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Butch and Buck on Sports Sunday -- More Thoughts and Reaction to the Tony Stewart/Kevin Ward Jr Tragedy and the news that Stewart will not race today 8-10-14

Aug 10, 2014|

The guys talk more about the Tony Stewart/Kevin Ward incident and where we go from here. They also discuss the news that despite the initial reports from Stewart's team that he would race today and "it's business as usual", he has in fact pulled out of today's race.

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Rocket -- asking how many spring training you've covered what would be your answer if you had to guess. Our spring training things. I covered my first one in 1984 that was thirty years ago. And so if I've covered every single one since then that will be 31. But I prop 8456. This probably -- know in 98 I didn't go to -- in Japan and the Olympics. Soul and I I feel like in ninety. Re amateur mist once thought -- 29. I sold nearly three decades of covering spring training -- question Alaska's. -- drop all you've seen I'm sure plenty of Red Sox prospects in Major League Baseball prospects come up. There have been heralded are not heralded and all of a sudden make a debut again -- heralded. There you go very nice. Public you've seen them come up either with great expectations are not expertise to whatever. And they need to perform and we always I think have the same reaction has fans it either if he does badly. It's like well look we was you know it's it's a it's a pre season game. If he does well -- Cesar Crespo -- number Cesar Crespo. He had a spring training 89 years ago. That the masses were rising is one this guy's got to make the team any doubt look it up in a minute but I I think he did make the team and hit. Not much and -- on. But that's a classic case I remember. There was a guy. Camping whose -- -- had a great spring training made the team soon disappeared but that there -- Shea Hillenbrand who came to spring training 2001. Whip like not on anybody's radar double A double A guy -- played AAA and emerged as the opening date third baseman. Pretty good season attic you know and and went on to have 910 year big league career had a terrible on base percentage. I mean I think that per season no one can get its first walk until June. Something really incredible but there's a case for a guy keep my out of nowhere made the team and that's why assuming. Social where I'm going to would grapple what I want you more qualified opinion on -- is someone who's seen. Nearly three decades of spring training guys coming go what do you judge of first impression on zero. I don't I don't judge first impressions because. Let let's tilt it back to football. How many times that you and me in a -- other people sit at these microphones the governor Michael bishop and go. And -- deviate the flip side of that was back in 08. People with talking about Matt Cassel while he was unqualified to be back up and was the sterling shopper Shannon sharp it was at the -- mixed up because the month to throw myself well. -- and start -- plan and sterling was on the NFL network and he'd just obliterated Matt Cassel. The point where we had to go talk to Mac and you feel about this does go to its opinion. And in the overwhelming consensus among a lot of people was that Matt Cassel is not qualified to be in a go back. And Brady gets -- they make the play out but you know eleven at five to eleven at five and he was eight qualified NFL quarterback. Okay but a far cry from what people thought he did you get guys like you know role in Davie and guys to -- coming rattle. But but the point is that we overreached on Michael bishop in leading give Matt -- and respect. If you answered my question about first impression by saying you put zero stock and temperatures aren't. Well certainly within FL quarterbacks that pre season -- So so what's your take on Jimmy drop below was debut. And the excitement around right now. My eight take -- -- he is in -- they'll debut is that if a pre season debut was that he played well. Against maybe some guys who going to be coaching running -- at their high school in three months. Answer don't read too much and that Hillary too much into it and I'm not putting mud. Not to get into all -- -- ice bucket challenge with few but I am not. Throwing ice water runs amuck during a popular waters up but the expressions yeah okay. -- it was social what about the Hewlett what -- it was fun to watch right. It it certainly is a burst of optimism considering that all we heard was bad things I have been treating him much. Do most of baseball this time American going on Tuesday. But were you reading a lot of stuff -- -- overthrowing. Looks and nobody looks nervous he looks this youth that. While learning current Seattle so. But but my take on a block is that. You can take a first impression and make it anything you want most people do. You're expecting good things you want someone to be good and they do okay in a first impression you're over exaggerated if you don't want them to do well you'll over exaggerate that's the -- men's health. From last night the people for Johnny men's college Trabant in this morning I heard -- Ian Ian O'Connor I think his name is he has -- who set self admittedly cities -- Johnny football guy. Of his seven of eleven always talking about was his foreign completions and how they were the receivers Baltimore and really. And all that so my point about Jimmy