in hockey you get five minutes you punch somebody in the street you get sued him maybe go to jail so I understand that point. But I feel like there is an element of intent that would come and play even if this were something a tragedy that occurred on highway ranked. Right but even it was a tragedy that occurred on highway I would still say no matter what happened ought to like somebody you go to jail. You know the difference whether it's like you're forty years light I don't know -- somebody ought to go away. There's a lot of people who will feel that way they'll say young man's dead and he shouldn't be. And he'll be looking for somebody to blame in this case and for many it's gonna be Tony Stewart for some they're gonna say and and I said this -- a part of it. A lot of angles that it. Just don't -- car. I know what happens I know what happens in NASCAR all the time it happens in racing all the time. Out of the car. Nothing good can come of that. Nothing here at -- helmet you're gonna flip a -- gonna scream Adam maybe you'll feel better for a second you ticked off because you're there ridiculously expensive car. It just got wrecked -- and this is -- a NASCAR event these are guys aside from Tony Stewart may be some of the others it did don't have that huge bank rolled sponsors and you you get hit you get spun out it was a car it's going to be enough to -- optional and just stay in the car for your right if anything comes of this. You would think that would be one of the elements that separating Tony Stewart the intent and whether he should have been out there racing today which he shouldn't. But it's. Just another eight you're gonna try to learn if you're trying to move forward from this something that I think could come of it for. The perspective of guys that might find themselves in the position cabin which not -- Kevin ward was asking to get hit asking you kill I don't necessarily believe that because it does happen a lot. And it doesn't typically end in this tragic fashion. I just don't see what good can come out of getting out party yelling guy and scream Adam -- mop which you know each -- do that when your -- dot car. Do that when there's not a chance you're -- that this could happen even if it is an accident take yourself out of that position where he could. Potentially result in this kind of tragedy. Reagan Blackstone is next to Craig. -- -- -- -- He did that got some of the sting out that talk about that Ricky craven in the morning on ESPN. -- he talked about the fact that there is no rule in any of these sport where it you. -- sustain your car and they'll beat you people arrive. -- -- most of the time what happens is with NASCAR does so many people around that they get their quickly and -- stuff but with these smaller tracks in the revenues that there -- involved they don't have. Safety crews to get it back up to break up this kind of stuff. Yeah he thinks he would stand that he picked within the next 234 days but these guys were all re enact a rule that you you keep your and in the car. And and until the emergency people arrive and take haven't done that you know whether they keep cosmic drive. Right there elected they'll be plenty of opportunity to express your anger I just feel like that's one that puts you in apparel as position it's a person and an automobile. The automobiles gonna win. In a tense times out attend an and that doesn't take the responsibility. Potentially away for Tony Stewart it's just understanding OK if you're gonna try to glean something learn something from the tragedy maybe that's part of. Yeah and the other part craven said he did the -- in those places is horrible. You're racing on dirt so you're wearing a dark suit you're not visible. And that it -- he's made a heck of a lot of sense for probably 101215 minutes. Where are sports there's there's not so. Yet thank thanks the ball cut Craig 6177797937. Definitely a lot of people don't want to weigh in on this we'll get to all your thoughts Mike Ryan keep you guys are next open liner to -- 617779. 7937. Chris lining with Europe until Red Sox baseball Sports Radio WB yeah. Sports hernia WEEI -- on hanging out at you until our Red Sox baseball afternoon game at the Sox and angels. But a lot of people of course want to talk about what happened last night with Tony Stewart and Kevin ward junior. Stewart hitting -- Was killed a twenty year old race car driver Tony Stewart -- three time. Sprint Cup Series champion opted not to race today in the Sprint Cup event which was just such an obvious right move all my god. And and you know for people who come back to the argument while he can't race like Canty like Canty. It's to me a lazy argument to do -- say what he can deal. It become a little bit more complicated when you can't talk about okay what's right what should he do you. Because you can go back to the -- a free country thing and he hasn't been charged with anything -- Investigators say they're not treating as a criminal investigation what what's right. What's respectful for the family what seems to place the proper priority. Between. In actual life and death situation and a sport. That becomes to me a different question than just the simple well hey. Now what's what's to stop -- was in charge she was tragic it was an accident sector sector and of course not everybody believes either it was entirely accidental double these text messages. Textron not a NASCAR -- never like Tony Stewart seen unsportsmanlike conduct. Opt for years from him. No other Abacha techsters are saying basically the same thing which is. Stay in the car stay in the car stayed in the car and I agree with that a 100%. 