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Butch and Buck on the Red Sox, their future and Jon Lester 8-10-14

Aug 10, 2014|

The guys discuss more about the future of the Red Sox, including the rest of this season leading into 2015. They get into the Lester situation and if there's any chance at all that he comes back to Boston. They also delve into some Pats preseason thoughts.

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It's hard -- you played this game. As today sometimes these. Extended games -- when you come on the short and can feel like 22 losses but. And more happier and probably we we continue to battle all the way through nineteen innings tonight. -- Red -- manager John Farrell talking about how proud he is of his team battling through. Nineteen innings six on 77797. Under -- seven Steve Buckley. And -- are still looking for those of you stayed up watched the entire Red Sox came last and we are not sure what we're gonna do we're giving you something. If you did. Quality -- teacher in the old days. About free admission to the all time baseball game on August 5 two admission history OK so given that -- your free program -- -- two dollars -- the programs that he didn't prove to prove that. As -- if somebody comes to the old time baseball game and I walks up few -- -- -- -- -- guys on Sunday August 10. And which said if I watched the whole game to come to the game up come up and let you know about OK and so when they come to see who you can give them something. Okay like that right -- so few of a give you an old time baseball game water bottle got about 500 room. Skip Flanagan who's the player righteous -- technology he's he's the player whose depth -- -- what they call profoundly deaf. He plays that I game every -- a reprinted. He's playing in the deep reputedly you know to beat me in the summer his dad's John Flanagan. Has he works for pharmaceuticals company gets falcons. And it shows that my house a couple weeks ago 501. Balls at the old time baseball game. I'll keep some of those people come up to me and say. Hey mark I'm gonna have like every one comes up immediately barking. A book it would still gave who who was -- of all of a laudable -- giving -- complete game and I support actor Michael yes. So -- to support our cause. Yet as part of this I am -- it's bigger and you're an investor mealtime I am invested in your -- up I don't -- -- otherwise -- concerning the Red Sox game last night John -- just had some that made me think about this. They did play more than two baseball games all accounts is one loss. -- nineteen innings. More than two baseball games -- some numbers -- you and I want you to tell me what these numbers mean. The angels had 67 at bats in the nineteen thinks. They sought 272. Pitches they struck out fourteen times they walks out and they scored five runs to win at fifteen hits. Should again fifteen hits in 67 at bats or 272 pitches to want strikeout to walk ratio fourteen cents. The Red Sox. Had sixty at bats in the nineteen points. They struck out eighteen times and walked four. They had six. Hits six. It's in nineteen innings in his scheme they saw 286 pitches in seven less at bats. Then the angels they actually -- fourteen more pitches you're the only at six hits the angels fifteen and they lost five to four. What did and by the way the Red Sox had won. One replacement. In their position players Jackie Bradley junior happened to the game took over for. Daniel novel was in right rock COLT who was in senate moved over to right and JBJ went into center field -- replaced one guy. In a nineteen inning game of their position players the angels placed. 123. Had four substitutions including -- intranet and pinch hitters. We'll tell you. That should the right sixteen. It's twenty games under 500 or whatever it is be playing a solid guy and -- position. Well. What what does bother me about last night's game -- -- -- they keep leaving runners on base. The only left five on base causing its exits and blow it but they also hit the double place. And Obi made a a very strong editorial judgment during the broadcast flawless night at one -- that you would double play. And he mentioned. All these Red Sox players sitting in a double plays and basically in so many words that appear Red Sox and you get sick of it right now. At the change of what you were talking about but that was on my mind. 6177797937. I look at. The eighteen pitchers that pitched in this game and for the Red Sox. Clay Buchholz when he Ed wouldn't he could came in for the nine may not present low Koji Tommy -- is dollar. Who ended up where they blown save. -- Brandon Workman got the loss gave up the home run but we did see he. Embry. A guy they got of the two pitchers in the trade for Jake Peavy and every 64 to ten. Point five years old right handed he pitched through 62 pitchers in the game last night so we get to see him. And a game like that I would hope so. When you see guys like that I think down the stretch we're gonna see a lot of these guys. -- get their work and get the least of through the major leagues in a Red Sox uniform. -- acclaim and I watched them by MB pitched four innings gave up two hits two walks to strikeouts. From 39 pitches for strikes on his 62. Again if it's say it's an audition out here for the rest of the 45 games 46 games left in the season and. Absolutely is and it you know what I keep saying -- it. Get the wins and the losses. If you wanna watch baseball. But the magistrate of baseball and for the fun of baseball. This is a chance you'll do you may never get eyes that never again because that's like saying the -- -- -- gonna win every year moving forward. A chance we have rarely had in recent years used to go to the game for the sake of the game. And just watch baseball. We get so caught up as we should in wins and losses because we are Boston sports fans in week collectively. Expect to see our teams wit and that's what's