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Butch and Buck talk Carl Crawford and his consistent moaning and complaining 8-10-14

Aug 10, 2014|

The boys get into Carl Crawford's recent comments to Rob Bradford about his time in Boston and how it has "left a mark on him". Everyone in Boston is so sick of hearing it from Carl.

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Final segment on sports on it would -- which crystal line. It's not up to more segments -- -- one of the final segments the next the last segment of sports on they would -- which thank you -- Aaron sports and -- -- from where adamant. And correct me from wrong but I don't think I am here. In all the Jon Lester stuff about one thing over everything else that if you really had to make a bet on Jon Lester. It should be based on a foundation of the fact that novel whatever he is or isn't whatever he's done a few pennies or not. He's done it here in Boston and that should count for some correct yes okay. So. Rob Bradford while he's out in Anaheim made -- appointee who over talk with Carl Crawford again and if you read this article. I encourage folks to do go to WEEI dot com rob sat down on Friday Carl Crawford and it will do two things for you I think. As Red Sox fans one it will reinforce your dislike for Carl Crawford because he makes no bones about. How much how bad an experience was screaming -- goes on about it and I'll read a couple. Of course but in the laster part of it it reinforces to me buck your point. That here the other Major League player who was deemed by the Red Sox and other teams to be the best free -- out there by the money that he signed at one point came to Boston. And ended up Haiti get everybody guy who came in couldn't perform here like Edgar Renteria and others and you Alec listener who embraced it. And performed with it. Again I'm I'm I'm sort of playing into your -- and thrown to the softball. It just wasn't enough that wasn't enough for the reps that he could perform at this level in this market and that was it real. Well I know is that where writes out I -- the people bent over backwards to make things as comfortable as possible with Carl Crawford. But they accommodated of were were there hiccup or two years there was the off duty cop at the rehab opened with a New Hampshire. That that that made so it's certainly Crawford now yeah yes and but I but -- bent over backwards the media in particular. Acted the on professionally not to rip him and maybe even on professionally if you take the -- media should be more global watchdog for the product which is my attitude. For him to whining cattle wall as he continues to do in the absence of being a member of the threats like it is my departure while I've lost. Respect for him listen to this that. Rob says to Carl Crawford on Friday does it seem like a long time ago he played Boston Crawford yet does I try to put that is far behind me is I can't. I would like to feel like that world's most expensive highly paid for itself through the continued I would like to feel like that but it still feels fresh at times just because it was one of the toughest times of my life. That's a scar. That I think will never go away. I'll always remember that feeling robbed in his article says scar question mark. Crawford went on to elaborate on his discomfort in Boston which on its own isn't exactly a news flash. But that was of particular interest in these days of analyzing everything. Here's the next quote it was just different from me -- Crawford coming from Tampa from that environment to the environment was so different I didn't really understand. When I was getting myself into I think that was the big thing. There was just such a big difference from when I was used to. I definitely wouldn't have went to the highest bidder like -- done it over again I would have gone into more detail into everything I didn't do any research about not. I didn't know much about Boston only when I played their final when it to a little more depth as to what I was getting myself in two things probably would have been a little different. Final quote he added. Once I realized it and I had seven years I didn't know what to do we just one of those things I had to sit and wait I was dealing with the struggling at that time and a bunch of other stuff. Had I've been in Tampa. If -- I had been in campus so we had been shielded from a lot of media stuff. I didn't have to go through that stuff that was new for me dealing with the media and stuff like that. I did not handle all that stuff up there and it showed in my game then I started getting hurt all the time it was just always bad bad all the time. -- Again as rob says no news flash. What scar. It's a scar his career. His career is discard his career let's be honest with. Most seriously look at the numbers -- look at the numbers he's put up. Since leaving Tropicana Field. And it it it should seem obvious to all by now. That he he was playing at a small market with lower expectations -- able to do his thing. And I was completely. Wrong about this guy to the degree. That. I remember saying in writing. That he's played at Fenway a million times over the years during -- Tampa Bay Rays. He knows he's getting into yeah idea idea it proves once again that playing for the Red Sox. Is a lot different than playing against the Red Sox the whole different expectation. Final quote the rob has the story which is a good one. Carl Crawford says I would like to think I know when it's time to make big decisions in your life you know you do a little more research criticizing himself. Looking into it a little bit more I decided to some of the Red Sox in five minutes. I didn't have no time to think about it they told me this spam ten minutes later I was signing with the Red Sox. Was one of those things I didn't look into as much as I should have been called the players and ask around I didn't do nothing. I just had my eyes on one thing at the time so we signed here for the money. He's a man and he made a mistake. Output