100%. Stay at a -- don't put yourself in that situation. I Texas Rhode Island agree and your but the tower comic Chris I just in his goes back to. You know we're we're trying to get inside Tony Stewart's mind which you can't do when I can't do. It's just what I believe. What I want to believe I can't imagine that he would be so reckless the salmon hit this guy I can't imagine. That it could be a brush back so to speak that he was gonna get a close. And just -- knowledge I see a kid and I'm at a chilly up -- here. And is bar is you know if you if you come too close to you put yourself an opposition that's on Steward as well being reckless if that's the case. Like I else get ignored the fact that metal detectors went out. That word was ticked off and in the middle of the track and it's just not a spot where he should be at the spot where you open yourself up beautiful wasn't Stewart. It what it was another driver and it was truly an accident there wasn't this. This beef that occurred between the two -- lap before you would still be looked at as a eight tragedy and a situation where a guy is in the putting himself. In a vulnerable position to make a point where I see no real benefit. So I'd be stunned if auto racing NASCAR does and address this and apparently are saying on sports and it may be in the coming days why not. Because it seems too obvious not too. Until the emergency personnel is there until help is there unless there's some reason you have to get out carts on fire something like that which we say. You know there's a reason you absolutely your own safety have to get out of the car. Get out get to the -- get someplace safe other -- stay in the car don't put yourself in a position where. Even if there is it malice a terrible accident could occur keep in Bedford is up next they keep. On the grants. And I'm blown away by the ignorance of a lot of people about NASCAR race. I don't think a lot of people around here follow it religiously easily without periods but. Eight picture of Indians were for not have been stories -- -- yeah. I'd like say this I I did twelve would have bet there's tracked its over the border kinetic. And you know I think it is. In Marseille he rates down there and boy NASCAR's race everyone go to NASCAR race or. Our went double arms and -- in the in the race out at the last one. A dark dark. Is -- lost control he crashed into a barricade. Everything was how -- about an hour in the pop artist in the ambulance and then applied that game. And that -- weigh in and debris started the race. I think what a lot of people don't realize is one of the things that it rates it takes audience. Is and I'd departing yeah. At -- at. Pretty you know that's the when you do want to welcome our mile an hour actually your interest that. And I think that that's what Stewart -- when he said it's business as usual it's sort of -- this lead the core. Statement that. We we add this -- cost parts for. Rat wallet Stuart didn't say that it was his competition chief so adjusted be clear is competition chief said it by. Regardless. Of whether you may feel that way. You gotta understand how that kind of a comment is going to come across and how Alice that's going to sound hours after a guy was just it was just killed. Yeah did this isn't business as usual this doesn't happen typically. You know this is outside the norm I understand he's danger -- know it's not the first time. It's somebody is being killed on a track these circumstances are different in many the others. It did to save flat out that it's business as usual now now it's really not and people who follow the sport people who cover the sport of said the same thing it's not. Well put it in because -- he ordered out that. Indicated jump out of his car that's so it really arrogant thing to do. Yeah now. And that yell that's what you said that's part of what the that's part again not -- -- unique. Two with the sport not something it's unique to NASCAR or order a lot of racing I just don't think it's something that should ever happen. You techsters are not versed in the story want to recap what happened. There is a race last night Saturday and I raced dirt track and Tony Stewart and Kevin ward junior were jockeying for position. Stuart apparently -- toward a spot out eventually. You know their race is put under caution -- immediately right after that. Word came out of his car. Wanted to confront Stewart cars were kind of slowing down and eventually stopping as the race is going under caution and Stewart got way too close. And ward was right there you know you he was up there as well -- them. He was pulled under the carpet and then thrown what looked like a good fifty feet at least. Ultimately do his dad he was he died -- forty years old Tony Stewart initially said he has won a race today is competition cheap made the business as usual comment earlier this morning. Decided a couple of hours ago meager 11 o'clock or so but he was not won a race -- Gillick Pat's day absolute right and obvious decision. -- detectors this one here I about late Yardeni keeps a -- car honestly it's okay that he was hit. Because somebody should stay in the car I'm not saying. And have been very very clear. I'm not at all saying that. I'm saying understand if -- -- not to put yourself in a perilous position that doesn't mean. That it's the same thing if you were you think about it from a road perspective just out on the streets. You'll wanna be in the middle of the street you don't wanna be crossing against trap door to put yourself in a perilous position it does give somebody carte Blanche to run you down. And that's where the element of the the intent comes in for Tony Stewart that I can't fully judge that you can't fully judge he's the only guy that knows. When I keep