happened over the years with that's my phone. And we expect to see your -- win the -- you're -- you get to choose just go watch and -- I think you should wanna see more Asian guys we you know wine or grape a year trying to sell me on that this 46 pre season. Games left. And that should be enough to make me wanna watch the Red Sox games on the stretched their relatives thing without saying I'm saying. If you already have tickets lets him run down by Red Sox tickets Ahmad Al Mahdi. I'm not -- from -- script here you know I'm just saying. That when I was a kid. -- to a Sox game because I like baseball. I didn't go -- gnashing my -- thing we don't win this game and going to be six games out of first to whatever is -- secure the Red Sox knocked. And when they won in 67 it you know obviously changed everything around here but up until then it -- what baseball -- Here's what I'm saying definitively when we watched Jimmy drop below in the pre season play against guys in your words who probably aren't gonna make NFL rosters. In a 46 games that are remaining at Jackie Bradley junior hits 375 down the stretch because it's Major League competition and games that don't matter my supposed to get excite. About that -- again you've heard my take -- that I never get excited about pre season football ever. And and and I've learned through through the years. From Michael bishop to Matt Cassel took. Whoever. The first of what you've got to look at the guy throwing the football catching the football running the football. And then ask yourself who is he throwing the football. Running the football catching the football against. Was at the very best Washington team that could be on the field at that moment. I don't know I was in keeping track so because Jackie Bradley junior for the last 46 games are Zander Bogart's. Warm -- debts are brought COLT. He's going against the best teams after off for most teams fighting for a playoff spot. You'll be more impressed by what they do down the stretch and it will be more far away much fluid the Red Sox do have an obligation to some degree to respect the game. Respect the playoff race. So there is an expectation. That if you watched that game last night. And you are saying in Oakland a's fan and you want the angels the -- because is that race going to nail west. You expect the Red Sox are playing to win that game correct yes so if if you -- upset by the lack of rushed to -- in game goes by John Ferrell. And I had a look more closely at that that that's a that's a of facets last night's game that I did fall. 6177797937. I am a numbers guy self admittedly especially when it comes to baseball every Sunday box since you and I started this -- right communion and I'd. Sort of set the table Red Sox are acts and acts that are X games out there X games -- wild -- I haven't done that for over a month. In even longer in a -- do it right now. The knock at the numbers for the rent -- fourteen games operate out of first. Well that's an excellent point to make -- I have no idea right. I do know this here's the numbers I'm looking at now. They have the third worst record in the American League they have the sixth worst record. In all of baseball so their pick and sixth in the draft right now those of the numbers and I'm looking at now accused with the -- well that's. I know if this for the patriots the Celtics and we did this -- celtics' season. They're gonna get one of the top three picks by the way to answer your question in the league. The Red Sox. Have a record of 51 and 65 the only team with the worst records. Our Houston in Texas the American League. -- Arizona by one game 51 to 66 Chicago and Colorado. Are attacks of the sixth worst record. In baseball as far as the division. They are sixteen teams. Behind the Baltimore Orioles. They are 51 and 65. Fourteen games under 500. You only -- don't care if you read these numbers here in Italy US I don't I haven't done it I ask you how many games about a person you give me the history -- baseball. How many -- effort sixteen thank you. Another wildcard you carry much weight that anything much you know witness in the care much -- well hard look I don't and I always taken a computer away from during the break OK we'll do -- go to David Carr is an extra day of. Hey what is it a light day. As I it might but not bottom out so we get my art and I. -- a -- I'm not terribly inside over the worst to first to worst I mean it to our. It's to watch baseball so -- -- didn't have to go right in -- 162. Agencies and to return. For everything to -- -- at the win the championship and -- know that. Too bad there aren't a lot of -- back when it looks at -- and for we have that's wonderful to watch. It's I don't know it out on the Sox when they went and he's gonna happen because it's part of the game and we are upper air. Beat up their careers and -- -- which -- Well it's it's interesting because we made that argument all last year. A Red Sox were heading down the stretch as the best team in baseball on -- selling a career year. Well I liked it while -- Victory in it was illegal weapon -- it don't collide at the Gerald -- Look at the. Social Dave let me go to parliament audio and go back to your first point. The first point is you're not so bothered by the worst to first roller coaster and up and down. Because there's not no team's gonna win back to back in every year they're not gonna get it anyway are okay. Do you feel the same about the patriots in other words effected the patriots haven't won a championship in over ten years now are going on the tenth season. Believe them. I caught on the back at. No but haven't but his football different is football different and that the fact that they've competed for championship. For a decade since they've been the last team to win back to backs. You feel differently about the patriots and the Red -- A lot like you know I think that I think that you wrote -- -- all I mean I. -- you're