drop although I don't think it's an accurate. Here my word to say that Jimmy grapple is already shown. Quick throws. Quick decision making things that Ryan mallet has not shown in three hours so whatever that means it means that that's act an accurate statement. He made quick decisions he threw a touchdown pass he looked pretty good again I don't know if it's against mailman and and no disrespect to my mailman. And all have -- Off the hype is warranted it's on the back of Stewart hard -- let's go to our about a quarterback -- -- -- go to Chris in Connecticut I -- -- you guys good. It went public comment on the Tony Stewart. -- A lot of people think that Stewart it looks like he. -- worst inaudible up trapped. I am not qualified that well here's LIC I mean if you look if you go back up Ukraine's. Are directly in front of them -- You can keep their PC the hit you can -- that -- and pull up real or eat any particular rule. Chris O'Donnell Chris hold on for people who haven't seen the video. And I did this -- force from ripping you but let's be accurate you can't see what the drivers seeing you won't be seen in the frame when the car. So I don't MacArthur don't okay. People who Clark -- at Fort Stewart what realize that we keep their conduct our lows in -- -- Again I just think they're taken some liberties here what you see is him swerve and -- That's all we see we don't see what he sees we don't. Nobody nobody could get bumped me also when I'm at our point Tony Stewart all peaking at the artist directly part of him. In that course will -- -- it goes to right right so naturally it reported that bit you would jump up to allow me I think it just snapped like people. So you're saying you're saying in your opinion -- Tony Stewart. Never even saw the guy because the car was right in front of them in the car swerves out of the way and then Tony Stewart's right there. -- -- -- -- -- What are already pretty aren't that it's it's an it's an inch -- opinion Chris and buck I just. For anybody wants to go to my Twitter account I reach -- in the break. About a dozen tweets that are people's opinions folks these -- people's opinions but they represent. What people are saying out there. In the Twitter sphere right now here's the tweets. And listen these block. Here's the video absolutely heartbreaking there's one -- Here's another one I couldn't tell from the video but supposedly. Dangerous is this the -- but he's quoting witnesses -- define any witnesses quoted. I couldn't -- the video what's closely witnesses say that -- gassed right before you hit them. Ottawa says these guys are unbelievable drivers able to touch bumpers -- 200 miles an hour that wasn't a quote unquote accident. Now the one just watched the video store was careless but what kind of immediate walks onto an active racetrack for a confrontation. Another won the race video was pretty damning Tony Stewart swerved to hit or scaring him but the guy should have been on the track either not a 12 more. Thought it would clear things up when I watched the video it doesn't sad situation what a shame. Another one I really wish I hadn't watched the Tony Stewart video so -- gonna define all those tweets and others that I -- tweeted out it's what people are saying. Again -- -- dangerous territory if we're gonna go -- would totally Stewart's motives but what we do know about Tony Stewart as easy this is not the first. Confrontation in cities had without the drivers whether it's NASCAR anywhere. Com and so he will not get the benefit of the doubt from racing Iranians. When it comes to this whether there are witnesses that see swerved to the snap but I can tell you this much you haven't seen video folks if you see it. You'll have your own opinion there's no doubt about that you'll make your own opinion might -- weeded out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is what -- looked at Iowa clarified to bring down my lifelong NASCAR -- While so my -- I'll watch Tony Stewart when he started then buried in the late ninety's helped a little familiar with coming. You were told by by the way are you Tony Stewart fan or neutral about Mars -- neutral about. I'm not I'm on a hardcourt Tony Stewart and I like the way he races he races with passion. Is a good racer in my -- Not Tony Stewart throughout its history in the number have a -- But I would say in the last I did six years and but it's hard it's been a lot like the ones an -- clear up -- people. This slowed -- only doing -- don't think that wasn't sanctioned by his team that has nothing to do with NASCAR shell that was just -- doing its thing. That's what won't they want to -- an act. -- -- The Internet last night. He had had -- been racing hard with the gentlemen -- Kevin ward junior. First several ups and downs he actually -- Kevin ward junior into the spent a lot of forehand which cut the tire which caused him more the story now. So all the -- are insured people talk you guys about this before they come. You've got out of a car you wanted to show his displeasure. While on the very weird. The toward actually came down on the track almost to the apron down in the -- line. To confront Tony Stewart inhibit moving very erratically than most drivers will step down they'll point the adjuster there -- even throw a helmet on top of that. From what packaged deal on the toward it I mean. I I can't see where Tony. Couldn't have done anything out. The book I buy -- get to -- McCarty Draper and sprint car. When