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Butch and Buck discuss their thoughts on Clay Buchholz' recent performance and his future with the Red Sox 8-10-14

Aug 10, 2014|

Butch and Buck get into the great Clay Buchholz debate and if he can somehow get back on track and be the potential ace that Sox fans once thought he was. Butch and Buck are ready to say goodbye to Clay, although Butch is a little more positive on the matter.

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We've been talking. Almost all morning about it Tony Stewart accident last night the accident that NASCAR driver Tony Stewart was involved in. And tragically a twenty year old Sprint Cup. Driver Kevin ward junior. Was killed. Seven minutes ago Jeff -- of USA -- sports the same person who first had a quote. That we're business as usual from the Tony Stewart camp. Writes this story Tony Stewart will not race Sunday at Watkins Glen International just a few hours after telling USA today's sports that Sunday would be quo business as usual. And Tony Stewart would race at Watkins clan. Greg -- Delhi vice president of competition for Stewart Haas racing reversed course. Announcing that Stewart the three time Sprint Cup champion would not start the cheese at 355 at Watkins Glen today. Day after striking killing and on for drivers sprint car race Reagan Smith. Will start for Tony Stewart. Zip it only goes on to say that Stewart Haas racing is a four car NASCAR team that Stewart Cole owns and drives for. I'm here regionally as we mentioned told USA today that Stewart would start today and quote we're business as usual. If you missed it you're just tuning in some reason today would talk about all morning. It's everywhere Stewart struck and killed twenty year old Kevin ward junior were approached his car on what. After an on track incident and a big -- New York more sports park dirt track racing sprint last night it's about an hour north of Watkins Glen International. Some of the things we've been able to glean this morning is that. Tony Stewart is done this before. Race in a smaller race tonight for bigger race mom. NASCAR. Does have a statement out here from their spokesperson. On that carry far everything has been available who made available to us this time would not for clued. Stewart from participating in this event here today at Watkins Glen that was the original statement. He also said that NASCAR's monitoring the situation quote on the process and respect the timeline of local authorities. Our thoughts and prayers go out of the union friends and competitors everyone involved at that complex up their Tharp said this is speaking for NASCAR. On losing non NASCAR sanctioned event everyone animals -- community has feelings for these types of situations. We've been through them. Before. And then one last quote from. Ontario Connie Ontario New York sheriff Philip Paul barrel this is an ongoing investigation of an on track. Crash 6177797937. We've got that topic out yourself. Tony Stewart and his camp have reversed their course they've changed their mind. And decided they will not race today opted they really have any other choice no they did. Not by the way after it we we should probably move on and not talk about the threats of the day is a -- get a two week. We all did at -- Stearns at pocket busted at -- hoping you're in this two big guy. Or even a NASCAR fan were you the at a witness that you should shut your mouth therefore we will talk only about the Red Sox game from last night all weekend and I'll. Ernie that we recorded actually we can't do that in -- and a so so why can't we do an excellent point -- it does speak to NASCAR fans don't talk about my sport. He only -- guys wanna talk about. Don't do this like on a horse gets put down to a time to talk about -- stories we're not qualified to do it. You know no waiting for Curt Schilling to call -- is people don't gain every. Everything with you with personal Curt Schilling in -- I respect to I have to -- -- there. I want him on the mound with a big game on the line I think he should get in the hall of fame miles that while. Very wrong candidacy to say that anyway. Bomb so we have the Tony Stewart thing out their lines lighting up but then again let's touch on the Red Sox last night and -- here's one thing I want to touch on in nineteen inning game. With eighteen pitchers -- -- buckles. And we matching garrote below and here's my question. TU. Did the biggest mistake the Red Sox made. In letting Jon Lester going I think I'm -- you win column you wrote that you deserve better treatment and we have to assume by their actions is no way to bring him back did the biggest mistake. They make -- letting him go. Is now. At a guy like park colts the pressure's on any task to perform at an -- level and what you letting -- go to. Is now that the young guys like Henry Owens at least and the fans mind the development curve speeded up. -- like the thing basically buckled doesn't require this level of inspiration and what it's like a big league pitcher. You know -- his no hitter against the Orioles early Saturday evening back you know when that was September. Of 2000. 77. Years ago. So end and listen to the broadcast last night and evidence he gave Joseph and you know beyond. And big in this is -- on them but the kept saying that you know this is encouraging basically buck -- do this and it's encouraging to see him get out of that. And I'm listening to that -- what you that is encouraging except once small flaw we shouldn't be looking for encouraging sign true. From a guy and an -- -- would -- be right -- looking for these these like little pockets. Of optimism. This is an established Major League pitcher he should just go wild pitch we shouldn't be treating him like he's nineteen in my premise is without Jon Lester John Lackey we are now looking with a different semis I don't know what we are holes -- that I. Someone's gonna take the mental block and who is it. Why my three point -- -- -- Clay Buchholz is so wanna -- you wanna go into 2015 -- -- -- your opening day starter. Now that Appel and all I'm -- buckles guy actually believe in the kid I really do. Yet there comes a point where it needs to be done enough is enough I'm with you when your point about. Encouraging signs were I -- I was city's core it's the degree that when he pitched who was -- four and two -- 55 innings the World Series last year. Two runs and whatever was. That eight inning got beat up that I mean I believe he was hurt in that he was getting by on adrenaline -- post -- -- an idea. Absolutely and it was an important start I believe that was the start after the incident at third base that on Craig and all that so. With a mixing it up you bill with an important game. Obvious. Statement of the obvious. But he got criticized for that because they'll let the best he can do that was enough. So I was in his corner -- van. But what I see this season at Tennessee out measure of I don't know lethargy the right word for it but. Certainly I I don't wanna be looking at a Clay Buchholz start. Really judge we know why when Webster yeah we're really doing a rose -- -- right text or I think nails it -- right here. Funny I thought I nailed the bottom is all right what do you got the look at text if you have a. Funny buckled pitches as our soft last night and you're all taking shots isn't that the point. We expect. This from Clay Buchholz we expect him to go eight innings keep you -- a one run game throw a 115 that's Jon Lester did almost every start. Threaten to go into the eighth inning and made stoppage complete game by the way to anybody noticed. He pitched a complete game shutout the other day for Oakland he cut the money trained on and I do not mean that as a criticism. God help the team that has to face him in game one in the playoffs.

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