coming back to -- I can't imagine that he wanted. That result I can't even imagine that. And I can however imagine that he wanted to get close enough to intimidate. And that's where you look at where he could have handled the situation better where he could've done something different. Was there an element of intent was it truly an unavoidable accident on the part of Tony Stewart and regardless. I still say it was the absolute right decision Fort Stewart not to race to. Ryan -- in Coventry Rhode Island up next on WE. -- A secret -- -- well every locked up first and long time. Couple things I want a point on I mean a I derive you know NASCAR late model division in England so. This kind of spell that happened at local tracks where. Caught you know guys our cars are headed in. Whatever you set -- more up front or whatever it was an incident at a speedway in some ten years ago when this happened I got dragged. Went to a legal battle and it was and they follow NASCAR rules which is the same rule book that is what you see in the task in hand it was ruled that. Your car under green flag cannot be used as a way. Under caution flag your car can be used as a weapon and conduct charge now. About the legal perspective from a legal respect of everyone saying poor elderly do this. He would -- and -- good job just because of the fact that his lawyer gonna use the fact that kid blatantly out track okay. In the flip side of that you know I watched it a couple of YouTube video in the first watch what kind of action and yet and my demand to actually you might not there. The second video. Clearly he could hear. Better the sound of the -- where the you know somebody used that quote the last guy on here about -- that our you know. He got close enough one yet kicked dirt out of whatever case may be only you know -- Ronald -- by. You know -- incumbent on the track and I think it was 100%. In America you know -- it. So speak he knew he was there. Got a little too close rebel but again from a legal perspective. It'll never happen now charged because obviously. Nation and they actually had been down that far. You're saying you're saying it is possible. Aren't aren't a lot it's -- it's entirely unlikely but it would be possible. Possible but it'll though it'll never get that far because I mean that the kids we and we countered that he would their statement and a parent up because. They -- just call action and not wanna pursue it you of the big catch here we've got to live with it. I wouldn't it only you know only you know you'll never -- statement from him about it but only he knows. What his intent to -- 100 but he's not -- run it will obviously. -- -- -- Sure but only in the and could -- not exactly sure he -- -- in the bottom of the track. People that are gonna say he didn't know he was their fault I mean of course we was there and we had spotters we have. We have people talked about -- it -- on on the track. The spotter would have told them it didn't have a spotter and race something didn't. You're coming on the quarter at forty mile and -- -- 120 he knows that they can become on the track. And then I seen something a little while ago press statement from somebody on his. Teen crew that he was speeding up because rescue truck was common in trying to get out of the way I mean bad as. I hear -- say something like that. Yeah I think it would just be a joke but are of course -- -- be statement come out people around you know Brett. It's rhetoric I'm in an adult capital local track people got hit -- grant or whatever BJ at opposite it's because Stewart by. You know prayers to the kids from -- friend because. I mean. As a driver perspective that somebody's doormat of course you get mad at somebody -- -- -- -- -- -- Alberto whatever cases. Are you a political act global professional essentials. Costar and lol don't have to Gaston to decide right. -- -- -- -- in my mind do whatever he can't to avoid is they said William Campbell argued to every can avoid being in a dangerous position if you Tony Stewart -- with her -- and to avoid. That kind of a tragic result even bringing that into the equation. And let's face it the reason why intent is being called and it's two things it's one Tony Stewart's reputation prior to the fact that the two were. Angry to each other. Right if if ward was in the track it was a different race or somebody had never heard of somebody that was not involved was not racing hard with. Kevin ward prior to -- -- be much more apt to call this an accident. Then with Stewart where you could see them being angry to each other tempers flaring on both sides and the results back consequence being tragic. That's why this -- is why this becoming wore a danger as well it was just an accident while is just something that. I'm -- could've possibly been avoided Stewart's reputation it is -- it's how well he's known yet it's the fact that. They were mad at each other there was malice between the two. They develop on the prior lap word obviously mad at Stewart and maybe Stewart want to make a point and they're the result was. A twenty year old man losing his life 61777979837. With a for another hours so crystal want your Sports Radio WEE. 6177797937. Crystal -- -- with you Sports Radio WEEI. Text like 379837. He'd chime in on Twitter Chris Maloney 44. -- lot of people are. One here Saro add global girl 93. To watch the video we didn't turn into and it's a tragic accident terrible stuff happens -- races. Nurse Beckett. On Twitter Stewart quote has delivered a question mark really appear to be ready raised today until pressure from the media forced him to sit out he does have to live with -- look what I just another thing I can't imagine we're kind of things