you're strapped into that and you'll have to helmet on you have several treat you like who are they harder to keep her from moving around. And you have addressed so when the driver sitting in the car you literally have television he can only see what -- in front of some peripheral vision very limited. And the and the condition they -- racing last night it was. -- I would say importantly lecture and -- into the radio. I have a couple of questions and -- or Barca is a few too. You're racing fan you qualified which are is it Tony Stewart and you like the way he races. He set off the top of -- -- were racing -- you've sort of painted a picture like in any support that the veteran was trying to teach the kids some lessons. Which I don't think he's wrong except we get to NASCAR and how dangerous something like deck and how do you know that did you watch the race or is this something you've read. -- I didn't either race that -- and get -- -- -- but I'm there are other clips online that are are specifically about the incident but about that great. And three or four laps before that view was they were racing for position. Yeah police say they were racing hard B -- to script -- we mean -- that. Racing hard so while we rates are low -- and hard column I don't know what position they were raped and blow up light but appears that both of the cars were on the lead lap. So they were competing directly for the spot Kevin Moore junior had the spot when you were trying to get around and now. Depending on how Tony would try to get around him -- may have put the bumper to -- -- have quote crap out of him you know pushed him up the racetrack in the car. He was competing hard for the spot. And like that's according to the video there it looks like Tony may have crowded and coming up short term which put cattle more into the wall which had cut a tire down when Kevin Millwood Padilla. Turn in the current wanna kill this car got. I'm just trying to trying to get your opinion -- and I fully admit we're not. NASCAR fan and we don't fund I don't know in him what I mention about -- is Mike sort of -- a picture here. Let's think about it Tony Stewart right Mikey said he chose to do this not his team. On Saturday night before the Watkins Glen race so he's out there are so my guess is unlike baseball pitcher like to -- a pitcher do that probably not -- tiger. On Wednesday night -- compete in a pro am before getting ready to play for a major. Well but Tony Stewart decided I don't know for whatever reasons may be -- maybe get a little competitive edge going to Watkins Clinton may. When we went with now are great but are racing in general. It's a very competitive sport in you have that. Okay social let's say it's likely say Tony Stewart part of the reason he's done this before and it did it last night. Was he wanted to young we want -- young guy what he wanted to little competition what little bumper to bumper to -- get a dig dig dig to hold his edge. Coming into the game. Coming into the game today the one matter right. Yeah so so and you and as you said this is nothing different you like the way you respect this is -- NASCAR -- and the way to Stuart tries. OK so so you paint a picture. I don't think a lot of people are thinking about and unfortunately for Tony students can't and won't wanna go there because of the way this is gonna play out. And I understand that I mean right now I understand and a man guide and other capsule which -- I am not trying to underscore that I'm not trying to marginalize that that was the horrific accident. By armed what I've been reading what I've been hearing today the fact that some people are calling Tony Stewart quote error is ludicrous in my opinion. That is trying to glean some sort of intent on -- you know what Tony -- got the top of that car they had at the end. Literally jumped and I've been sitting there listening you because you seem to know you talking about your rational but that that's the point I agree with. Knowing very little about NASCAR and knowing. -- nothing from the video because I'm not qualified to see what may be -- should be picking out in there. -- find it hard to believe. And again knowing very little about Tony Stewart -- find it hard to believe that on that track in that situation. He would go out of his way to hit this -- And all OK that's number one and number two. We had a caller earlier and I am I pose the question. Is it common for drivers to get out of his vehicle during a race to do with this guy did and when I say this guy I don't mean to be disrespectful. Or. In the previous caller said yes it's very common and you seem to be suggesting that while it's common. It's not that commented it'd be as. Forthright as as armed the president if you will. That that -- ward -- is that correct. I would say that's correct I mean -- -- drivers. A lot about the term beef with another driver or -- -- -- they have all the way to you know build some epic harshly film but if we -- racing and you spun me out I didn't enjoy that I was able to continue a lot of my vehicle. I wanna jump in according -- -- the end that would not racing today we just I just take long I just aren't we -- And my perspective I think that's a good thing about I think it's. Out of respect for the family in the situation I'm in that incident happened last twelve hours ago and I really feel like that that would be very income it wouldn't do the situation justice. Yet I don't mean a beautiful call was