in Milwaukee. The other. Ball. Game it's going to be a -- and really. You don't -- I that there -- volley -- it really bothers me I get chicken height of the mayor and governor eat. That body you expect to. Why -- quietly and I -- -- Just eloped but that all out party -- -- and. Maybe -- assure that I should the exhaust mufflers and getting inside your car while you're driving. Are you sure. Yeah I'll let you know of all like that do little light edit the -- and they approached with a pocket think to. And that -- -- I want to cut for a -- that'll protect the act like you know he would just not popular -- vocal calls like -- picked -- the real Butler you know. I have well you know I begin on thanks for the call that you get incentives if I'm gonna -- what is some suggestions. Get cocoa involved people agree with a look at big Coca -- and his dog they've had one that I'm actually gonna deuce or Americans say you have to look at. So. And then another one was. Have more people than just yourself. Which I think people stealing my mind wasn't terribly creative. But what it did have was that good an -- you appreciate -- this being TV guide. It any good studio component to -- a good production now I'm always good to the income that Bob -- always the video of from The Herald. We did hours in front of the Boston baseball tavern. -- -- And what happened was when I dated nine challenge you now and so forth it was Tim winch on Brito and Lindsay -- Three buddies of -- and then they they re did it slow motion as part of the video -- slow motion element. You appreciate that right yes by the way. Lindsay -- she's the granddaughter of Yogi -- she played softball at university in north Carolina at Chapel Hill. Very good -- she's like a tri athlete he climbed mountain humans realities you -- -- mass -- all that. She's playing our game. She's going to be efforts being but it just got to pinch run she's a runner associate we're gonna get a new uniform letterhead it's not she's just gonna pinch run we we have to respect the game. And such he's going to pinch run. And but but -- being there is that she represents the Yogi Berra museum in New Jersey. And they doing a good Garrick exhibit the luckiest man speech from July 4 1939. So she's bringing as a vibes. Romney who Garrick exhibit at the look at the Yogi Berra museum so she will be. -- time baseball games so if you if yours if you're an old timing you remember Yogi -- playing. Where he wanted to meet yogi Bear's granddaughter who's very attractive and very very different is director mlb.com. Come -- August 25 all time baseball game dot com. If you would like to find out more and unlike John Ferrell -- gonna use different people went back -- at the same nine out an old game day ago we come back if not Dexter takes umbrage with me. No career years on the Red Sox last year what you thought about that more we -- It's some point if the -- you gonna resign him. They have to get ahead of in a way that they didn't in the last year and I. I -- I know that there'd be conspiracy theory there's an understanding I don't buy that permitted and that is we told you. I think it was last week the week before -- a close friend -- as -- that he doesn't think Russert coming back. That was buster role only earlier this week with MF VW the guys mid -- show. From tended to. Talking about the chances of Jon Lester coming back to the Red Sox after the season is over. And saying that he source close to Lester told buster it doesn't think it's happening. But and -- opinion if there is a chance of adapting the Red Sox have to be proactive much more proactive and they were beginning of -- season six onset of the shipping that would happen. Number for six point 777979. Intercept what makes me think what -- What makes -- think the Red Sox would be proactive after not being proactive when he was on their hero. What makes me think it would be -- logic behind the scenes that I would hope they would have that we need an ace. To compete and if we really want to compete and jump back into it who's that going to be which tablet Connor did you think the offer they made spring training was electrical. Yes okay. Yes -- -- busters -- I agree with him it would have to be much more aggressive and proactive and they were. The way they handle that the first time. I also eager -- point that I don't think it's happening. But who knows I may be John masters feelings for Boston. Won't change shall certainly have a different perspective right now hinging on the West Coast and pitching in a pennant race. May -- like a lot of other veteran players. He now realizes he won't finish his career in one uniform and he does want the chance to compete for post season every single year. May be who we Sargent -- here's somebody who he thinks. Is gonna have a chance to compete then for the rest of his corps. -- six -- 777979%. And let me go the route of the last caller we had on day -- believes that the fumes in his car hopefully is driven off the road yet. He said. That you need a bunch a career years to win a World Series and last year was an example I said the Red Sox won the World Series without anybody having career years. Men some things I -- -- -- -- let me -- I would argue that. Three guys had career years last year Daniel -- Mike Carp and coach you are. Beyond that I would say it's debatable if anybody had a career year a victory you know on their. I'll compare the numbers between 94351. On base percentage. Played a 122 games fifteen. Home runs two triples 61 RBIs. Didn't lead off its second did a great job won a gold glove finished 22 and the MVP career a year ago and if it was was of the definitive career year. I would argue to a lot of guys would have what is the definitive -- -- redundant that a three year. OK then I'll go look -- victory on baseball reference -- if you haven't done it already and you make the argument to me how many black numbers from last year. For victory