I can and can't imagine. I can't imagine the Tony Stewart even if this is just a complete 100% accident. Is so callous that this doesn't affect him in some way or get me wrong he's not the victim here cabinet war days but. There's still an element of having to live with that there is no question it's naive to suggest otherwise -- you text messages here. One says that auto racing these giant appear. Actually Connecticut etc. maybe that's me livid inside the 128 bubble -- feel like in Boston it's not really the biggest thing. I TV ratings to be better and I think it's never been high on my list we don't talk about it on on Sports Radio is probably now. I text you're -- 78500. Of these texted in no less than a hundred times this. I get it he's one of the crowd that thinks Tony Stewart should go to prison I'm not ready to get there. I just -- you can go there that's why I'm already to get there yet investigations still going and I can't discern. Based on that video and my eight. Limited knowledge when it comes to race car driving when it comes to. I've got to rely more on the eyewitnesses more with said more what the investigation if you wanna get to that point lock them up or away the key that's fine I'm not going there so I see all your text. And I get your general point. I -- the Texas Tony Stewart will be charged. Another one here said no sympathy worked kept walking towards his car totally deserves it's ridiculous that's ridiculous. Like I agree that you should stay in the car. And I like I said a few times that the if you trying to learn anything from this view Friday it just make it less likely. That this will ever happen again one of the easier fixes would be a rule that says unless you're in some kind apparel by staying in the car. They didn't they are by and as staying in the car -- yet don't get out of state they're. Until the emergency crews come cars on hire someone like that -- -- that's different story but -- just get out yelling guy. All you're doing is potentially putting yourself in -- That's all -- by that say he deserves it I guess not now that's ridiculous. There are a lot of pedestrians you see all the time whether be on the roads and in this case in my. We might get out of their cars who might make a poor decision who might let emotion get the best -- does not mean they deserve to -- Even New Hampshire is next they -- -- -- -- doing that -- very polarizing subject and thank you for taking my call. I'm not a big NASCAR and he either but some of the facts we do know. I'm Tony Stewart was probably the most experienced guy on that track you'd also the first one note that there was caution flag coming out. And why he was a little bit high and going fast. Is I think it was he didn't intend to kill you know I always bet that he intended to hear -- -- -- election. Killed Kevin -- And you can have a little -- sources like predicting he should. You're going to be charter business and we are gonna take this lying down and the people that are saying. -- -- should they -- got out of this car or saying the girl Carly shouldn't it weren't such a low cut dress. Well I'm not quite an apples to apples comparison I mean I and I I hesitate to go down the blame the victim route I just think that. That's Elie in one sense you're putting yourself in a perilous dangerous position I don't know the analogy you bring up. I goes to that same that same degree. I I kind of see your try to go and that's not the example I would use. You know IA it's just that when I come back to just don't put yourself and that's Bob but it doesn't excuse Tony Stewart if there was -- -- -- -- different. In a group everybody keeps coming back to well he shouldn't are actually go to the car and Stewart. It's what is the most experience I bet I knew there was caution coming up why would the ability and while -- was the not going well which he should. And I think these are questions that investigators are going to be trying to figure out in the coming days -- Manchester is next -- Bob. -- -- I don't. You know like that that. But back in the future that you just came out of character got the audio much higher and you can eat that you rev the engine. -- people and by the -- -- look under the capital rev happy engine to create a Christian which. Carpet premiere reluctant there is a strong advocate. They don't want to look -- finished you know maybe the -- -- -- abroad that. You've been absolutely he did you -- on the gas revenue up. And he tried to implement additional to what he did I'd appreciate laps do our. Digital track it the technique and let her. It definitely -- Don't. Eat even not troubled -- a little bit. Yes and that's gonna take guys and thanks for the call Bob who have a lot word you know a lot more knowledge a lot more ability to analyze that figure and exactly what they're watching that frankly I have. This is another eyewitness accounts -- Tyler greats comments graves. A friend of Kevin ward so put that the proper context. We said Tony Stewart need to be put in prison for life. -- there's another race car driver their rich wills or Willis pardon me. Was that the tracks that he didn't see exactly what happened his sister down at turn one did so again this is an eyewitness account but there's some hearsay. In vaults of taking it in that proper context. Is description. Was similar to that in graves in the video. The tragedy should Stewart's targeting -- people who could see it better this is rich Willis. Said the guy got out of his car was gesturing angrily Tony Stewart when Tony Stewart came by during the next lap under yellow this in a phone interview. I believe. Where I one of the Sports Radio network I'm not sure which one. I he approached him