no longer on the show but. The that the notion that Stewart needs to get back in there it to maintain its competitive edge is to meet Ludacris. And just in again I'll say what I said at 902 butch. It's not a question of surety is like why woody why -- he wants. That's like and why would you want to aid don't give me points in NASCAR and competitive edge and so forth. It doesn't admit culpability to just say no one guy's dead I can't get back out there today it's not good warm. Get back out there or my being naive. No you're not being naive and I think it that the text line is flying in people -- opinion about this or did you just nailed the most important thing is he had to this quick break. Tony Stewart has decided it's taken less than two hours since I believe 8 o'clock less than three hours a few well as a first time I saw that quote. Quoted from his -- at the -- his competition director. That we -- business as usual today to backtrack on that I'm surprised it took that long. Will give you all the details about the latest developments in this and Tony Stewart deciding not to race out today. At Watkins -- it's sports Sunday it's blocked exports map -- taking your calls stagger. I don't know six or 777979. Hitters haven't Sean and a car -- Bakken what I -- Good morning gentlemen. As an experienced driver former appreciate rich I have heard a couple of comments that might shed light on and I ask you questions are what does he sees what does that mean. -- our club of America and you bullets c'mon you raced black. Right choice for -- Atlantic okay great -- so. -- speed racing. All the tracks road course to go to etc. but. The bottom line in racing is if there's an incident contract it easily goes. A comment that's racing. Meaning that somebody pushes somebody if somebody wanted in the somebody. I can't tell you how many thousand dollars to cost me or somebody running into me. A vice Versa. And what happened -- you know it's that's racing the guys get you know they get pissed off quite frankly they get aggravated. This kid unfortunately. Let -- attitude get about who got out of his car. And you know unfortunate incident that you think Tony Stewart -- rarely. Around some cattle on the track. Totally wrong. Well money have you comment on this. He came in that text on Sean. Twelve you listen to this comment. On a twelve year veteran state trooper first glance. Tony Stewart accelerated before contact first glance from a twelve year veteran state trooper don't know a lot about racing. But the actions appear reckless to me I suspect and arrest warrant will be issues. Well you know what I mean again he wasn't there he looked and at the track. You know he wasn't in the cards to make an excellent I don't know we have. Eloquent period but he may have accelerated to get out of that you know to to avoid a -- forget you know they're still racing till they may be under caution but will that -- -- That's my question to you what is protocol. From a guy who's been married your level. When a caution flag goes up isn't it sort of almost immediate pause -- -- immediately hit the pause button. You slowed down -- -- like you do Tony Stewart didn't look like he was slowing down one lap. Later well then you know again I'm not saying that's Kosher. You know I'm not saying that but you know good guys try to take advantage of the -- all. Well course -- full course caution they try to get in a position they can't advance to try to get -- an advantage position. Now maybe he saw the can probably be given its horrible what happened. But I I still believe that sort would purposely aim at some anybody. Well in on or fortunately for Tony Stewart and networks probably not strong enough this is a if not the defining moment of his career. This will be with him for the rest of his career in the rest of his life. I'm great I'm great I'm sure it's it's devastating. All the way around but I know racing. I've been there done that -- an accident and it happened. You know guys you know they're giving the finger at that throw a helmet that chip in I mean that's more of the NASCAR style. Will there you know they throw helmets on the track and they'd jump -- down the guys are in the Salinas craziness but it. -- did you follow NASCAR correct. I killed someone I don't know much racial and did not at. Did this particular. Racer driver. Even though it's common as people keep pointing out toys that they get out of the car and displayed their emotions. Did did he won derby in your opinion. He warned to be the eighty wonder beyond where one would normally go under these circumstances yet. That that's what it looks like to mean again untrained eye. He was it would after what they know if they get right -- may try to find whoever they weren't confrontational at. And elk point at a -- given the failure though you know -- Where'd -- of -- public comment out of my mean any combination of you know they try to get -- -- that's what they -- Especially in the dirt track crowd. So you know they know you'd never seek YouTube and NASCAR you'd think somebody on the -- Obama -- but -- never treat somebody realm and the woman Napster tracks. They'll forget that so you know court still lacing up in the -- Yet over but also is the same because it's the minor leagues it's it's it and because it's on dirt. They're more aggressive this morning -- Absolutely -- look at it that yeah it you know don't forget these are not. Special quote drivers these are guys that