how many pot black within his maybe not league leading. But was if you look at it and you'd spend some time on it. -- you can do it like seconds because you're not right now okay it wasn't a career year for -- -- in if it was how would you make the argument that chain victory. I would make the argument by he won a gold glove yup which he's done before. He hits. It to fifteen home run switches. Not his Korea I'd be at 61 RBIs to 94 batting average. And solidify a great deal of talent is one of the toughest play baseball. Was it is now are you tying and it has to be the -- year is that it has to be bleak every year. That I would stand back and say no it was not a screen here that's actually what I am saying -- these low point was. But but any -- play and see what -- going down a road because you're you're expecting. You you matching up guys records one season to another. But you have to look at the season. Relative to what's happening in that Allen yeah so I would say that was a career year to match and OK and I'll try to do -- all -- finished. I would say that Saltalamacchia had a career year last year I would put him in the argument to I would say that Napoli with 23 -- 92 RBIs in the 360 on base percentage had his career oyster that's so I would say the -- COLT was on his way to having a career year but you can't possibly. -- are. Sixteen a star who. I don't know go home thirteen 52 with Selig Gomes is done in -- career. I mean that's about Gomes is that his tracked -- it is teams he plays on ten to make the playoffs. Three of batting. Valiant when he home -- one year Tony. So I would say he did not -- -- -- agree with -- premise that to win a World Series you'd have a bunch of guys to have career years. No I 84 tiger is if you look at the tigers in 84 -- RBC great pitching. So if you look at those Dodgers team instantly 88 Dodgers with Kirk Gibson right yeah I mean when he had to -- pilot Tony -- runs in his arms and EP. And and again you've got to you can now that wasn't leaving Kirk -- -- years in terms of what he'd done with the tigers right. But he was also MVP I think. And so you have to get a look at those numbers. To what they met for that team in relative to what else was happening in baseball so if you go strictly by the numbers to go with his career but at the same time he was MVP. So. Would you agree that the 2013. Red Sox while taken literally I will correct myself. That when I said nobody had career years I was wrong with that however. When you -- -- the hole and usually lands as you said -- look at the season as a whole there were a bunch a guys. Who were close to if not having career years that made this sum of the parts much greater than any individual set a little differently. Who led the league almost anything. Last year Ortiz Pedroia Lester. Lackey. Buchholz was for a wild. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 1988 Kirk Gibson at 25 home runs with the tigers he had a home run hit season which he had 274928. He drove in 76. Runs. But the Dodgers in 1978. It seasons with the tigers in which he drove in 9197. And 86. He did it -- in ninety which was. Even then not -- career high at 321 year albeit in only the 290 bats but it to 82 to 87 so my point is sport. In for that -- youths who threw 77 batting average at 372. Witches. Which was his career -- so again if you look just at the numbers. If you look solely by the numbers. He did not have his Korea season didn't have his best season. Yet at the end of the day use MVP and nationally because even though but numbers compared with other seasons don't matter judgment. They don't give us a full picture of what he meant to that team in Nazis. My point is -- -- premise if you need a bunch of guys with -- is to win the World Series last year's Red Sox are the exception to that if you believe that not the rule. 'cause they did not have a bunch of guys that had career years and that's why they won the World Series let's go to Joan name's Barry I -- are JoAnne is a Joanna Joan. It is yelling and how are you Julian. Subject here at work but then you've got talked about the old time -- came -- and I'm going -- can name you're excited about it. So excited because -- about -- frayed but ecstatic that I keep playing in an and I look forward to kids playing in it. Yet -- a lot a lot of us. May -- so I don't know The Who is it. I'm Larry Dayton the architecture and -- -- he's what do nobody's the saint John's prep. Right yet adjusted for those who don't know the home team at the issues game instead of going with our usual array of active college players. It's going to be a lot of former players from Pete stays at saint John's prep. And and Boston college and your son is one of them so congratulations. It's going to be great I'm excited though. Yeah -- -- like it that rain the next night the rain the next night okay curricula know your. -- shared with you the letter that gets sent out toward the players -- spelled out in the letters so I would talk to the lad about you know we'll wait and the house you know larger wind is -- and she wants a water block which shows. Okay. That would be -- find out if you wanna blow the really cool. The unwritten thought it was a great great thank you and thanks for calling a you'll Joann bring in a bunch of people like twenty people with you. You will be out there will be group last comic yet. That's what I want to hear OK am I doing to expect day. So again to reiterate folks if you watched the entire Red Sox game last night. War if you're a friend or even know any of the players come see Steve Buckley Monday August 25 at saint Peter's field. And you get a water bottle just for showing up. -- in fact mean that I created inspires. On Sunday August the game to leave me allowed against up the do we -- final -- sports on they would Barkin butch after this. Final -- sports Sunday would -- butch. After this.

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