and evidently. When he was driving by. The guy standing on the track gesturing at him he gunned his engine so there are some eyewitness accounts that say he might have been much more aggressive that he should have been. When he was coming through under the yellow and maybe had that intent to scare that's what I keep coming back to. I can't imagine he was trying to kill him I can't imagine or try to hit him try to hurt him in anyway I can't imagine he was trying to make a point. Billy Connecticut is up next on Sports Radio at 6177797937. Hey bill. Hey I have -- event takes artists besides. Where people have been talking about Tony Stewart never should have been in that race. Listen Rory knuckle right he wants to PGA. Is not entered the credits in part three current test because he loves to eat. It's been neat and it's one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR history. He -- against Jimmie Johnson Jeff Gordon every week in and some track in upstate New York why it's lesser competition. It is -- he shouldn't even here. -- -- People or big racing fans will tell you this is one of the things that he gears Tony Stewart to the fans the fact that he does this that. Guerrilla competition in just and give to the fans at a smaller -- a thrill of -- one of the great drivers I can't tell the exact. They live that open up to the post -- as he supported Ortiz was old enough to be kept watch soccer he keeps raking against departure kids. You know it's it's it's. It's not right it's not fair. There when you think about it you have somebody who -- Ernie perhaps -- than usual level. You know and he's racing against you know the local community aggressors. Epic about -- for a second. I hear to same bill Alec come back to saying it's unusual in a sport sense is like he made a golf analogy there about Rory playing and apart three or something Dave. It's unusual at a sports sense it's not. Entirely unusual it's certainly not unique from what I understand in a racing cents and that's one of the things that Tony Stewart does that. In years into fans the fact I don't know put himself out there and be racing and be out -- A smaller venue where you typically made I get to see a racer of his caliber. I don't know the fact that he's there. To -- plays into all that much. If he can compete he give the fans at the rail he can get may be out a warm up a tuneup of sorts a little sense the competition. Get the juices flowing a little bit the night before he wants to go to -- short track racer go to some other event. And I think rock band perspective you'd appreciate that seeing get a chance to see. A great racer. At one of those smaller venues -- are certainly a problem with that I don't really draw the line between I get what the -- saying that. -- necessarily draw the line between that and what happened on the track last night. -- can be there and still conduct himself in a way that it's professionally compete race in a win every loser or whatever. And then move on and do sprint car event the next Sprint Cup event the next day. You'll take one more for you to break here Jerry in Oxford he Jerry. But. Where I want I. Expected that the market like it that way I don't -- bad for the work gently that they outlaw sun. -- Here we are calling and the thing that. It -- all that. I completely. Agree with you issued a and the RE. -- in a perilous position. Where he kept walking towards what -- -- Stewart wanted to -- and not saying your card that's when that happened. Everybody is so repeat. Nobody has accountability. It's ridiculous everybody's objective. He's not a victim he will not change eaten into the hole. Quiet but I mean really he walked into -- only. It's ridiculous. I get that -- that's one of the things I would immediate things I would change that seems like one of the easy fixes. Or racing for NASCAR for whatever governing body to completely. Maybe not eliminate -- make it is. Unlikely is possible that he's ever happens again but he can't completely absolve Tony Stewart if there was intent or if he also. What Kevin -- in part in a perilous situation I go back to -- -- an argument of about a guy at last night I was leaving here and in the evening. And there is some woman that was crossing over to the stock yard across the street against traffic. And she was kind of being. That jerk about it she was outside -- he flipped off a car that haunt -- She put herself a dangerous position on a dimly lit street you wouldn't have given that car if Pete saw her which clearly you did -- wants to just Rotterdam. You know there there's got to be accountability both ways there. Absolutely absolutely and now that you're in an accident that aren't the Iraqi People get yet to get out try on somebody. And that wouldn't happen. I have said that a few times to area I think that like I said unless there's some reason why you absolutely have to evacuate -- -- your -- safety -- just a better spot you'll when he attacked to yell out and you'll play tag to point across later. I don't think it's one that needs to be made there but that's a bunch of times people want -- I take a stance one way or another like. Take a stance if you want. But issues are not as black and white as some people like to pretend that they are. So if you want a dumb everything down and make it simple and find I don't think this is something it's overly simple I don't believe -- if you do if you disagree that's fine. That's the way I see. We'll get more your phone calls -- text messages on this we got Red Sox baseball coming up. Towards the bottom of the next hour pregame shall start around 250 I'm with you until bankers a lot of Sports Radio WE.

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