are weekend drivers that are you know wrenches -- on the leak in the -- racecar out there and they're all charged up. And realize this it's horrible the Hitler which which killed and four. And -- it is -- for right for races drivers of Tony Stewart's reputation to engage in this level of racing at about. It in the OK but I was asking you which I cut -- hereditary act act -- it's a good question I'm sorry because I hit I don't look at the video. And it in almost looks like demo derby the -- -- Right it just seems kind of kind of small town I don't know well we got to take a break when we come back and again this is developing story. Mom for those of you NASCAR fans you. Probably know Tony graves. Not only graves. Bomb has some interesting comment he's a sprint car race -- any friend. Of -- so keep that in mind. But he was there saw what happened and you're gonna wanna hear his comments. About what he thinks happened. And he went public with the comments we come back on sports on. You're listening to sports Sunday on WEEI. Steve Buckley and Butch Stearns Manning the ship as always for the summer 2014. It's the summer. And -- August 10 date where we're right in the middle of a loss baseball season. A Red Sox are coming off of a. Monumental. Nineteen inning longest game in the major leagues last night loss. Kids in a angels. -- at 335 starts -- -- Loper is taking your calls at six point seven. 7797937. The patriots had their first pre season game for whatever work. On Thursday night we did not see Darrelle Revis we did not -- Tom Brady we did not see. Easily the first round draft pick we did see Vince Wilfork and some others and we saw Jimmy you're up. But the main topic today has been Tony Stewart and now it may even take on a different twist. -- and I don't think the more starting to read this there's any question there's going to be some. And and and criminal investigation. For the Texas he keeps saying in this is NASCAR there won't be a criminal investigation. On I will -- this out in a second but it is a driver young driver by the name of Tyler graves now let me set. The home before I read his comments Tyler graves is a sprint car racer. Any friend of Kevin ward -- and repeat that I would graves' disease sprint car racer and a friend of cam -- young man who tragically killed last. In a phone interview with Bob -- cross of S and NASCAR. Sports nation NASCAR looks like. -- here's his comments and by the way. Think about this Tyler graves was in an accident. In a previous race with Kevin ward junior last week or several weeks ago and after that accident where Tyler graves got the worst of the accident. Kevin -- junior came up. And he said. The first thing is a quote from Tyler is the first thing Kevin said to me last week after the accident was I'm glad you're okay. He hit me full throttle I've been friends with Kevin for the last several years he's a clean -- well here's Tyler -- comments about what happened and he wasn't there. Would the situation last night quote Tony. Stewart pinched him talking about Kevin this is when they were racing against each other into the front for a wall a racing thing. The right rear tire went down he spun on the exit off turn two they threw the caution and everybody was toned down. Kevin got out of his car he was throwing his arms up all over the place -- Tony for most. Of the corner. Quote I know Tony could see him we read that again this is Tyler grades talking about in his opinion what Tony Stewart was doing. I know Tony could see him. I know how you can see out of these cars when Tony got close to him he hit the throttle. When you hit the throttle on a sprint car the car sets sideways it's set sideways the right tire hit Kevin. Kevin was sucked underneath and struck under per second or two and it threw him about fifty yards. One other quote rich Willis who was at the track said he didn't exactly see what happened but he sister these are her quotes and again -- is an eyewitness. People who could see it better said the guy get out of his car was gesturing angrily. Under the yellow he approached him and he evidently when he was driving by the guy standing on the track just turning him. He gunned his engine again this is an eyewitness who said that people are saying that's what happened was the back and kicked out clipped the guy and the guy flew across. The track. So -- text from a buddy of mine on the issue of Stewart engaging in this what I think as small time racing. In this is a body men who works at Comcast. He says it's Stewart the except -- rather than the norm in terms of racing these small races. It's what he's known -- a big reason why people like him he is considered a born racer any time any place. And he that he missed the end of last year after breaking his leg in one of these races this is just in the dead of two what you're saying as to. YE. Stewart would be participating in in what what I consider being and not a not NASCAR expert not a big time race so the fact that Tony. Stewart. Races in these race you know unlike you could do and another -- you could -- baseball pitcher Tom Brady. Wouldn't go out play competitive game with the kids the night before the patriots about it on the dolphins sent right. -- gears it's part of -- -- people he goes out of the bushes looks so competition with the young kids this is like something from an old baseball movie. Abrams tonight for the game rolled up his sleeves with the shirt and tie on and taken some