through some -- -- go to Jim in Medford hello Jim. I what she's making my point about something. That would that would which does he speak at the masses. That it in all of it and we all love him so I entered. Kevin DuPont. Say that nobody is is -- -- are addicting cult Stanton. Again. Bush said that we said that. Can we -- noted -- that Red Sox expert just can't just hitting -- government. He'd ever play in the post season game he plays in Miami. How do we know you could take it if it's a legitimate and. It's as legitimate legitimate. Point if buck wants to play the side of the fence which I agree with you -- the John less troops should be it should be worth something. Jon Lester performance and doing it in Boston. You can't bet on the other hand say that you were assured are convinced of giving. Even always 24 not thirty even though he's a slugger and as much of a commodity is an ace -- starting pitcher Jim collar Stanton is you can't say it would affinity. Win a definitive purpose he's gonna come here and do what he's doing in Boston you're right Jim. And is it just drives me crazy and at least -- not that I am I can see the future but he had a look at the past in hope. It's a great point -- from what to Jim's point from what you can -- what is your opinion and what's it based on right now that whether Stanton could -- Could not handle the bright lights of boss not a -- Lot of close there it if there's one hard lesson we should all learn. Is -- you can't determine until the guy gets -- let's go back with Carl Crawford press conference. The Red Sox. Practically announced. Epic Carl Crawford press conference that we got and they also said about every have a guy we've done our homework we want to mention diskette was a good fit that he could play here. And they had -- beard going through Carl Crawford's rational and for all his stuff. And they they remain a big deal out of -- king Carl Crawford play in Boston while. They said they did do their homework if they did they turned in some bad homework let's be honest. I think they signed him for one reason that that sealed the deal those six stolen bases and Kimi had against Jason Varitek. And they wanted him to do that for them and not against them let's go around and -- for Iran. I don't throws an -- They run you to -- my favorite I review regular on. This -- its -- that somebody -- Go to Tokyo pubic reports that you can also get a I -- that they would look this. The truck record this organization. I believe because. -- believed. It was one of these things they got critical for a couple months and that -- -- not a student. I'm open to me greatly sincere Iran QB who has just -- Iran. You're not. A premium on no I come here. Can play here can pitch here in Libya and deliver total hypocrite on that and what they'll outlast anyone else. -- -- -- -- You don't go to the Cambridge. School reasonable. No. -- that you don't. A couple of years ago when when you lose your it was cold and beat you with -- round. From every what you got you should see my shot at a ball almost on a regular. On that. You know bill argued that mean you're celebrities at. The body what while. The -- the problem is that in the spring time the -- flexible open season the Bruins are in the play it's got all this goes up it's hard to get the high school games. I I may get to. I get to yawkey league games ago CL a brand is club by the way there on a roll again my boy Johnny Morse won again yesterday in the playoffs. You know and so I get -- -- -- is now or in the summer in a city league Gaines park league games I pop in once in awhile. It's easier in the summer ago these nineteen is in the spring -- on the high school season. It's it's really hard to get out I apologize that I wish I wish -- get to more game. Acquittal and respect your yes Ronnie doesn't care about why you can't get the high school games he's been caused portrait of a long time and I commend him and it refining to create a way to talk about a bomb that is signing it at a Cambridge -- baseball game to play right field so what the US side. It wasn't quite well what I'm hearing a lot alliance all of our -- on. What's lets me show my knowledge of everything sports -- -- ready but what US senate Babe -- having common. Probably not a critical look at home runs the Glendale park. You can. Yes Babe Ruth hit a home run their barnstorming through years ago that is the historical fact it was written. In the -- newspaper are running it's in its and we Monfils biography of Babe Ruth -- look it up. Where's your son now. -- it up purple -- and always playing ball. Yeah right you. Know what what is seeing college Stiller you know what's in the college keystone okay opposition as he -- Second these these little little little little restrictions to one mile a lot it was supposed to be is is now Beriault. You will be his inaugural U via I'm a diabetic I got real -- and he literally. Shall deal which all the work and help also you mentioned at some of the great kid. -- returning and in September. And -- -- I mean and at least but apparently never. -- -- -- -- ask a quick question did do the email paying me one of those people. Actually I was gonna. Yeah probably is why after ritual like blog and article about what should have done -- -- I don't care but that you -- you do email. I'm not completely computer literate. -- is thought to have have you always someone in the family sent me an email but you can't see weakened -- With the game does that mean Nino S Buckley at Boston Herald dot com okay. Well yes I believe that Boston -- do them by the way if you're sexy is he calling you kind words and his son is six feet and 220 pounds is the second baseman block and -- -- ought to be slide in the second biggest -- everything I mean in the days and all -- that -- -- a dirty player to me -- now. Now the final segment of sports on is coming up after this crystal -- after that bill and New Hampshire Joseph whenever you guys are up first. When we come back.

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