pitches and against acts before going on -- again. I I dropped the most important quote from Tyler graves is can't quote Tony Stewart needs to be put in prison for life. Is his quote. So. I have a lot of feelings about this but I have the temper every single one of them with this disclaimer. That I don't know NASCAR. And and I seen the video and in people keep sending in texts and tweets and so forth while you watch the video dot dot dot. I keep watching the video and acute woman impression on intent and I'm not qualified if that means they shouldn't be doing the show because when you have to have an opinion. I watch the video and I don't have an opinion because among qualified I can't warm intense. Based not in to get a Quebec what it's -- before it looks like demo derby. It looks it looks it look. But isn't the bad wards but come I think you're right -- like dangerous like it you were dangerous these dangers for us to go there and even. Think about his intent however. As the stories developing before our eyes today isn't it pretty clear now. That there is the basis. For a criminal case if someone wants to bring it. Some member of warts Fam leave the track. Something else is isn't isn't there enough you've got eyewitnesses. You've got a fellow driver says he -- he put in prison for life. You've got him were withdrawing from the race I mean I find it hard to believe. Matt and I were some rising in the break. -- -- career could be huge up here. Put it to you this way it is police took to do anything the rest of his lifers Korea where he's not gonna walk on the track and Bill Buckner like being known as. Quote the guy with a ball went between his legs he's gonna be the guy who killed the kid. Whatever he does for me. Well he -- what the world we live in I know. Six on 777979837. Bruce is in Connecticut -- Bruce. Exactly do what I -- usually that's our prayers are with all due respect last -- caller. The lower level -- very important. And manual -- you might ask are there is actually that hard -- racing series that starts out yet this one was so that's what. Why they're -- the baby rebate. And thank you track -- NASCAR but this race was pulled out all the numbers but this race has not disarray was OK okay the important early race and if that's really it can't call every weekend as they can get warned that we get warriors Joel and I know it's huge NASCAR now. That it started at water water for people etiquette. It easier it is -- -- now or any heat stroke are -- -- to say that with respect to Tony Stewart. -- stores have that reputation. Tony -- an aggressive driver. Erica driver. He's written notice our many fights as follows -- -- -- dealer look. It NEC because elder statesman but he has a right to do the things he's done. It. In regards this young man I'm sure Tony Stewart in his mind telling their young -- initial mop. It's like who is as -- this twenty year old kid out a year jealous -- let something I did. If you look back and it is he's been suspended or is -- -- track or it. He's been called the I don't carpet without star forest area and an address so quite ready to -- about that. Yeah I'd totally wrong -- -- Barry Tony Stewart. People like Tony Stewart don't deserve to be wheeled cart the cart and so. -- that's a pretty bold statement went to shoot as -- NASCAR and to hold on hold on you just said. That these tracks are vital that these -- the proving grounds he's the EHR right. These are where these guys come from you were also admitted it to store was one of those guys years ago but now he's Cheney doesn't deserve to even be on a track. That it that would attitude he's developed. Absolutely not. What you do what you do admit that talk as a product of what you just out of this system. Tony Stewart earned his keep he raced on the strapped to get these opportunities right. He -- EG did but somewhere along the line. He's saying he's -- became bigger export to develop attitude. -- and they are looked silly out. And you -- it just like road rage. What what happened would be brought road rage are the people get injured until. Let's just say secretaries all right -- -- I'm trying to separate normal everyday driving -- in the point trying to make and try to separate. Normal everyday driving from what this guy does professionally. And use athletically. But it is emotional Ericsson is under the -- we -- -- are you do. What are you sir. Are. Okay you open market -- in a capsule Regis get appointed you pleats. I have a hard time. Comparing and people keep doing it all warning I have a hard time. Comparing. Stop that happens the normal every -- drivers to what is happening here. I don't pretend to know the first thing about NASCAR auto racing of any kind. But people say it's like it's like I got a call an hour ago butch said. When you hit somebody union Europe Europe licensed driver you gotta get back in -- economic -- So let's please stop with be comparing driving home from work and road -- to what we're talking about here because the -- not connected. I couldn't agree with you more. I could not agree with you -- We'd take a break two hours down several hours to go Red Sox at 335 today buck and I hear. Till 1 o'clock we're talking patriots Red Sox Jimmy go drop below Clay Buchholz. And also Tony Stewart in the accident last night in the developing. Facts around this story as they happen this morning be a part of sports Sunday after this.

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